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Lorraine Davis

Holistic Healthcare and Education Centre

Our aim is for you to achieve your aim

The system taught on this course is Traditional Usui Reiki which closely follows the original Japanese rituals associated with the practice. This course will enable you to move forward on your journey with Reiki - allowing you to deepen your connection with the energy and broaden your practice to include distant healing. After this course, you may feel that your journey is complete, or you may decide to continue to levels 3 and eventually teaching level. There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion regarding your personal development pathway during and following the course. Level 2 is the recognized level for insurable practitioner status if you are interested in our FHT accredited practitioner course, a separate leaflet is available. Should you wish to move onto our practitioner level after this 2 day course, then this is perfectly possible we can offer support and guidance regarding coursework and assessment and you will be able to be assessed when you are ready many do this we are not always ready together!


Award: Reiki Level 2 Certificate of Attendance Course duration:

2 days - 10 am 4 pm Dates: 3rd & 4th March 2012 Fees: 170.00 - 150.00 early bird rate: fees paid in full at least 4 weeks before commencement of course. Includes resource pack and certification Reiki Master: Mrs. Lorraine Davis Bsc(Hons), Dip. Health, MA (Phil) Lorraine is a 6th generation Reiki Teacher with the privilege of a direct and close lineage to Dr. Usui Venue: The Holistic Healthcare and Education Centre, Edwyn Ralph Bromyard Herefordshire HR7 4LT

Preparing for your Course

You should try to eat a light, well balanced diet and reduce alcohol and stimulant intake, including caffeine. Try to reduce or eliminate smoking

Give some time to increasing and deepening your meditative practice walking in nature near trees or water or sitting in quiet contemplation are all beneficial the meditations during the level 2 course are relaxing and enjoyable Ensure that you treat yourself with Reiki regularly

Attending your Course

You should wear loose comfortable clothing - if possible natural fibres, and light in colour also bring a fleece or jumper, some cosy socks and light indoor shoes Bring a yoga mat or blanket for use during meditative practice Refreshments are provided but please bring a light packed lunch with you A resource pack is provided but you may like to bring a notebook and pen If you have any diagnosed disorder, are taking medication or are pregnant please discuss with your tutor - it is unlikely to interrupt your studies but it is important that your tutor is aware.

Course Content
There is a balance of theory and practice throughout the course students will be working on each other if you have any concerns please discuss with the tutor
Lineage Principles of distant healing The healing connection Reiki symbols

2 attunements to Reiki energy over 2 days Ethics of Reiki practice Practical treatment of the self and others direct and distant work Advanced techniques Clearing the energy field