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Bioimage and video capture software



BIOCAP software is proposed as a valid instrument in medical field for acquisition and recording of bioimage and video sequences. It find a natural application in endoscopy where you need to record a complete exam with bioimage scanning but it can be used also to record x-ray images or ultrasonic image. Its also possible manage a complete patients archives ,to verify a diagnosis previously saved or add a new. This program has been developed for use in human field or veterinary application.


We explain the main characteristics implemented on our software: - Preview frame video in full screen mode during recording phase. - Compress video record with a code available from the operating system. - Capture frame video in AVI or WMV (Windows media video) format. - Upload video sequences on Internet (FTP protocol) , profit for videoconference. - Capture audio sources . (Useful to comment own video captured) - Photo editor for captured images. - Video editor with: advance frame to frame. advance in slow motion (0.5X) and double motion (2x). capture images from video sequence recorded previously. - Create a detailed database patients . - Advance search functions for patients recorded with intercross fields. - Print of personal diagnosis with possibility to enclose the captured photos. - Hand-free mode. Predisposed for use with foot-pedal (RS232 foot-pedal or USB if you use a USB to serial converter).

Minimums system requirement: Personal computer with Pentium or Athlon 1,8 GHz. 3D video card 128 Mbyte di Ram. 256 Mb memory Ram. Microsoft Windows XP/2000/98 operating system. Video acquisition peripheral supported: - Video cards compatible WDM/DirectX: - Digital Video cameras FireWire (DCAM) - Video cards Pci, PCMCIA,PC-Card - Digital Video cameras USB/USB 2 - DV device (digital video).


Please follow this step: 1) Insert the CD . 2) Open the computer resources of operating systems. 3) Open CD device labelled BIOCAP. 4) Double click on the Setup.exe file. After a moment the setup program will start. 5) Follow the installation request. 6) Launch BIOCAP icons on Start menu.


The graphic interface is a user friendly type. This permit to access easily at the several functions of program.

The primary functions are activable with double commands. They can be recalled from main menu or from main toolbar.

- Exit from the program - Close command - Capture video and bioimages - Video search - Photo search - Medical report section - Medical studio setup - Language selection - Human application - Animal application - About the software


The capture/video section constitutes the primary part of software. It is approached this section through the indicated button. WARNING !: Before passing to video capture section you need to connect the video capture card, if its an external type and the video source (es. video camera, video recorder, etc). If you dont follow this tips a error message will appear on display and the software will not visualize the preview image. In such case is sufficient to exit from the program and restart it.

Command toolbar :

On green textbox is displayed the video filename. This name can be modified but it is important that the file extension is specified also (es. .avi or .wmv) so is possible to recovery it after. The textbox with black background visualize the video recording time and video frame . It is active exclusively during the recording phase. - Stop Records/ This function is activable with the R key on keyboard or through the serial foot-pedal command. (if in equipment)

- Photo Records This command is activable with the P key on keyboard or through the serial foot-pedal command. (if in equipment). Warning !: The captured photos arent automatically saved on fixed disc but simply transferred on a dynamic clipboard. These must to be examinate and after to saved manually on hard disk. - Full screen mode - Adapt to screen - Transfer video on web (Upload ftp) - Video options This function enable the option menu locate up to right of the screen. With it is possible to set up: Video source and input channels. (Source). Some video cards are equipped to more selectable video channels. Video resolution of acquired signal. (Option). Video and audio compression used during recording phase. (Compession). Audio options. (Audio). Serial foot-pedal options. (Foot pedal).


Section for editing video sequence previously saved.

Command toolbar :

- Video search command - To init video - Previous frame video - Play - Pauses - Next frame video - To video end - Video transfer on web (Upload via ftp) - Save single frame as photo - Vision to full screen (modality full screen) - Adapt image video screen dimension

It is present moreover: 1. 2. 3. A textbox with white background for to visualize video filename. A timing slide bar for to advance or to degrade the video sequence. A velocity setting slide bar for to modify video speed reproduction. (function slow/double motion)


With this section it is possible to search and to visualize saved photos present on fixed disc or removable support. For one faster search, to right of image is present a thumbnail for to visualize a preview of all directory. It is necessary a double click with the mouse to visualize a selected image.

Command toolbar :

- Search photo - Adapt to screen/Real Dimensions - Print image


In this section it is possible to report the medical analysis on the patient and save on it the acquired images.

Command toolbar :

This menu is equipped with a combobox on which it is possible, in progressive mode, to view the achieved patients.

- Search patient function Through this search function you can select ,in simple mode or by intercross fields, a previous of patient recorded. The search criteria are: 1. For code (if the patients are previously coded) 2. For date 3. For surname 4. For name 5. For animal or race (if the program is set up for application veterinary).

- New document - Erase document - Refresh document - Add photo - Delete photo You can select a photo pressing on it with a mouse click. The photo border became red to indicate a selected photo . It is possible to select more photo at the sametime for erase with a single click. - Select report layout - Print report - Preview report DICOM PROTOCOL SUPPORT

BIOCAP supports the management of images and video sequences in DICOM protocol which finds a logical application in ecographic and radiological field. Is possible to import images in this format and to convert them in mainly diffuse protocols (Es. BMP, JPG, GIF). The DICOM section concurs to manipulate images in this format for the measurement, the color application, the modification of contrast and many other described functions in this upper section. A tipical screenshot of this DICOM section :

DICOM command toolbar :

By this toolbar is possible to use every functions for manipulate a DICOM bioimage. We considers every single functions.

- Open a DICOM image. - Convert image from DICOM to Jpg, Bmp o Gif. - Print image. - To previous frame (Only for multislice DICOM image) - Play video sequence (Only for multislice DICOM image) - To next frame (Only for multislice DICOM image) - Show every frame at the same time (only for multislice DICOM) - Show header - Black & White function. - Hot color function.

- Inverted black & white function. - Hot color inverted. - Contrast function. - Area contrast. - Measure function. - Magnifier function. - Pan function. - Show/Disable overlay text. - Zoom factor selector. - Slide for frame speed.