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Pokemon Gold FanDub - Episode 1

The screen is blank. : ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Zzz... Hm? Wha...? You woke me up! Will you check the clock for me? What time is it? What? <MORN/DAY/NITE> <##> o'clock? How many minutes? Whoa! <##> min.? <MORN/DAY/NITE> <##:##>! In the order of morning, day or night:



Yikes! I overslept!

An image of Professor Oak appears. Oak : Hello! Sorry to keep you w aiting! Welcome to the world of POKEMON! My name is OAK. People call me the POKEMON PROF. An image of a Marill appears. : This world is inhabited by creatures that we call POKEMON. People and POKEMON live together by supporting each other.Some people play with POKEMON, some battle with them. But we don't know everything about POKEMON yet. There are


still many mysteries to solve. That's why I study POKEMON every day. An image of a boy (Gold) appears.


: Now, what did you say your name was?

The first naming option is the version which one is playing.


: My Name is Gold.

Oak : GOLD, are you ready? Your very own POKEMON story is about to unfold. You'll face fun times and tough challenges. A world of dreams and adventures with POKEMON awaits! Let's go! I'll be seeing you later!
Gold appears in his room, after looking around for a second, Gold walks down the stairs from his room.

Gold : *Yawning* I really needed that sleep, I better go down stairs and see what Mom is upto. Mother
for you. : Oh, GOLD...! Our neighbor, PROF. ELM, was looking

Gold Mother

: Was he? : He said he wanted you to do something for him.

Oh! I almost forgot! Your POKEMON GEAR is back fr om the repair shop. Here you go! POKEMON GEAR, or just POKEGEAR. It's essential if you want to be a good trainer. Oh, the day of the week isn't set. You mustn't forget that! What day is it?

Gold Mother Gold Mother Gold

: its <DAY>

:<DAY>, is it? Is it Daylight Saving Time now? : No, it isnt : <##:##> <AM/PM> <DST/ >, is that OK? : Yeah thats perfect!

Mother Gold Mother

:Come home to adjust your clock for Daylight Saving Time. By the way, do you know how to use the PHONE? : No I Dont actually

:I'll read the instructions. Turn the POKEGEAR on and select the PHONE icon. Phone numbers are stored in memory. Just choose a name you want to call. Gee, isn't that convenient?


:Woah thats awesome! Thanks Mom, now I better go talk to Professor Elm, Ill see you later! Gold Walks over to the fridge

:Actually before I go, Let's see what's in the fridge... FRESH WATER and tasty LEMONADE! Eh I better leave them for now. Gold is distracted by the T.V as he leaves the house



: I wonder what Moms watching. There's a movie on TV: Stars dot the sky as two boys ride on a train... I'd better get rolling too! Ok I gotta go talk to Professor Elm. Gold walks out of his house into New Bark Town.

Gold :Ok where could Professor Elm wanted...Hey Theres Mark! Maybe hell know! Hey Mark!
Gold Walks over and speaks to Mark


: Yo, GOLD! I hear PROF.ELM discovered some new


: huh?? Really? Thanks for telling me! See you Mark.

Gold continues walking

Gold : Hmmm, Professor Elms discovered some new Pokemon. What could he want from me? I bet hes at his house.
Gold walks into Elms House Hey Mrs. Elm, wheres Mr.Elm?

Mrs. Elm: Hi, GOLD! My husband's always so busy --I hope he's
OK. When he's caught up in his POKEMON research, he even forgets to eat.

Gold : oh Ok Ill head over and check his lab, hes looking for me. I Hope hes ok.
Leaves Elms House and walks towards Prof. Elms lab. Gold is stopped the woman in the centre of the town. : Wow, your POKEGEAR is impressive! Did your mom get it for you?


Gold : Thanks! Yeah she did! Im still trying to get the hang of it again though. See you.
Maybe he left the town to study some wild pokemon, I better check route 29. As Gold attempts to walk out of the town, Amy rushes over Amy : Wait, GOLD!

Gold Amy

: huh?

:What do you think you're doing? It's dangerous to go out without a POKEMON! Wild POKEMON jump out of the grass on the way to the next town. Gold walks back into the town

Gold : I was just checking...wait...whos that looking in the window of Professor Elms Lab.
Gold sneaks over to the boy at the window. He overhears him.

Silver: ... ... So this is the famous ELM POKEMON

LAB......What are you staring at? : Oof! Whats that guys problem!! Hmmm I wonder why hes looking in the window anyway? I better go in. Gold walks into Elms lab, walks up to Elm and he begins to speak.


Elm Gold

: GOLD! There you are! I needed to ask you a favor. : Hey, Professor Elm, What is it?

Elm :I have an acquaintance called MR.POKEMON. He keeps finding weird things and raving about his discoveries. Anyway, I just got an e-mail from him saying that this time it's real. It is intriguing, but we're busy with our POKEMON research. Could you look into it for us? Gold
:Ok sure ill go!

Elm :I'll give you a POKEMON for a partner. They're all rare POKEMON that we just found. Go on. Pick one! Gold
:Ok, lets see what we got here....

Gold walks over and looks at the three pokeballs on the table Cyndaquil...

Elm Gold Elm Gold Elm Gold Elm Gold Elm Gold

: You'll take CYNDAQUIL, the fire POKEMON?

:um...no, I better have a look at the others : Think it over carefully. Your partner is important.

: Totodile...

: Do you want TOTODILE, the water POKEMON?

:hmmm, no : Think it over carefully. Your partner is important.

: Chikorita...

: So, you like CHIKORITA, the grass POKEMON?

:Im not sure.

Elm Gold Elm

: Think it over carefully. Your partner is important.

: Ok....Ill take Cyndaquil

: MR.POKEMON lives near CHERRYGROVE, the next city. It's almost a direct route to there. If your POKEMON is hurt, you should heal it with this machine. Oh, here's my phone number. Call me if something comes up.


: Thanks! You can count on me Professor Elm!

As Gold walks out, Elms aide stops Gold

Elms Aide: GOLD, I want you to have this for your errand.
Gives Gold a Potion.

Elms Aide: There are only two of us, so we're always busy.
: Thanks alot!! I wonder what potions do? ...It heals a pokemons health. Great! This will come in handy. Gold walks out of the lab



: I better tell Mom that im leaving.

Gold walks back home.


: Hey Mom

Mother: So, what was PROF.ELM's errand? ... That does sound challenging. But, you should be proud that people rely on you. Gold
: I am! Ill be back soon

Gold leaves town on his way to Mr.Pokemon.


: Ok... Cherrygrove City is on the other side of this

Walks up to man at the start of the route.


: Is it safe to pass through here?

Guy#1 : POKEMON hide in the grass. Who knows when they'll pop

Gold walks away into the wild grass.

Gold : Pokemon hide in the grass? I better watch myself in here so.
-----------------------------------------------------------BATTLE SCRIPTS TO BE WRITTEN -------------------------------------------------------------

Gold approaches Simon. : Hey Simon! Its unusual to see you relaxing yourself this far out of town.


Simon : I wanted to take a break, so I saved to record my progress. Gold

: save eh? Not a bad idea!

Gold walks over to a tree.

Gold : It's a fruit-bearing tree. Hey! It's a BERRY Arriving at Cherrygrove City Gold : Phew! Finally here, I hope theres somewhere where I can heal my Pokemon. Guide : Gent
You're a rookie trainer, aren't you? I can tell! That's OK!

Everyone is a rookie at some point! If you'd like, I can teach you a few things.

Gold Guide : Gent

: Yes
OK, then! Follow me!

Tour begins.

is a POKEMON CENTER. They heal your POKEMON in no time at all.You'll be relying on them a lot, so you better learn about them. This is a POKEMON MART. They sell BALLS for catching wild POKEMON and other useful items.

Guide Gent :This

ROUTE 30 is out this way. Trainers will be battling their prized POKEMON there. This is the sea, as you can see. Some POKEMON are found on ly in water. Here... It's my house! Thanks for your company. Let me give you a small gift. Guide Gent gives Gold the Map Card


: Wow! Thanks! This will come in handy!

Gold looks at the Map.


:This place is pretty big. I better go check out that Pokemon

Gold walks into the Pokemon Centre

Nurse: Hello! Welcome to our POKEMON CENTER. We can heal your

POKEMON to perfect health. Shall we heal your POKEMON?


: Yes

Nurse: OK, may I see your POKEMON? Thank you for waiting.
Your POKEMON are fully healed. We hope to see you again.

Gold : Thanks alot! See you again!

Gold turns and speaks to the man at the counter.

Guy#2 : It's great. I can store any number of POKEMON, and it's all free.
Gold walks away towards the door.

Gold :This place is great!!

Gold walks out of the Pokemon Centre.

Gold :Ok, I better keep going.

Gold enters Route 30. -----------------------------------------------------------BATTLE SCRIPTS TO BE WRITTEN -------------------------------------------------------------

Gold comes across some boys fighting their pokemon. He asks a boy about directions before going to check out the battle.

Gold :Hey do you know where Mr.Pokemons house is? Boy#1: MR.POKEMON's house? It's a bit farther ahead. Gold :Whats going on here? Boy#2: Go, RATTATA! TACKLE! What? This is a big battle! Leave me alone! Gold : Well Sorry!
-----------------------------------------------------------BATTLE SCRIPTS TO BE WRITTEN ------------------------------------------------------------Gold arrives at a house.

Gold : This must be Mr.Pokemons house! Gold walks in the door. Mr.Pokemon: Hello, hello! You must be GOLD. PROF.ELM said that you would visit. This is what I want PROF.ELM to examine.
Mr.Pokemon gives Gold the mystery Egg

Mr.Pokemon: I know a couple who run a POKEMON DAY -CARE

service. They gave me that EGG. I was intrigued, so I sent mail to PROF.ELM. For POKEMON evolution, PROF.ELM is the authority. Even PROF.OAK here recognizes that. Oak turns aside from the computer whereat he had been looking.

Mr.Pokemon: If my assumption is correct, PROF.ELM will know

it. Oak approaches Gold. : Aha! So you're GOLD! I'm OAK! A POKEMON researcher. I was just visitng my old friend MR.POKEMON. I heard you were running an errand for PROF.ELM, so I waited here.


Oh! What's this? A rare POKEMON! Let's see... Hmm, I see! I understand why PROF.ELM gave you a POKEMON for this errand. To researchers like PROF.ELM and I, POKEMON are our friends. He saw that you would treat your POKEMON with love and care. ...Ah! You seem to be dependable. How would you like to help me out? See? This is the latest version of POKEDEX. It automatically records data on POKEMON you've seen or caught. It's a hi-tech encyclopedia! Oak gives Gold a Pokedex

Oak : Go meet many kinds of POKEMON and complete that POKEDEX! But I've stayed too long. I have to get to GOLDENROD for my usual radio show. GOLD, I'm counting on you! Gold
:Thanks Professor Oak, I wont fail you!

Oak leaves.

Mr.Pokemon: You are returning to PROF.ELM? Here. Your POKEMON

should have some rest. He heals Gold.

Mr.Pokemon: I'm depending on you! Gold

:You can count on me Mr. Pokemon!

Upon exiting the house, Elm contacts Gold via telephone.

Elm : H-hello? GOLD? It's a disaster! Uh, um, it's just terrible! What should I do? It... Oh, no... Please get back here right now!
:Woah I better get back there quick, I wonder what could be wrong! -------------------------- ---------------------------------BATTLE SCRIPTS TO BE WRITTEN ------------------------------------------------------------Gold enters Cherrygrove city.



:I cant waste any time here, I gotta keep going!

As Gold approaches Route 29, Silver appears.

Gold :oh great...its this guy again, I dont have time to waste on you! Silver
: ... You got a POKEMON at the LAB. What a waste. A wimp like you.... Don't you get what I'm saying? Well, I too, have a good POKEMON. I'll show you what I mean !



-----------------------------------------------------------BATTLE SCRIPTS TO BE WRITTEN -------------------------------------------------------------

Silver : Humph. Are you happy you won? ... My name's Silver. I'm going to be the wor ld's greatest POKEMON trainer.
He pushes Gold aside and takes off running

Gold :Why is that guy always so angry?? Forget about him, I have to keep going! -----------------------------------------------------------BATTLE SCRIPTS TO BE WRITTEN ------------------------------------------------------------Gold arrives back in Professor Elms Lab.


: Hey whats happened here!

Elms Aide: There was a loud noise outside... When we went to

look, someone stole a POKEMON. It's unbelievable that anyone would do that! ...sigh... That stolen POKEMON. I wonder how it's doing. They say a POKEMON raised by a bad person turns bad itself.


:Stolen Pokemon...hmmm I wonder if that could have anything to do with that Silver guy.

Policeman: I heard a POKEMON was stolen here... I was just

getting some information from PROF.ELM. Apparently, it was a young male with long, red hair...

Gold: Wait!! I think I saw that guy!! Policeman:What? You battled a trainer like that? Did you
happen to get his name? Could you write it down here.

Gold: It was.....Silver Policeman: OK! So SILVER was his name. Thanks for helping my
investigation! The man takes his leave.


: GOLD, this is terrible...

Oh, yes, what was MR.POKEMON's big discovery?

Gold Elm

:It was this Professor Elm.

: This? But... It is a POKEMON EGG? If it is, it is a great discovery! What?!? PROF.OAK gave you a POKEDEX? GOLD, is that true? Th that's incredible! He is superb at seeing the potential of people as trainers. Wow, GOLD. You may have what it takes to become the CHAMPION. You seem to be getting on great with POKEMON too. You should take the POKEMON GYM challenge. The closest GYM would be the one in VIOLET CITY.


: Really? Ok Professor Elm, Ill do it!

Elm :...GOLD. The road to the championship will be a long one. Before you leave, make sure that you talk to your mom.
: Ok i will, Well I better get going Professor Elm! Thanks for the Pokemon! Ill see you again soon! As Gold walks to the Door, he is sto pped by Elms Aide.


Elm's Aide: GOLD! Use these on your POKEDEX quest!

Gives Gold 5 Pokeballs

Elms Aide: To add to your POKEDEX, you have to catch POKEMON. Throw POKE BALLS at wild POKEMON to get them.


: Great!! Now I can start catching more Pokemon! Thanks

Gold walks out and back into his house to talk to his Mom


:Hey Mom! Im back!

Mother: Wow, that's a cute POKEMON. Where did you get it? ...
So, you're leaving on an adventure... OK! I'l l help too. But what can I do for you? I know! I'll save money for you. On a long journey, money's important. Do you want me to save your money?


: Yeah thatd be really helpful!

Mother: OK, I'll take care of your money. ... ... ... ... ... ...Be careful. POKEMON are your friends. You need to work as a team. Now, go on! Gold Gold
:Thanks Mom! Ill talk to you again soon! Gold walks out of his house

:My Adventure begins here!

Episode ends