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Carlsbad, CA 92011 (760) 431-0301 cell: (760)-712-6496 tshuder@roadrunner.com


To be a catalyst for a company that seeks growth and operational excellence. To provide leadership and vision. To implement changes conducive to long term value for the company, employees, and shareholders. To champion ideas and projects that will lead the company to be the best in its industry.

A positive attitude and management style resulting in high levels of team productivity and profitable breakthroughs. Identifies, analyses and solves complex, systemic issues that hamper profitability. Correlates manufacturing and operational activities to P&L performance to implement cost improvement projects. Utilizes lean manufacturing and six sigma methods to improve product flow, quality and on-time delivery. Diversified multi-plant and international experience. Proven leadership in start-ups, expansions, relocations and rebuilding situations. An agent for change. Strong interpersonal skills; builds teams that function independently. A skillful mentor. Projects solid organizational, presentation and communication skills to elicit teamwork and change as needed. Extensive customer and supplier relationship-building, promoting successful account development and sales volume.

P&L Experience Business Plans Operations Capital Budgets Presentations Consumer Products Team Solutions Supply Chain Lean Mfg. Startups Turnarounds Six Sigma Composites Metals Adhesives Aerospace Formulations Clean Rooms Electronics Coatings Sales Support Project Mgmt. Medical Devices ISO9002 ISO13485 21 CFR 820 cGMP Shingo Metrics


Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Oncore Manufacturing Services, San Marcos, CA (2008-2011)
(Manufacturer of Electronic assemblies for: Aerospace AS9100; Medical devices - ISO 13485; healthcare; satellite communicationsCOMSEC/ITAR and various consumer products) Process owner of conceptual prototypes, product/process development, work instructions, BOMs, assembly drawings, transition to production, documentation, defect analysis, defect remediation, design for manufacturing ability (DFM) and sustaining activities to meet revenue plans and business plan objectives. Utilizes lean manufacturing and six sigma methods to promote successful continuous improvements programs that meet or exceed cost and quality objectives. Frequent, daily interaction with site leadership, production, quality, program management, and facilities to provide a cohesive and coordinated execution plan. Directed the allocation of resources for concurrent management of multiple projects and priorities. Led a multi-facility team to leverage economy-of-scale purchasing opportunities with suppliers. Implemented VMI (vendor managed inventories) with Kanban pull requirements (JIT) where advantageous . Established point-of use warehousing to eliminate costs associated with setups. Frequent interface with customers to communicate updates on productivity, quality, delivery and supplier issues. Focal point for new customer visits, program definition and scope.. Develops personnel to meet existing and anticipated challenges. Organizes and guides departmental and multi-functional sub-teams to resolve complex problems. Directs equipment maintenance activities, and process/equipment validation protocols (IQ/OQ/PQ). Develops the Cap-Ex budget to augment capabilities to meet existing and future requirements.

Served on a steering committee to attain certifications for the manufacturing of aerospace and medical devices products.. Executed the gap analysis between the requirements of the domestic and international standards (AS9100 and cGMP, 21 CFR Part 820, ISO 13485) to those of the current quality system.. Defined and documented the processes and procedures found lacking in the gap analysis. Was a principle participant in the registration audit. Results: Successfully achieved registration to the ISO13485 standard within 7 months and the AS9100 within 10 months. Manages a staff of 14 to implement Lean Manufacturing techniques (5S, value stream mapping, DMAIC, etc.) and metrics to track progress toward goals ( internal metrics, DPMO, statistical analyses, DOE) Results: Steady, continuous, and sustained progress has been made in all metric categories. Manufacturing cycle time reduced from 14 to 6 days.

Operations/Engineering Manager, Nelco Products Inc., Fullerton, CA (1999-2008)

(Manufacturer of prepreg materials and laminates for the PCB industry - Turnaround; Expansion and Startup, P&L Responsibility) Directed and coordinated plant operations to obtain optimum efficiency and maximize profits. Defines roles and responsibilities of staff to accomplish business and program objectives. Established production standards and metrics; developed budget and cost controls. Developed the facility layout and construction plan for a new manufacturing facility (Park Aircraft Technologies Corp). Participated on a corporate committee that defined and selected the capital equipment through a competitive bidding and design review process. Led efforts to obtain AS9100 certification. Results: Groundbreaking to completion of the 50,000 square foot facility was successfully completed within 14 months. Designed a series of ERP (Oracle) reports to establish a waste metric for the manufacturing managers. Led a manufacturing management team to utilize the reports and apply DMAIC principles to resolve problems contributing to waste. Utilized Cause and Effect (C&E) Matrices to dissect and solve the more complex problems. Results: Waste in the fabrication and finishing departments were reduced by 75% and 20% respectively. Assembled and mentored a multi-functional Value Stream Mapping (VSM) team to wring the value out of production processes by identifying productivity inefficiencies such as: long setup times, excessive handing, wasted motion, queues, and long WIP transactions. The VSM led to the following improvements: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Redesigned and reordered the product work flow to eliminate time-consuming counting and kitting of parts. Established barcode capabilities to reduce the average setup time from 15 to 2 minutes. Combined multiple processes into a single process in three different areas. Implemented work cells to minimize non-valued added activities, movements, and queue times. Removed unnecessary authorization procedures that impeded product flow.

Result: The throughput/productivity of each department was improved by an average of 25%. The average factory lead time was reduced from 3 days to less than 24 hours. Operational excellence changed an annual net loss of 15MM into an annual net gain of 6MM. The Finished Goods Inventory area was disorganized and the number one source of customer complaints (wrong shipments, late shipments, non-shipments). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Performed Value Stream Mapping of the inventory pull process to identify inefficiencies. Implemented a 5S program to simplify, standardize, and sustain the process: Eliminated palletized storage and dependence on a forklift. Minimized the storage space by converting to smaller bin locations for manual retrieval. Utilized barcode technology to assign bin locations for product stocking and retrieval. Setup a WIFI network to dynamically download the barcode data to the ERP system.

Result: No customer complaints regarding inventory pulls. Manpower in the area was reduced from 5 to 2. The space of the inventory area was reduced from 12,000 to 3,500 square feet.

Director of Engineering and Quality, Cobra Golf Inc., Carlsbad, CA

(Exponential Growth; International Supply Chain Management) 1994 1998 Managed a staff of 12 managers/supervisors and 140 hourly.


Exponential growth in sales was causing late deliveries and quality problems with the steel and titanium golf head supply chain. Inventories of unmatched components were growing. Managed the international supply chain (China, Taiwan, Mexico) for quality and delivery problems. Performed product flow mapping at each of the vendors facilities and made the following changes: 1. 2. 3. 4. Implemented smaller batch sizes to reduce queue times and shorten the total process cycle time. Redesigned product flow to process components as matched sets instead of identical parts. Reordered the process steps, inserting AQL inspection at critical process steps. Developed/started up a limited but flexible in-house manufacturing facility to satisfy critical needs.

Results: Average lead times from our supply chain were reduced from eight to three weeks. Inventory levels were reduced by 40%. The improvement in supplier quality allowed us to reduce our incoming inspection labor by 65%. On time supplier deliveries improved from 70 to 95%. Increase the profit margin of an existing, high-volume product line. Targeted the product component with the highest DM cost. Substitutions with lower cost raw materials were made possible with slight design modifications. Result: A cost reduction of $3 per unit; $4.5 million annualized. Performance was equivalent.

Materials & Process Engineering Group Leader, Hexcel Corporation, AZ and CA (1985-1994)
(Manufacturer of Aerospace and Electronic Materials - Product Development, Startup) Part of a small research team that developed and qualified radar absorbing (stealth) materials for the B-2, F117 and YF22, leading to the winning of contracts from Boeing, Northrop and Lockheed resulting in sales totaling in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Supervised the analytical (chemical characterizations) and mechanical/environmental test labs. Utilized DOE (response surface) methods to develop manufacturing processes and chemical formulations for new product development. Startup of a new 270,000 square foot facility to supply composite materials for Air Force stealth programs. Prepreg, printing and lamination equipment were sourced, installed and started up successfully. Start-up completed 3 months ahead of schedule and 10% under budget.

Operations Manager, Wilson Sporting Goods, Saint Vincent, West Indies

(International Relocation and Startup, P&L Responsibility) 1983 1985

Startup Manager for a plant of 120; responsible for P & L and departmental budgets. Directed the manufacturing, engineering, purchasing, quality control, accounting and maintenance departments to meet business plan objectives. Financial oversight of plant operations. Charged with transferring composite tennis racket manufacturing operations from Chicago to the West Indies. systematic plan to transport equipment with minimal impact on production. Results: Plant operations were up and running within five months...shipments on time and no decrease in quality. Established a

Manufacturing Engineer, Westinghouse Electric Corp. Pittsburgh, PA

(Switchgear and Hydroelectric Power Systems ) Manufacturing engineer for the machine shop, electroplating and electroforming shop, painting and assembly operations that supported the switchgear and hydroelectric generator divisions. Machine shop processes included: milling, drilling, hydro-forming, broaching, brazing, welding, grinding, polishing, and lapping of ferrous and non-ferrous (brass, bronze, zinc, aluminum, copper and titanium) parts. Managed a $350K capital project to upgrade the electroplating shop with new, pick and place equipment and a wastewater treatment facility. Installation was completed within budget and 2 months ahead of schedule. Received praise from my mentor and was awarded employee of the year by senior management.

Grove City College, Grove City, PA B.S. Chemical Engineering