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LX 200



Millipore, the industrys original Luminex thought leader, offers you the power of MILLIPLEX


Millipore offers MILLIPLEX Analyst software, a data analysis package to help you do your best work with increased speed and efficiency. The Luminex platform and the latest xPONENT software is designed to help you manage and track all of your multiplex assaysspend less time running your assays and more time advancing your research. Benefit from the ability to simultaneously quantitate 1 up to potentially 500 analytes in a single sample, saving you time, money and precious sample volume. We offer the broadest range of multiplex analytes for the Luminex xMAP platform to meet your precise needs. Advance your multiplexing research at Milliporeall the tools you need including kits, instrumentation, software and service.

multiplex immunodetection

kits and reagents for use with Luminex xMAP technologyone of the fastest growing and most respected multiplex technologies for biomarker screening and analysis in protein research.
As a Luminex partner, Millipore is a distributor of the entire Luminex portfolio of instruments, including the LX 200, FLEXMAP 3D and the MAGPIX platforms. Millipore offers a powerful combination software package for data acquisition with the xPONENT software and data analysis with MILLIPLEX Analyst; enabling you to manage, track and analyze your multiplex assays so you can focus your time on whats most importantadvancing your research. We were there at the beginning to help validate Luminex as the standard of multiplexing. And our ongoing dedication and experience in this technology enable you to gain more information faster, without compromising reliability.


The Luminex system is the combination of three core xMAP technologies: xMAP microspheres, a family of 80 - 500 fluorescently dyed 5.6 m polystyrene or 6.45 magnetic microspheres that act as both the identifier and the solid surface to build the assay.

xMAP Technology offers many advantages compared with other immunoassay products:
Speed/High Throughput: Simultaneously measure the

The Luminex analyzer, a flow cytometry-based instrument that integrates key xMAP detection components, such as lasers, optics, advanced fluidics and high-speed digital signal processors. xPONENT software, designed for template-based data acquisition that offers robust data regression analysis. The rapidly growing knowledge base in drug discovery and protein research has placed increased pressure on researchers to quickly gain a greater understanding of protein-protein interactions, cell signaling pathways and markers of metabolic processes. Increasingly, this information is difficult or impractical to obtain using traditional singleplex protein detection methods, such as ELISA or Western blotting. By enabling you to differentiate between up to 500 analytes in each sample, xMAP technology lets you obtain multiple results for fast, flexible, affordable and high throughput biological testing technology. Whats more, the open-architecture xMAP technology enables multiplexing of many types of bioassays, reducing time, labor and costs over traditional methods.

concentration of a large number of different analytes, allowing you to do more faster, gaining early and comprehensive data so critical to your work.
Accuracy: xMAP technology generates real-time

analysis and accurate quantification of the biological interactions.

Reproducibility: High-volume production of xMAP

microspheres allows assay standardization that solid-phased flat arrays cannot provide.
Low Sample Volume: With minimal hands-on time, you

can screen more than 40 analytes in a single sample using as little as 25 L or less.

Luminex Instruments
Millipore offers the full line of multiplexing instruments from Luminex to meet all of your multiplexing needs.

Luminex 200 and Luminex XYP

The Luminex 200 system is a compact analyzer that performs up to 100 immunoassays simultaneously using a single drop of fluid, therefore requiring very small samples when compared with other testing technologies. This system utilizes version 3.1 xPONENT of the xMAP technology operating system. The Luminex XY Platform (Luminex XYP) complements the Luminex 100 and 200 systems by automating the sequential positioning of each well of a microtiter plate. This enables you to perform a total of up to 9,600 unattended tests per plate in less than one hour.
The total system includes the Luminex 200 instrument, the Luminex XY plate handling platform and the Luminex SD sheath fluid delivery system and 3.1 xPONENT and MILLIPLEX Analyst software.

The FLEXMAP 3D system makes it possible to multiplex up to 500 analytes through the combination of differentially dyed fluorescent microsphere sets and an innovative instrument design. Features such as automated probe height adjustment, simplified routine maintenance operations and an intuitive software interface make FLEXMAP 3D a flexible and user-friendly multiplexing platform capable of performing a variety of protein and nucleic acid applications. The new xPONENT 4.0 software controls the FLEXMAP 3D system and offers interfacing options for laboratory information systems (LIS) as well as automation.
The high throughput, high multiplexing FLEXMAP 3D system enables scientists to simultaneously perform up to 500 tests on a single sample.

FLEXMAP 3D System Highlights

Higher throughput with up to 500 analytes per well The new bead set features three internal dyes. Monitoring the relative intensity of the three signals enables the system to discriminate up to 500 different microspheres for even more multiplexing options. Enhanced pipetting for fast turnaround time Run up to 48,000 analytes in less than one hourits possible with dual sample fluidics paths and increased syringe injection speed. Works with 96- and 384-well plates Enjoy the flexibility of sample number and volume flexibility and increased throughput. The sample plate heating control also enables the user to run thermally sensitive applications such as nucleic acids.

Automation/LIS compatible The new xPONENT 4.0 software offers interfacing options for laboratory information systems (LIS) as well as automation. An optional swivel base for the system further simplifies integration with third-party liquid handlers. Simplified maintenance The FLEXMAP 3D system has multiple features allowing walk-away start-up, shutdown, maintenance operations and greatly enhances usability for high throughput screening (HTS) applications.

Introducing: MAGPIX Instrument

The new wave in multiplexing
Accelerate your research at a price you can afford using xMAP technology you trust. The new MAGPIX instrument offers your lab the benefits of multiplexing at a more compact size and price.
Youll make breakthrough discoveries faster when you perform multiple, quantitative immunoassays using a single sample, revealing complex networks and complete systems in a single experiment. Millipores new MAGPIX instrumentation, combined with our MILLIPLEX mag magnetic bead-based multianalyte panels, analysis software, and technical support, provides a complete solution for rapid, accurate biomarker quantification.
The MAGPIX innovative design is based on CCD imaging technology, creates a compact, more robust system. Streamlined start-up and shutdown protocols and minimal maintenance requirements make the system easy to operate and maintain.

Easy-to-use, magnetic bead-based technology Simultaneously measure up to 50 analytes in as little as 25 L of sample Small footprint saves space on your lab bench Portable easily moves from bench to bench, or lab to lab, self installed Lower-cost platform More than 25 MILLIPLEX

Panels the largest offering of magnetic bead immunoassay panels for

metabolic disease, inflammation, toxicity, neuroscience, and cell signaling research


Luminex instrument comparison data
Standard curve for two representative analytes within the MILLIPLEX mag (magnetic) Human Metabolic Panel

100,000 MFIs MFIs 10,000 1,000 100 10 10 Luminex 200 MAGPIX 100 1,000 10,000 100,000 Standard (pg/mL) 10,000 1,000 100


Luminex 200 MAGPIX 10 100 1,000 Standard (pg/mL) 10,000


MAGPIX takes advantage of a new lighting and detection mechanism to reduce costs and improve reliability. Unlike flow cytometry which leverages the physics of fluid flow to align beads single file through a cuvette, where they can be illuminated with higher cost lasers, MAGPIX flows beads with considerably less fluid volume into a chamber. There they are held in a monolayer with a magnet. LEDs are focused on the chamber to illuminate the beads. In flow cytometry, the fluorescence of the beads is measured with a Photo Multiplier Tube. MAGPIX, takes an image of the beads in the chamber with a CCD camera. Image processing algorithms are run to deliver the assay results.

LX 200 & FLEXMAP 3D Flow Cytometry-Based Analysis

Interrogate label with green laser (525 nm) Quantify Binding Events

Sheath Fluid

Interrogate bead with red laser (635 nm)

Identify bead region based on internal dye concentrations

MAGPIX LED/Image-Based Analysis

Interrogate label with green LED (525 nm) Identify and quantify with CCD imager Magnetic capture Interrogate bead with red LED (635 nm)


Software Optic Hardware Bead Compatibility Multiplex Capacity Read Time Applications Dynamic Range Microtiter Plate Footprint including PC (linear bench space) Weight (Analyzer)

xPONENT 4.1 LED/ CCD Camera Fluorescent Imager Magnetic 50 ~ 60 mins/96 well plate Protein/ Nucleic Acid 3.5 logs 96 well 64.8 cm (24) 17.5 kg (38.5 lbs)

Luminex 100/200
xPONENT 3.1 Lasers/ APDs/ PMTs Flow Cytometry based Magnetic and non-Magnetic 100 (80 for MagPlex) ~40 mins/96well plate Protein/ Nucleic Acid 3.5 logs 96 well 80.0 cm (32) 49 kg (113 lbs)

xPONENT 4.0 Lasers/ APDs/ PMTs Flow Cytometry based Magnetic and non-Magnetic 500 ~20 mins/96well plate Protein/ Nucleic Acid 4.5 logs 96 well & 384 well 64.8 cm (24) 77.1 kg (170 lbs)

Washing Solutions For Magnetic & Non-Magnetic Bead Assays

BioTeks New Elx405 Microplate Washer For 96-Well Biomagnetic Separation
Millipore, in partnership with BioTek, is now offering the newest ELx405 enhancement: full plate biomagnetic separation, washing and vacuum filtration for magnetic bead assays. As your source for multiplexing reagents, Millipore offers a complete selection of MILLIPLEX map kits, instruments, software, and service, in addition to the new magnetic bead kits and the BioTek washer, hand-held magnetic separation and multi-screen vacuum manifold.

Handheld Magnetic Separator Block for 96Well Flat Bottom or Conical Well Plates
Millipore offers a low cost alternative to automated washing of MILLIPLEX mag Immunoassays without loss in assay performance. The hand-held magnetic separator allows the liquid contents of the 96-well plate to be removed by simply decanting or flicking the contents into a sink and blotting off the remainder on a paper towel. Magnetic beads are securely held to the sides by 9 magnets surrounding each well. Top magnetic frame is white polycarbonate, with a corrosion resistant steel plate

BioTek Advantage
Assays Magnetic Beads, MILLIPLEX

Multiplex Assays

underneath, all mounted to a polypropylene base Adjustable clip system holds a wide variety of microplates to the separator block O-Ring on Base Plate facilitates gripping for all sizes of hands

Microplate Type 96-well, standard height and low profile Magnet optimized for flat-bottom microplates,

incorporated into carrier and removable for non-magnetic washing

Residual Volume - 2 L/well and vacuum filtration,

Average increased weight of the plate is 1.2 grams after dispensing 300 L of deionized water per well into a Millipore MSHVN4450 96-well 0.45 m plate and vacuum aspirated for 30 seconds at a vent diameter 0.047 (no plug) and blotted on a paper towel
Manifold Type 96-well washing (96 tube (8 x 12) manifold Washing Speed - <30 seconds, 3 aspirate/dispense cycles,

MultiScreenHTS Vacuum Manifold

Developed for Maximum Versatility Configurations for deep well or standard receiver plates ANSI/SBS compliant footprint allows for easy robotic deck integration Solvent-resistant The MultiScreenHTS vacuum manifold is ideal for multiwell filter plate applications in both manual and automated laboratory environments. The manifold supports a wide variety of MultiScreen platforms, including 96-well and 384well filter plates for bioassays, and deep well Solvinert filter plates for sample preparation. Built with flexibility in mind, it can be easily configured to support applications that require flow to waste as well as analyte collection. As part of the standard equipment, you receive a vacuum pressure indicator allowing you to set and reliably measure

300 L/well and final aspirate

BioTeks new ELx405 Microplate Washer for 96-Well Biomagnetic Separation offers the convenience of full plate washing for magnetic bead assays as well as standard ELISAs. The ELx405 Magnetic Bead Washer uses high-energy neodymium iron boron magnets for rapid separation of micrometer and nanometer beads with superior retention.

vacuum pressure. Controls include an external on/off valve and a vacuum level adjustment valve for optimizing filtration performance. You also have the choice of vacuum source options, including the use of a Millipore vacuum pump, available separately, or house vacuum. For more information go online at:

Luminex xPonent and MILLIPLEX Analyst Software

Millipore offers the complete software solution for your multiplexing assays with xPONENT for data acquisition and MILLIPLEX Analyst for data analysis.
xPONENTs many features create an instrument platform that steps up your research by reducing time spent running assays, increasing walk-away time and the ability to automate. MILLIPLEX Analyst seamlessly integrates with xPONENT to quickly analyze with unique algorithms even the largest data sets. Reports are easily created in multiple formats for enhanced presentation. This combination generates the information for your next big discovery.

Daudi Daudi Daudi

4000 4000 4000 3000 3000 MFI MFI MFI 3000 2000 2000 2000 1000 1000 1000 0 0 0

MILLIPLEX Analyst software provides a whole new level of data analysis. Even Microsoft Excel or text files with large data sets are seamlessly imported into MILLIPLEX Analyst software, and your results are calculated in seconds with a quick plate setup and very user-friendly features. This data analysis software package incorporates tried-and-true algorithms to provide the performance you need, even when


Unstim Unstim Unstim

HepG2 HepG2 HepG2

IL-2IL-2 IL-2

IL-3IL-3 IL-3

IL-4IL-4 IL-4

IL-6IL-6 IL-6


8000 8000 8000 6000 6000 6000 4000 4000 4000 2000 2000 2000 0 0 0 MFI MFI MFI


features that youve requested to display your information clearly and accurately.

Unstim Unstim Unstim

MILLIPLEX Analyst Software Provides a Superior Data Analysis Solution:

Simple integration with the Luminex xPONENT System

IL-2IL-2 IL-2

included are report formats and enhanced presentation

HeLa HeLa HeLa

IL-3IL-3 IL-3

IL-4IL-4 IL-4

IL-6IL-6 IL-6



faced with the most challenging multiplexing data sets. Also


4000 4000 4000 3000 3000 3000 2000 2000 2000 1000 1000 1000 0 0 0 MFI MFI MFI

Import Microsoft Excel or text files User-friendly plate setup features let you work with speed and efficiency
Benefit from the ability to calculate your results in

data sets, giving you the performance you need for complex analysis
Get the report formats and enhanced presentation

features youve requestedplus, many options for advanced users

MILLIPLEX map STAT Panel: Daudi, HepG2 and HeLa Cell Lines Data generated with the MILLIPLEX Analyst and illustrated with the 3D tool for reports powered by VigeneTech software exclusively for Millipore.

Unstim Unstim Unstim

IL-2IL-2 IL-2

Unique algorithms work on even the most challenging

IL-3IL-3 IL-3

IL-4IL-4 IL-4

IL-6IL-6 IL-6



seconds with large data sets

Easy Integration: PDF and Microsoft Excel export compatible Optional 21 CFR part 11 compilant module available Compatible with Luminex 1.7 and 2.3 file formats Import data in Microsoft Excel/text formats from Bio-Plex, Miraibio, and other Luminex software programs Powerful Analysis: 5-PL, 4-PL, cubic spline, and linear curve-fitting capabilities Multiplate analysis capabilities Options for QC input and acceptance range reporting Up to 4 standard report options with enhanced graphing for standards curves as well as sample points Standard curve fitting parameters and reporting for R2, CV, minDC, maxDC, and % recovery Sample reporting to include concentration and standard deviations 2D and 3D bar chart displays Qualitative data analysis as well as reference/ normalization capabilities

Spend Less Time Running Your Assays and More Time Advancing Your Research:
Calibration kit, verification kit and a new Automated Maintenance Plate (AMP) included; enabling automation of daily system maintenance operations; increasing walk-away time; and providing a significant time savings Intuitive graphical user interface for simplified workflow Modules available include LIS integration which enables bidirectional interface connectivity via ASTM protocol Assay-specific reporter gain levels feature allows you to optimize assay sensitivity by using gain adjustment Flexible data archiving lets you archive by batch, protocol, kits or lots XML data output provides easy-to-capture data regression and more system log information Real-time system status indication on the main menu provides immediate updates all from the same screen Plate layout report reduces errors, allowing you to print out and use as a guide when pipetting Compatible with magnetic bead (MagPlex bead) assays Luminex has designed xPONENT software solutions based on suggestions from our valued customers. Now you can customize your own software solution by adding individual modules. (See ordering information for additional software modules.)


Manage and track all your multiplex assays with the new xPONENT system control software. Millipore is one of the few Luminex partners to offer this intuitive new system. xPONENT software brings the power of integration and automation to your laboratory to improve workflow efficiency. This system control software combines ease of use with the flexibility to perform both protein and nucleic acid testing on one system. Its also compatible with magnetic bead (MagPlex beads) assays and will be moving forward with compatible future instrument platforms.

Ordering Information
Luminex Instruments and Software
Description Luminex 200 3.1 xPONENT System w/MILLLIPLEX Analyst xPONENT 3.1 Option: 21CFR Part 11 xPONENT 3.1 Option: Automation Module xPONENT 3.1 Option: LIS/LIMS Module xPONENT 3.1 Option: Basic Security Module xPONENT 3.1 Option: Extra Seat Licenses (3) Luminex 200 Calibration Kit (25 doses) Luminex 200 Performance Verfication Kit (25 doses) Automated Maintenance Plate xPONENT Option: New PC xPONENT Option:Touch Screen Monitor xPONENT Option: Flat Panel Monitor FLEXMAP 3D with MILLIPLEX Analyst xPONENT Option: 21CFR Part 11 for FLEXMAP 3D xPONENT Option: Automation Module for FLEXMAP 3D xPONENT Option: LIS/LIMS Module for FLEXMAP 3D xPONENT Option: Basic Security Module for FLEXMAP3D xPONENT Option: Extra Seat Licenses (3) for FLEXMAP 3D Swivel Base for FLEXMAP 3D FLEXMAP 3D Calibration Kit FLEXMAP 3D Performance Verification Kit MILLIPLEX Analyst Base Package MILLIPLEX Analyst Extra Seat License MILLIPLEX Analyst 21 CFR Part 11 MAGPIX xPONENT 4.1 System with MILLIPLEX Analyst Single Seat xPONENT 4.1 Option: Basic Security Module xPONENT 4.1 Option: 21CFR Part 11 xPONENT 4.1 Option: Automation Module xPONENT 4.1 Option: LIS/LIMS Module xPONENT 4.1 Option: Extra Seat Module (3) MAGPIX Calibration Kit (25 doses) MAGPIX Performance Verfication Kit (25 doses) BioTek Magnetic 96 Well Plate Washer, 110 V BioTek Magnetic/Vacuum Filtration 96 Well Plate Washer, 110 V BioTek Complete Accessory pack (110 V) BioTek Magnetic 96 Well Plate Washer 220V with Schuko Power Cords BioTek Magnetic 96 Well Plate Washer 220V with UK Power Cords BioTek Magnetic 96 Well Plate Washer 220V with Australian Power Cords BioTek Magnetic 96 Well Plate Washer 220V with Chinese Power Cords BioTek Magnetic/Vacuum Filtration 96 Well Plate Washer 220V with Schuko Power Cords BioTek Magnetic/Vacuum Filtration 96 Well Plate Washer 220V with UK Power Cords BioTek Magnetic/Vacuum Filtration 96 Well Plate Washer 220V with Australian Power Cords BioTek Magnetic/Vacuum Filtration 96 Well Plate Washer 220V with Chinese Power Cords BioTek Complete Accessory Pack (220 V) Hand-Held Magnetic Separation Block for 96-well Plate Qty/Pk EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA Catalogue No. 40-013 40-270 40-271 40-272 40-273 40-274 40-275 40-276 40-277 40-261 40-262 40-263 40-022 40-023 40-024 40-025 40-041 40-026 40-027 40-028 40-029 40-265 40-266 40-267 40-043 40-044 40-045 40-046 40-047 40-048 40-049 40-050 40-015 40-034 40-016 40-017 40-018 40-019 40-020 40-036 40-037 40-038 40-039 40-021 40-285

MultiScreenHTS Vacuum Manifold

Description MultiScreen HTS Vacuum Manifold Standard Kit Includes manifold base standard collar, gaskets, gasket inserts, all tubing, valves, and pressure gauge Qty/Pk 1 Catalogue No. MSVMHTSOO



Your Source for Magnetic Bead Kits

Catalogue No. Description
Mouse IGF Binding Protein IGFBP1 IGFBP2 IGFBP3 IGFBP5 IGFBP6 IGFBP7 Mouse Acute Phase Protein Adipsin AGP CRO Lipocalin (24P3) PTX-3 SAA-3 Canine Pituitary ACTH BDNF FSH GH LH Prolactin TSH Multi Species Steroid/Thyroid Hormone Corticosteroid Estradiol Free T3 Free T4 Progesterone Testosterone RMHMAG-84K Rat Pituitary ACTH BDNF FSH GH LH Prolactin TSH MAGNETIC - TOXICITY Human Kidney Toxicity Panel 1 Serum Samples KIM-1 Osteopontin Renin TFF-3 Human Kidney Toxicity Panel 2 Serum Samples b-2-Microglobulin Clusterin Cystatin C Human Kidney Toxicity Panel 3 Urine Samples KIM-1 Renin TFF-3 Human Kidney Toxicity Panel 4 Urine Samples Albumin b-2-Microglobulin Clusterin Cystatin C Osteopontin HKTX1MAG-38K

Catalogue No.

MAGNETIC - METABOLISM Human Metabolic Disease Amylin (active) Amylin (total) C-Peptide Ghrelin (active) GIP (total) GLP-1 (active) Glucagon IL-6 Insulin Leptin MCP-1 Pancreatic Polypeptide PYY (total) TNFa Mouse Metabolic Disease Amylin (active) C-Peptide Ghrelin (active) GIP (total) GLP-1 (active) Glucagon IL-6 Insulin Leptin MCP-1 Pancreatic Polypeptide PYY (total) Resistin TNFa Rat Metabolic Disease Amylin (active) C-Peptide 2 Ghrelin (active) GIP (total) GLP-1 (active) Glucagon IL-6 Insulin Leptin MCP-1 Pancreatic Polypeptide PYY (total) TNFa Canine Gut Hormone Amylin (active) Ghrelin (active) GIP (total) GLP-1 (active) Glucagon Insulin Leptin Pancreatic Polypeptide PYY (total) Human Liver Protein AFP ANGPTL3 ANGPTL4 ANGPTL6 FABP1 FGF-19 FGF-21 FGF-23 HGF HMHMAG-34K

Coming Soon

Coming Soon










MAGNETIC - INFLAMMATION / IMMUNOLOGY Human Cytokine/Chemokine I IL-1a IL-1b IL-1ra IL-2 IL-3 IL-4 IL-5 IL-6 IL-7 IL-8 IL-9 IL-10 IL-12 (p40) IL-12 (p70) IL-13 IL-15 IL-17a EGF Eotaxin FGF-2 Fit-3 ligand Fractalkine G-CSF GM-CSF GRO IFNa2 IFNg IP-10 MCP-1 MCP-3/CCL7 MDC/CCL22 MIP-1a MIP-1b PDGF-AAv PDGF-AB/BBv RANTESv sIL-2Ra sCD40L TGFa TNFa TNFb VEGF Human Cytokine/Chemokine II IL-16 IL-20 IL-21 IL-23 IL-28a IL-33/NF-HEV (mature) 6Ckine/CCL21 BCA-1/CXCL13 CTACK/CCL27 ENA-78/CXCL5 Eotaxin-2/CCL24/MPIF-2 Eotaxin-3/CCL26 I-309/CCL1 LIF MCP-2 MCP-4 MIP-1d (MIP-5/CCL15) SCF SDF-1a+b/CXCL12 TARC/CCL17 TPO TRAIL/TNFSF10 TSLP Human Cytokine/Chemokine III IL-11 IL-29 GCP-2/CXCL6/LIX HCC-1/CCL14av I-TAC/CXCL11 Lymphotactin M-CSF MIG/CXCL9 MIP-3a/CCL19 MIP-3b/CCL20 NAP-2/CXCL7v

Catalogue No.

Human High Sensitivity Cytokine/Chemokine IL-1b IL-2 IL-4 IL-5 IL-6 IL-7 IL-8 IL-10 IL-12 (p70) IL-13 GM-CSF IFNg TNFa Mouse Cytokine/Chemokine IL-1a IL-1b IL-2 IL-4 IL-5 IL-6 IL-7 IL-9 IL-10 IL-12 (p40) IL-12 (p70) IL-13 IL-15 IL-17a G-CSF GM-CSF IFNg IP-10 KC McP-1 MIP-1a MIP-1b MIP-2 RANTES TNFa Rat Cytokine/Chemokine IL-1a IL-1b IL-2 IL-4 IL-5 IL-6 IL-10 IL-12 (p40) IL-13 IL-17a IL-18 Eotaxin G-CSF GM-CSF GRO-KC IFNg IP-10 KC McP-1 MIP-1a RANTES TNFa VEGF MAGNETIC - EPIQUANT CELL SIGNALING EpiQuant EGFR Signaling Pathway Panel CSK (Tyr304) EGFR (Tyr1110/1125) EGFR Total ErbB3 (Tyr1197/1199/1262/1276/1298/1307) ERK 1/2 (Tyr204/187) FAK (Tyr397/407) FAK (Tyr861) FRS2 (Tyr436) Gab1 (Tyr285/307/317) Gab2 (Tyr266) Gab2 (Tyr584) Gab2 (Tyr614) HER2 (Tyr1023) HER2 (Tyr1112/1139) HER2 (Tyr1196/1221/1222) PI3Kp110 (Tyr485) PKC (Tyr502) PLC1 (Tyr1253) PLC2 (Tyr1197/1217) Shc (Tyr349/350) SPRY2 (Tyr55) STAT3 (Tyr705) TAF1168 (loading control)

Catalogue No.







v Cannot be plexed with other cytokines in human serum/plasma samples.

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