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OEM-Original Equipment Manufacturing. Raw Material Store: Raw materials should be used before 2years.

. Raw materials are utilised in FIFO manner.

Raw Materials are Cold Rod Carbon Sheet, Aluminium Zinc Plate, Ring Steel, Stainless Steel.

Raw Materials are supplied from Maharashtra, Korea, Malaysia. 36 parts to manufacture the products.

90% of raw materials is manufactured by Roots and 10% is Outsourcing.

Quality Circle with 7members is present to check the quality of the raw materials.


Process Planning and Control Marketing Design Process Engineering Quality Assurance Quality Engineering Information Technology Accounts and Finance Training and Development Human Resource

Facility Development



Employee Safety and Welfare:

130 employees working in HORN division. 24*7 hours working. Working Hours Shift (7-3.30 , 3.30-12 , 12-7). Medical Leave -30days/annum Casual leave -30days/annum Hearing Sound is High(70-80 Decibel), so they are providing Ear Plex Glouses for all workers.

They have Individual Ambulance to secure their employees during accidents. They are empowering their employees by giving the motivating award TRISEL, based on their performance. TRISEL means Change Better.

Features in coil locking process:

Its a Standard Operating Procedure. Coil is Checked using the Indicative Measure. If the coil is good green light will be pop-up, if its damaged red signal will be shown.

To ensure whether the Coil Checking Machine is Effective, they are placing both the good coil and damaged coil.If for both coils it signals the same light then there is failure in that machine. Siren is placed in all Machines for immediate reporting of problems. Its is with 3 colours of light. -Green(If any problem in Machine) -Orange(If any problem in Raw materials) -Red(Its for Quality Detecting). Sequence Indicator is there to intimate the next process(Which part to be used Next)

Testing process:

Its an interloping testing process. Quality check pattern checks the quality every 2hours. They usually check Input voltage, Air pressure, Non conformities of Raw materials.

Other details:

They have 37 machines and 600 tools. 36 parts to assemble 1hour. 30 types of process to manufacture 1horn. They produce 6,00,000 horns/month. They are very effective- 0 parts per million. Turnover is 11.5 crore/month. They have interaction with 5colleges/month. Utilisation rate is - 25machines/day 306000strokes/day

- 115manpower/day. Operator Interaction Meeting is arranged Every Morning. They mostly recruit ITI students. CSR activities also done by them continuosly.


Semi Automate Engine: -Power consumption and reduce man power cost. -550strokes/horn. PSPR-30 -Its weight is 160tonne. -25strokes/minute. -4process is done in single stroke.

Power Press Machine. Hydraulic Press- Load applied in manual way.