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Appendix 7G.

1 Amended and Restated Employee Bonus Incentive Program Attracting and retaining talented individuals committed to the Land Trusts mission is at the heart of the Land Trusts ability to fulfill its mission. The Executive Committee wants to be able to reward its employees for a job well done and provide an incentive for extraordinary performance. To that end the Executive Committee adopts the following Employee Bonus Incentive Program (Bonus Program) to recognize key staff success in land conservation, fund raising, and management. Eligibility: All employees who have been employed for at least a year are eligible to participate in the Bonus Program. At the Executive Committees discretion, the one-year requirement may be waived The bonus pool: At the end of each fiscal year, the Executive Committee will create an employee bonus pool. Cash will be contributed to this pool based upon funds donated from any source other than the Building Material Thrift Store during the year. All cash donated for any purpose will be considered for the purpose of determining the size of the bonus pool. In the event an interest in real property or personal property is donated to the Land Trust, the value of that property will not be included unless converted to cash and only when converted to cash. Percentage of funds donated to be contributed to the bonus pool1: The Executive Committee shall review annually the percentage of funds donated to be contributed to the bonus pool including but not limited to the amount set forth in section i below. The amounts set forth below are in effect for FY 2008 and, in future years, the section i limit shall approximate the projected annual operating expenses of the corporation from time to time. i. ii. iii. iv. $0- $600,000 $600,001- 1,000,000 $1,000,001-2,000,000 $2,000,001+ 0% 3% 4% 5%

Allocation of Bonus Pool: The Executive Committee will allocate the bonus pool among the Executive Director and other staff based on their contribution to the success of the

The Executive Committee is conscious of its responsibility to hold in trust the assets of the charitable corporation and is mindful of the National Society for Fund Raising Executives Code of Ethics that contains an absolute prohibition of any reference to or use of a percentage of philanthropic income to determine compensation (Standard #5) with regard to an individuals compensation. The Executive Committee is also mindful that fund-raising is an ongoing process of donor identification and cultivation and is a continuing practice in which current funds received may be the results of efforts of others in previous years. The Executive Committee specifically rejected tying an individuals compensation to a percentage of the amount of money raised.

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organization. The Executive Committee retains absolute discretion for determining to whom to award a portion of the bonus pool and how much. The Executive Committee also retains absolute discretion to reserve any amount for future allocations in future years. Miscellaneous: 1. The plan year begins March 1. 2. Balance Sheet recording: The amounts to be distributed plus normal benefit costs and FICA, FUTA, SUI, etc., shall be accrued as a liability on the Balance Sheet monthly. 3. Changes to the Plan: The Executive Committee retains the right to make changes to the plan, or to eliminate the plan, from time to time.

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