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Q 1. Properties of magnetic field lines 1.

The magnetic field lines originate from north pole and end in its south pole.

2. The magnetic field lines come closer to the each other near the poles of magnet but they are widely separated at other places. 3. The magnetic filed lines do not intersect or cross each other. Q 2. To trace the magnetic field pattern of the bar magnet 1. Sprinkle iron fillings around the magnet and iron filings will get aligned to show the magnetic field pattern of magnet. 2. Placing the magnetic compass at different positions around the magnet and using the deflection of compass needle to get the magnetic filed pattern around a magnet. Q 3. The strength of magnetic field is indicated by the degree of cl seness of the field lines. Where the field o lines are closest together, the magnetic field is the strongest. Q 4. The given statement is false because the axis of earth s imaginary magnet and geographical axis of earth are inclined to each other at an angle of 15. Q 5. The tip of the compass needle always points towards the north pole of the earth and its tail points towards the south pole of the earth. When the compass is placed in the magnetic field due to the bar magnet, then the magnetic force is exerted by the bar magnet on the compass needle which is itself a tiny pivoted magnet, due to this magnetic force the needle gets deflected. Q 6. Manufacturers use the magnetic strip in the doors of refrigerators so that the magnetic force of attraction remain the doors closed to provide the isolation to the food placed inside it and do not allow the micro organisms and oxygen to come in contact with them. Q 7. (a) north, south (b) bar, south Q 8. Refer diagrams Q 9. The space surrounding the magnet in whichthe magnetic force is exerted is called a magnetic field. The direction of the magnetic field at a point is the direction of the resultant force acting on a hypothetical north pole placed at that point. The north end of the compass needle also indicates th direction of e magnetic field at any point where it is placed. Q 10. This is a fact that the resultant force on a north pole can only be in one direction. If the two magnetic lines will intersect one another then the resultant force on the north pole at th point will be in two at directions which is not possible. Q 11. Because the strength of the magnetic field produced is very weak. Q 12. (a) the magnetic lines are the lines drawn in a magnetic field along which a north magn pole etic would move.

For diagram consult some important diagrams . (b) due to the current flowing in the liquid core at the centre of the earth, the earth behaves like a bar magnet. The direction of the earth magnetic filed resembles that of imaginary bar magnet of length one fifth of the diameter of earth buried under its centre. The north pole of tis imaginary magnet is towards the geographical south pole and south pole of this imaginary bar magnet is to wards the geographical north pole. Due to this magnetic field of the earth a freely suspended magnet always point towards the noirth and south pole of earth. Q13. (d) Q 14. (c) Q 15. (c) Q 16. (c) Q 17. (a) Q 18. (b) Q 19. (d) Q20. (d) Q21. (c) Q 22. (b) Q 23. (c)

Q 24. Q 25. (a) Q 26. A = N, B = N, C = S, D = S, E = N, F = S

(b) X is the north pole.

Q 27. (i) Some important diagrams

(ii) magnet 2 is weaker magnet.