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GENIES Global Environment and National Information Evaluation System for urban impact analysis

Objectives and Outcome

August 8-9, 2011 Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philippines

GENIES Objectives: What do we want? An integrated impact assessment tool for urban policy makers to
Guide decision by
Combining analysis of climate and local impacts Developing what if scenarios to consider climate and disaster risk in macro decisions Proposing and evaluating costs and benefits of interventions by sector and across sectors

Objectives & goals

Institution and capacity development Science-based policy making Regional cooperation Analysis of potential future mega projects Effective linking with disaster risk reduction

Desired outcomes
Speed up problem solving: pre-loaded data, models, fast analysis functionality and user friendly interface Facilitate interpersonal communication and learning: All groups work with same data, platform and models Reveal new approaches to the formulation of problems and generate new evidence for decisions

Encourage exploration and discovery on the part of the decision maker

What is proposed
An integrated assessment tool which is
Simple Flexible & utility oriented Easy to understand for urban policy makers Suited to evaluating the costs and benefits for abatement, adaptation, and risk reduction

A systems approach that

Connects the various components of the urban system (economic, environmental, etc.) Captures interactions between components to improve environmental and human health, water security, and infrastructure in Asian cities

What do we want?
Analysis & Visualization (GIS) Climate & Regional Pollution Modeling Global

Regional Systems Analysis for Policy


Impacts Modeling

How do we do this?
Building on existing resources Practical steps forward
with local and international institutions, experts in evaluating the environmental health endpoints, climate change, water security, and urban infrastructure needs IPCC GCM data is publicly available Regional Climate Model Asia Integrated Models (AIM) CLIMsystems impact model library +++++ Planning workshop at ADB in August 2011 with key institutions to initiate partnering platform Prototyping in example city to aggregate data and models, carry out case study, and refine design

Why ADB?
Our role will be that of a coordinator Tool is designed for the policy makers Practical Pipeline & not pipedream of modelers not for shelf Analysis and design for future integrated urban (re)development projects in DMCs Institution and capacity development for DMCs Becoming Sustainable Development knowledge bank


Day 1 Coverage Day 1 Participants Summary Reception Day 2 Coverage Day 2 Summary Reception Workshop Summary feedback website, etc.

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August 2011