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Artificial Intelligent In Malaysia Industries Who are you when they are taking over the economy? When they are taking over the world, all the machine and parts will be working automatically without any use of human work force. As that happen, what will you do to survive? We probably have no work and non to work on as its run all by machine. All we can do is sell food after being manufacturer less income. As now, artificial intelligent is widely used in our industry but there are positive and negative effects of this technology. The positive effect is the massive production of product in various industries by using an artificial intelligent technology can be made in a split of second. According to Yudkowsky (2006), progressing an adequate source of artificial intelligent could advance the medical technologies, so that it can conserve lots of life. As it can produce a number of products depends on the need of customer or patient, can it actually solve lots of problems? If it s in medical field it can save lots of live. With numerous of artificial intelligents used, it can full fill the demand of a product made by customer in time. Thus, it will create a satisfaction among these people. Besides that, according to Shiroma, Kamegawa, Matsuno (2004), to live comfortable life we need to invent a better machine to help with our daily work. Help with our daily works means to help on situation that is impossible to be done by human. In conjunction with that also, it helps to reduce human burden while performing a work. Thus, create a safety measure line between danger and us. Prolong to negative effects which according to Warnock and Ian (1995) are the inefficiency of using the new technology and neglect the true implementation of the machine as assured. This effect occurs when the operator who uses the machine does not know how to operate and use the machine very well. Warnock and Ian (1995) said the operator does not have sufficient knowledge of machine capability and they are also less educated on the system use. This makes them unable to use the machine as recommended. Other than that, Warnock and Ian (1995) states that output by advanced machine does not fulfil the estimation of their productivity. Some artificial intelligent couldn t produce what we expect from them to full fill in industry. According to Rice (1953), there is no possibility to estimate whether the technology produce any contribution and production task. This may be caused by using wrong solutions in order to solve the wrong problems. Thus, artificial intelligent is not suitable in some situations. As the negative effects occur, the solution is created along with it. The first solution is according to Parunak (1994), be able to survive in todays economy, we need to consider all aspects of the economy itself. All aspects means that the community needed to increase the determination, ability and finance to triumph over obstacle of some job (Yudkowsky, 2006). Not only we increase the determination, ability and finance we also need to strengthen them and always be stable all the time. Some said that unanimous cooperation; strategies which can be catastrophically defeated by individual defectors or small group. (Yudkowsky, 2006) The other solution by advancing access on various industries refers to two factors which is internal factors that refer to within the company or industries. Internal factors mean that we must work together and trust each other in the company in order to achieve a goal, in usage of technology we must work together to run a machine. External factors that refers to outside of the company or industries to take action in the industrial field. External factors usually is upon the salesman and the person who build the technology.

Concluding all, there are pros and cons in this situation and every negative outcome will create a solution out of it to make it better. Artificial intelligent are widely used in industry but not in all situation we can rely on them. Every day we can improve ourselves along with the technology in order to help us on a situation that we aren t capable.

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