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Drupal Solutions for Enterprises and International Organizations

Consider Enterprise-ready Open Source and Drupal 7 for reducing TCO

Presented by: mktg@cignex.com CIGNEX Technologies

What Does CIGNEX Do?

In the last 10 years, CIGNEX helped clients save over US$ 500 Million by adopting Commercial Open Source Software across 200+ implementations
Founded in 2000; Offices globally Pure Play Open Source SI Solutions co-exist with proprietary Thought leaders: 8 Books on Open Source with 400+ experts

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Introduction to Open Source

Journey of Open Source Software

Open Source Solutions are less expensive, more flexible, and easier to manage than alternatives offered, by proprietary application vendors. The cost savings not only dramatically improve ROI, but also allow organizations

to redirect IT dollars to revenue -generating business functions.

Birth of Commercial Open Source to differentiate with Free software (Community) Evolution of Apache, Perl, Mozilla, etc. Public acceptance gained by Linux & BSD

Collaborative work in 1960s led to birth of Internet

Inception of GNU Project & Free Software Foundation on East Coast to develop a new free OS

Birth of Linux Kernel in Finland. Linux Kernel with GNU Applications covered by GPL

Stability achieved on Linux. Evolutions of this include Redhat, SUSE, Mandrake, Debian, Slackware,.

2005 Onwards
Widespread Adoption

Geneva 2005:

www.unjiu.org/da ta/reports/2005/e n2005_7.pdf

Birth of Internet


Early 1990s

Mid 1990s

Late 1990s


Efforts in UC, Freed BSD Unix Berkley - BSD Unix from copyrighted AT&T Licenses roll out of 386 BSD

Stability on The term Open 386BSD. Evolutions Source coined. include NetBSD, FreeBSD, Open BSD

According to Analysts
By 2016, Open Source Software (OSS) will be included in mission-critical software portfolios within 99% of Global 2000 enterprises, up from 75% in 2010 The IT benefits of Open Source are driven by a confluence of cost optimization, flexibility and innovation when managed properly. By 2014, organizations with effective, open-source community participation will deliver high returns from their open-source investments By 2016, 50% of leading non-IT organizations will use OSS as a business strategy to gain competitive advantage
Source: Worlds Leading IT Research & Advisory Company Predicts 2011: Open Source Software, the Power Behind the Throne, 23rd Nov, 2010

International Organizations
Challenges faced & Benefits of Adopting Open Source

Typical Challenges faced by International Organizations

IT Budgets
Funding of new applications is a challenge
Upfront Licenses, AMC Implementation & Customization

All sites and other applications need to be in 6 official languages

Cost of Maintaining existing software not coming down

AMC, Support team

Global Audience
Solution that can work for masses, at a minimal cost

Guidance/Mandates compliance

Lack of Flexibility
Vendor lock-in & Dependency
Costly upgrade process due to Product end-oflife

Fear of Vendor sustainability

At the mercy of licensing policy of major ISVs Limited say in product road-map development

Benefits using Open Source

Meets the expectations of Enterprise Class solution
Performance, Reliability, Scalability, Security, Release Cycle

Low Entry barrier

Easy to test due to lack of upfront licensing fees POC costs low enough to written off if required

Provides additional Flexibility over proprietary

Faster Deployment
Typically 1/10th the time required to deploy Proprietary solutions

Access to Source Code ensures true ownership of the

software Customizations required can be easily done via community contributions or faster change management process

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

70% - 90% reduction in cost across license procurement, deployment, maintenance, support, hardware, etc. over proprietary technologies
Global Open Source Adoption Map

Better Risk Mitigation with Open Source

Open Standards No End of Life issues in Open Source
Access to code & service providers willing to support code base not possible with proprietary solutions

Freedom from
Control of a Single source Licensing management (and associated Audit & Litigation)

Source: redhat, Open Source Activity Map 2008

Open Source adopted by International Organizations


World Food Program

United Nations End Poverty 2015 Campaign

Human Rights Watch

United Nations Stand Against Poverty Campaign




Solution Exchange (UN)

Typical Technology stack

Scanner, Fax, Devices Integration
Kofax, eCopy, EMC, Xerox, IBM

BEA, IBM, BV, SAP, Oracle, Vignette

Social Collaboration
Jive, IBM, MS, Atlassian

Day, Fatwire, Ektron, MS

Mobile, SMS
MS, Wap2Go, IBM, Oracle

Email Integration
Microsoft, IBM Lotus Notes

Documentum , IBM Filenet, OpenText, Oracle, Microsoft

Oracle, BO, SAP, Cognos, SAS, IBM, MS, MicroStr


Oracle, SAP, MS, IBM

IBM,MS, Oracle, SAP

ATG, IBM, Click Com Sterling Com

Dev Tools
Oracle, Jbuilder, IBM, Microsoft Visualstudio

Enterprise Application Integration, Service Oriented Architecture TIBCO,SAP, Microsoft, IBM Middleware, Application Server Oracle, BEA, Microsoft, IBM Database Oracle, DB2, SQL-Server, Sybase Operating System Unix, IBM AIX, Windows Identity Management MS, Oracle, IBM

Virtualization, Cloud, Clusters IBM, VMware, Oracle

Potential to Migrate to Open Source

Scanner, Fax, Devices Integration
Kofax, eCopy, Ephesoft EMC, Xerox, IBM

BEA, IBM, BV, SAP, Liferay Oracle, Vignette

Social Collaboration
Jive, IBM, MS, Drupal, Liferay Atlassian

Day, Fatwire, Drupal, Alfresco, Ektron, MS Liferay, Plone

Mobile, SMS
MS, Wap2Go, Drupal, Liferay IBM, Oracle

Email Integration
Microsoft, IBM Alfresco, Opsera Lotus Notes

Alfresco Documentum , IBM Filenet, OpenText, Oracle, Microsoft

Pentaho Oracle, BO, SAP, Cognos, SAS, IBM, MS, MicroStr


Compiere Oracle, SAP, MS, IBM

Intalio, IBM,MS, jBPM Oracle, SAP

E-Commerce Magento ATG, IBM, Click Com Sterling Com

Dev Tools
Oracle, Jbuilder, Eclipse IBM, Microsoft Visualstudio

Enterprise Application Integration, Service Oriented Architecture TIBCO,SAP, Mix, Mule Source Apache ServiceMicrosoft, IBM Middleware, Application Server Middleware, Application Server Oracle, JBoss,Microsoft, IBM BEA, Tomcat Database Oracle, DB2, SQL-Server, Sybase MySQL, PostGreSQL, Ingress Operating System Unix, IBMLinux Windows AIX, Identity Management Identity Management OpenLDAP,Oracle, IBM MS, CAS, OpenIAM

Infrastructure Infrastructur e Virtualization, Cloud, Clusters Virtualization, Cloud, Clusters Redhat, ZenSource IBM, VMware, Oracle

Successful Open Source Adoption Model

Confidence in Open Source
Web Retail sites

Pilot, Test Drive, Migrate

Core Banking, Internet Banking, Mfg. Process Automation,

Transactional CRM

Target Audience

Social Media Static websites / Extranet Portals Product / CMS Websites ERP

Candidate for Immediate Migration

Doc. & Rights Management Workflow based applications Corp. Social Networks

Expand Open Source Adoption

BI Operational CRM IMS (Invoice Management System) CLMS (Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions Cloud


Intranet Portals

Information oriented (Non-critical)

Nature of Application

Transactional / Mission-critical

Compelling Proposition for International Organizations


Open Source Content Management powering millions of websites and applications

25,000,000 downloads of Drupal 616,526 people in 228 countries* speaking 182 languages power Drupal Empowering 400,000 global websites Over 10,500 Free Modules Open Source alternative to IBM Lotus WCM, OpenText Web Experience Mgmt, Microsoft SharePoint, Adobe ColdFusionmany more
*Acquia whitepaper TCO for Open Source Social Publishing: Going beyond Social Business Software

Gartner MQ Drupal positioned as Visionary

Drupal has
maintained a balance in vision and execution capabilities

Why choose Drupal over Proprietary?

Dramatic reduction in Total Cost of Ownership

Acquia Drupal can save up to 98% costs over a period of 5 years

$900,000 $720,000 $540,000 $325,000 $295,000 $270,000 $270,000 $216,000 $40,000




Telligent Crown Peak






5-Year cost

1st Year License

Acquia (Drupal) Network Enterprise

1st Year support cost
5-Year Cost

Acquia-Drupal beats proprietary solutions on license, support, and professional services costs.

$ 8,000
$ 40,000

Drupal 7
Web 2.0 Support
Web Content Management

Social Media

E-commerce Donations

Multi-lingual Capability Donation and E-commerce module (integration with payment gateways- PayPal) Easy Navigation Swift Page Load Time Ability to host large number of files Contextual Linking W3C Compliance

Integration Portable Devices

Social Collaboration

Drupal Architecture
Open & modular Architecture

Low resource hosting Scalable

Extensible by modules

Drupal 7 Technical Requirements Web Server

Apache or Microsoft IIS 5.2 or higher MySQL - 5.0 or higher, PostgreSQL - 8.3 or higher, or SQLite Independent of OS


Database Server


Case Studies

Drupal Portal - Online Media Store

Client A Leading Telecom operator with services across Mobile, IPTV, fixed line and ISP

services , Over 235 million subscribers , Presence in 19 countries globally with 23,000
Challenges Faced
Need for interactive portals
to offer value added services such as music and popular TV episodes online with DRM integration Restricted access to users from specific region Aggressive launch plan with limited budget

Our Solution
Drupal Portal 6 based interactive portal
Fast & secure subscriptions, rentals and downloads

Web 2.0 Features (news, photos, categorization based on popularity) with scrolling albums Allows secure download of music & episodes based on DRM & Integration with back-end financial systems & SMS gateway

70% reduction in roll-out over proprietary solutions Personalization - delivering & managing content based on customer preferences with faster turn around time

Drupal Portal - International Sports Meet

Client A sports organization hosting multi-sport event involving athletes from various

countries. The Games are overseen by this Federation, which also controls the
sporting programme and selects the host cities.
Challenges Faced

Prestigious Event with representatives from 71 countries

Stable, robust, secure and compliant website Aggressive schedule of 6 weeks

Our Solution
Single site with 4 sub-themes and navigation with rich media, real time updates Secure code passed by Government audit from IBMs AppScan tool


Robust portal - over 45 million visitors

Secure - over 300,000 attempted cyber attacks thwarted Low Total Cost of Ownership

e-Governance Portal Alfresco & Drupal

Client A leading City Council in the USA. A coastal city on the west coast of USA with a

population of 109000 residents, many small & medium businesses and quite popular
among visitors/tourists.
Challenges Faced
Existing portal was expensive in maintenance due to non-uniform platform and content changes took huge turnaround time

Our Solution
Feature-rich city website (e-governance portal) with a collaborative community features Easy customization & management for System Admin and community moderator

Increased visibility & online transactions Cost reduction over 50% on infrastructure alone through single hosting and consolidation of sub-websites into a single portal

Where We can Help you

Portals Intranets Extranets Content Management Social Collaboration Mobile Apps Business Intelligence

e-Commerce Integration & ESB Contract Management Document Management

Records Management
Digital Asset Management Business Process/Workflow

SAP services and more

Open Source Extended Delivery Center (EDC)

The Drupal Practice

Close working relationship since 2009
Conduct Drupal training worldwide

Certified Partner
Deployed over 15 enterprise solutions on Drupal Over 30 PHP consultants

Integrated Drupal with various back-end

systems (Alfresco and .NET based CMS)

Contributed many Drupal Themes Contributed CQUAD to Drupal community
CQUAD Captures the best of Drupal and

Magento with complete package for an ecommerce website

Are you ready to migrate?

Interested to learn how Open Source can reduce your Total Cost of Ownership compared to Proprietary Technologies? CIGNEX makes Open Source work, for you!