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Joseph Ferriss

2245 Pragon Drive Scranton, PA 18503 (570) 345-2376 joe.ferriss@yahoo.com


European Luxury Cars Inc, Scranton, PA


Senior Technician, 2002 – Present

Responsible for technical installations, including GPS navigation systems,

communication systems, audio entertainment systems

Installed and calibrated engine and suspension performance

enhancement packages

Diagnosed and repaired drivability and engine performance, electrical and

electronic systems, brake systems, and suspension and steering


Inspected motorcycles for shipping damage and assembly line defects

Hold expertise in computerized control unit diagnosis technologies,

including I-ABS and CAN Bus systems using the GT1 computerized

diagnostic tool

Water Vehicle Co, Philadelphia, PA

Technician, 2000 – 2002

Conducted repair and diagnosis on various types of watercraft, including

sailboats, powerboats, jet skies, and wave runners

Diagnosis and repair tasks included running and performance issues,

electrical system issues, steering and stability problems, plumbing and

waste management, sails and rigging, and body/hull structural integrity


Operated a Grove Crane for engine removal and replacements, setting

sail masts and various other rigging matters

Technology Limited Inc, Philadelphia, PA

Machinist, 1998 – 2000

Inspected surgical instruments and implants using die penetrant and

visual inspection techniques, ensuring a 100% success and efficiency rate

Utilized visual inspections techniques including blue prints, technical

drawings, go/no go gauges, micrometers, calipers, dial indicator,

electronic texture gauge, form gauges, and thread gauges

Hand fabricated sophisticated surgical implants (including femoral and

tibia replacements), with Bridgeport milling machines, varied CNC

machines, glass bead blasters, fiber finishing wheels, die grinders, and

drill presses

Laser etched production/tracking information onto over 1,000 cobalt

chrome and titanium surgical implants per month with the CMS laser system


I-ABS and CAN Bus systems

Die penetrant testing


Digital Tech, Talon, GT1, GPS

Technical drawing and blue

Trained on the Dynojet

Computer numerical control machines (CNC)

Grove Crane

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