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African Art African Art

A selection of new and forthcoming titles on African art from ACC Distribution To browse all of our titles, please go to www.accdistribution.com.

The Horse Rider in African Art

Presents a wealth of African art depicting the horse and its rider in a variety of guises, from Epa masks and Yoruba divination cups to Dogon sculptures and Senufo carvings. With essays by noted scholars and authors, including Kate Ezra, Nolen Curator of Academic Affairs at the Yale University Art Gallery, and Bernard de Grunne, former Director at Sothebys, New York and London. ISBN 9781851496341 $90.00 Hardcover

Ancestors of Congo Square: African Art in the New Orleans Museum of Art
The most complete book in print on this prestigious collection, considered one of the best African art holdings in the United States, featuring new scholarship by fifty of the most prominent African art scholars from around the world. ISBN 9781857596984 $75.00 Hardcover



Perles: The Pearl and the Queen

Explores the origins of the art of making pearl ornaments in Cameroon and includes highquality illustrations of many traditional objects: rare materials, ethnic garments, sculpture, jewelry and accessories. Includes text from Jean-Paul Notu, professor of Art History at the University of Yaound. ISBN 9782353400744 $60.00 Hardcover

Mayombe: Ritual Statues from Congo

Displayed here for the first time is the extraordinary art and material culture from Mayombe, a region north of the Congo river. The ritual statues included in the book are real, used objects, giving them a unique historical value. ISBN 9789020991833 $65.00 Hardcover

A Passion for Africa: Collecting African Art in Italy

The first book on the history of collecting African art in Italy, featuring more than 100 objects, interviews with famous Italian collectors of African art, and more. Includes a DVD with videos of two important African art exhibitions in Italy (Rome 1990 and Turin 2003-2004). ISBN 9788889854426 $85.00 Hardcover

African Dolls: The Dulger Collection

An impressive collection of 109 African dolls that have come from a Zulu household in Msinga, a tribal region on the eastern coast of South Africa. The author describes in detail the ritual, spiritual and healing importance of every object. ISBN 9783897903364 $70.00 Hardcover

Africa on the Move: Toys from West Africa

A collection, comprising of 150 items that was amassed over the past ten years, of toys made from recycled matieral, creatively and lovingly made by children for their own use. ISBN 9783897902138 $45.00 Hardcover

African Faces: An Homage to the African Mask

Features 128 masks, with each mask shot from the front and from the rear. Produced in cooperation with the archive of Yale University, Tribal Art magazine, Parcours des Mondes in Paris. ISBN 9789020983487 $150.00 Hardcover

The boli is an abstract figure kept in a shrine belonging to a secret Bamana mens association. It is believed to be the embodiment of the spiritual powers of the society. These powers underlie the ability of the association to maintain social control. ISBN 9782353400751 $50.00 Hardcover

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