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Refreshment and renewal, celebration and personal development

Cortijo Romero, Apartado 31, 18400 rgiva, Granada, Spain Tel: (Emergencies only) +34 958 784252

Discover a Real Holiday at




Year-Round Alternative Holidays in Spain

January - December 2006

Liberating, balancing, grounding, energising, interesting, stimulating, moving and fun!

A Unique Atmosphere
The most important thing for many people is the intimate, supportive and hugely enjoyable atmosphere for which we are famous. This allows guests to feel safe and free to relax, let go, experiment, take risks and show their real selves.

Like-Minded People
Guests ages range from 18 to 80. (The holidays are not suitable for children.) Most come on their own, with some friends and couples, making a maximum 30 guests. Many have busy, demanding lives while others may be going through unsettling changes, or even be bored stiff! They share many interests and values, especially in a search for the authentic, meaningful and worthwhile things in life, appreciating aspects of the Cortijo Romero ethos such as: A sense of vision and self-worth. Freedom and respect for everybody. Not just me, me, me, but also relationships, society, nature... If you have no experience of personal development groups, dont worry, this is the right place for you! Those with lots of experience, including professionals in the field, will also find much to nourish them. Whatever your starting point, the only qualifications to come are an open mind and willingness to take part.

A Real Holiday
A magnificent physical environment with the best climate in Europe, great people and a supportive atmosphere where you can:
q q q q q truly refresh and renew yourself, express the real you, explore your unique potentials, find new ways of relating, and re-kindle the joys and excitement of living

Typical comments are: Liberating, balancing, energising, interesting, stimulating, moving and fun! Radiates warmth, welcome and friendship. The spirit of tolerance and acceptance worked wonders for me. In this atmosphere, groups of strangers (although many are regular guests) rapidly get beyond superficial relationships to make real and meaningful contact. Even if you have never been away on your own before, you should quickly become part of it. The atmosphere is created partly by people both staff and guests and partly through effective and reliable organisation. We believe this makes it possible for us to provide a service which combines human warmth with efficiency; clear boundaries with freedom and choice.

- in what the National Geographic Magazine called one of the most inspiring and uplifting areas in the world.

A Special Place
This is a holiday centre like no other, nestled among spectacular mountains in enclosed gardens. Almost all visitors comment upon its harmony, beauty and ambience. The original farm house is built around an enclosed courtyard, with the main group room opening off it. It has a large flat roof, used for yoga, tai chi and socialising. The pool is a curved, natural shape, cocooned in a picturesque, walled enclosure with palm trees, flowers and the scent of jasmine. As the area is completely private, swimming costumes are optional. There are several splendid garden areas, with abundant sub-tropical flowers, fruit trees, open and secluded spaces, intriguing scents and colours of every hue. They are often used for course sessions, as well as for sunbathing, quiet times, reading, and games. There is also a beautiful meditation room. Around a delightful dining patio are grouped an indoor dining room, a lounge with a log fire for chillier winter evenings and a second group room which can also be used for reading, music and other activities. The site is terraced, which adds to the charm but may not be easy for those with severe physical disabilities, although there are some ramps. We will always help if we possibly can. Please ask if in doubt. This is not an hotel, but more like a large private home, entirely devoted to personal development holidays. It is truly unique, with a very special beauty. As close to paradise as I can imagine. A very special experience in an idyllic, nurturing setting.

A Rich Experience
Experience the delights of the surroundings, with a course to help you appreciate them and to express all that is in you, facilitated by some of the finest group leaders from around the world. There are up to 20 course hours in a week, plus a variety of short complementary sessions from dance, yoga, tai chi, meditation, massage, life coaching, Spanish language or other activities. A full-day excursion to the mountains is an integral part of the process too. Overall, our aim is to provide nourishment for mind, body and spirit all combined with sharing and a sense of community. There is a lot on offer but most importantly, plenty of time to rest, swim, walk, talk, explore the area, meditate or just be, in this glorious and peaceful oasis. People tend to completely lose the urge to fill every moment with ceaseless doing as soon as they arrive here.

How You Can Benefit

Our aim is to give you a true holiday many say it is the best of their life where you take back far more than a suntan and souvenirs. Be nurtured and refreshed, find new friends and a deeper sense of yourself. Drop the roles, the status games and having to look good. Try things youve never done before and have some enjoyable surprises. Understand life issues better. Make decisions or life changes. Develop more confidence, feel more able to take risks and be better able to go after your dreams. Youll get far more if you really go for it. Well provide safety, support and a rich variety of opportunities, in a magnificent setting. The rest is up to you! I will come away very enriched, more prepared to make some important decisions in my life, with more acceptance of myself and other people, and with more to share with others. I realised on this visit that I am unlikely to get more than I get here on any holiday. This place is truly magic.

Live the life you want!


Superb Climate
With 325 days of sun, low humidity and little rain, this is the mildest climate in Europe, where much of life is lived in the open air.

Inspiring Location
Our spectacular region is called La Alpujarra, an unspoiled Natural Park in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, deep in the south of Spain. The area has been designated a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, with many unique or rare species. Its skies are officially rated as the cleanest in Europe. Here in the real Andaluca, the duende (spirit) of passionate living is revered. It was once ruled by the Moors, who thought it was the paradise promised to them by Allah. Part of their legacy is the acequia, an ancient system of irrigation which still brings water from the mountains to our gardens and fields.

Average Maximum Temperatures C

35 30 25 20 15 10 5





Autumn is warm, mellow and often lasts almost to the end of the year. Its a perfect time for walking in the inspiring mountains. All the winter months are warmer than early May in England, and flowers bloom throughout. Lunch al fresco can happen even in January, and some gentle sunbathing is nearly always possible. In the strong and brilliant sunshine, it often feels warmer outdoors than in. By March, spring is well under way and temperatures are often up to midsummer ones in England. After that, nature simply runs riot, with a huge variety of flora and fauna. The long summers here are hot, although tempered by breezes from the sea and the mountains. During this period, Cortijo Romero and its pool form a shady green oasis in the midst of shimmering, dry heat, when a factor 20 sun cream and a long siesta can seem essential! Swimming is usually from April - October, although our pool is open all year round and some people use it, too! Even if you dont go in, its a wonderful place to sit or sunbathe at any time. By May, many people can't stay out of it!



Cortijo Romero sits at 1300 feet in a fertile valley, within an 800-year old olive grove, surrounded by magnificent mountain views. (And not only in daytime: watching the stars over the mountains at midnight from the roof is a magical experience!) Our local town is rgiva, the regional administrative centre, a 15-minute walk away. It has a typical weekly market, banks and all basic shopping facilities. Further up in the mountains is a string of wonderful villages (many protected from development by special status), tucked into sheltered hillsides amidst glorious scenery at heights up to 5700 feet. Nearby, Granada has the finest Moorish palace and gardens in Europe, the breathtaking Alhambra - one of the wonders of the world.

See The Real Spain

Each week includes a full day out, usually up to the mountain villages where you can sample a very different way of life, explore the marvellous countryside, picnic or swim in wild mountain streams. (Bathing under waterfalls is a favourite summer sport here!) In the afternoons (or at weekends if you stay for two weeks) you can walk or organise your own excursions - although we strongly suggest that you take things easy and dont try to pack in too much. Gerald Brenans classic South From Granada (Penguin) gives an excellent idea of the area and its history. Driving Over Lemons and The Parrot In The Pepper Tree (Penguin) by Chris Stewart, are more recent accounts.

Comfortable Accommodation
The bedrooms are simply but comfortably furnished in local style. Singles, twin and double rooms, all with bath or shower, and central heating in winter, situated in four locations: q Around the main group room and pool area, opening on to a traditional Spanish courtyard or garden terraces. Best for those who stay up late, as this area is a main one for socialising. q In the orchard. (Doubles, sometimes let as singles, quiet and separate.) q Around a central garden courtyard (Mostly quiet, with a mixture of single and twin rooms.) q Opening onto a second secluded courtyard and shady garden. Very quiet, all singles. There is a guest laundry. No television, radio, internet or office facilities.

Our prices include all meals, and 24-hour facilities for tea, coffee, herb teas and snacks. Some choose to eat out once or twice to sample the local fare. (A basic meal is about 8 Euros and a very good one about 15 Euros.) To help create a supportive, community atmosphere, we ask for volunteers to help clear away after meals.

Things To Buy
Traditional local products include particularly attractive rugs and pottery made in the mountain villages. These also produce some delicious and unusual foods, including a cheese made from almonds; pollen preparations; and many cakes and sweetmeats based on preserved figs and other fruit. Local olive oil is excellent and the wine distinctive, but by far the most famous local drink is water! The spa at Lanjarn, a delightful town close by, is the most important in Spain. For meat-eaters, the cured hams produced in the mountains are a national treasure. We have a small shop selling toiletries and other holiday essentials, stamps, postcards and some local products.

Prices Include Healthy Food

All the food is vegetarian, using as much local produce as possible, with some organic. Its a diet suited to the environment delicious, varied, nourishing and much appreciated by our guests. Vegan and dairy-free versions are always available. We will also do our best to supply diets specified in a doctors or nutritiomists letter if sent to us before you travel. Our prices include accommodation; meals; the course; a dance session; yoga or tai chi and a full days excursion.

Not Included
Your travel to Spain; transfers Malaga Cortijo Romero; insurance; single room supplements; wine or other drinks; individual sessions, flamenco.

The Programme
People frequently say theyve had their best holiday ever at Cortijo Romero and we plan to keep it that way. So what part do the courses play in it all? Firstly, they help participants get beyond superficial relationships and to enrich and deepen the whole holiday experience. Then there are three strands in our approach:

Standard Course Weeks

Most holidays are of this type, with 20 hours of course or workshop time. They are for people who want to learn, grow and move forward and can be life-changing. Usually up to 18 or 22 participants. A few work well with up to 28, sub-divided at times, with two staff. The leaders are all highly experienced, among the finest in their field and drawn from many countries. Far more want to work at Cortijo Romero than we have space for, so we are able to choose only the best. Each course and its leader has a brief description in this brochure, and we can give more detailed information about them if you ask. We create a highly supportive atmosphere to help things unfold naturally, without forcing. Methods vary widely, make use of all aspects of being human, and are usually much more engaging, enjoyable and rewarding than those we knew at school or university. The courses involve a lot of interaction between participants, each contributing to the success of the whole. This process can never be entirely predictable and there needs to be a willingness for everyone to take their share of responsibility for it. What you get out is usually a product of what you put in no risk, no gain! They can also help you to better understand and deal with (or heal) some of the things which may be holding you back: distress, blockages, attitudes, life problems, etc. These are not usually the primary focus and are only dealt with if and when they become an issue for you. However, willingness to face and work with this dark side is usually necessary to reach the joy and light beyond. This can be a deeply rewarding experience, freeing the energy you need to en-lighten your life. With skilled help and support, all is possible. Benefits from the courses are extremely varied. You might improve your ability to ask confidently for what you want;

of yourself, others, society, culture, nature, the universe simply enjoying life.

Personal Development
activities to help you find and express your potentials.

to deal with anything which is blocking the first two.

Most courses and workshops focus on celebration and development, with a few on therapy. Whatever the primary focus, it is nearly always necessary to spend some time on all three aspects especially celebration, so that you can

Live Life To The Full!

All holidays include tai chi or yoga (not both), expressive dance, walking, Spanish lessons and a full days excursion. Four types of optional extra individual sessions are available every week.

appreciate nature in a deeper way; sing, dance or play freely; give and receive love; deal with fears or life problems; relate more easily; express yourself creatively; or just slow down, relax and meditate. The possibilities are unlimited, ranging from being simply enjoyable to truly life-changing.

Being Here Weeks

These introductory groups are for sampling q a variety of personal development methods. q this kind of holiday, if you have never been on one. They have up to 15 hours of taster sessions, which you can attend or not. The groups are led by some of our regular facilitators, who draw on an extensive range of skills and methods. What is offered in any particular week depends partly on the facilitator and partly on the interests of the group: a programme is agreed together. Guests may also offer sessions. There is plenty of time for excursions, massage and other treatments (see Optional Extras). Do as much or as little as you like: simply lazing around is fine. (N.B. if you dont make contact easily, a standard course is likely to work better for you.) In the calendar starting on page 8, Being Here weeks are highlighted in lilac.

Cortijo Romero is a centre for personal development, not a hotel, so the course is a key part of these weeks. Please check that it is something you want to do: there is no point in coming if you dont really want to attend it. In such cases, try a Being Here or a Time Out week, described below.

Time Out holidays are available in some weeks when there is only one course on the programme. With less than four guests, they have informal support from our resident staff. With four or more, a facilitator offers a home base group session at intervals, with no pre-set agenda. Its function is to help the group come together, get to know each other well, monitor progress and agree the remaining, optional programme (maximum 10 hours). The main Time Out weeks are shown in green. Other weeks may be possible do ask if interested.

Optional Extras
You can book from a range of healing and developmental methods on the spot, with professional practitioners who have long and deep experience. At least four are available most weeks, from: Thai Yoga, Relaxing Massage and Reiki Brenda Blades: Holistic Massage Benita McDonald: Reflexology and Bach Flower Remedies Lore Regg: Polarity and Holistic Massage Randall Scott: Shiatsu (Japanese Massage) and Acupuncture Maggie (Star) Whiteley: Insights (structured counselling) and Life Coaching Reserves: Rachel Ashcroft: Sonaa Digby: Rakhi Fernandez: Matt Hopkins: Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy and Reiki Deep Tissue Massage and Reiki Reflexology Sports massage Brian Barnes:

A Typical Standard Course Day

08.30 - 09.00 09.00 - 09.45 09.45 - 10.00 10.00 - 10.25 10.30 - 13.30 13.30 - 14.30 14.30 - 18.00 18.00 - 19.00 Yoga or Tai Chi (one each week) Breakfast Community meeting Spanish lesson Course group session Lunch Free time Group dance, games, exercise, singing or other complement to the main course (or this session can be in the evening). Dinner Free time (or short group session). Quiet (although many stay up late, especially in summer).

Time Out Weeks

For people who have experience of the kind of groups we run (or will attend one the following week), to: q process/integrate a previous course q rest before a course the following week q get out-and-about to see more of the area q have more optional 1:1 sessions of massage, counselling, etc. q simply enjoy the place.

19.30 - 20.30 20.30 - late 23.00 - 08:00

Groups assemble Saturday evening, courses start Sunday.

Sessions cost 40 55 Euros for 1-1 1 hours. 2


14 January - 4 February 2006

January 14th - 21st, 2006 January 21st - 28th, 2006 January 28th - February 4th, 2006

1. Tibetan Meditation Retreat

Thomas Warrior 380

2. Sea Change
Stephanie Wright and Diana Hudson 390 A pragmatic approach for people facing an inevitable change, or who want to change their own situation.
In a down-to-earth and enjoyable way, strengthen your understanding of who you are, what you want and how to change. Learn to be comfortable doing unfamiliar things to achieve an end. Work systematically through: Evaluation, Vision, Actualisation, Direction and Follow-up. Along the way, we'll touch on related aspects, such as gaining awareness, developing emotional intelligence, inhibition of current habits, fear of failure, being assertive, giving voice (in more senses than one), dealing with other people's reactions, and acknowledging the role of spirituality. A wide variety of methods are used, drawn from psychology and the musical arts.
Stephanie is a psychologist specialising in assessment, training and guidance of individuals and work groups. She is also a singer, running workshops in which the natural voice can be experienced and projected with stunning effect. Diana is a business consultant and trainer specialising in creative and charitable industries. She works alongside organisations and individuals experiencing change. They are both dedicated to the practicalities of making your dreams come true.

3. Winter Walking
Paul and Fiona Primarolo 400

"If you want to benefit others, practice loving kindness. If you want to benefit yourself, practice loving kindness". (His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.)
Since exile from Tibet, the Dalai Lama has devoted himself to rebuilding the shattered lives of its people and to promoting world peace through an unwavering policy of non-violence and loving kindness. How is it possible that he and his people continuously practice compassion and forgiveness even towards their oppressors? The roots of these qualities and the answers to this question are found in the 2500 year-old teachings of the Buddha. This introduction to the Mahayana tradition explores how we can benefit ourselves and others in everyday life. It includes discussions and practical advice on authentic and proven meditative practices; methods to deal with strong emotions such as anger, depression and desire; and how to cultivate wisdom and compassion to benefit yourself and others. Tai Chi, Chi Gong and breathing exercises are woven into the programme.
Thomas lives in the Findhorn Community in Scotland, leading workshops and retreats on Tibetan Buddhism, holistic healing and shamanism. He also leads sacred journeys, pilgrimages and trekking retreats to Nepal, Tibet and India, where his teachers include the Dalai Lama, Lama Zopa Rinpoche and other Tibetan Lamas.

Sunny days in the mild winter weather and log fires at night make for an invigorating break!
Explore this beautiful and inspiring region where winter is like April in England. Discover the magic of the Alpujarras, walking the valleys and mountains, following footpaths, ancient drovers' roads and old Moorish trade routes. See the typical irrigation channels (acequias) and terraces, with flat roofed houses in villages perched on the sides of mountains. Daily walks will vary in length and effort required, the emphasis being on relaxation and enjoyment. The weather should be good for walking, with some sunshine during the day and the warmth of log fires to return to in the evening - or you can star-gaze on the cleanest skies in Europe. If you have enjoyed walking with Paul on our excursions and would like to do more, here is your opportunity!
Paul and Fiona have lived and farmed in the area for many years and now share their love for it with an ever-widening circle through their Bootlace Holidays. Paul is also our regular excursion guide and Fiona was for many years one of our most popular cooks. (Se habla espaol.)

Dalai Lama with Thomas

Double discounts for two-week bookings Starting January 14th - April 15th and October 7th - December 2nd See page 32


February 4th - 11th, 2006 February 11th - 18th, 2006 February 11th - 18th, 2006

4 February - 18 February 2006

4. Yoga And The Alexander Technique

Simon Owen 400

5a. The Essence Of Energy and The Power Of Song

Lynn Holland and Sue Healey 360

5b. Living Spanish

Jos Portilla 360

How to change habits, both physical and mental, to bring greater balance.
The yoga is accessible to all, not a vigorous gymnastic form. It mobilises the joints and opens the body gently but powerfully. Emphasis is on postures and breathing exercises which produce a deep state of physical relaxation combined with mental alertness, bringing balance and healing on all levels. Aspects of The Alexander Technique will also be introduced, to reduce strain and restore good body use.
Simon trained in yoga, following the teachings of Swami Satyananda, and the Alexander Technique. He is an outstanding teacher, working with people of all ages and abilities, and known for his sensitive response to individual needs.

A unique journey towards self awareness, self expression and realisation of potential - with some great group singing!
A supportive space to explore and creatively express the many dimensions of self, though the power of the voice, sound, psychodynamic bodywork and meditative methods. The intent is to show an understanding of ways in which skills practised in the workshop can be used to create a sense of well-being and inner peace in everyday life. The content includes:
q breath-work q massage healing techniques q dynamic meditation q creative singing q energy balancing q chanting q drumming q toning q mandala drawing q voice and

This task-orientated course will give you first-hand experience of communication in Spanish and:
q be

fun, absorbing, intense and motivating; effective learning; q increase confidence to communicate; q be full of playful camaraderie and sharing.
q produce

We need to "sit behind the wheel", immersing and exposing ourselves to the situation where the learning takes place. In other courses, we do not actually buy fruit or run the risk of getting lost. In this one, we have the chance to do it. The people involved are real Spaniards, instead of fellow students and teachers playing roles. The fruit has a taste and the routes have to be walked instead of following them on a map! The experience is new, exciting and the sense of being on a mission (while solving challenging tasks) makes it even more so! For anybody who has completed a brief introductory course in Spanish, which we can recommend.
Jos taught Spanish to adults in three countries and introduced the task-orientated approach locally. His qualifications include Goldsmiths College and The Cervantes Institute. He is a warm and patient teacher, with infectious enthusiasm.

sound work

q creative movement q relaxation

...and we will drum and sing together in an expressive and inspirational harmony, requiring no previous musical experience.
Lynn is an acclaimed singer/songwriter who has entertained world-wide in concert, cabaret, on T.V. and has made many recordings. She has a private counselling and supervision practice and runs sound workshops and retreats in the U.K. and abroad. Sue is a physiotherapist who began her study of mind-body medicine, the metaphysics of dis-ease and various complementary therapies during twelve years in Asia and Australia.

See our web site at www.cortijo-romero.co.uk for more information

18 February - 11 March 2006

February 18th - 25th, 2006 February 25th - 4th March, 2006 February 25th - 4th March, 2006 March 4th - 11th, 2006

6. Dealing With Stress

Anne Dale 400

7a. Being Here

Lesley Brown 410

7b. Professional Renewal

Anne Dale 410

8. Nature, History And Culture Of The Alpujarras

The Staff of Cortijo Romero Cortijo 410 An absorbing week in this fabulous region.
Explore the real riches of the area, learn more of the language, some basic flamenco dancing, local traditions and history. Enjoy optional meals out and walk in the very special environment of the region - plus, of course, a few of our usual group activities and plenty of rest and relaxation. An important feature will be visits to the homes of local Spaniards who have lived in the area all their lives, to learn directly from them (translators provided). This provides rich insights and helps both individual and international relationships. The Alpujarras have a unique and important place in Spanish history, from Roman invasion to the last outpost of the Moors in their 700-year rule. Both Spanish and Moorish traditions are still vibrant. The mountains are a treasure house of unique flora and fauna; the climate the mildest in Europe; the scenery stunning; and Cortijo Romero is the perfect base from which to experience it all. There's optional pre-holiday reading for those who want to really get into it.
The week is led by our resident staff (Se habla espaol.) with the help of local Spaniards.

For anybody who has been stressed, is stressed, might become stressed - and doesn't want to be!
Some stress in life is inevitable but many people increasingly experience levels harmful to their health and well-being. Understand the causes of stress, look at your own reactions, develop strategies and methods for reducing it - and for managing it better when you can't. We'll do some yoga, breathing, relaxation and meditation and draw on modern hypnotherapy techniques to make the week itself as relaxing as possible. These, together with a variety of other activities, will form the basis for acquiring some practical tools you can use in your everyday life either for yourself or in helping others.
Anne is a psychotherapist and counselling supervisor, working with individuals and groups. She teaches psychology and sociology for Oxford University Department of Continuing Education, as well as yoga, stress management, assertiveness and communication skills in a variety of settings. Her approach is integrative, using methods and insights from many schools.

An easy-going week of samples of the approaches used at Cortijo Romero. See page 7.
Lesley is a psychologist, psychotherapist, and psychosynthesis trainer in London and Sweden. Her extensive experience as a group leader also enables her to draw on a very wide range of other approaches, including working with myth, developing intuition, feeding our senses, circle dance, games, massage, relaxation, meditation and painting from the heart.

Reflection and refreshment for psychological, medical and complementary therapists of all kinds.
Those involved in therapeutic work recognise the importance of taking time for themselves - but it is often squeezed out from their demanding lives. Here is an opportunity to stand back, reflect and relax. There will be time for sharing experience and methods; supervision of particular clients; exploring the effects of involvement in such work; and development as a practitioner and a person. To help with specific issues, we could include skills practice or exploration of group dynamics and organisational relationships. Most importantly, we will look at and practise a variety of ways of looking after ourselves. The workshop will be built around the needs and wishes of participants.
For details of Anne, see week 6.

People Say.. I know that to achieve this informal relaxed style, a lot of people are well-organised behind the scenes thanks to you all.


Double discounts for two-week bookings Starting January 14th - April 15th and October 7th - December 2nd See page 32

11 March - 25 March 2006

March 11th - 18th, 2006 March 11th - 18th, 2006 March 18th - 25th, 2006 March 18th - 25th, 2006

9a. Living Movement

Angus Clark Tai Chi Steps To A Better Life
Come to life through your body, refresh your energy and find greater vitality! With a contemporary approach to Tai Chi and Qi Gong, discover ways to create a sense of positive alignment in yourself, with others and with nature. Floor exercises and dance free you up. Tai Chi and Qi Gong raise your life energy and boost your immune system. Partner work for positive response, contact and healing energies. "Lazy time" for nothing in particular, where we'll open to, rather than fill up, space. Soak up the sunshine, breathe the rich, clear air, walk the hills and live to the full! Living Movement offers moves and exercises to take home that are accessible, inspiring and have immediate, positive impact in your life.
Angus is an internationally recognised Tai Chi instructor and movement consultant who runs The School of Living Movement in Devon, U.K. He has created simple, powerful formulas for applying the principles of the classical movement system of Tai Chi to the modern world - helping people light the fire of their own potentials in bodies, minds and hearts. Publications: The Complete Illustrated Guide To Chi and Secrets of Qigong.

9b. Time Out

410 Chris White 410

10a. Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Mandy Wheeler 420

10b. The Heart Of Nature

Chris Salisbury 420

For those experienced in our methods, a chance to integrate previous learning or just to enjoy the place and its facilities. For details, see page 7.
Chris has long experience in groups and runs "Spanish Awakening" personal development holidays, tailored for individuals, at his home near Cortijo Romero.

Loosen up your imagination and develop confidence in your creativity.

This will be a week of playful creative expression - a fun week, where we aim for spontaneity and humour, replacing 'No' with 'Yes and...' It's a chance to think differently and to surprise yourself - maybe even revive a neglected talent. Using a mix of improvisation games, writing exercises and creative thinking techniques, you'll explore your ideas, stimulate your imagination and access your own voice. You'll also get to work in groups and in pairs, to experience the pleasure of co-operative creative effort. A chance to inspire and be inspired.
Mandy is a writer, director and dancer, with a background in radio and theatre production. She has worked as a trainer and a creativity coach for many years, developing a series of workshops designed to encourage confidence in movement and creative expression.

An exploration of the natural world that will broaden your mind, lift your spirit and gladden your heart!
Einstein's definition of education was the growth of wonderment" and this course aims to bring a sense of awe and wonder to our lives through a "soft-focus" study of the natural world around Cortijo Romero. The interface with nature during this week also offers an edge, inviting us to explore our relationship to the land and get new perceptions of ourselves. Dynamic, thoroughly enjoyable interactions will open up our senses to receive nature's gifts, bringing us inevitably closer to our own true nature. A combination of naturalist activity, arts interpretation and storytelling will feature in an enlivening week of discovery. Walks in the country will never be the same again!
Chris has a background in the theatre, training in therapy and a career in environmental education with Devon Wildlife Trust. He uses every creative means at his disposal to encourage people to enjoy and value the natural world.

See our web site at www.cortijo-romero.co.uk for more information


25 March - 8 April 2006

March 25th - 1st April, 2006 April 1st - 8th, 2006 April 1st - 8th, 2006

11. Rest And Renewal

Nigel Shamash 430

12a. Opening The Heart

Judi Ledward 440

12b. Letting Love In

Cate Mackenzie 440

A light-hearted and playful week to relax, enjoy yourself and to look within if you wish.
A mixed bag of activities with special emphasis on singing and yoga. The singing will be mostly informal, with no pressure to perform: "non-singers" are welcome. There will be daily yoga sessions before dinner, with an emphasis on breathing, relaxation, chanting and meditation, rather than on physical exertion. Dance, massage, artwork and other activities will be used according to the needs of the group. A gentle process of rest and renewal in a loving and supportive environment.
Nigel was the founder of Cortijo Romero and now runs a smaller programme at his house in France. He has had a profound interest in all aspects of the spiritual path for over 30 years. With great warmth and energy, he brings a light touch and a sense of humour. (Se habla espaol.)

Before we can truly connect with another, we must first be in good relationship with ourselves.
Most of us long for love. We have learned to look outwards to find "the right person" who will transform us and fill us with love, believing that such a relationship will give us a sense of being human. But for so many people, their dream of completion with another is never realised, because they are not yet in good relationship with themselves. We'll identify and dissolve some of the obstacles which keep us from loving and accepting ourselves. Through the support and challenge of relationships in the group, we will see better the beauty, fragrance, harmony and light that is within us. Then, from the fullness of our hearts, we can connect with others in a new way.
Judi uses a mixture of psychotherapeutic techniques, movement, meditation, art and the creativity of the group process to find the loving and loveable core in us all. She has great experience in many countries and her courses are among the most popular at Cortijo Romero.

A gentle, playful adventure for the self.

The path to love begins with the self and the journey to the self involves being fully present in the here-and-now, where one can realise everything. From there we can connect more deeply with ourselves and others. The forests of dreams and the mysterious rivers of desires unfold as you discover more. Become more aware of your needs and wants! Open the door to your heart and let your dreams appear! The workshop is safe, but also challenging - to drop the armoured exteriors with which we often defend ourselves and learn to have fun and trust the flow of life again. Movement, massage, drama, visualisation, play, writing, meditation and art are all used to help this process happen with ease and joy.
Cate is a workshop leader, teacher and life-coach, as well as being a successful painter. She uses a wide variety of approaches based on movement and the arts, creating a unique and extraordinary group experience. See www.catemackenzie.com

People Say.. The best holiday of my life.


Double discounts for two-week bookings Starting January 14th - April 15th and October 7th - December 2nd See page 32


April 8th 15th, 2006 April 8th 15th, 2006

8 April - 22 April 2006

April 15th - 22nd, 2006

13a. Building Your Foundation

Maggie (Star) Whiteley 395 How to meet your real needs and live by your values.
Without a strong psychological foundation, whatever you do in life will tend to collapse. To test and strengthen yours, you will be guided to: Identify your needs (usually few) and the wants (often many) which may obscure them Take responsibility for meeting them by - setting boundaries; - meeting them yourself; - meeting needs for others and, with discernment, - getting others to meet yours. Clarify your values - the things you really care about; See what gets in the way of living them; See what difference it would make if you really lived by them; Specify personal standards which support them. By meeting your needs and living your values you will have two strong legs. Miss one and you could fall over!
Maggie is a powerful coach and educator with a passion for lifelong learning and experience of a wide range of group methods. She works with leaders and would-be leaders from all walks of life who want to explore and activate the ethical application of personal power.

13b. Living Spanish

Eduardo Fernndez Lalanne 395

14. Easter Dance Festival

Stefan and Bethan Freedman 440

Learn Spanish through real-life holiday interaction with local people.

The ideal way to learn a language is to use it naturally in daily life, rather than becoming overwhelmed by formality, grammar and correctness. So, if you learn conversation skills that involve shopping, eating out, finances, finding out about local routine, people's work and leisure etc., you will then be encouraged to go out and gather real life information. In the morning there will be direct teaching and practice. Afterwards you will have specific assignments in rgiva (previously set up with local people) and return to relate your stories and experiences in the flavour of the native language. In this direct and effective way you will learn fast and feel at ease in the local culture. For anybody who has completed a brief introductory course in Spanish (we can recommend one) or whose knowledge is rusty.
Eduardo has been our staff Spanish teacher and has run a language school in the local town, rgiva, since 1997. He previously taught English as a foreign language in the corporate field in Buenos Aires.

Learn, enjoy and celebrate with delightful circle dances and song.
Circle dances are drawn from many cultures, taking us into all the realms of human experience. Through exotic melodies and compelling rhythms we rekindle the heart and senses, to find our natural strength and balance. The event includes live music and participants who have musical instruments are warmly invited to bring them. There will also be time for some salsa, voice work and massage. In this season of renewal, a week for celebration, warmth and friendship. Always full, so book early!
Stefan and Bethan are among our most popular facilitators, acclaimed for their dance groups in the U.K., Europe and North America. They create a uniquely enjoyable atmosphere. "Wonderful, idyllic, enchanting, fabulous, welcoming and well organised."

People Say..
"I have really valued the workshops (which) have extended my own growth and given new insights, peace and strength."

See our web site at www.cortijo-romero.co.uk for more information


22 April - 13 May 2006

April 22nd - 29th, 2006 April 22nd - 29th, 2006 April 29th - May 6th, 2006 May 6th - 13th, 2006

15a. Spread Your Wings

Stefan and Bethan Freedman 440

15b. Time Out

Cathy Whitefield 440

16. The Trees Of Life

Jordi Jutglar and Trevor Taylor 255

17a. Being Me!

Marlyn Donovan 440

Enter the Aladdin's cave of your potentials, releasing all that holds you back.
The group amplifies energy, so when our individual energies are in harmony we can find ourselves transported. This gentle synergy releases stress or inertia, as a wellspring of vitality emerges. Playfulness, creativity and insight are just below the surface. Activities include harmony-voice, movement, massage, guided exercises in awareness and a sprinkling of circle dance, in an atmosphere of safety, respect and non-judgemental support. A blissful experience with lasting benefits if you want to:
q enrich your life and feel a boost of joy; q face a major decision or change; q increase your self-confidence; q develop your creativity.

For those experienced in our methods, a chance to integrate previous learning or just to enjoy the place and its facilities. For details, see page 7.
Cathy is a counsellor and group leader with experience of a wide variety of approaches. She lives locally.

Share with others the beauty of working to make a difference - and have a great holiday at a low price!
The focus of this week is the spirit of community in action. It's a chance to engage in the work of Cortijo Romero, particularly our ambitious Tree Project (page 28). Meditation in the early mornings, Tai Chi in nature, group-building games, body work and dance will be combined with daily working parties in our amenity woodland. There you can help us take care of the saplings planted so far, establish pathways, landscaping and visualise the unfolding of this project. Most participants will need to be fit and healthy, with a few places for others who can help with logistics, creating nurturing vegetarian meals or other support activities.
Jordi lived in the famous Findhorn Community in Scotland for seven years, where he ran their three-month course "Touch The Earth". In 2000 he became the Manager of Cortijo Romero and also introduced regular meditation to our programme. Trevor is our regular Tai Chi teacher, operates our shop and has run an an organic farm in the area for many years.

Many of us have wanted to be the best at this or that, but how about being the best we can at being ourselves?!
Psychosynthesis is a spiritual psychology that proposes that each of us is a Self and that we are born with unique potential that we are challenged to express throughout our lives. It offers tools to explore both our uniqueness and our relationship to the different parts of ourselves, to live our purpose more fully. Working experientially and sharing our stories, we can begin to see more clearly the threads of our lives, their themes and patterns. We can look at how life has wounded and supported us, and see our relationship to these events. As we understand more how experience has shaped us, and that even "bad" things can help us grow when we meet them with acceptance, we have greater choice in becoming more and more of who we really are.
Marlyn is a former Director of Training at the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust, where she also set up supervision courses, managed its counselling service and remains with the Trust as a trainer. She is also in private practice as a psychotherapist, supervisor and workshop leader.

No prior experience required.

Bethan has a background in drama, Rogerian counselling and of healing and visualisation work with cancer groups. She has taught and counselled in schools for 22 years, and led themed days for women. Stefan studied Social Anthropology, Psychosynthesis, Voice Dialogue, Non-Violent Communication, Biodanza (therapeutic dance) and massage. He also leads workshops on voice, drumming, massage and life changes.


See our web site at www.cortijo-romero.co.uk for more information

6 May - 27 May 2006

May 6th - 13th, 2006 May 13th - 20th, 2006 May 13th - 20th, 2006 May 20th - 27th, 2006

17b. The Clown Within

Rachel Caine 440 Re-discover innocence, simplicity and spontaneity!
Start from compassion, care and being present to whatever happens - with heart, humour, joy and love. Deal with the blocks of fear, inhibition and resistance! Trust; be authentic, find light-heartedness and serenity! The sacred art of clowning leads to a child-like emptiness from which joy can arise. We'll play, sing, dance, use theatre games, voice work, meditations and "warrior" energy. Finally, we'll add the clown's red nose, costume, make-up, and music in group performance and celebration. The course can release enormous joy and sadness and, as the clown is Master of Emotion, we find ways to feel deeply, let go and experience more feeling from one to another, without attachment. The light approach!
Rachel is trained in clowning, circus skills, mime and mask, dance, voice work, and massage therapy. She has worked in the circus, on the streets, in theatres, hospitals and with the homeless, combining her love of clowning and healing. It is her joy to help others express themselves in celebration.

18a. Biodanza
Marita Sanguinetti 440

18b. Time Out

Marlyn Donovan 440

19a. Serious Fun!

Kinny Gardener assisted by Joanna Tagney 440

Dance joyfully, for health and wellbeing in all parts of your life!
Biodanza is a South American group dance form and path to self-development, with a growing world-wide following. With beguiling Latin rhythms, it helps you:
q Feel relaxed, full of vitality and look

For those experienced in our methods, a chance to integrate previous learning or just to enjoy the place and its facilities. For details, see page 7.
For Marlyn Donovan, see week 17a.

"If you can't laugh, particularly at yourself, you are not in tune with yourself or the world around you."
In a highly supportive atmosphere, play, explore, perform, be childlike (but not childish). Recognise the absurdities, let out the hidden sides of yourself and build resilience - celebrating connections and differences. Finally, ground these experiences and take them back into everyday life. Tailor-made to the diversity of each group, methods include physical warm-ups and movement exercises, mime, breathing, and gesture - leading to the use of masks and clowning to explore and release our various personas, theatrical improvisation, and lots of dancing to music from around the world.
Kinny has a distinguished career in classical and modern dance, opera and the theatre, most notably with Lindsay Kemp and Martha Graham. He is a charismatic and engaging teacher, with a light touch and vibrant sense of humour that allows for the release of "Emotion In Motion". In 1982, he and his late partner Alastair MacMillan created the Krazy Kat Theatre Company, which Kinny continues to run. Joanna is a vastly experienced teacher, performer, story-teller, musician and community theatre specialist, who has worked with Kinny for many years.

q Generate pleasure, freedom, friendship

and peace.
q Understand your body, your movements

and your life better.

q Express your unique self and to live with

more intensity, health and joy.

q Relate positively to others and the world

we live in. Biodanza takes its gestures and expressions from our everyday movements and makes them conscious. It creates a space in which something unimagined and full of wonder can happen. It's a way of knowledge that can bring us to the very centre of creativity, to that full involvement in the moment, without calculation or reserve, which leads to health and freedom.
Marita was the first person to qualify as a Biodanza teacher in the U.K. and now directs the Biodanza School of Devon & Cornwall U.K. She also teaches Laban System dance, voice work, improvisation and performance. Her style is warm and engaging.

See our web site at www.cortijo-romero.co.uk for more information


20 May - 3 June 2006

May 20th - 27th, 2006 May 27th - 3rd June, 2006 May 27th - 3rd June, 2006

19b. Yoga And Reflexology

Simon Owen and Benita McDonald 440 Simple practices to re-connect with the healer within ourselves.
The yoga is accessible to all, not a vigorous gymnastic form. It mobilises the joints and opens the body gently but powerfully. Emphasis is on postures and breathing exercises which produce a deep state of physical relaxation combined with mental alertness, bringing balance and healing on all levels. This creates a context for effectively learning the healing techniques of the ancient Chinese art of reflexology. There will be an overview of Reflexology and some insight into the broad themes of Chinese medicine and healing. In hands-on-feet sessions, we'll look at specific systems such as breathing, the spine, the digestive system and the lymph. In giving and receiving treatments, "the healer within" is awakened.
Simon trained in yoga following the teachings of Swami Satyananda and also teaches the Alexander Technique. He works with people of all ages and abilities and is known for his sensitive response to individual needs. Benita is our resident reflexologist, offering 1:1 sessions each week. She introduces the subject with the opportunity to experience "hands-on" practice immediately.

20a. Let Your Voice Out!

Frankie Armstrong 440

20b. Moving Body, Feeling Heart

Amanda Stern 440

Play with your voice and explore the freedom, energy, joy and power it can give you.
In recent years the natural voice has been re-discovered, transforming the lives of many of us brought up on rigidly formal approaches and stifled expression. This approach to it is open to anyone, regardless of their previous experience of voice and singing. Each day will involve a warm-up for voice and body, with enjoyable and accessible ways of learning about the intimate body/breath/voice connection. We'll explore simple ways of creating harmonies, making our own "musical events" and singing songs and chants from around the world. The aim is to help release the natural voice and melodic abilities that we are all born with, but that, sadly, often get squashed in childhood.
Frankie is a leading pioneer of natural voice work, whose inspiring methods have been taken up by thousands, as well the U.K. National Theatre and other top companies in Australia and elsewhere. See www.naturalvoice.net (Principles and Practice page) for more on the methods.

Cortijo Romero In England

at Oxon Hoath, Kent.
A splendid ancestral home and gardens in deep countryside, but easily accessible by road and rail.
May 28th 31st, 2006 July 28th 30th, 2006 November 24th 26th, 2006
Sample our courses and group leaders Get into the Cortijo Romero spirit Have a break in a glorious setting Refresh and renew yourself Meet friends from previous holidays. Choose from up to four groups in a day, plus music, dance, community events and individual sessions. The groups are led by established and new facilitators from our programme in Spain.

A whole-person approach to emotional truth.

To relax and free us physically, we'll explore movement, dance, breathing and vocal expression. Reducing stress and tension allows us to be open to our body, moods and emotions by-passing the critical mind to explore feelings that bring further awareness of oneself to light. Instead of living from the neck up, we integrate all aspects of ourselves, opening the door to the heart. Much confidence is to be gained when integrated, relaxed and open in this way. It is further developed through the practice of improvisation, being freely creative in the present moment. Playback Theatre methods open the way for the stories that make up our lives to be expressed and shared. With body and heart connected, we have a more satisfying experience, as the physicality of our emotional lives is expressed along with the words of our personal story.
Amanda trained in dance and choreography and has more than twenty years experience in the arts. A Playback Theatre practitioner and integrative bodywork teacher, she works with people in business, education, community events and holistic holidays.

An Introduction, A Re-Union Or Just A Great Break!

Call 01494 765775 for a brochure


See our web site at www.cortijo-romero.co.uk for more information

3 June - 17 June 2006

With some combined sessions
June 3rd 10th, 2006 June 3rd 10th, 2006 June 10th - 17th, 2006

22a. Bringing Your Dreams To Life

Nick Price 440

21a. For Men: She Will Find Me

Nick Price 440

21b. For Women: Tender Power

Lisehanne Webster 440

A rare chance to share life issues and feelings with fellow men.
Men, in their capacities as sons, fathers, partners and career men are often acutely isolated with their feelings, and this is a chance to re-engage with qualities usually associated with the "feminine". Here you can share together the ups and downs of your own histories. You can be as incoherent and confused as you like, with no need to put a brave face on things. The workshop is a rich, inspired event, full of colour, laughter and song, born out of the dynamics of fellowship and trust which we build together. There is a unique form of intimacy that happens between men, and in it we will find ways to heal, empower and celebrate ourselves. Giving up the chase and wandering a little recklessly, maybe you can allow her to find you. Methods are fluid and grow out of the group dynamic, but they will include body relaxation and re-vitalisation, meditation, story-telling, drumming, poetry, dance, singing, breath work, clay work, visualisation, shared sacred and quiet time for integration.
Nick has been leading group work since 1993. He trained for 5 years with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross on life/death transitions; has worked extensively with many leaders in the field of men's development and is a Biodynamics body/psychotherapist. His style is warm and invigorating, using a wide variety of methods.

Tender Power....and tender women, how powerful they are!

Johannes V. Jensen, 1925, Denmark

"The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don't go back to sleep. You must ask for what you really want." (Rumi)
Day and night our dreams are telling us what we really want, but it takes courage to believe that they can ever see the light of day. It's much easier to dismiss them as "impossible". A powerful old story - The Firebird - will be drummed up through the week, to help you re-commit to these longings, body and soul. Individual dreams of the night will also weave their powerful magic into the group. In response to the needs of the participants, various techniques will be used (sharing, bodywork, breathwork, voice, stillness, movement) to encourage you to release fears, blockages and old patterns so that you can feel reinvigorated by the joys of bringing your dreams back to life.
For Nick Price see week 21a.

This workshop invites you to explore how you can be truly feminine and live within the fullness of your power. We will work with the chakras and seek to recognise and transform past experiences of disempowerment. Through visualisation and meditation you will be able to connect to your inner truth and higher guidance - to gain a deep inner confidence in exercising real freedom of choice, the courage to say no, the courage to say yes. Chanting, healing and spiritual philosophy will enable you to open new doors of intimacy and trust in the power of your inherent love and tenderness.
Lisehanne has for over 30 years been an international teacher, therapist and tutor of Integral Yoga. She founded The Olive Trust, for the promotion of natural therapy and personal and spiritual development; and co-founded The Arimathean Cottage Yoga Centre in Glastonbury.

People Say.. "It has met all my hopes and expectations."

See our web site at www.cortijo-romero.co.uk for more information


10 June - 1 July 2006

June 10th - 17th, 2006 June 17th - 24th, 2006 24th June - 1st July, 2006 24th June - 1st July, 2006

22b. Flirting With Confidence

Alison Goldie 440

23. Twentieth Anniversary Celebration

Nigel Shamash, Maggie (Star) Whiteley Alan and Anne Dale

24a. Letting Go And Moving On

Vanessa Helps and Anne Dale 440

24b. Embracing The Tiger

Trevor Taylor Release the energy to refresh and empower yourself!
Powerful energies flow through us at all times, but we are usually not aware of, and so don't live in harmony with them. With ancient qi gong and Tai Chi exercises, learn to directly experience your own unique "Tiger" energy and channel it for the good. As we work with it, we become more centred and calm. The forms and exercises are simple and easy to learn, yet unlock our inner power. With varied activities to explore their symbolic and practical uses, plus a lot of fun and laughter, you will leave with a routine which you can include in your daily life.
Trevor is our regular early morning Tai Chi teacher, occasional excursion guide and also runs the Cortijo Romero shop. He has lived and farmed in the area for many years.


Flirting isn't frivolous; it's the important first step towards attracting the partner we desire.
The very idea of flirting can inspire a crisis of confidence and make us feel clumsy and inadequate, however accomplished we may be in other areas of our lives. This course offers tools for flirting etiquette, but more than that, it encourages us to take a look at why we fail, what's holding us back and what we are really looking for in a mate. Using exercises which encourage physical and verbal confidence, discussion, role-play and written work, the course will enlighten everyone about their flirting-phobias and how best to combat them. So, if you'd like to locate your inner Mae West or your repressed Casanova, this is for you.
Alison is a performer, theatre director and trainer. She founded The Weird Sisters theatre company and toured the world with self-written plays which dealt in the minutiae of human relationships. She has presented programmes on T.V. and radio, including working in The Advice Girls, an agonyaunt double-act offering support on relationship and sexuality issues.


How to deal positively with endings, loss and change.

Those affected by broken relationships, redundancy, bereavement, "empty nests", retirement, and other transitions, often find it difficult to move on. Yet life cannot be satisfactory if you hang on to what is gone - and you cannot move on if you have internal inhibitors such as fear, safety or lack of confidence. To help make transitions work for you, the week includes: q recognising what may be holding us up; q deciding what we may want to let go; q choosing whether to do so: q what letting go may look like; q what the future may hold; q making a decision; q the courage to embrace the change; q celebrating the move. There will be information on endings, loss and transition; meditation; movement; private, pair and groupwork; music; and artwork.
Vanessa is founder Director of Going Well, a consultancy working with individuals, groups and organisations on endings, loss and change. She brings energy, respect and lightness to her work, creating a safe place to learn and to be. Anne spent many years counselling the staff of a pioneering hospice in their dealings with death and bereavement. As a psychotherapist, she has helped clients through many other transitions.

Join us for our birthday house party!

Nigel Shamash created Cortijo Romero in 1986, Star took it on for four years, and Alan and Anne from the end of 1993. We're planning a relaxed celebration, with each of us contributing. The programme will be constructed together with our guests, whose own offerings are warmly invited. There's bound to be a rich variety of music and song, dance, games, meditation, exercises, surprises and who-knows-what - plus some thoughtful reflection and creative thinking about what we need to be doing at Cortijo Romero in the coming years. We anticipate a big demand, for a maximum of 34 places.

People Say.. "A lovely peaceful setting in the real rural Spain."

Twentieth Anniversary



See our web site at www.cortijo-romero.co.uk for more information

1 July - 15 July 2006

July 1st - 8th, 2006 July 1st - 8th, 2006 July 8th - 15th, 2006

25a. The Magic Of Writing

Allegra Taylor 440

25b. Living Spanish

Jos Portilla 440

26. Making Contact: Sharing The Dance

Nien Mari Chatz 440

Release your natural potential to heal and empower yourself through writing.
Does writing interest you but you're not sure if you can do it? Well, you can! Everyone is talented, original and carries within them an untold wealth of stories, which deserve to be heard. This course is a gentle, enjoyable opportunity to invite those stories to flow down through our arms, through the tips of our pens and onto the page. Writing is a healing art. Through excavating our buried stories, we become whole. We remember who we really are. No previous writing experience necessary. Anyone can do this!
Allegra is the author of a number of books and has led workshops at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival; the College of Psychic Studies; a cancer support centre; and in Greece, Turkey, The U.S.A. and Sri Lanka. She has a private healing practice.

Learn Spanish through real-life holiday interaction with local people.

This task-orientated course will give you firsthand experience of communication in Spanish and:
q be fun, absorbing, intense and motivating; q produce effective learning; q increase confidence to communicate; q be full of playful camaraderie and sharing.

"You do not have to be good...only to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves..."
The workshop uses a dynamic, sensual movement form, in which two or more partners play with physical contact as a base for improvised movement. They sense and understand new, effortless ways to move, release unnecessary tension and dance with each other without losing integrity and individuality. Attention is first given to sensory awareness and relaxation. The perception of vision, space and finally - touch is introduced gradually and playfully. Partners explore sharing weight, guiding and following each other, allowing themselves to be touched and moved - rolling, sliding, jumping, catching and carrying each other while following each other's dance, allowing movement to happen almost by itself. The movements to be explored are simple, accessible and basically known to everybody. We'll also use lots of music, imagination, nature everything can be a source for dance.
Nien has 20 years experience as a performer and teacher of dance, Contact Improvisation and bodywork. She brings heart, respect and humour into her classes, creating a relaxed, respectful, authentic and warm ambience.

We need to "sit behind the wheel", immersing and exposing ourselves to the situation where the learning takes place. In other courses, we do not actually buy fruit or run the risk of getting lost. In this one, we have the chance to do it. The people involved are real Spaniards, instead of fellow students and teachers playing roles. The fruit has a taste and the routes have to be walked instead of following them on a map! The experience is new, exciting and the sense of being on a mission (while solving challenging tasks) makes it even more so! This one is for those with some knowledge of Spanish.
Jos taught Spanish to adults in three countries and introduced the task-orientated approach locally. His qualifications include Goldsmiths College and The Cervantes Institute. He is a warm and patient teacher, with infectious enthusiasm.

See our web site at www.cortijo-romero.co.uk for more information


15 July - 5 August 2006

July 15th - 22nd, 2006 July 22nd - 29th, 2006 July 29th - August 5th, 2006 July 29th - August 5th, 2006

27. The Courage To Change

Malcolm Stern 440

28. Deep Connections

John Mulligan and Claire Breeze A new approach to relating.
Starting from an assumption of connectedness to self, others and to spirit/nature - provides a fresh, invigorating perspective on relating and relationships. It re-frames the challenges and reduces the barriers, replacing the common experience of separation and isolation. Relating is considered both in the everyday sense and as a developmental journey. Holiday fun, rest and renewal are combined with in-depth exploration and inquiry. The week will be tailored to participants' needs, using a wide range of themes, models, methods and mutual supports. There will be an in-house celebration and an overnight event in the mountains, to make the most of the environment and offer an adventurous element. We invite you to move outside your comfort zone and expand your capacity to relate and connect.
John was Director of the Human Potential Research Group at Surrey University, now working mainly as a consultant and trainer in work organisations. He uses a great variety of approaches, making them easy to understand. Claire, who trained at Surrey, works with individuals and groups on issues of relationship, leadership and interpersonal skills.

29a. Bioenergetics For Pleasure!

440 Guy Gladstone 440

29b. Sing Alive!

Phill Haiselden 440

Being Authentic And Radically Alive In A Changing World.

What if you could live life to the full with serenity? We live in extraordinary times. All around are signs of breakdown and decay - the old ways no longer work. Yet there are also signs of rebirth and beauty, with which we can align ourselves and realise our potential to change outmoded habits and destructive behaviour. To transform ourselves and begin the process of transformation in the world around us, we need the support of others of like mind to share the journey into the unknown. To authenticate our own needs and desires and to explore how we see ourselves and the world, we will use psychotherapy, dance, bodywork, sharing, ritual and healing. We will create a vision of hope for the future in a group committed to the nurturing process of reflective honesty, compassionate attention and trust.
Malcolm is a group and individual psychotherapist with 20 years of experience. He trains other therapists, was a co-founder of "Alternatives" in London and has had two Channel Four television series. His book on relationships, "The Courage To Love" was co-authored with Sujata Bristow.

How to release locked-up energy and use it to get on with life.

Expressions such as "uptight", "stiff-necked", "laid-back", "screwed-up", "tip-toeing around", "tight-fisted", "a push-over", "hard man", show that we know that our mental state is usually also our physical one. Indeed, much energy is unconsciously used to lock our muscles (and hence emotions), so that we are unable to relax, and often feel tired. Or, it may be dissipated by being "limp" or "all-over-the-place". Bio-energetics uses special exercises to release locked muscles or to get your feet on the ground (literally). Energy flows again, often accompanied by emotions both positive and negative. Feelings of relief and excitement are common. You can then deal with underlying issues and resume a normal free-flowing state. Interactive exercises, drawings, dreamwork, enactment, voicing and group processes help clarify and resolve issues. You can then "try on for size" any changes you desire. There will also be daily light "tasters", including life-size art, to explore your body image; Pulsing (a rhythmic rocking massage); Authentic Movement in the garden; and Watsu (bodywork in the pool).
Guy is a psychotherapist with a wide repertoire of methods, specialising in bio-energetics and psychodrama. He has been a member of The Open Centre, Britain's oldest independent growth centre, since 1984.

Unlock your voice and re-connect to the self in community with others!
For some, using their voice is as natural as breathing: for others it is tantamount to taking their clothes off in public. In this fun workshop everybody can experience and enjoy their voice without fear or judgement. With the help of some fascinating exercises we can start to see the amazing relationship between our voice and breath and how, just by singing, we can improve and be informed about our physical and emotional health. We will play some sound games and explore the wonders of group vocal, musical and rhythm improvisation. Not least, we'll experience the delights of singing unusual close harmony songs from around the world.
Phill is a songwriter, voice coach and community musician. He has a great sense of fun and insists that music and song is for all, using songs from around the world as well as stimulating ideas for improvisation and song writing.


See our web site at www.cortijo-romero.co.uk for more information

5 August - 19 August 2006

August 5th - 12th, 2006 August 5th - 12th, 2006 August 12th - 19th, 2006 August 12th - 19th, 2006

30a. Dancing Inside Out: A Journey Through Your Body

Rebecca Cardy and Fiona Primarolo 440 A rich and playful blend of music, dance, ritual, meditation, sound and imagemaking.
Journey through a sometimes foreign land yourself - exploring the landscape of your body from toes to head; finding, expressing and recording its innate wisdom. Explore your inner self through expressive movement, play and the making of images. Discover hidden potential that is waiting to be awoken, creating the possibility of releasing that which no longer serves you. There will be opportunities for working together and time for individual reflection and expression. We will listen to messages from our own bodies and communicate both verbally and non-verbally.
Rebecca trained in traditional, contemporary and creative dance forms. She runs very popular weekly creative dance sessions at Cortijo Romero and choreographs her own performances in Devon and in Spain. Fiona is an experienced art therapist, who has lived in Spain since 1989 and was our Head Cook for some years. With her husband Paul, she runs Bootlace Holidays.

30b. Time Out

Cathy Whitefield 440

31a. Creating The Life You Want

Judi Ledward 440

31b. Writing With Life

Charlie Moritz 440

For those experienced in our methods, a chance to integrate previous learning or just to enjoy the place and its facilities. For details, see page 7.
Cathy is a counsellor and group leader with experience of a wide variety of approaches. She lives locally.

Begin a new way of living, starting now!

Many people dream of a new way of living, a new life, but translating that dream into reality isn't always easy. In this workshop we will vision the life we want and take steps to create it. You may have a sense of what you don't want but no clear idea of a better future. You may know exactly what you want but can't seem to make it happen or hold back from doing what is needed to create it. In this course we will take stock of what has been, let go of what no longer works for us and dissolve obstacles to making life anew. We will translate what is in our hearts and minds into action in the world, using small and large group exercises, meditations and visualisations, personal work and the creativity of the group process. We will work out the steps needed to begin a new way of living, and put actions behind our dreams to start now.
Judi uses a mixture of psychotherapeutic techniques, movement, meditation, art and the creativity of the group process to find the loving and loveable core in us all. She has great experience in many countries and her courses are among the most popular at Cortijo Romero.

For anyone with a willingness to venture and a taste for creative celebration.
We'll explore your stories playfully, moving between writing exercises and improvised drama, drawing sensitively on personal and reflective material before going on to create and express the imaginary. This fusion of writing and drama/action technique produces a powerful interplay in which key images, phrases, and moments unfold to reveal deeper feelings and insights. It will enliven your thinking and evoke a more heartcentred connection, which in turn can enrich your creative expression. Your writing then has life, which can find its true voice in your writing. No special experience or skills are needed. Bring a favourite pen and come as you are!
Charlie is a writer, teacher of writing and drama, and accomplished workshop facilitator. His longstanding commitment to personal development informs the work he does with individuals, groups and the words they choose to express.

People Say.. "If only people everywhere were like this!"

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19 August - 2 September 2006

August 19th - 26th, 2006 August 26th - September 2nd, 2006 August 26th - September 2nd, 2006

32. Yoga, Meditation & Chanting

Brenda Blades and Lely Aldworth 440

33a. Being Here

Anne Dale 440

33b. Leap Before You Look!

Michael Loader 440

For anyone with a willingness to venture and a taste for creative celebration.
Through the physical practice of yoga asanas, get to know the body, its challenges and limitations, Through the practice of pranayama, become aware of your relationship to the breath and your consciousness. Through relaxation and meditation, learn to touch into stillness and the healing power of silence. Chanting ancient prayers and mantras, learn how the voice can resonate with the body and soul. The yoga is the Iyengar variety, focusing on physical alignment, often using props such as belts, blocks and bolsters to assist the student to gain optimum benefit from the postures, breathing and relaxation. Chanting is an ancient yogic technique which helps connect with breath, heart and spirit. It can be ecstatic or energising, calming or meditative, opening the chakras (energy centres) of the throat, heart and "third eye".
Brenda is well-known to guests as our regular yoga teacher for early-morning sessions. She trained in India at the Iyengar Institute and has been teaching since 1991. Lely trained at the Sivananda School in India, and has also studied Astanga yoga and Integral Yoga. She is one of the regular hosts at Cortijo Romero. (Se habla espaol.)

An easy-going week of samples of the approaches used at Cortijo Romero. Details on page 7.
On offer will be a variety of self-awarenes exercises; inputs on the yoga chakras and personal development; assertiveness skills; stress management; inter-personal communication; gestalt awareness; meditation and hypnotherapy.
Anne has more than 25 years experience as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and counselling supervisor, working with individuals and groups. She teaches psychology and sociology for Oxford University Department of Continuing Education and helped create and run their first professional counselling courses.

The true definition of failure is not risking success: an exhilarating week!

The Fool is here to guide us with humour, help us through our folly with forgiveness and enjoy sharing who we really are. Learn to:
q Step into your creativity, rather than ask

what might happen if...

q Change your shape and see how you fool

yourself into being.

q Take more risks, make more mistakes! q Play with your habits, rather than letting

them play with you.

q Move beyond (k)nowing into here-and-

q Refresh those parts waiting in the wings

to fly.
q Say yes quickly. q Develop your imagination, spontaneity and

People Say..
It has been an opportunity for me to bring certain conclusions to my life - and space to consider the possibilities for the future.

q Experience the difference between human-

doing and a human BEING.

Michael has been playing the Fool as a facilitator and performer since 1989 - independently, with theatre companies and other creative projects. He co-founded The Festival Of Fools, a group intensively exploring the role in releasing our creative spirit and has taken the work into settings as varied as the "Womad" festivals, road safety campaigns and corporate conferences.


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2 September - 16 September 2006

September 2nd - 9th, 2006 September 2nd - 9th, 2006 September 9th - 16th, 2006 September 9th - 16th, 2006

34a. The Authentic Self

Marcia Karp 440

34b. Living Spanish

Eduardo Lalanne 440

35a. Singing Together

Kirsty Martin 440

35b. The Alexander Technique

Roger Hart 440

Take off your masks, be your real self, meet others more deeply and get some zest into life!
Behind the everyday poses, habits and superficialities lies the authentic you - beautiful but hidden, with far more potentials than most of us ever use, or even realise. This week is all about letting hers through psychodrama. There may be some old patterns, pains and blockages to face up along the way but, with Marcia's witty and warm support, even that process can be enjoyable. And once you have dealt with them, you'll be feeling very much alive, more relaxed and ready to savour the joys of being more the real you. A deep week, but never dull or overly serious, this is a rich and satisfying experience for those ready to go for it.
Marcia has a wonderfully incisive, down-to-earth and humorous style. An outstanding psychotherapist and group facilitator, she is one of the foremost pioneers of psychodrama - acknowledged by her peers and clients as a superbly effective practitioner.

Learn Spanish through real-life holiday interaction with local people.

The ideal way to learn a language is to use it naturally in daily life, rather than becoming overwhelmed by formality, grammar and correctness. So, if you learn conversation skills that involve shopping, eating out, finances, finding out about local routine, people's work and leisure etc, you will then be encouraged to go out and gather real life information. In the morning there will be direct teaching and practice. Afterwards you will have specific assignments in rgiva (previously set up with local people) and return to relate your stories and experiences in the flavour of the native language. In this direct and effective way you will learn fast and feel at ease in the local culture. For anybody who has completed a brief introductory course in Spanish (we can recommend one) or whose knowledge is rusty.
Eduardo has been our staff Spanish teacher and has run a local language school since 1997. He previously taught English as a foreign language in the corporate field in Buenos Aires.

The natural high - an all-over mind, body and soul experience!

Singing is as natural as talking and, as with any other physical endeavour, your voice develops with loving attention and practice. Discover, take care of it and learn a special repertoire of group songs - Spanish, folk, jazz, Gaelic mouth music, blues, pop, Motown, Maori, African - a whistlestop tour of global sounds and styles! Learn to listen and explore harmonies! Discover your "muscle memory" and your "body metronome"! We'll also use vocal games, rhythm, body movement and percussion, with plenty of humour and support, to bring out a sense of liberation and exhilaration in your own musicianship. Whether finding your voice for the first time, reclaiming it, or continuing a path of vocal development, this is for you. No need to read music. Blow the dust off your musical preconceptions in a thoroughly holistic singing discovery week!
Kirsty believes passionately that singing is for everyone - working with individuals, community choirs and groups and describing herself as a choral activist! She has an inclusive and high-energy approach which brings out the best in you. Initially learning her craft busking on the streets of London, she is now one of Britain's most prolific and popular composers for voices and Chair of the U.K. Natural Voice Practitioners Network.

Rediscover natural ease and movement free from habit.

Young children often have an alertness and poise that allows them to sit, stand and move gracefully, without strain. Yet that rarely continues into adult life. Most of us develop habits which interfere with natural co-ordination and functioning, reacting automatically in ways which harm us. This misuse may cause specific symptoms such as backache or headaches; a general lack of poise and vitality; or a sense of being "out of touch" with the body. Also, since the mind and body are one system, it can affect our state of mind and ability to cope with life. We'll use the Alexander Technique, along with body mapping, group sharing and everyday activities such as walking, sitting, standing and swimming to explore your USE. You'll discover how to drop the habits and find more choice and freedom in all activities - such as working at a computer, driving, playing an instrument or dealing with others.
Roger loves to work with the body. He's taught Tai Chi in Devon and Greece, loves Tango dancing and for the last 10 years has been teaching the Alexander Technique to individuals and groups.

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16 September - 30 September 2006

September 16th - 23rd, 2006 September 23rd - 30th, 2006 September 23rd - 30th, 2006

36a. Flamenco: Power And Passion

Anna Dueas Len 440

37a. Heart Tantra

Jewls Wingfield 440

37b. Time Out

Chris White 440

Let go, be proud, show off and enjoy it whatever your age or shape!
Improve your co-ordination, grace and strength and - through this majestic and powerful dance find the freedom and confidence to be comfortable with yourself physically and emotionally. All human moods and feelings can be included and expressed in flamenco, which is both a way of celebrating yourself and a highly enjoyable social activity. Classes start with a technique section to warm up by learning various footwork exercises, building strength and stamina. They also cover posture, arm exercises, rhythm, choreography and improvisation. Particular attention is given to grasping the very special spirit of flamenco.
Anna has danced flamenco from a young age, at family gatherings and fiestas in Crdoba. She trained with some of the best teachers in Spain, as well as studying ballet and jazz dance. A warm and encouraging teacher who creates a supportive and fun atmosphere, Anna lives and works in the U.K. She has an instructional video "An Introduction To Flamenco Dance". (Se habla espaol.)

A workshop to re-unite love, intimacy and spirit.

At our core is a longing to love and be loved, but we have often grown up with conditions and beliefs about how we "should" feel and behave, with fear making our choices and shame holding us in. We have forgotten the simple truth that our essential nature is love. The journey is to return ourselves to it through a blend of the Eastern tradition of Tantra, which seeks to reunite love, sexuality and spirituality, and Western approaches to human growth and personal freedom. Using dance and therapeutic movement, tools for clear communication, tantric meditations, emotional release and creative playful expression, we can unite the dark and light within, learn to love ourselves as a foundation for loving others, explore true intimacy and heal past hurts. We can bring balance to our emotions and spirit into sexuality. Personal boundaries are respected at all times. There is no sexual contact in the workshop.
Jewls brings to her work a rich alchemy of creativity, personal experience, playfulness and professional expertise. Her diverse background includes group and individual psychotherapy, shamanism, drama therapy, ecstatic dance, tantra and the arts.

For those experienced in our methods, a chance to integrate previous learning or just to enjoy the place and its facilities. For details, see page 7.
Chris has long experience in groups and runs personal development holidays "Spanishwakening", tailored for individuals, at his home near Cortijo Romero.

September 16th - 23rd, 2006

36b. Private Booking


Double discounts for two-week bookings Starting January 14th - April 15th and October 7th - December 2nd See page 32

30 September - 14 October 2006

September 30th - October 7th, 2006 September 30th - October 7th, 2006 October 7th - 14th, 2006 October 7th - 14th, 2006

38a. Touching Stillness

Ad Brugman 440

38b. Inner Power

Adena Franses A Celebration of Self.
Nelson Mandela wrote "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. To fulfill our potential and be all that we can be, we have to learn how to recognise and embrace the power within us - the life force that enables us to seize opportunities as they come to us, to accomplish our goals and realize our dreams. During this week we will explore ways of accessing our inner power through creative expression, playfulness and shared experience. In so doing, we will find ways to overcome obstacles that prevent us from achieving our full potential and from celebrating the power that lies within us.
Adena is a Transactional Analysis psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor, originally from the U.K. but now living and working in Granada, Spain where she has founded her own psychotherapy and training centre. She has many years experience working with individuals and groups and is renowned for her enthusiasm and her belief in, and committment to, the healing potential of groups.

39a. Living From The Heart

440 Javier Rodrigues 440

39b. The Amazing Power Of Your Voice

Sarah Warwick 440

A combination of meditation, T'ai Chi and movement work, inspired by the magnificent environment of the Alpujarras, with their light, their colours and space.
This is a week for quiet, individual meditation, mostly done in a group but with the focus primarily on your own inner and outer being. Mindfulness meditation (Satipatthana) is taking care of oneself in an honest and direct way. It is practised in sitting, standing, moving and any other activity. Simple things are done in a brilliant way and the art of "being" replaces our obsession with "doing." Simple and playful T'ai Chi forms are introduced to enhance awareness of body and mind. The work is practical, gentle yet profound and provides us with tools to heal ourselves, leading to a place of peace and stillness within.
Ad has developed a unique blend of meditation and movement in his teaching, which started in 1982. His approach is non-intrusive, non-forcing and emphasises the importance of lightness and space in the practice of meditation and T'ai Chi. (Se habla espaol.)

A pause to re-balance and reflect on the meaning and direction of your life.
Today, the way of fear is one of the most frequented, leading to emptiness, alienation and loss of feeling. However, to live from the heart is to allow the most authentic aspects of yourself to guide you, to be seduced by your dreams and to stake all on what makes you feel genuinely alive. When approached in this way, life becomes passionate and joyful! Explore and begin to create a life with meaning and feeling for yourself - a life in harmony with your truth - using a wide variety of forms of creative self-expression, dance, silence and group discussions for exchange and mutual support. "Allow yourself to be silently guided by the powerful force of that which you really love". (Rumi)
Javier is a transpersonal psychologist, experienced in many approaches to personal development; teacher of salsa dancing; sculptor; counsellor; group facilitator; and conflict mediator. He runs the oneyear foundation course at the Findhorn Community in Scotland, as well as courses and workshops in other countries.

A vocal journey of exciting discoveries.

Release your inhibitions, discover the power of sound and song, and enjoy the thrill of singing in a safe and supportive group. For beginners and experienced singers. No solo singing unless desired! Relax - with simple chi gong breathing exercises, movement and dance. Let sound arise freely through fun improvisation exercises. Learn the beautiful and gentle art of toning, using pure vocal tones. Sing beautiful uplifting songs and chants from around the world, in harmony with others. Express yourself writing simple heartful songs and chants. Learn simple, effective healing sound and visualisation techniques. Overcome limiting beliefs and inhibitions about singing. Discover how easy it is and how much fun you can have with your voice!
Sarah is a singer, songwriter, performer and teacher with ten years of international success in the music business, mainly under the stage name of Sarah Washington. She's an exceptional teacher who brings fun, life and innovative techniques to help even complete beginners learn to sing from their hearts.

See our web site at www.cortijo-romero.co.uk for more information


14 October - 28 October 2006

October 14th - 21st, 2006 October 14th - 21st, 2006 October 21st - 28th, 2006

40a. Ecstatic Dance

Dilys Morgan Scott 430

40b. Story Telling (Apples From Heaven)

Maggie (Star) Whiteley and Geoff Mead 430

41. MindBalancing
Reinhard Kowalski 430

A moving journey through Gabrielle Roth's Five Rhythms(tm), called The Wave.
Flowing - soft, fluid, gentle, receptive, feminine the quality of being. Staccato - angular, linear, out-going, focused, with intention, masculine - the quality of doing. Chaos - formless, shapeless, wild, wayward, crazy - the quality of surrender. Lyrical - playful, light, airy, child-like, vulnerable the quality of spontaneity. Stillness - a moving prayer, poetry in motion, our inner dance - peace and connection with our sacred self. For anyone who knows that they need to move and who wants to dance, whatever size, sex or age they are. This work encourages hidden aspects of themselves to step out and dance their own unique dances.
Dilys trained with Gabrielle Roth and has worked with her, and many groups, throughout England and Europe, for fifteen years, developing the work in her own unique style. Although this work is soulful, it is not always serious - humour is our constant ally on the journey.

Eastern and Western meditations and yoga for the bodymind.

In the East the mind is regarded as the most subtle form of matter. Our creative point of tension, and sometimes our 'battlefield', is in the mind. Healing at this level has beneficial and rejuvenating effects on body, mind and soul. Meditation is the key to it and yoga asanas help to release blocks in the body so that life energy can flow freely again. This week combines elements of relaxation, energisation, yoga meditation, yoga asanas, pranayama, Ayurveda, psychosynthesis and emotional processing. Activities may also include life planning, prayer and mantra, creative writing and painting, communing with nature. Participate in a self-healing process through subtle psycho-spiritual energy work and yoga asanas. The group will be safe haven of heartfelt joy and openness for your journey towards all-one-ness. You will find that you can "change your mind" and celebrate.
Reinhard is a consultant clinical psychologist in the NHS and a psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice, with 25 years experience. He founded The Sattva Center to integrate Western psychology and Eastern spirituality: MindBalancing" is a result of this work. (See his book "The Only Way Out Is In.")

"Three apples fell from heaven: one for the teller, one for the listener, and one for the one who took it to heart." (Armenian folk

Once upon a time, a group of travellers met in an old farmhouse nestled among snow-capped mountains. As night fell, they gathered round the hearth to share stories of their journeys... So it has always been: telling stories is our oldest and most natural form of communication. We'll explore the art and craft of storytelling, developing our capacity to imagine, tell and listen from the heart. There will be exercises to energise, open up our voices and express ourselves more fully - plus time to relax and enjoy the beautiful environment and its own stories. The world's storehouse of animal fables, folk tales, fairy stories, wonder tales, myths and creation stories will help us enhance our skills and, hopefully, enjoy some heavenly apples! Storytelling engages and connects us to the earth and each other. It is satisfying, fun and profoundly healing. No experience is necessary - we are all born storytellers whether we know it or not. Just bring your sense of humour and zest for life.
Star ran Cortijo Romero for four years and is now a powerful coach and group leader. Geoff is a passionate educator, consultant,writer and storyteller who has trained in Gestalt psychology, human inquiry and storytelling.

People Say.. "I came stressed and low leaving rejuvenated and happy!"


Double discounts for two-week bookings Starting January 14th - April 15th and October 7th - December 2nd See page 32

28 October - 11 November 2006

October 28th - November 4th, 2006 October 28th - November 4th, 2006 November 4th - 11th, 2006

42a. Lets Dance! Tango And Salsa

John Harris 420

42b. Including Spirituality In Your Therapy Work

Reinhard Kowalski 495

43. Bolder And Older

Persephone Arbour Could ageing possibly be the grand adventure?
Are you prepared to break through convention? Have you enthusiasm, vitality, courage and boldness to look deeper within yourself to explore aspects of conscious ageing? Explore - some of the myths around ageing and ageism; Enjoy - meditation, writing, story telling, music, movement; Participate - in structured conversation to identify your key issues; Affirm - each person's unique journey; Experience - the gift of "being" rather than just "doing". A lot of "ageing" is illusory: we are essentially much younger than we think!"
Persephone has been a professional musician, wife and mother. For the last 35 years she has travelled the world as seeker and teacher in the myriad aspects of personal and spiritual development. When in Australia, she helped to pioneer new work with the over-50's, including convening a large intergenerational conference to celebrate the U.N. Year Of The Older Person. Now living in the U.K. she is as full of life as ever!


Elegant and enjoyable partner dances for co-operation and intamacy.

In a world dominated by a focus on the needs of the individual, working together as a group or partnership can be a welcome respite. As a result, during the last ten years, thousands of people world-wide have turned to partner dance and found joy in the act of contributing rather than accumulating. In this invigorating and meaningful week, master the basics of Cuban Salsa and Argentine Tango while learning the five essential components we need to succeed not only as dancers but as team players - collaboration, coordination, communication, co-operation and contact. The course is suitable for beginners but those with some experience can also expect to benefit. Its not necessary to bring a partner, in fact most people come alone. Just bring an open mind, a willingness to put your individual needs on hold for the benefit of the greater good and be prepared to have lots of fun doing it! Approximately equal time will be allocated to each dance. John is an internationally acclaimed dance teacher who leads tours to Cuba and Argentina and facilitates workshops at Californias Eselan Institute and Greeces Skyros.

For counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, complementary therapists and advanced students.
This week is an intensive professional development course for therapists who want to experience psycho-spiritual aproaches based in Yoga, Ayurveda, Psychosynthesis and Energy Psychology and learn valuable psycho-spiritual healing tools in order to develop a more congruent and successful practice. All the Cortijo Romero facilities will be available to help you unwind and re-charge your batteries. The basis of the course is Reinhard Kowalski's Mind-Balancing programme, which Dr David Frawley calls a "bridge between the best in Western psychology and what is most relevant in yogic spirituality". In addition we will explore and use: Psychosynthesis, Yoga & Ayurveda Psychology and the Chakras, subtle energy work, the art of being, facing the unknown, opening to the higher Self. There will be plenty of opportunity to meet, connect with, and learn from like-minded therapists who want to experience their work as a journey of healing themselves and others. Participants will have the opportunity to continue their professional development journey with monthly training weekends in London. For details of Reinhard, see week 41.

See our web site at www.cortijo-romero.co.uk for more information


11 November - 2 December 2006

November 11th - 18th, 2006 November 18th - 25th, 2006 November 25 - December 2nd, 2006

44. Tree-Planting, Tai Chi And Meditation

Jordi Jutglar and Trevor Taylor 215

45. Write From The Heart, Dance From The Soul

Chris Woodland and Jenny Pearson 410 The path of literature, music and movement leads into the heart of silence where our authentic voice is waiting to be heard.
For people who want to write but have yet to find a way in - and experienced writers who may feel shut off from their creative energies. Put aside all theories about writing and dance, to enter a place where the power of the moment can unlock the flow of movement and of words! No dance experience is necessary. Morning sessions start with simple relaxation and movement, leading into more focused work with imagery and story _ playing and allowing the imagination full rein. These are interspersed with quieter periods for meditation and individual and/or group work. We will also invite you to join in an evening of non-judgemental sharing and celebration.
Chris and Jenny use the power of literature and movement to refresh and rekindle creative energy. Chris has introduced movement and meditation into his work as a teacher of English and has written several books about creative approaches to teaching. Jenny was a writer and traditional storyteller for many years before training as a drama and movement therapist and, subsequently, psychotherapist. some recent workshops.

46. Chill Out, Stretch Out, Stride Out

The Staff Of Cortijo Romero 410

Make a vital contribution to the future of this marvellous region and have a great holiday at half price!
The mountains surrounding Cortijo Romero were once covered with trees but, in some parts, few remain. Join us for four or five hours a day on a spectacular mountainside, reversing the process to: create an amenity woodland, for use by our guests and the local community (1000 trees planted in two previous weeks); make a haven for wildlife; secure the local ecology, parts of which are a Biosphere Reserve; foster international co-operation and exchange; take up carbon dioxide produced by aeroplanes, have a carbon-neutral holiday and reduce global warming. There will also be Tai Chi and meditation, plus some of our usual holiday activities and great food - with masseurs on hand for tired bodies! Most participants will need to be fit and healthy, with a few places for others who can help with logistics, picnics, other support activities or expertise. If you want to come but cant afford even the reduced price, ask us for an information pack to approach sponsors. Jordi spent seven years in the Findhorn Community in Scotland, responsible for several aspects of their gardening programme. He managed Cortijo Romero from 2000 - 2005. Trevor is our regular Tai Chi teacher, contributes to some courses and runs an organic fruit farm. They will also involve local foresters or other experts. 28

Relax your bodymind and savour our magnificent environment.

The programme will be made up of about four hours of yoga, four of Tai Chi, a few easy-going group sessions, three walking excursions in the mountains an some evening music and song. Participants are also welcome to offer their own contributions - an optional session for other guests, stories, readings, games, dances, favourite music or whatever. Our aim is to make this a house party as well as a calming, refreshing and invigorating week - both mentally and physically.

Double discounts for two-week bookings Starting January 14th - April 15th and October 7th - December 2nd See page 32

2 December 2006 - 4 January 2007

December 2nd - 9th, 2006 December 21st - 28th, 2006 December 28th, 2006 - January 4th, 2007

47. Becoming The Author of Your Life

Alan Dale 410

48. Christmas Week

Hazel Carey 465

49. New Year Week

Kinny Gardner and Joanna Tagney 465 A workshop to re-unite love, intimacy and spirit.
Have a light-hearted and off-beat look at those New Year revolutions - the good intentions which somehow never happen but just keep coming around; create, take part in or watch a d-i-y pantomine; have some great winter walks; rest and renew yourself for a better 2005. Lots of music; a ceildidh; clowning and mime; breathing, dance and movement exercises; theatre games ad more. It should be enticing, engaging and energising... nourishing, naughty (well, a bit) but nice (ever so)...relaxing, revealing, and rumbustiou... not to mention Scottish and surprising. Above all, a good time in good company!
Kinny has a distinguished career in classical and modern dance, opera and the theatre, most notably with Lindsay Kemp and Martha Graham. He is a charismatic and engaging teacher, with a light touch and vibrant sense of humour that allows for the release of "Emotion In Motion". In 1982, he and his late partner Alastair MacMillan created the Krazy Kat Theatre Company, which Kinny continues to run. Joanna is a vastly experienced teacher, performer, story-teller, musician and community theatre specialist, who has worked with Kinny for many years. N.B. This week starts and finishes on a Thursday. Book early to be sure of getting a flight.

How to gain control without controlling others.

Authority is really a question of who's to be the author - of your own thoughts, feelings, attitudes, emotions and behaviour. If you are, then authority is neither external nor imposed, but an aspect of freedom. Why then, do we often let others control our lives, or try to control theirs, in those "heavy" ways? Find out how and why you avoid being the author of your own life; how you can take that authority and wear it lightly, using it to meet your real needs and have a good time; how you can use it to help others do the same in a society which works for people - if you choose to. There will be an integrated mixture of methods which engage mind, body, spirit and senses. The focus is on finding and expressing your real potential, and on moving from awareness to effective action, with appropriate support.

A week of living in joy, whatever your beliefs.

Celebrate and delight in music and song, dance and movement, creativity and play. Help create a community - a soul family of healing harmony. There will be time for quiet inner contemplation, exuberant wild expression and to deal with blocks to true joy and fulfilment. We can use stories and passions, improvise with voices and instruments, create costume and theatre, explore the natural beauty, build fires and make ceremony - moving with the spirit of joy as it touches us. A time for music and magic, fun and freedom, laughter and celebration - to be who we really are.
Hazel has a rare talent for creating a warm and infectiously happy atmosphere, drawing on long experience in teaching actors, choreography, African dance, directing plays and counselling. She has co-founded creative projects in England and South Africa and runs workshops in many countries. N.B. This week starts and finishes on a Thursday. Book early to be sure of getting a flight.

Alan has been involved in individual and organisational development since the sixties, with experience of a vast range of methods. He has been Director of Cortijo Romero since 1994.

See our web site at www.cortijo-romero.co.uk for more information


FRANCE Nigel Shamash - founder of Cortijo Romero

20-27 MAY Marc Woolford YOGA WITH MARC Uniquely inspiring approach to yoga 350

From 330 per week

Includes full board and course fees


Nigel Shamash, the founder of Cortijo Romero, welcomes you to La Roane, his centre in south-west France.
Meet like minded people in a supportive environment maximum 17 people Discover the real France 3 excursions included in price

3-10 JUNE Anne Armstrong 330 CIRCLE DANCE Anne returns to La Roane bringing a wealth of experience, ability and enthusiasm. 17-24 JUNE Hazel Carey 330 LIVING WHOLE HEARTEDLY Light hearted, playful week of singing, movement, dance and theatre games. For biography of Hazel see page 29 1-8 JULY Frankie Armstrong 350 SINGING FROM THE SOLES OF YOUR FEET For biography of Frankie see page 16 26 AUG-2 SEPT Malcolm Stern 350 THE COURAGE TO CHANGE For course description see page 20 9-16 SEPT Anne Armstrong CIRCLE DANCE Same format as 3-10 June. 330

A very easy journey.
Gatwick, Heathrow, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Dublin and E. Midlands, all have flights to Toulouse. From there we operate an inexpensive taxi service to La Roane, one hour away. Alternatively, a train from Waterloo takes you to within 15 minutes, (More detailed information on request or visit my website)

Nigel Shamash founded Cortijo Romero

in 1986 and was its resident director for five years. He sold the property in 1993 and then set up his centre in France, La Roane. He has had a profound interest in all aspects of the spiritual path for 25 years. He is fun-loving and welcoming, with a special blend of humour and sensitivity - an ideal host.

La Roane is set in an idyllic 20 acre property with La Roane wonderful woodland La Roane walks to explore. There are three main houses and a tree house in the woods with a mixture of single and double rooms. All of them are spacious, tastefully furnished and welcoming. This is a peaceful and truly beautiful part of rural France, a paradise for nature lovers. Three miles away is the mediaeval market town of St. Antonin.

The food we serve is vegetarian, prepared and served with love and creativity. Good local wine is provided with the evening meal.

Contact me, Nigel Shamash From UK Tel: (0033) 563 68 23 67 Email nigel.shamash@club-internet.fr or visit my website www.nigelshamash.com Address: La Roane, 82140 St Antonin, France

Bootlace Walking Holidays in La Alpujarra

mattress and plenty of space for your belongings; unwind and enjoy the huge view over the Contraviesa mountains towards the sea, with a hot meal and a glass of wine. Life on camp is uncomplicated: our site has no permanent structures, so the land can easily be returned to arable use, but there are tea-making facilities, mini-library, board games and a cosy communal space where we gather in the evenings to relax, swap stories and perhaps make music. HERBALISM AND WALKING (farmhouse) (camping) May 20-27 395 345 season. As the evenings draw in we'll enjoy bright sunny days with warm convivial evenings around the fire roasting chestnuts we've gathered, and sharing good company - with new walks to try out towards Trevelez. For more information on walks, special weeks and Casa Ana see www.bootlace.com Participants of any age from twelve are welcome. The pace is uncompetitive and possible for any normally fit person, though being in a very mountainous area, inevitably parts of the walks are strenuous, SO BE IN GOOD SHAPE BEFORE YOU ARRIVE in order to enjoy the week fully. Some experience of hill walking is helpful, especially for the High Mountain tours, but not essential. On booking you will be sent a list of essential items and more detailed information. BOOKING - Cortijo Romero are booking agents for Bootlace Holidays, a separate organisation. Procedures, conditions and travel are the same, transferring to Land Rover for the last few kilometres. Payment for the holiday should be made to Bootlace, insurance and transfers to Cortijo Romero. Use the form on page 33.

Walking Holidays

Spectacular Walks, Great Food, Great Company

(See the photo gallery at www.bootlace.com)

Bootlace Holidays are run by Paul, our regular excursion guide, and his partner Fiona, who also worked at Cortijo Romero for many years. Both are experienced mountain walkers, living in the area since the 1980s. They invite you to:
Walk with us in a journey back through time and into the heart of nature. The Sierra Nevada is steeped in history, with a rare geography from sub-tropical to alpine, one of Spains most loved and visited National Parks. Our walks follow many of the old Moorish and Roman trade routes and acequias (Arab irrigation channels) which criss-cross the rugged landscape and lead us from fertile terraces surrounding the whitewashed Berber-style villages to soaring mountainsides, hidden valleys and streams. See places, rare plants and animals that the casual tourist never finds and glimpse a life which has changed little over the last few hundreds of years. Most of our walks are circular and we use our Land Rover to gain the more remote locations. Each week is planned and adapted to suit weather conditions and the needs of the group members, with five walking days and one for resting.

Bootlace is a small seasonal business, allowing a gentler tourism, leaving the land and us less stressed! We limit guest numbers to 8 on camp and 12 at indoor venues. We provide delicious, hearty vegetarian food using as many home-grown and locally-produced ingredients as possible, and are happy to cater for special diets if advised in advance. HEART OF THE ALPUJARRA 395 April 18 April 815 (Semana Santa week ends on Easter Saturday) May 1320 Walk from the capital, rgiva, to the ancient Moorish fastness of La Taja. Stay in local village accommodation and small hotels - luggage transported ahead - enjoy Andalucian hospitality and a sample of Bootlace vegetarian food in a footloose and carefree week. CAMPING AT LA DOMINGA April 2229 and April 29May 6 275

Combine a basic herbalism course with plant identification and walking, with local herbalists Julio Donat and Claude (Uni) Peyrou. HIGH MOUNTAIN WEEKS June 310 and June 1017 365

For walkers who want to go higher and further! The climax of this week is our ascent to the highest peak of the Sierra Nevada, Mulhacen at 3483m (11,300ft). This is a challenging walking tour but within the scope of a normally fit person. A must for anyone who wishes to experience the wild beauty of one of Europes finest mountain ranges with its unique flora and fauna.

BOOTLACE AT CASA ANA (Special introductory price - 365) Sept. 23rd-30th Sept. 30th-Oct 7th Oct. 14th-21st Oct. 21st-28th This year Anne Hunt, one of Cortijo Romero's hosts, welcomes Bootlace into her pretty and hospitable new centre - a beautiful, rambling 400 year old house tucked away in the forgotten hamlet of Ferreirola, in the heart of the Alpujarra. Set in superb walking country, it's an ideal spot for our Autumn 31

In spring we pitch camp on our land at La Dominga for those who enjoy the great outdoors, the crackle and tang of camp fires, and waking up to birdsong. If youve camped before, or would like to try camping - this is the easy way! Your tent is set up for you on arrival, complete with comfy foam

Cortijo Romero is in rgiva, 2 1 hours drive from Malaga and 4 1 12 hours from Granada. Bootlace is 1 hour further on. 2 By air. Numerous direct flights to Malaga from most U.K. and many other European airports. Indirect flights also available, or extend your holiday by flying into a different Spanish city and arrive to us by hire car. There are a few flights to Granada and thence to us by hire car, public bus or taxi. By rail, bus or car, good services from all over Spain, via Malaga or Granada. We have Information sheets. Also see www.renfe.es for trains. By car, 216 hours from Northern Spanish ports. Transfers Malaga Cortijo Romero. Saturday bus service, British guide, 17.50 each way. Pickup from a nice hotel a few minutes from the airport by taxi or train. Book outward flight due by 15:30. If earlier, relax, swim or leave your luggage and explore: no extra charge. Return flight should leave after 12:30. Most guests come this way: you travel together, its cheaper and minimises vehicle pollution. Cant get a flight for these times? We can send a taxi for you: 39.50 each way.

We use a specialist travel agent, Star Travel, on 020 8998 2931. Not quite the cheapest but they know just what is required for our holidays, take care of the hassle and have full ABTA and ATOL bonding. You can use others but, to use the Cortijo Romero transfer service, first check the timings given above. Most airlines now offer cheap fares if you book early. Lastminute bargains are much scarcer, except on charters in offpeak times. Book early for all public and school holiday periods. You can book most flights through agents, or save a little by booking direct by telephone or internet. We can provide a list (which changes frequently) of airline numbers and web sites. There are also plenty of flights from most other European countries.

Deposit 100 per person per week, or full fee if less than six weeks before the holiday. Payments by debit card or telephone bank transfer are quick and cheap. Bank transfers to Cortijo Romero, Royal Bank of Scotland, Sort Code: 16-21-22, Account 10020842. Cheques or bank drafts to Cortijo Romero. Payments from other countries in Euros, by giro, credit or debit card, bank transfer, or bankers draft drawn on a U.K. bank. Charges to be paid by you. Bookings from Spain can be paid to our account there, call for details. Office hours: 0900 - 1700 (Monday to Friday) Out of office hours: answer phone When you book, youll get detailed information about all aspects of the trip. Meanwhile, if unclear about anything, do call us.


40 discount for two consecutive weeks. 80 double discounts in weeks starting: January 14 April 8 and October 7 December 2
40 discount for each week paid in one transaction six months in advance. Single Room Supplement 90.

If there is space, you are welcome to stay on as a nonparticipant after your course. We can also help you arrange other accommodation nearby.

Reduce Your Costs, Get More For Your Money!

q q q q q Book six months in advance and get a 40 discount Book two weeks and get 40 80 discount Book flights early and save up to 70% Book flights on-line and save 10 Join the Friends Of Cortijo Romero and get exclusive special offers. q Travel midweek at low fares and spend the savings on extra holiday. (Public buses or hire car from airport.) q If you have a low income and are on any kind of state benefit, ask us about a bursary. q Come on a working holiday or a Tree Project week.

We have a small fund which helps us to offer reductions to those on low incomes. You might like to make a contribution to it when you book. To apply for a bursary, ask before booking.

We offer a top-class policy, with maximum cover. Its best to take this when you pay your deposit, so that you are covered if it turns out that you cant go. You can use your own insurer if preferred. (N.B. The EHIC card covers only emergency treatment.)


Please phone us first to check availability and reserve a place. Then, complete the booking form on pages 33-34 and send to: Cortijo Romero, Cottage Offices, Latimer Park, Latimer Road, Chesham, HP5 1TU Telephone: 01494-765775 Fax: 01494-766577 E-mail. Bookings@cortijo-romero.co.uk

See our web site at www.cortijo-romero.co.uk for more information


Booking Form: Cortijo Romero and Bootlace

PERSONAL DETAILS, 1st PARTICIPANT Name Passport number Address Date of birth Male Female Name Passport number Address

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Please telephone (0)1494 765775 to check availability, then complete both sides in BLOCK CAPITALS and send to Cortijo Romero, Cottage Offices, Latimer Park, Latimer Road, Chesham, HP5 1TU, UK. Fax: (0)1494 766577. E-mail: bookings@cortijo-romero.co.uk
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Medically prescribed diets (Must be ordered now)

Medically prescribed diets (Must be ordered now)

Any condition for which you receive medical or psychiatric treatment

Any condition for which you receive medical or psychiatric treatment

(A doctors certificate of medication and fitness to travel and take part may be required. Your insurance policy and contract with us may be invalid if you dont disclose relevant facts.)

(A doctors certificate of medication and fitness to travel and take part may be required. Your insurance policy and contract with us may be invalid if you dont disclose relevant facts.)

Anything else we should know

Anything else we should know

INSURANCE Please arrange from Please send details Signed: to I am covered (22 up to 10 days, 26 up to 17) (Enclose copy of certificate) Date:

INSURANCE Please arrange from Please send details Signed: to I am covered (22 up to 10 days, 26 up to 17) (Enclose copy of certificate) Date:

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Contribution to Bursary Fund....................... Name on card: Sub-total ................................................... If you would also like us to take any balance from the card when due, please tick. Discounts .................................................. I/we have read, understand and accept the booking conditions set out in your brochure. TOTAL ....................................................... (Please continue on a separate sheet if you wish) Signature: NOTES 1. Deposit 100 per person per week, plus any insurance. 2. Balance is due 6 weeks before departure. 3. Payments to Cortijo Romero. Account 10020842. Sort code: 16-21-22. RBS Hemel Hempstead HP1 1XY. Please call for details if paying by Euros Date:

4. Bootlace payments to Bootlace, insurance and transfers to Cortijo Romero.


It is a condition of booking that you are insured. We can arrange it for you, or you can use your own insurer if you prefer. (Those not living in the U.K. will have to do this anyway, in their own country.) Insurance covers you against having to cancel for any good reason, as well as for sickness, losses and all the usual risks. A specimen copy of the comprehensive policy is available on request. (N.B. The new European Health Insurance Card has replaced the old form E111. Get it from main post offices, on-line from www.dh.gov.uk or call 0845-606-2030. It covers medical treatment but not ambulances or the costs of a hospital stay. At least three weeks notice is required.)

Getting more information

We have more detailed information on all courses and course leaders; room availability on all weeks; flights and routes; making your own way to Cortijo Romero; train and bus timetables in Spain; staying on in the area; the weather; and more.
Telephone: 01494 765775 Fax: 01494 766577 E-mail: bookings@cortijo-romero.co.uk Web site: www.cortijo-romero.co.uk

Hiring Cortijo Romero For Your Own Events

Cancellations (Must be confirmed in writing.)

- Received up to 8 days before departure: deposit lost. - With less notice: entire fee lost. - No refunds once at Cortijo Romero.

Transfering to another week (Must be confirmed in writing.) - With six weeks notice, free (once) to any week in the next year. - Less than six weeks notice: 25 transfer charge. - Less than a weeks notice: half of the fee is retained. Health
If you are currently under medical or psychiatric supervision, you must provide a doctors certificate confirming your fitness to travel and take part. Our courses are not suitable for those who are currently too emotionally disturbed or too physically disabled to take responsibility for themselves. In any case, all health problems should be disclosed when booking.

For groups, workshops, courses, retreats or small conferences, Cortijo Romero is truly special, a highly supportive environment in every way.
Accommodation for up to 28 participants and two staff (exclusive use) or for 12+1 (shared use). A separate, self-contained area is sometimes also available for up to six staff members. All meals, with high-quality vegetarian food. Use of all facilities, materials and equipment An outstanding team of dedicated people to help you get the best from your stay. A day out to the mountains, Granada or the coast. For details and prices: Cortijo Romero, Cottage Offices, Latimer Park, Latimer Road, Chesham, HP5 1TU Tel: 01494 765775 Fax: 01494 766577 Email: bookings@cortijo-romero.co.uk. 35

All information is correct at the time of going to press. However, due to mechanical faults, weather conditions, or what insurers call Acts of God, some amenities may be temporarily unavailable. Very occasionally, we may have to vary the advertised programme due to staff sickness or other problems, in which case we will always try to provide an equivalent replacement. We do not accept liability for: - any of the above events, or others beyond our control. - loss of or damage to your personal property. - medical or psychiatric conditions developing during or after your holiday. Your holiday travel insurance policy should cover these and other contingencies.