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Sr . N o. 1. 2. 3.

NAME OF TEST Check the provision of equipment L.A.R Check the electrical item: a) DPDT switch for MAINS AC b) Change over facility from mains to S/B and vice versa c) Battery make, voltage, capacity Date of charge/discharge Functional Test on : a) Main control panel (Smoke detection system / PA system) - Check in built charger, boost/ trickle charge. b) Local control panel c) Repeater control panel d) PA system (if provided) e) Closed circuit test

REFERENCE As per ordering spec. -do-do-



Operates within 40 50 secs

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8. 9.

f) Open circuit test g) Short circuit test - for (f) and (g) test shall be taken in such a way to cover the circuit of all zone/ LCP Check the proper fuse As per ordering rating in the circuit spec. Check the operation of -doreset and isolating keys Check the ratio of ionization and photo electric type smoke detector above the false ceiling Check of zone, division & -doits coverage as per approved layout Check the provision of detectors - Below the false floor - Above the ceiling void &

1:1 for mix monitoring

Sr . N o.




- inside the duct. 10 Functional test on . indicators & Audio visual alarms for a) Actuation of Smoke detector (ionization) Photo electric detector Heat detector b) Response indicator c) Electronic hooter on each floor d) Manual call point e) Shut down of AHU on actuation of smoke detector

EI AT-7000

Sr . NAME OF TEST REFERENCE LIMIT N o. 11 Check the sign writing on: -do. a) All detectors for identification of type, zone no. Sl.No. 12 GENERAL INSPECTION . a) Check a provision of potential free loop to SW room equipment for extending infrastructure alarm for: (i) fire detection (ii) fire system fault (iii) fire system OFF b) Check this facility from RLUs to main exchange (if provided) c) Check the provision of fire extinguishers/ fire buckets filled with sand. d) Marking of EXIT arrows, evacuation instructions in case of fire. e) Check the location of hooters, it shall be at a place where staff present round the clock f) Check the manufacturer test certificate of all type of detectors. g) Check the separate mounting base for each detector for maintenance purpose. h) Check suitable location (about 1.2m above floor level) of manual call point painted with fire red. The glass front cover shall have a write up of BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF FIRE i) Check the provision of potential free loop line for the following: (i) To fire station through external public telephone line. (ii) Disconnection of air-conditioning plant (iii) Operation of remote alarm signal. j) Check DPDT SW for mains AC supply is kept, under a cover having lock & key arrangement. k) Near local and main control panel, the layout for area and zones is be displayed. l) Check proper earthing on LCP/MCP. NOTE: 1. For all above test EI No. Protection fire AT-7000 may be referred. 2. For testing the detectors, smoke may be created by the incense stick, 1 feet below the detectors.