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SECTION 100 OFFENSIVE TERMINOLOGY oN a THE HUDDLE Los. QB LT LG C AG RAT X LH FB RH YW ‘The Center will be the first man to set up the huddle 7 yds behind the ball. Keep a constant huddle. The shape and appearance is the responsibility of each man. The QB does the talking. All others listen ! QB must make eye contact with his teammates. Offensive {ine will have hands on your knees with your head up looking at QB. Feet shoulder width apart an foot to foot with teammate. Second line will stand upright with eyes on QB. Look at the QB - see what you hear. QB will give the formation and play twice then say “READY ATTACK”. Example: ROB 62 ROB 62, READY ATTACK’ All clap hands on “ATTACK™ and hustle to LOS. . Everyone will assume their stance. Remember we have only 25 seconds to snap the ball. We must be efficient in and .. out of the huddle. STARTING CADENCE @. Tre starting cadence is the first advantage that an offense has as it prepares to run a play. Discipline yourself to explode off the ball on the cadence. Mu We will incorporate three starting cadences in our system. Each of these cadences must be thought of as a basic part of our attack and we will practice each cadence on a regular basis and will use each cadence in the game. ML All QB LOS calls will be given before we get into the cadence sequence. Nv. Cadences A. “Standard” (Used if QB gives no snap count in the huddle) “DOWN” HUT ONE’ “HUT TWO” Key Points 1 “DOWN” must be sharp and distinct. a Slight pause between “DOWN” and the first “HUT ONE” — 3. Ball will be snapped on the second *HUT™ - This is the take off point! 4, All QB LOS calls will be given before Re gives the command » “DOWN” —XAMPLE: “BLUE” “BLUE” “DOWN” “HUT ONE” “HUT TWO" B. On “ONE” (Used if QB says “ON ONE" in the huddle) EXAMPLE: - HUDDLE CALL - “ON ONE - ON ONE” “LEFT 46 ZONE ON ONE” “LEFT 46 ZONE ON ONE* “READY ATTACK” + LOS CALL- (Calls if needed) “DOWN" - “HUT ONE” Key Points 1... "DOWN? must be.sharp and distinct. 7 <2 Slight pause between “DOWN"and “HUT | ONE. Her ee ls. 3... Ballwill:pe spapped.an the. Thisis ttié.take 7 oe 4 ~All QB LOS calls will be given before he gives the command down. 102