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Anna Hale Wolfe-Pauly annawolfepauly@gmail.

com 858 692 8483


To promote creative approaches to education for becoming a stronger and more engaged learner.

The Evergreen State College, Bachelors Degree of the Arts, Critical Theory and Creative Writing, September 2007 - June 2011
Professional work experience:

The Evergreen State College Writing Center Writing Tutor September 2008June 2009 & September 2010 - June 2010 /Provided support for a diverse array of individual students on critical, technical, and creative writing /Coordinated workshops on creative writing, critical and reflective essays /Encouraged students to demonstrate critical, integrative, and independent thinking through collaborative tutoring sessions /Assisted students in developing their own effective writing strategies Teaching Assistant to Steven Hendricks & Brian Walter April 2011 - June 2011 /Aided in planning and facilitation of curriculum /Lead and facilitiated weekly student seminar and workshop /Read and evaluated papers 826 Boston, Program Intern, January 2010 March 2010 /Assisted children ages 6-18 with homework, reading, and creative writing/ Made phone calls to volunteer tutors and parents /Co-facilitated creative writing workshops /Provided direct inschool support to high school students in the Boston area /Edited, proofread and helped publish books of student writing
Relevant experience:

Remodeling Teaching and Learning at Evergreen DTF, September 2010 - June 2011, Student Advisor /Worked alongside a group of faculty and staff designing and preparing implementation of revised educational structures. These include academic advising, transcript requirements, and student accountability. Inkwell: Evergreen State College Annual Writing Center Publication Designer, March 2011 - June 2011 /Collaboratively designed a book of articles about the writing process from start to finish alongside an editorial board of tutors /Oversaw printing & proofing /Managed budget CIPFEM (International Center for the Promotion of Female Leadership), Dakar, Senegal Language Tutor & Mentor, September 2009-December 2009 /Worked with girls to improve their language skills, both French and English /Worked with girls to encourage their sense of female empowerment Pannikin Coffee & Tea October 2005 August 2010 /Served coffee & espresso drinks also worked retail packaging bulk coffee for the public /Established friendly relationships with regular customers /Sold over 40 different types of tea by the cup and by the ounce

/Advanced French speaker /Group Facilitation /Publicizing Events/Advanced Adobe InDesign user /Design Layout /Text Arts /Book Binding