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5st of August, 2011

New Products from KLEEMANN

ATLAS 2:1 - L
KLEEMANNs new solution for installation in narrow shafts, with the possibility of up to 3 cabin doors (rucksack type car sling). Ideal for lift modernization solutions in shafts with limited space.
Atlas 2:1 - L Car frame type Suspension Max Travel [m] Max number of stops Max Velocity [m/s] Rated Load [kg] L type 2:1 45 16 1,6 400 up to 1000

Delivery in 4 weeks.

Cooling Unit System for Cabins

Given the high temperatures in some countries especially in the summertime oftentimes undesirable conditions occur in the lifts cabin, particularly during the warmest hours of the day. In order to avoid such conditions, for example in lifts used in public service buildings, we recommend the use of a cooling unit in the cabin. The unit has a cooling capacity of 1500W and is installed on the cabins rooftop. It weighs 41 kilos and the color is RAL 7035. Please contact your sales engineer for additional information!

KleemannPark KTS 3000

Further to customers request, KLEEMANN proceeded with the successful upgrade of the KleemannPark KTS car lifting system. More specifically, the maximum load is now 3 tons, while still maintaining an excellent price / quality / construction relationship. KleemannPark HTS 3000 can be installed in buildings where there is a need for vertical transportation of vehicles between 2 or more levels, and it is not possible to construct a cement ramp. The maximum travel remains at 10 meters and the pit depth required is 500mm. It operates automatically during external calls (use of a remote for greater convenience) while the driver accompanies the vehicle on the platform using constant pressure buttons. Finally, the KTS 3000 is certified according to the Machine Directive (2006/42).

News from KLEEMANN

You can always install a hydraulic lift instead of a traction one* * When project specifications allow it
Have you ever thought that, in most cases, you can recommend a hydraulic rather than a traction lift to your clients? Objectively speaking, the hydraulic lift can cover buildings with a height of up to 25m (even more in the case of special dimensions) and a maximum speed of 1m/sec, providing quality and precision movement. Furthermore, total installation cost, especially in the case of small travel, is noticeably less compared to traction lift solutions (additional guide rails, counter weights, etc.) Dont lose any projects! Speak with your sales engineer, and he will help you to quickly change your traction lift offer into a hydraulic one.

Advantages of a hydraulic lift 1. Automatic evacuation without additional charge In case of power failure the cabin automatically descends to the next lowest level in low speed (~20% of its nominal speed), allowing the passenger to exit the cabin without having to wait to be evacuated by specialized crew.

During descent, the hydraulic lift moves only with the weight of the cabin and the passengers. This allows for the automatic execution of evacuation without the requirement of additional mechanical parts or specialized controller software, and therefore no increase in cost. 2. Low installation cost (small travel). The hydraulic lift requires only one set of guide rails for the operation of the suspension system and cabin, unlike the traction lift, which requires a main suspension system as well as an ancillary one. For small travel, this difference translates into lower installation cost. 3. Flexibility in selecting the location of the machine room The machine room of the hydraulic lift can be placed anywhere in the building. It does not necessarily have to be at the upper shaft area (elevation). This greatly facilitates the architectural design. 4. Possibility to use a cabinet The controllers as well as the power unit can be placed in a cabinet, which works as a machine room. In this way, you benefit on the one hand from not giving up building space, and on the other hand the main parts of the elevator are accessible during its operation, allowing maintenance crew to perform the necessary operation checks. 5. Reduced wear and tear on parts The engine and pump permanently operate while immersed in hydraulic oil. The oil also works as a coolant allowing these machines to have a greater life cycle. 6. Rational speed selection Selecting a travel speed greater than 1m/sec in residential buildings with small travel (5-6 levels) is not an advantage, as the lift does not have the time to develop its nominal speed, with the exception of the first and last levels. Therefore, the total travel time is not reduced significantly. The hydraulic lift with nominal speed between 0.7 0.8 m/sec combined with the possibility of automatic evacuation, constitute an excellent return on investment. 7. Minimization of building frame pressure The guide rails push down on the shafts pit, but not on the wall where the rails are secured to the shafts pit, thus transporting the load during lift operation, and making it more favorable for the building frame pressure. 8. Use of an electronic valve The use of an electronic valve allows the hydraulic lift to have very precise stoppage time (+/3mm) and to operate unaffected by changes in hydraulic oil temperatures. This results in an increase in cabin travel and a reduction in cost, as the installation of an oil coolant or heater is no longer necessary. 9. Environmentally friendly lift The hydraulic lift may be equipped in such a way as to allow up to a 35% reduction in energy consumption. The main conditions include the use of an inverter and special controller

software, which allows the lift to go into standby mode when not in operation. In addition, biodegradable oil is used.

Certifications according to EN 81-1/2+A3

Kleemann has completed all inspection procedures in order to certify all complete lift solutions against Unintended Car Movements according to the new standard EN 81-1/2+A3. The certification will include protection means for both hydraulic and traction lifts and the certificates are expected to be available by the end of September 2011.

ClickOn Kleemann! Photo contest from KLEEMANN

Have you had a KLEEMANN Lift installed? If you have, then here's your chance to discover your hidden talent for photography! Join the "Click on Kleemann" Competition! Photograph one or more of your KLEEMANN lift projects, from any angle of your preference, and send in your photos for a chance to win one of our 10 big prizes! For more information and the terms and conditions of the competition, visit

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