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HOW TO CHANNEL SPIRITS The spirits who hover just on the other side of the veil from our

world sometimes have valuable messages for us who are still living, but they need someone sensitive enough to pick up on these messages in order to deliver them. Though most people feel that you have to have a special gift to channel spirits, the truth is that just about anyone can do it. It's actually quite simple as long as you follow some basic guidelines to help prepare your mind and reach out to the other side. 1 Find a quiet place in your home where there are no distractions. Remove any phones, radios or clocks and be sure to remove your watch. Not only will these things make distracting noises if left in the room, many of them may experience poor battery performance as you channel spirits and utilize the energy in the room. 2 Sit in the lotus position or as close to it as you can. Many people find the half-lotus much more comfortable. If this isn't even comfortable, sit however you feel balanced and grounded. 3 Breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. This encourages the proper flow of energy in the bodyand helps to remove any negative emotions so you may channel spirits with only good intentions. 4 Empty your mind of all your daily stresses. Any stray thoughts can lead you away from being open and receptive in your attempt to channel spirits. This is generally the most difficult part of the exercise, but practice in meditation will help you achieve this inner peace and opening to the spirits around you. 5 Use a communication medium to record your messages. Automatic writing or even automatic typing, where you allow spirits to channel through your hands, is extremely popular. However, some who channel spirits prefer to video tape or record their sessions so they can watch and hear the spirits' messages for themselves. 6 Practice channeling spirits regularly. The more you practice, the easier it will be to enter into your trance and allow the spirits to come through with the messages you seek. -- Be sure to include protective spells, amulets or incantations to keep evil spirits at bay. -- They may only have unpleasant messages for you, or they may actually cause you harm if you allow them access to your mind and body. HOW TO CHANNEL The power or gift of channeling often passes from generation to generation. Some are born with a natural ability while others receive training or discover the gift later in life. Being able to ask a question and receive an answer from the spirits of those that have left this plane of existence comforts grieving or confused loved ones. Contact with negative powers and controlling the gift takes training and focus. 1 Empty the mind through meditation or relaxation techniques to enter the trance state

required to make contact. Practice the method that is most effective for you and attempt to channel beings within the range of your ability. 2 Use tools such as tarot cards, crystal balls and divining rods to channel the spirit into the physical world. Channeling through this method can amplify the gift and extend the range of contact. 3 Commit yourself completely and let the spirit force flow through you, giving it the voice it lacks on the physical plane. Converse with the spirit as you would any living person. Listen with both the body and mind when receiving answers. 4 Translate the answers given by the spirit through connecting its thoughts with the present world. Spirits often speak in confusing phrases or offer riddles that only the person seeking answers will understand. 5 Protect yourself from dark spirits while channeling by calling upon the white light before entering a trance state. Pray to your chosen deity to protect you and cover you in the power the white light provides. Remove yourself from a trance immediately if you feel threatened or fear you may be losing control to another soul HOW TO TRANCE CHANNEL Spiritism is the practice of communing with the dead. It is one of the oldest forms of spiritual practice, with references that date back to earliest antiquity. Mediumship, or its more modern nomenclature, trance channeling, is the act of inviting spirits or entities to borrow ones body for a matter of time in order to communicate with the living. While there have been many famous mediums over the years (many of them proven frauds), the art of channeling spirits is not exclusive to professional mediums and can be practiced by anyone with an interest in the occult. Everyone has the same capacity to channel, and with a little guidance, you can learn to open yourself to the spiritual realm. Heres how. 1 Have someone with you to be a witness, ask questions of the entity and take notes of the session, if you are channeling to communicate. It helps if this person has an open mind and a calm demeanor. He should sit quietly beside you with a pen and paper, and he should not distract you in any way by asking questions or giving suggestions as you are preparing to channel. 2 Create a setting conducive to spiritual communion. Dim or turn off the lights, and light a candle or two. Turn off phone ringers, cell phones, televisions, radios, air conditioners, fans and other unnecessary electronic devices, as these may interfere with the electromagnetic energy fields surrounding your space, and could inhibit or distort the communication. 3 Sit in a comfortable position. Breathe in through your nose slowly, and exhale through your mouth on the count of 10. Continue these deep breaths, gradually increasing the length of your exhale until you feel a deep sense of relaxation throughout your body. Allow your arms to drop to your sides, and let your head fall slowly forward onto your chest. Continue breathing with your eyes closed, and feel your eyes roll into the top of

your head as your eyelids remain partially closed. 4 Allow the ambient noise in the room to become a single sound in your mind, a low hum, and feel your mouth and your facial muscles begin to relax. Let your thoughts drift and become one with the hum, flattening into the frequency of sound and existing apart from your conscious being. Let all become the hum, and let all sensation become aligned with the frequency of the hum. If any one sound becomes louder than the other, push it gently into the hum of the room, and do not give it too much attention. Your focus should be on the everythingness in the room and beyondnot on individual distractions. 5 Begin to feel a twitching sensation around your mouth or facean unfamiliar tug on the muscles around your nose and eyes, as though your face were a mask being tried on or manipulated by another. If your arm begins to move, let it. Your body may begin to feel foreign, as you shift your consciousness to the side or slightly above your left shoulder. You may remain in a semi-conscious state throughout the channeling experience, but you will not have a strong reaction to what is taking place. It will feel more dreamlike than real, and your attention should remain on the hum that you have melded into. The trance state can last for seconds or minutes, but you will most likely return to full consciousness several times during your first trance, until you learn to ignore the events taking place inside and around your body. 6 Note that when your entity appears, it may not sound like you. Most likely, the borrowed mouth will be unfamiliar to the spirit, and your words may be overdrawn, too loud or too soft. The words may be spoken with an accent, or the language may be altogether foreign at first. Allow the communication to take place without censorship, and keep your attention shifted as much as possible away from what is taking place in your body. 7 Allow the person in the room with you to make a formal introduction to the entity, once he feels that you are no longer in control of your body. A few pre-determined questions are a good way to get the ball rolling, as people are usually a bit overwhelmed or excited by this first encounter and may not be able to think of what to say at first. Once the communication begins, allow the guest to chat with the spirit, writing down as much of the communication as possible. (Tape recorders usually do not work properly during trance channeling sessions, and even when they do work, the ambient sound in the room will overcome most of the sound coming out of the mediums body.) 8 Notice at some point in the session, your attention will be drawn back to the room, and you will feel the absence of the entity in your body. Your face will once again become slack instead of rigid, and your hands will drop to your sides again in a relaxed fashion. You may have a crick in your neck because your head has been hanging in an odd angle. Allow your consciousness to return fully before you open your eyes. Remain still during this process to ensure proper realignment with your body. Take a sip of water or other liquid before trying to talk. 9 Ask your partner to read back the transcript of what has just happened, if you are done channeling for the evening. Otherwise, get up, move around a bit, talk, laugh, eat, drink anything to ground yourself firmly in the present for a short while, and then return to your

original position to begin the trance process over again. It is usually best to wait until the end of a channeling session before having a transcript read back to you, as you may find your conscious mind becoming interested in the material as you channel, and this can make it difficult to remain aloof or at one with the hum during the session. 10 Restore your energies by eating carbohydrates and exercising a bit. Channeling can drain your physical body and mind, so make sure you leave it fully when you return, and ground yourself firmly in the present. You may also find that you need more sleep than usual, once you start channeling on a regular basis.

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