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Mike Kelly (PA-03)

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Notable Headlines
Sharpton Slams Kelly Re: Big Oil [Politics PA, 7/07/11] Freshman Pa. congressman sells off gas, oil stocks [Stamford Advocate, 7/13/11]

Erie Times-News: Congressional Remapping Plan Stifles Eries Voice In December 2011, and editorial from the Erie Times-News criticized redistricting efforts that would slice Erie County in half, shifting the power center of the 3rd district from Erie to Butler. Kelly would keep representation of Erie and Western Erie County. The editorial said the plan was made to ensure Kellys re-election. Kelly in May, 2010 hosted a tea party event at his car dealership where state Rep. Metcalfe, who chaired the State Government Committee and orchestrated the redistricting plan, spoke. [Erie Times-News, Editorial, 12/11/11]

Budget Issues
Said Senate Dems Should Get Off Their Rear Ends and Pass a Budget In October 2011, Freshman Rep. Kelly accused Harry Reid and Democrats of not passing a budget and demanded that they get off their rear ends and perform their basic legislative responsibility. Kelly said, Weve done everything were supposed to do. You send it to the Senate, you just walk 100 paces down the hall and find out they [the Senate] cant even talk about it because they are more worried about re-election than they are about reform. So all were looking for is to get off their rear ends and get something done for this country, thats all. Its not about Republicans or Democrats; its about America and if you didnt want that responsibility, why in the world did you run? Quit sitting on the sidelines.
[, 10/4/2011]

Told Senate To Get America Out From Behind the Eight-Ball With a Budget In October 2011, Kelly held a magic eight ball toy as he told the Senate to pass a budget and help get America out from behind the eight-ball. Kelly said that Without a long-term budget you cant run a business, you cant run family finance and you sure as heck cant run a government. He further criticized the Senate, saying that the Senate leadership has not only punted on this, theyve taken a knee. [The Hill, 10/4/2011] Voted for Final Debt Ceiling Compromise Legislation In August 2011, Kelly voted for the final debt ceiling compromise legislation, the Budget Control Act of 2011.

The framework would cut $917 billion in spending over a decade, raise the debt limit initially by $900 billion and assign a special congressional committee, with members from the House and the Senate and appointed by congressional leadership, to find another $1.5 trillion in deficit savings by late November. If Congress met that deadline and deficit target, or voted to send a balanced budget amendment to the states, the debt ceiling would be raised an additional $1.5 trillion. The plan guaranteed a vote on the balanced budget amendment between October and the end of 2011. If Congress failed to take either step, or debt savings of at least $1.2 trillion were not produced, the plan allows the president to obtain a $1.2 trillion debt ceiling increase. That would trigger automatic spending cuts across the government including in defense and Medicare to take effect starting in 2013. The Medicare cuts would only affect Provider reimbursements. The legislation included no revenue increases. The bill was passed by the full House, 269-161. [Bloomberg, 8/01/11; S 356, 8/01/11] Voted Against Reids Debt Ceiling Plan In July 2011, Kelly voted against Sen. Harry Reids plan to raise the debt ceiling. Reids plan called for raising the debt limit by $2.4 trillion, requiring no additional debt ceiling vote until after the 2012 election. The plan included $1.2 trillion in discretionary spending cuts over 10 years, mandatory spending cuts of $100 billion, $1 trillion in savings from winding down combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and $400 billion in interest savings. The legislation included no revenue increases. The CBO score of Reids plan said it would reduce the deficit by $2.2 trillion. The bill was rejected by the full House, 173-246. [New York Times, 7/25/11; HR 2693, 7/30/11] Voted in Favor of Boehners Debt Ceiling Plan In July 2011, Kelly voted in favor of Speaker John Boehners plan to raise the debt ceiling. Boehners plan called for an immediate debt ceiling raise of $900 billion, spending cuts of $917 billion over 10 years, and an additional debt ceiling vote in six months. The legislation contained no revenue increases. Under Boehners plan, the second debt ceiling raise was conditional on the passage of a balanced budget amendment by both Houses of Congress and the creation of a select joint committee on deficit reduction. The CBO score of Boehners plan said it would reduce the deficit by $850 billion. The bill was approved by the full house, 218-210. [ABC News, 7/29/11; S 627, 7/29/11] Criticized Reids Handling of Debt Ceiling Negotiations In July 2011, Kelly criticized Senate Majority Leader Harry Reids performance in the debt ceiling negotiations and said, If Mr. Reid wants to really talk about thisthen maybe Profiles in Cowardice is the book that wouldve been written about what hes done the last several weeks. [The Daily Caller, 7/28/11] Kelly to Republicans: Knock the Shit Out of Em in Debt Ceiling Debate

In July 2011, during a Republican conference meeting on Speaker John Boehners debt ceiling plan, Kelly gave a speech ending with him exhorting the caucus to, Put on your helmet, buckle your chinstrap, and knock the shit out of em. [Slate, 7/28/11] Kelly: Boehner and the House Have Done Everything They Could Do in Debt Ceiling Negotiations In July 2011, Kelly commented on the debt limit negotiations and said, I dont think the speaker has to do anythingWeve passed legislation that allows the debt ceiling to rise. What is it about this plan that nobody understands? It allows everything to happen that everybody says needs to happen. The speakers done everything he can do. The House has done everything it could do. We passed it. We sent it to them. Now, whats the holdup? Kelly said of the Democratic-controlled Senate, We gave them everything they wantThe only thing we cant give them is courage. [The Washington Post, 7/25/11] Voted in Favor of Cut, Cap and Balance Plan In July 2011, Kelly voted in favor of the Cut, Cap and Balance Act, legislation requiring deep spending cuts, a federal spending cap and a balanced budget amendment in order to raise the federal debt ceiling. Under Cut, Cap and Balance, discretionary spending in fiscal year 2012 would be reduced below fiscal year 2008 levels except for Defense, Homeland Security and Veterans affairs. The plan provided a universal spending cap after 2012. The legislation contained no revenue increases. The bill was approved by the full House, 234-190. [New York Times, 7/21/11; HR 2560, 7/19/11] Said Cut, Cap and Balance was Intrinsically Good for the Country In July 2011, Kelly said, The Cut, Cap, and Balance Act of 2011 is the only clear and comprehensive measure put forward to address Washingtons spending addiction and reduce the tremendous burden of debt we are placing on our children and grandchildren What Im telling (Obama) to do is to put the welfare of our great nation before his reelection efforts and support something that is intrinsically good for the country and our economy, and thats to cut spending now, cap spending in the future, and balance the budget permanently through an amendment to the Constitution. [, 7/20/11] Signed Cut, Cap, Balance Pledge In July 2011, Kelly signed the Cut, Cap, Balance Pledge, which states that the signees will not support a debt limit increase without the following: Cut - Substantial cuts in spending that will reduce the deficit next year and thereafter. Cap - Enforceable spending caps that will put federal spending on a path to a balanced budget. Balance - Congressional passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution -- but only if it includes both a spending limitation and a super-majority for raising taxes, in addition to balancing revenues and expenses. [Cut, Cap, Balance website, accessed 7/13/11]

As of July 13, 2011, Kelly was listed as a signee on the pledge groups website. [Cut, Cap, Balance website,
accessed 7/13/11]

Voted Against Clean Debt Ceiling Raise In May 2011, Kelly voted against HR 1954, a clean federal debt ceiling raise of $2.4 trillion. The bill was rejected by the full House, 97-318. [HR 1954, 5/31/11] Kelly Said Republicans Should Use Debt Ceiling To Wring Concessions From Democrats On The Budget. In May 2011, Pittsburgh Tribune Review reported that Kelly advocated for raising the debt ceiling to avoid bad things, commenting, There are certain things that are going to happen to the country, and theyre all bad. Kelly went on to say that Republicans should use the debt limit vote to wring concession from Democrats on subsequent budget allocations. [Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 5/17/2011]

Business and Consumer Issues

Co-authored Letter to NHTSA Regarding Chevy Volt Batteries In December 2011, Kelly along with Reps. Issa and Jordan wrote a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration asking for documents related to the agencys inspection of the Chevy Volt. The three accused the NHTSA for covering up the fact that the electric cars battery had been catching on fire because they said the Obama administration was pushing for higher fuel efficiency standards. [The
Hill, 12/8/11]

Called for End to $7,500 Tax Break for Electric Vehicles In November 2011, GM was expected to announce a slight increase in November sales for the Chevy Volt, and Kelly said he wanted Congress to end the $7,500 tax break for electric vehicles and called the Volt, the poster child of President Obama's failed green agenda. Kelly said, Like many green initiatives promoted by this administration and bankrolled by the American taxpayer, the electric car is better in theory than in practice; has limited consumer demand; is heavily subsidized; and has fallen short of reaching its targeted goalsGM has made some of the finest automobiles known to man. They are master marketers, and every product researched, designed, and developed was done through rigorous market research and analysis. However, when the model changes, when a manufacturer puts politics ahead of market demand, when the return on investment is measured in terms of political gain rather than financial gain, the results vary drastically. [Detroit News, 11/30/11] Called Electric Cars Science That Doesnt Make Sense In November 2011, Kelly criticized electric cars, calling them science that doesnt make sense and said that the government should not fund projects such as the Chevy Volt because the science was way out in front of the market.

Kelly said, The Volt has such a limited and small market. I just think its so unfair for the American taxpayers at the federal level to have them throw in $7,500 of their money and the Pennsylvania taxpayers another $3,500 of their money and you know, President Bush started this initiative. It went from 250,000 cars was going to be the total. The number of cars subsidized is now 200,000 cars per manufacturer. Its costing us $1 billion in hard-earned taxpayer money. Kelly previously defended federal subsidies to oil and gas companies because it would make companies profitable. [, 12/01/11] Said Government Twisted GMs Arm to Build Chevy Volt In October 2011, Kelly criticized the Chevy Volt and said that anyone who bought the car was foolish. Kelly said that the Chevy Volt program was unsuccessful and said Maybe its a success in the fact that the government was able to twist GMs arm to build that car. GM never would. Chevrolet was always about mass production and cars people wanted. Come out with the best product, hit the market thats the biggest market, then youll sell them in volume. [Fox Business Network, 10/27/11] Said Energy in Electric Cars Comes From Coal Generated Power Plants In October 2011, Kelly criticized electric cars and said that the electricity comes from coal generated power plants. Kelly said, You know, the thing that really puzzles me when I talk to the folks that are in favor of these cars, you know where that electricity comes from, dont you? [They say] Yeah you just plug it in. No, it actually comes from coal generated power plants. So we gotta be careful how we talk about this stuff. Really, it doesnt solve the whole situation at all. [Fox Business Network, 10/27/11] Disliked Chevy Volt, Possibly Fired Employee Who Ordered It In October 2011, Kelly spoke about his dislike of the Chevy Volt, as well as his dislike for the $7,500 federal tax credit and the $3,500 Pennsylvania tax credit for the car. Kelly, a Chevrolet dealer, said, When you look at this, it makes absolutely no sense. I can stock a Chevy Cruze, which is about a $17,500 car and turns every 30 to 40 days out of inventory or I can have a Volt, which never turns and creates nothing for me on the lot except interest costs So a lot of these things that were seeing going on have a tremendous economic impact on people who are being asked to stock them and sell them. Kelly said that the person responsible for ordering the Volt was no longer in that job at his dealership. It is not clear whether the employee was terminated or just reassigned. [, 10/15/2011]

Campaign Finance Issues

Clerical Error Cited for Negative Q4 Fundraising In February 2012, Kelly released his fourth quarter fundraising numbers. Kellys cash on hand was $239,847.27 after the previous quarter. However, at the end of the year, Kelly had only $226,610.96, a $13,236.31 net loss.

Subsequently, the Kelly campaign announced they actually finished the year in positive territory. Citing a clerical error, a Kelly spokesperson said the campaign would file an amendment to its FEC report.
[, 2/03/12]

Received $5,000 From Eric Cantor Kelly received $5,000 from Rep. Eric Cantors ERICPAC on September 13, 2011. [Mike Kelly for Congress,
2011 October Quarterly FEC Report, Filed 10/15/11]

Received $5,000 From National Automobile Dealers Association Kelly received $5,000 from the National Automobile Dealers Associations Dealers Election Action Committee on September 16, 2011. [Mike Kelly for Congress, 2011 October Quarterly FEC Report, Filed 10/15/11] Reimbursed Himself $10,000 for Primary Debt From July to September 2011, Kelly reimbursed himself $10,000 for loans to the campaign during the 2010 primary election. [Mike Kelly for Congress, 2011 October Quarterly FEC Report, Filed 10/15/11] Two-Thirds of Fundraising Receipts Came from PACs In July 2011, Kelly reported raising $93,008 in the second quarter. Two-thirds of the receipts ($68,000) came from PACs. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/18/11] Kelly Cosponsored Bill Eliminating Requirement That Contractors Disclose Political Contributions In May 2011, Kelly cosponsored a bill to prohibit inserting politics into the federal acquisition process by prohibiting the submission of political contribution information as a condition of receiving a federal contract. [Office of Congressman Issa, 5/31/2011]

Crime & Public Safety Issues Economic and Financial Issues

Issued Statement Calling for Senate to Pass Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act In October 2011, Kelly issued a joint statement urging the Senate to pass the Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act, which passed in the House in March by a vote of 292-130. The bill would amend laws that would regulation pesticides under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act. [Post-Gazette, 10/31/11] Criticized Obama Administration for Speed on Jobs Plan In October 2011, Kelly criticized the Obama Administration on their failure not to come out with a jobs plan sooner.

Kelly said, It took three years to come out with a jobs plan. My goodness. When you have all of the House, all of the Senate, and youre sitting in the White House, You could have gotten that jobs bill passed back in January 2008 if you really wanted to. So why are we waiting so long with all these things? [Fox Business Network, 10/27/11] Criticized for Support of Big Oil at Town Hall Meeting In July 2011, Kelly faced harsh opposition from a town hall audience in Meadville over his support for subsidies to oil companies. The Pennsylvania congressman [] argued that we need to help oil companies because they are in many pension plans and retirement portfolios. Kelly then went on to decry what he saw as class warfare before being shouted down by constituents who were incredulous that the Pennsylvania congressman was a rich millionaire but he wouldnt end oil subsidies and fix the tax code. Kelly owns up to $6.25 million in oil and gas companies. [, 7/05/2011] Supported Subsidies for Oil Because We Want Companies to be Profitable In June 2011, Kelly responded to a question concerning his support for oil company subsidies by saying, Number one, we want companies to be profitable. [, 7/05/2011] Kelly: Outcome of Auto Bailouts Not the American Way In June 2011, Kelly commented on impact of government bailouts of the auto industry and said, I do wonder the direction of the country when we place our faith in our future in the hands of those who have never done it. Who have never walked in our shoes. Whove never done the things we have done. But who have the ability to open a laptop and tell you that you are no longer in business. Thats not the American way. [, 6/23/2011] Kelly: Lets Stop Railing Against the Really Wealthy In June 2011, Kelly said, Lets stop railing against the really wealthy, because Ive got to tell you something. As a guy who has had to pay his own way his whole life I am greatly offended by the idea that somehow somebody in Washington knows how to spend my money better than I do. That somebody in Washington knows how to regulate me to the point where I cant even borrow money any more. You want to talk about people who are afraid? The small banks. Theyre scared to death to do anything. Why? Because their government has such onerous regulations on them anymore that they dont know about the rules and the regulations that have been put through or havent even been written. So when you want to sit back and talk about these wealthy, evil people you want them to spend money? Make their future certain. [Education and Workforce Committee, 6/22/2011]

Education Issues
Kelly: Pell Grant Cuts May Be Necessary

In October 2011, Kelly said cuts to education grant programs, such as Pell grants, were inevitable, even if they were unpleasant. While Kelly said he did not like the idea of cutting access to college, he said that cutting the programs may be necessary in given the economy. The initial intent of the program has expanded so far that we don't have enough money to fund it anymore, Kelly said. [, 10/20/2011] Supported Ideas Behind No Child Left Behind, But Said It Wasnt Working In October 2011, Kelly visited Mercyhurst College and Edinboro University and spoke about failures of No Child Left Behind. Kelly said that the impression he got of NCLB from educators was that it hadnt delivered promises. He said, The idea was grand, but unfortunately, it didn't work the way it was intended. He hoped that the new Elementary and Secondary Education Act would give more flexibility and he said, 'The key is to put the money into the hands of local educators to make the decision on what's best for them. [,

Co-sponsored ACE Act, Altering Public School Funding In July 2011, Barletta co-sponsored the All Children Are Equal (ACE) Act. The legislation fixes a gross inequity in the way formulas are calculated under Title 1 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which provides funds to local school districts in order to improve the education of disadvantaged students. The current formula has the perverse effect of diverting funding from higher poverty school districts to more populous school districts, regardless of the actual poverty rates. [, 7/14/11] Kelly: Employment Regulation is Anti-Choice and Limits Opportunity In June 2011, Kelly said that the Department of Educations gainful employment regulation is another example of the federal government picking winners and losers. The Obama Administration believes that the Department of Education should have the power to determine whether students attending or planning to attend a proprietary college will earn enough money throughout their careers to justify federal stunt aid. This is a policy that is anti-choice on its face and will limit opportunity for countless Americans pursuing a better way of life. [Office of Congressman Kelly, 6/03/2011]

Energy Issues
Spoke Against Higher Fuel Economy For Consumers In October 2011, Kelly said that higher fuel economy for automobiles was absolutely insane, then asked Where in the heck are we going with this policy? [Huffington Post, 10/20/2011] Withdrew Sponsorship of Bill Incentivizing Natural Gas Usage In June 2011, Kelly withdrew his sponsorship of HR 1380, a bill to subsidize the transition from diesel fuel to natural gas through tax credits.

Kelly said, The American people are increasingly calling for a more fair and simplified tax codeWhile HR 1380 works to support the development of natural gas, a cause I totally believe in, I dont want to add to an already complex tax code. [The Washington Times, 6/14/2011]

Environmental Issues
Kelly Advocated For U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers Beach Project In May 2011, Kelly praised the Army Corps of Engineers for their decision to continue to provide funds for sand replenishment at Presque Isle State Park. In February 2011, Kelly wrote a letter the US Army Corps of Engineers asking the Corps to keep the Presque Isle Sand Replenishment Project a high-priority project in the FY 2011 budget. Kelly also successfully opposed an amendment that cut funding for ACE beach replenishment projects. [Office of Congressman Kelly, 5/19/2011]

Ethics Issues
Accused of Acting Unethically by Sharpton In July 2011, Rev. Al Sharpton suggested that Kelly had acted unethically in defending federal subsidies for energy companies while having financial ties to the energy industry. Kellys office responded, Although Mr. Kelly has never met Reverend Sharpton, he is not surprised by his comments given the Reverends history of divisive and polarizing commentary and not telling the whole story. [PoliticsPA, 7/07/11] Wrote Letter to Sharpton Calling Comments Outright Slanderous In July 2011, Kelly wrote a letter to Al Sharpton defending his oil investments and explaining that his wifes family owned a Butler oil company. Kelly called Sharptons comments outright slanderous. Kelly said, I am not interested in using my position to advance my financial holdings.My interests are in advancing and defending the cause of freedom, getting our nations fiscal house in order, fixing our country for future generations, and serving the people of Northwestern Pennsylvania faithfully and honorably. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/08/11] Sold Inerest in Oil and Gas Companies In July 2011, Kellys press secretary confirmed that Kelly has sold his interests in two gas and oil companies after criticism from the Rev. Al Sharpton over a possible conflict of interest. Kellys office said that his stock in Phillips Resources Inc. and T.W. Phillips Inc. had entirely been sold off. His press secretary said she didnt know when the transactions took place, but said they would be detailed in his financial disclosure. [Associated Press, 7/13/11] Claimed He Sold Stock in Oil and Gas Companies Well Before Controversy Began

In July 2011, Kellys office told reporters that the sale of his shares in oil and gas industry stock happened well before a constituent questioned Kellys portfolio in a town hall. [,

Foreign Policy Issues Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea

Traveled to Middle East with Cantor In January 2012, Kelly traveled on a congressional delegation to the Middle East, led by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. [Politico, 1/05/12] Kelly Called Obamas Statement On The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Troubling. In a May 2011 press release, Kelly commented that President Obamas call for Israel to make further concessions on its borders, are troubling and difficult to square with his stated goal of upholding Israels right and ability to defend itself. [Office of Congressman Kelly, 5/20/2011]

Gay and Lesbian Issues Gun Issues Health Care Issues

Kelly: Ryan Plan Only Plan to Help Medicare Last In July 2011, Kelly told a town hall audience with members holding signs that said Kelly is a clunker on health care and Kelly is not on our side that when addressing budget reform, The Ryan plan is the only plan to help [Medicare] lastTheres no magic wandTheres not a Santa Clause and theres not an Easter bunny. [, 7/02/2011] Kelly Signed Onto Amicus Brief Supporting Lawsuit Against Health Care Reform In May 2011, the a press release from the American Center for Law and Justice announced that Kelly, along with 73 other members of Congress signed onto the AJLJs amicus brief urging a federal appeals court to uphold a lower court ruling that declared ObamaCare unconstitutional in the multi-state lawsuit headed by Florida. [American Center for Law and Justice, 5/05/2011]

Immigration and Border Issues Israel

Labor and Working Family Issues Medicare, Medicaid and Entitlement Programs
Kelly Said It Was Important To Remind Seniors That Democrats Took $500 Billion Out Of Medicare For Health Care Reform In May 2011, The Christian Science Monitor reported that Kelly commented that he expected tough questions on Medicare back in his district but that it was important to remind seniors that the danger to Medicare is from Democrats who took $500 billion out of Medicare for the presidents health-care reform and now are doing nothing to stop it from going broke. Kelly was uncertain as to whether that would be enough to save Republicans who backed the plan from a voter backlash in 2012, but that he came here for a cause, not a career. [The Christian Science Monitor, 5/26/2011] Kelly Touted 60-Plus Association Award In May 2011, Kellys Congressional office issued a press release announced that Kelly received the Guardian of Seniors Rights award from the 60 Plus Association, a national non-partisan organization, in recognition of Representative Kellys efforts to protect Medicare and Social Security for current beneficiaries and for future generations. Kelly commented, We owe our seniors a debt of gratitude- they have never failed our nation and we will never fail them. [Office of Congressman Kelly5/12/2011]

Tax Issues
Signed Letter to Encourage Leadership to Act on Repatriation In December 2011, Kelly signed a letter to GOP leadership to act on repatriation of overseas capital. The letter said, Estimates have shown that at least $1.4 trillion in foreign earnings are kept overseas because of the uncompetitive tax policies here in the U.S. Unlocking this capital has the possibility of creating over 2.9 million new jobs, and increasing GDP by nearly $360 billionAs negotiations continue with the White House and Congressional Democrats on a number of expiring tax provisions, appropriation bills and comprehensive tax reform, we strongly urge you to consider repatriation tax policy, this session, to stimulate the economy and get Americans back to work. [Frank Guinta Press Release,

Signed Letter Saying He Was Open to Tax Increases In November 2011, Kelly was one of 40 Republicans to join 60 Democrats in a letter to the Congressional Super Committee that said all options should be included in a deficit reduction package, including increasing revenues. The letter stated, To succeed, all options for mandatory and discretionary spending and revenues must be on the table. In addition, we know from other bipartisan frameworks that a target of some $4 trillion in

deficit reduction is necessary to stabilize our debt as a share of the economy and assure Americas fiscal well-being. [, 11/02/11] But Still Supported Grover Norquist Tax Pledge Premise In November 2011, Kelly still supported the Grover Norquist tax pledge premise after signing a letter to the Super Committee that said revenue increases should be included in any deficit reduction package. Kelly said, Grover Norquists premise makes sense to most common-sense people. [The Hill,

And Signed RSC Letter That Said Dont Raise Taxes In November 2011, Kelly was one of 7 Republicans to sign a Republican Study Committee letter to the Super Committee saying not to raise taxes, despite previously signing the go-big coalition letter to the Super Committee to put all options on the table. The RSC letter said, Increasing taxes on Americans would destroy jobs, erase all hope of an economic recovery, and simply serve to feed out-of-control spending in Washington. Thus, as you continue the important task to reach a deficit reduction agreement, we ask that any policies the Joint Select Committee prescribes not increase Americans tax burden. [Roll Call, 11/17/11;
Washington Post, 11/20/11]

Kelly Supported Flat Tax On July 1, 2011, Kelly told a town hall audience that he supported completely overhauling the federal tax code. It is fixing the tax code that will take care of all these things, Kelly said. I believe we should flatten out the tax code and eliminate the tax code except for two things, two things I really believe in. Deductions for those people buying a homethe other deduction would be for education. [Kelly Town Hall Meeting
video, uploaded 7/04/11]

Kelly: Taxing Wealthy Will Leave All of Us With Nothing On July 1, 2011, Kelly told a town hall audience that the answers to making entitlement programs solvent were common sense, but that Americans were refusing to see them. And you know why you are refusing to? Because youve been lied to for so long, Kelly said. And people have been telling you, Dont worry about it. Well get this money. And you know where we are going to get it? Well tax those rich, and well tax those companiesYou know who ends up at the end of the day with nothing? All of us. [Kelly Town Hall Meeting video, uploaded 7/04/11]

Tea Party Transportation Issues

Kelly Signed Letter In Opposition To Tolls On I-80 In May 2011, Kelly signed a letter along with three other Pennsylvania congressmen urging the state Department of Transportation to disregard any consideration of transforming Interstate 80 into a toll road. Tolling the highway is part of an effort to address the Pennsylvania Department of Transportations $3.5 billion annual funding deficit. The congressmen maintain that the proposal will do nothing more than cripple Pennsylvania in an already ailing economy. [Office of Congressman Marino, 5/03/2011]

Womens Issues
Attended Anti-Abortion Rally In January 2012, Kelly spoke at the 39th Annual March For Life in Washington D.C. I am Mike Kelly from northwest Pennsylvania, from the Keystone State. The rain cant dampen our spirits and this administration cant dampen our mission. We are here for one reason and one reason only to defend life. You are truly occupying Washington! Thank you for what you do and God bless you.
[CSPAN, 1/23/12]

Criticized HHS Decision to Deny Federal Grant to Catholic Group In November 2011, Kelly was one of a group of House Republicans that criticized an HHS decision to deny a $4.5 million federal grant to a Catholic group that refused to refer victims of human trafficking for abortion and contraception services. Kelly pointed to the organizations past success in helping victims of trafficking. He said, All the good work theyve done, everything indicated in their past history, was negated by the language. Thats not right, gentlemen. Its not right, it doesnt make sense to me, its not American, and to me this is absolutely pathetic that we have to have a hearing to discuss this. This is so obviously to me a way of eliminating faith-based people from being able to participate by structuring language that would leave them out.
[Washington Post, 12/01/11]

Criticized HHS Policy to Exclude Pro-Life Groups from Trafficking In December 2011, Kelly criticized an HHS policy that would exclude pro-life groups from receiving federal grants for trafficking victims. Kelly said, This is so obviously to me a way of eliminating faith-based people from being able to participate by structuring language that would leave them outThere is a huge difference between whats legal and what is right. [, 12/7/11] Kelly Voted For Bill Banning Any Use Of Federal Money For Abortions, Said Majority Of Americans Supported It In May 2011, Congressional Documents and Publications voted for HR 3, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, which would establish a permanent, government-wide prohibition on taxpayer subsidies for abortion. Kelly commented, As Ive said in the past, I dont want to see one cent going from the pocket of a taxpayer into the pocket of an abortion provider I'm proud to stand with my colleagues to

not only protect the life of the unborn, but to honor the majority of Americans who have made it clear that their support for abortion is conditional and that they draw a line in the sand when it comes to taxpayer funding of abortion. [Congressional Documents and Publications, 5/05/2011]

Kelly: Chevy Volt is Obamas Demand for Auto Bailout In January 2012, Kelly said there was no public demand for the Chevy Volt and suggested General Motors was only building the car at the behest of the Obama administration. Theres no public demand for the Volt, he explained. This is the administrations demand to the auto company they bailed out to produce something. [The Washington Times, 1/18/12] Office Visited by Occupy Protestors In December 2011, members of the Take Back the Capital protest visited Kellys office to ask for an extension of long-term unemployment benefits. Protestors asked Kelly if he believed the richest Americans should pay a little bit more so that everybody could benefit. Kelly said he supported tax reform but recognized the term was vague. Kelly said, Im not agreeing with you and I appreciate you being here. But what Im saying is that I agree with you, [on] the tax code, the way it works right now is not good. [, 12/8/11] Compared Obama to Pontius Pilate In December 2011, Kelly said that Obama refused to take responsibility for his decisions and compared him to Pontius Pilate, a Roman magistrate who according to the New Testament effectively authorized the execution of Jesus Christ. Kelly said, This guy is the Pontius Pilate of politics. This is a president that just refuses to ever take responsibility for a bad decision. He washes his hands of every decision that he has to make and throws it in to Congress and says, Let them make the really tough decisions. Im busy running for reelection.You know, Im so tired of having this guy walk away from his responsibilities. He is the leader of the greatest country the world has ever known. He has taken us down a path that is just littered with debt after debt after debt and he never says, I was wrong folks. Weve got to change the trajectory of this. All he says is, Those doggone Republicans are trying to make me look bad. [The Hill, 12/02/11] Participated in Bipartisan Breakfast Club In 2011, Kelly participated in a biweekly bipartisan group of lawmakers who met over breakfast in order to foster relationships across the aisle. The group was heavily comprised of freshman lawmakers. [New
York Times, 11/18/11]

Reimbursed Himself $4058.54 in Travel Expenses From July-September 2011, Kelly was reimbursed $4058.54 in private auto mileage, commercial transportation, and taxis, parking, and tolls. [2011 3nd Quarter Statements of Disbursement, 10/5/11]

Spent $21,626.04 on Franked Mail From July-September 2011, Kelly spent $21,626.04 on franked mail distributed via the U.S. Postal Service. [2011 3nd Quarter Statements of Disbursement, 10/5/11] Cantor, Protestors Showed Up at Fundraiser In September 2011, Rep. Eric Cantor visited Erie for a Kelly fundraiser and was met by job-seeking protestors. A protestor explained that the theme of the protest was to tell House Republicans to stop focusing on Obama and start focusing on jobs. [Erie Times, 9/15/2011] Received 52% Score From Heritage Action for America Kelly received a 52 percent score from Heritage Action for America in 2011. [Heritage Action for America,
accessed 8/29/11]

Criticized Chris Matthews, Told Him to Get in the Game In July 2011, Kelly responded to MSNBC host Chris Matthews criticism that he lives in loony land and said, I may work in loony land, but I live in Northwestern Pennsylvaniaand Im proud to represent some of the hardest-working, most sensible people in the country.Its easy for Mr. Matthews to criticize the play on the field when hes sitting 50 rows above the action. If hes not comfortable with whats going on in the field, he needs to enter the arena, tighten his chin strap, and get in the game. [The Hill, 7/27/08] Signed Letter Against Recess Appointments In June 2011, Kelly signed a letter to House leadership requesting all appropriate measures be taken to prevent any recess appointment by the President for the remainder of the 112th Congress. The coalition signing the letter offered to man the floor in order to prevent either body of Congress to go into recess.
[Office of Congressman Landry, 6/16/2011]

2012 Campaign
Eaton Announced Run Against Kelly In January 2012, Missa Eaton, a professor at Penn State Shenango, declared her candidacy against Kelly as a Democrat. Eaton said she will be an independent voice for Western Pennsylvania, standing up to those who would end Medicare as we know it or block middle class tax breaks while fighting to protect tax cuts for Big Oil and billionaires. Its time to fix our broken Congress and get back to work rebuilding our economy.
[Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/20/12]

Said He Would Get to Know New Constituents from Redistricting In December 2011, redistricting caused Kelly to pick up parts of Crawford, Mercer, Butler, Armstrong, Lawrence, and Clarion counties and to lose parts of Warren, Venango, East, and Erie counties.

Kelly said, As I have said repeatedly, it has been an honor to represent the Third District in its current form, and Im sad that, beyond 2012, I will not be able to continue to represent parts of the district as we know it today I look forward to seeing both new and familiar faces as I travel throughout Northwestern Pennsylvania to communicate my plans to put America back on a path to prosperity and to help get Americans back to work. [Post-Gazette, 12/13/11] Erie Times-News: Congressional Remapping Plan Stifles Eries Voice In December 2011, and editorial from the Erie Times-News criticized redistricting efforts that would slice Erie County in half, shifting the power center of the 3rd district from Erie to Butler. Kelly would keep representation of Erie and Western Erie County. The editorial said the plan was made to ensure Kellys re-election. Kelly in May, 2010 hosted a tea party event at his car dealership where state Rep. Metcalfe, who chaired the State Government Committee and orchestrated the redistricting plan, spoke. [Erie Times-News, Editorial, 12/11/11] Favored By Republican-Written Redistricting Efforts In November 2011, the Republican-written redistricting efforts favored Marinos seat and would add the northern half of Lackawanna County to the area. A spokesman for Marino said, He has seen several versions of the map and right now he's focused on serving his constituents. In addition, Democratic Erie County may be split into two to secure Kellys seat. [Citizens Voice, 11/20/11; Roll Call, 12/1/11] DiNicola Considering Run Against Kelly In October 2011, lawyer Ron DiNicola was considering a run against Kelly, but suspected that geography could make the race a tough one. DiNicola came close to winning the seat in 1996. So far, no other Democrat has announced a run for the seat. Many candidates are waiting to see redistricting results before making decisions on whether or not to run. [, 10/18/2011]