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The Animated Man

A Life of Walt Disney by animation historian Michael Barrier. The primary source of information for Barriers was the interview held with over 150 co-workers and contemporaries of Walt Disney during the period of 1969 nearly two and half years after the Disneys death. The result was more critical and somewhat incomplete on telling the life of Walts, that pulls no punches in respecting the imperfection and complexities of the man who founded an entertainment empire. The Animated Man is an effort that deserves to be recognized as a valuable and important contribution to the library of Disney history. This book is important not just as a biography, but also as a cultural history that provides great insight to one of the best known creative minds of the twentieth century.

Walt Disney (1901-1966) was one of the most significant creative power of the twentieth century, a man who made a lasting impact on the art of the animated film, the history of American business, and the evolution of twentieth-century American culture. He was both a creative visionary and a dynamic entrepreneur, roles whose demands he often could not reconcile. Barrier describes the

transformation of Disney himself from Midwestern farm boy to competitive young businessman to pioneering artist and, irrevocably, to entrepreneur on a grand scale.

The book talks about the biography of Disney from the authors point of view. In his book he speaks about Disneys triumphant and fall. He also takes us through the creation of Disney movies which earned Walt Disney such a high profile name. The author had found Disney as always a simple man with loads of ambition and also as a man with a dedication to his work. As we go along the book, it speaks about the Disney pictures success. The ambition behind Disney was to become a business man for which he had his path paved on the animated movies.

Its All Me
As a start of, Walt Disney, created animated movies called the sound cartoons. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was enormously popular which made a mile stone in the Walt Disneys history. The money made from this movie was spent on construction of the Disney studio at Hyperion Avenue in Los Angeles. The business was owned by the two brothers and their wives where Disney had nearly 60% of the share. The money crunch in Walt Disney is named as Its All Me, it was the phrase used by Disney in his pep talk with his workers where in he had a different thought in his mind. The stumbling and fumbling around of green, inexperienced people has cost this studio millions of dollars. The recommended thought for lot of you is this put your own house in Order put your own mind in order. You cant accomplish a curse thing by sitting around and waiting to be told everything. Too many fellows are willing to blame their own irresponsibility on other people. Were the words of Disney during his pep talk. These words clearly marked that he had contradictions with his own decisions, which in turn led him testing the strength of his own. It was also seen that Disney had a tremendous energy, devoted to animation which took him to greater heights. He devoted towards his dream, led him to the achievement of constructing the Theme Park which is now called as Disney Land, paradise for children. Disneyland perfectly timed to capture the inclination of a country newly awash in both children and wealth, and its association with Disneys films would give it an emotional resonance that traditional amusement

parks lacked. He had his ideas well paved, which gave him the thought of Disney Land which earned children attention and also revenue to the park. Disney Land became the engine for the growth of Disneys company. This eventually made Walt Disneys speech echoing throughout Disneys company and also in Americans culture even after decades. Disneylands success he identified the childrens medium was the animation of the characters and thus made it more difficult to produce films comparable to those that had made Disney himself famous.

The Pet in the Family

On the Farm and in the City (19011923) It tells us about the mark of Disney family from where their journey started. Their life started in a farm house, almost a mile from the place called Marceline Depot, outside the city limits. Elias Disney and Flora Disney parented four children, Herbert, Raymond, Roy, and Walter and Ruth. From there, they moved to Chicago. Roy remembered their new home as a very cute, sweet little farm, if you can describe a farm that way. Of course, Roy said, it was just heaven for city kids. Walt Disney had two orchards called as new and old. They had every kind of apples, which they call as Wolf River apples. They were big. People came from miles around to see our orchard. Disneys affectionate memories of his childhood on the farm.

A Cute Idea
The Self-Taught Filmmaker (19231928)

The ideas and the implementation by Walt Disney and his brother Roy. It is thus named as A Cute Idea wherein it talks about how Disney learned to become a film maker on his own. He made an attempt to change things in the Disney cartoons and their characters. The first cartoon that Stalling scored in Los Angeles. The Skeleton Dance, the first cartoon in the new music-dominated series called Silly Symphonies. To avoid the down fall in market Disney introduced Minnie, a character in Mickey Mouse play. After which he stated improvising it more and more which led to addition of many characters to it. Minnies character had a importance in the play after that. Disney dated the start of his career in motion picture. He became a Film Ad employee. He was essentially self taught as an animator. The book was

Animated Cartoons, which thought him How They Are Made Their Origin and Development by Edwin G. Lutz.

Youve Got to Really Be Minnie

Building a Better Mouse (19281933)

I think its important to have a good hard failure when youre young. I learned a lot out of that. Wilfred Jackson said. He was also not a person to recognize any limitation as to what could be done. When he thought a piece of action should be extended or shortened somewhat beyond what would fit with some certain part of a piece of music, he expected his musician to just simply find some way or other to expand or shorten that part of his music. He wanted a series which would let us go in for more of the fantastic and fabulous and lyric stuff. The difference over the cartoons, average run is nothing more or less than Walts personality, along with cooperation from his fellows.

This Character Was a Live Person

The Leap to Feature Films (19341938)

Little things that would make a big difference The big difference produced by such little things was to make the animated characters on the screen seem a little more real. In March 1934, someone who signed himself an animator wrote to the Holly wood Citizen News that, the creation of Mickey, have been largely the

use of his ability in the fields of production, business, publicity and direction as a achievement. Snow White seems clumsy now. The film made an impression on Disney for more than one reason. Three Little Pigs and The Flying Mouse were yet to be released.

A Drawing Factory
Ambitions Price (19381941)

The Snow White contract gave Disney 75 percent of domestic revenues and smaller but still very high percentages of foreign revenues. The origins of Donald Duck added more revenue to Disney company. In other words, he saw no real distinction between himself and his studio, even though it had grown to around 675 employees by February 1938, shortly after Snow White was released. He had no control over the several features. He could not give attention as given to snow white. Disney scorned the idea of sharing ownership through a public sale of stock. Some artists had trouble adjusting to life in the drawing factory. He insisted that his employees must accept responsibility for the future of a business over which he had exercised complete control since 1923.Disney him self meant that he has to hold the negative cost of new features. The break up between Disney land and Disney production has taken place , which made him to concentrate more on the Disney land creation.

He Was Interested in Something Else

Escaping from Film (19531959)

For years, Disney had been visiting amusement parks and other attractions in the United States and Europe with at least half an eye toward what he could learn that would be useful in a park of his own , by looking around rides of other small parks. He decided to add the Disney characters , bright lights, variety of restaurant , E ticketing and water rides. There were made on the Riverside Drive to pack as many attraction as possible in to the small area.

Where I Am Happy
Restless in the Magic Kingdom

The idea of Disneyland is a simple one. It will be a place for people to find happiness and knowledge. It will be a place for parents and children to share pleasant times in one anothers company, a place for teacher and pupils to discover greater ways of understanding and education. Were younger generation can savor the challenge of the future. Here will be the wonders of Nature and Man for all to see and understand.

He Drove Himself Right Up to the End

Dreaming of a Nightmare City(19651966)

Even before Disneyland opened, Walt Disney identified Florida as the only possible location for a second version of the park. The Economic Setting of the City of Tomorrow in all phases of the town development. Disney thinks the way

city of tomorrow. He advanced the concepts of architectural design and technological improvement. The Disney development itself would be the major attraction at Mineral King. The distinction between entertainment and recreation was much more significant than Disney thought, at least in this case.

In the end, The Animated Man feels incomplete and just a bit jaded towards Walt Disney. He is so far the best critical study to date of Walt Disney and his worlds: corporate, personal, ideological, architectural. He is more said to be a good entrepreneur with lots of animated ideas building out from Disney. The concept used to take over the attention of both the tourist and visitors gave more economical calculation on city of tomorrow. The challenges he faced in day to day
life made me to keep in constant touch with the book and gain the learning experience.