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Anya Corazon was raised to seek out truth and justice.

When a strange Spider Society searched for Anya herself, she found herself transformed into a frontline ghter for the cause.

Anya Corazon went back to crime ghting when her father was murdered.

Shes gone toe-to-toe with the Kravens, Hobgoblin, and even the Red Hulk

and uncovered the conspiracy that took her fathers life.

Along the way she found herself mysteriously infected with Spider-Man-like powers. And, shes not alone.


Even regular citizens are swinging through the skies of

class Warfare
Paul Tobin

PePe larraz

andres mossa

dave sharPe

PaTrick zircher & andy Troy

cover arT
Taylor esPosiTo

Tom brennan

sTePhen Wacker
senior ediTor chief creaTive officer execuTive Producer

axel alonso
ediTor in chief Publisher

joe quesada alan fine

dan buckley

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