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You can get thin books and thick books about crystals and mineral specimens teaching you their chemical compound to how to identify them and where to find them. Their rareness, hardness and usual size. Then there is also their commercial uses, medical uses and magical uses. When ever you think you know something about crystals you learn that you are still just scratching the surface. To get you started on this subject I will supply you with a small spread sheet.

Crystal Properties
Agate Agate (Blue Lace) Agate (Moss) Agerine Amanzonite Amber Amethyst Ammonite Andelusite Angelite Apache Tear Apatite Aquamarine Astrophylite Aventurine Azurite Bismuth Bloodstone Bronzite Calcite Calcite (Blue) Calcite (Green) Calcite (honey) Calcite (Orange) Carnelian Celestite Chalcedony (Blue) Chariote Chrysocolla Chrysophrase Courage, strength, love, protection. Peace, Meditation, heals wounds. Self esteem, ego, emotional balance. Energizing, removal of emotional blockages, healing, protection. Balance, intuition, focus, clarity Protection, thwarts negativity, sun stone Spiritual, calming, cleansing Protection, stability, relaxation, wealth, prosperity. Astral journey, dispels negativity, problem solving. Balancing, calming, connecting with angel and animal guides, communication. Comfort, Forgiveness Inspiration, insight, balance, health, grounding. For travel on water and calms tension. Lucid dreams, astral travel, past life recollection. Luck, opportunity, abundance, prosperity. Psychic energy, dreams, divination, healing, concentration, transformation. Divine love, connection with higher planes, astral travel, energy. Courage, strength, victory, wealth, success, stops bleeding, healing. Dispel uncertainty, alleviates muscle tension, gets rid of restlessness. Centering, grounding, purification, money, peace, calms fears. Healing, calming, memory improvement, eases pain. Tranquillity, clarifies visions, astral travel, recall. Astral projection, detoxification. Uplifting, joy, happiness, humour. Courage, sexual energy, verbal skills, peace, alleviates jealousy, fear & rage. Verbal skills, healing, compassion, calming, aids growth. Eases self doubt, bad dreams, cleansing. new possibilities, clarity, healing, treat insomnia. Wisdom, peace, love, communication, vitality. Prosperity, happiness, luck, friendship, protection, healing.

Chrysophrase (Lemon) Citrine Copper Raw Cuprite Desert Rose Dioptase Fairystone Feldspar Fluorite Fossil Garnet Geode Gold Stone Hematite Herkimer Diamond Howlite Iceland Spa Iolite Jade Jasper Jasper (Blue) Jasper (Red) Jasper (Yellow) Jet Kunzite Kyanite Labadorite Lapis Lazuli Larimar Leopard Stone Lepidolite Lodestone Magnetite Malachite Mica Moldavite

Depression, perception, wisdom, stress. Psychic powers, protection, creativity, sexual energy, deflects nightmares. prevents a negative attitude. Access past life, balance, past live experiences. Grounding, clarifies thinking, mental vision, perception. Quiets worry, practicality. Heal sadness, heartache, abuse, neglect. Converts loss into self-love Prosperity, good luck. Corporation, wisdom, self-love, inner growth. Spiritual awareness, openness, faerie favourite. Balance stabilize relationships. Aids in exploring past lives and ancestors. Balance, zest, friendship, strength, physical energy, healing, protection. Fertility, child birth, meditation, freedom of spirit, Psychic ability, dreams. Uplifting, reduce stomach tension, protect center of body. Protection, deflects negativity, communication, grounding, healing, calming. Enhance psychic abilities and clairvoyance. awareness, encourage calm communication, uplifts stress. Balance, clarity. Establish accurate visions. Healing, protection, wisdom, prosperity, love, courage, peace, long live. Grounding, healing, protection, beauty, energy. digestive tract, and the cleansing organs. Protection, courage, energy. communication, inspiration, protection, visualization, travel, digestion Power, protection, hex breaking, dispel fear. Creativity, communication, peace, balance, relaxation, grounding. Balance energies and aids in meditation. Sleep, personal strengths Courage, joy, love, fidelity, psychic abilities, protection, healing, prosperity. Self-expression, patience, accepting ness, simplicity, creativity, artwork, tranquility Protection, power, strength, energy, raising kundalini energy. Peace, spirituality, luck, protection, emotional balance, psychic strength. Cleanse crystals, balance chakras, removes obstacles. Cleanse crystals, balance chakras, removes obstacles. Power, energy, protection, love, success in business, vision quests. Insomnia, calming, reflective work, removes blockages. Psychic abilities, mental & emotional balance.

Mookaite Moonstone Obsidian Obsidian (Snowflake) Onyx Opal Peridot Petalite Petrified Wood Pietersite Prehnite Pyrite Pyrite Chalco Quartz (Brandburg) Quartz (Clear) Quartz (Golden spirit) Quartz (Milky) Quartz (Rose) Quartz (Rutilated) Quartz (Smokey) Quartz (Star) Quartz (Strawberry) Quartz (Tibetan) Rhodochrosite Ruby Zoisite Sapphire Sapphire (Blue) Selenite Septoria Seraphinite Serpentine Shattukite Silver Sodalite Sponge Coral Staurolite

Animal communication, earth energies, genetic healing, fertility. Grounding, love, divination, sleep, gardening, protection, harmony, peace. Protection, grounding, deflects negativity, divination Purity, balance, Recognizing unnecessary patterns Inner strength, stamina, support, willpower, reasoning, balance. Creativity, imagination, inspiration. Lightness, beauty, growth, heart chakra, protection, sleep, health. Healing, angelic connection, psychic powers. Grounding, release worries, strength, courage. Insight, intuition, will power, self transformation, shamanic journeys. Calming, dreams, insight. Male energy, feeling of security, prosperity, money, emotional balance. Male energy, feeling of security, prosperity, money, emotional balance. Healing, meditation, wishes, communication with spirit guides. new possibilities, clarity, healing, treat insomnia. Balance, energy, dispel anger, feel good stone. Calming, eliminate mental stress, improve focus. Calming, friendship, love, happiness, emotional healing. Healing, mood elevator, intensify quartz energy. Dissolve negative emotions, promotes joy. Altered states, healing. Healing, Meditation, calming, romance, joy, happiness. Enhance, amplify, intensify, protection, dreams, astral projection. Energy, peace, calm, love, mental activity, emotional balance, root chakra. Prosperity, power, courage, integrity, joy, deflects nightmares. Psychic abilities, inspiration, love, meditation, peace, healing, prosperity. Communication, wisdom, protection Program other crystals, clarity, healing, psychic development. Shows the way, guides decision making. Transformation and transmutation, healing. Healing, protection, kundaline, manifestation Harmony, alignment, understanding, communication, heightens vibration. Promotes self improvement Healing, meditation, wisdom, calm, grounding, stress reducer. Protection from evil, resolves conflict. Luck, courage, protection.

Stichtite Sugalite Sunstone Tektite Tigers Eye Topaz Topaz (Blue) Topaz (Golden) Tourmaline Tourmaline (Black) Tourmaline (Blue) Tourmaline (Green) Turquoise Unakite

Emotional awareness and expansion, calming. Eliminates negative energy, creates love and harmony. Protection, energy, health, passion, sexuality. Enhances any energy field, enlighten. Courage, prosperity, energy, luck, honesty, divination, ease depression. Protection, healing, dieting, prosperity, love, balance, tranquility, creativity. Communication, calming, hot flashes Healing, luck, prosperity, abundance. Love, friendship, prosperity, business, peace, sleep, energy, courage, protection. Calming, grounding, positive ness, cleanses, purifies. Communication, psychic awareness, peace, balance, foster prosperity, success, general healing Courage, protection, prosperity, luck, friendship, healing, communication. Enhances personal power, turn negative energy into positive.


Red Pink Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple Brown Black Promotes strong physical and emotional energy. Self-esteem and supports a loving attitude. Stimulate motivation, goal and direction focusing. Stimulates communication. Balance and act as an emotional soother and general healing. Influence the intellect and creativity. Help with sensitivity and intuitiveness and brings power. Brings security, stability, prevents fears and stresses. Brings protection from invading of intruding energies.