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Second Semester Second Evaluation 2007 YEAR THREE SCIENCE Name:________________ (A) True or False.

1. Baking powder produces bubbles when mixed with vinegar. -

Marks: _________

( ( ( ( ( ( (

) ) ) ) ) ) )

2. Curry powder is colourless.----------------------------------------

3. Sugar dissolves in water.-------------------------------------------

4. Water flows very well through clay soil.------------------------

5. Garden soil is good for the growth of plants.--------------------

6. Detergent is unsafe substance.-------------------------------------

7. Dead animals and plants will rot to make soil.------------------

(B) Fill in the blanks. 14% soil clay sand labels fire layers vinegar harmful milky Clear

1. Sugar and salt can dissolve in __________. 2. Explosive substances should be kept away from __________. 3. Unsafe substances are __________ to us and should be handled with care. 4. Tapioca flour forms a __________ solution with water.

5. We have to read the __________ on the containers before we touch, smell or taste any substances. 6. Dead plants and animals will rot and become part of the __________. 7. __________ holds lots of air but too little water. (C) Match the symbol for unsafe substances to the correct meaning. 10% 1 . flammable 2 . corrosive 3 . poisonous

4 . explosive 5 . harmful

(D) Circle the correct answers. 14%

1. What are the properties of sugar? I Sour III Strong smell A. II only C. II and IV only II Sweet IV Dissolves in water B. II and III only C. I , II and IV only

2. Which type of soil do earthworms like to live in? A. stones A. faster A. clay I Caution III Danger A. IV only C. II and IV only A. clay soil C. garden soil A. tomato sauce C. paint B. sand B. slower B. sandy C. garden soil C. more C. garden II Warning IV Hello B. II and III only D. I , II and III only B. muddy soil D. sandy soil B. bleach D. shampoo D. clay D. higher D. stones 3. Soil that has the smaller space will let water to move through ____ 4. Which type of soil is suitable for paddy plant? 5. Unsafe substances always have words such as

6. Which of these is suitable for pottery making?

7. Which substance is corrosive?

(E) Label the picture to show the materials found in soil. 12% dead plants and animal stones silt clay sand water

(F) Complete the table show. 16% Substances Colour Smell ( /) Dissolves in water( /) Produces bubbles when mixed with vinegar ( /) ( ) ( )

Milk powder


( ( ) ) ( (

) )

h Salt white Sugar white Curry powder orange Chilly powder ( ) Baking powder ( )

(G) Circle the unsafe substances. 12%


mosquito coil

tomato sauce


milk powder

cocoa powder




orange juice

fruit jam


(H) Answer the following questions. 8% Sally takes 3 different types of soil from difference places. She wants to do an investigation with the soil. She pours a cup of water through soil R, S and T. Then, she measures the water collected in each container.

Result: Sample of soil The amount of water collected

R 10 ml

S 20 ml

T 2 ml

1. Which soil lets water flow through easily? _____________________________________________________ _

2. Which soil does not let water flow through easily? _____________________________________________________ _ 3. Arrange the sample of soil in the correct sequence beginning with the soil that lets water flow through very easily. _____________________________________________________ _ 4. Which soil is suitable for the growth of balsam plant? _____________________________________________________ _