Utilizing its distinctive red, white and blue logo and drop-dead sexy advertising, Le Specs commanded a powerful media presence in the eighties, enjoying an unprecedented level of brand recognition. Le Specs’ success was testament to its provocative styling and its ability to keep up with current trends, while at the same time maintaining an aesthetic all of its own. The Le Specs name garnered a cult following not only as the must-have eyewear accessory, but as a true trend-setter in the wider fashion world. Defined by the reinvention of classic shapes, Le Specs has forged a position in the marketplace as the leading youth-driven, fashion-forward brand. In addition to design, the focus has been on creating a Le Specs lifestyle through its ad campaigns and alignment with ‘all things summer’.

Now stocked iN leadiNg fashioN retailers throughout australia, New ZealaNd, swedeN, JapaN, chiNa, caNada, Belgium, germaNy, usa aNd the uNited kiNgdom. the le specs JourNey coNtiNues.








SINCE 1979
For anyone born prior to 1985, Le Specs was a household name. Le Specs fast became synonymous with everything ‘Euro Chic’ and the sunglass brand du jour to own for every beach combing eighties Australian. Re-launched in 2006 after a 20 year vacation, the iconic sunglass label once again became renowned for its fashion-forward and innovative designs at an affordable price.

Le Specs designer Hamish Tame has drawn upon his passion for sunglasses and vintage eyewear to create a brand synonymous with youth fashion. At the age of 21 and despite no formal training in fashion, Tame’s starting point for re-launching the iconic brand was creating looks that he and his friends could wear everyday from Bondi Beach to summer music festivals.

“It was about creating a collection that was affordable, but didn’t compromise in quality or detail. No other fashion brand in the market was offering cool on-trend product at an affordable price.” explains Tame. Tame lives in the beachside suburb of Bondi where he is surrounded by a melting pot of sun, sand, surf, the perfect locale to find inspiration for a globally recognised eyewear brand.

“lauNchiNg iNterNatioNally iNto regioNs such as scaNdiNavia aNd the uk has allowed us to draw oN wider iNflueNces, whilst stayiNg true to our cheeky yet sexy styliNg.”

with the uBiquitous tag liNe ‘le specs, le tough’, the le specs BraNd Became aN icoN for its time iN the mid 1980’s - the suNglasses were uNBreakaBle aNd the product uNmistakaBle.


With over 40 years experience, Sunshades Eyewear is the largest supplier of sunglasses to Australia and New Zealand’s leading department stores and fashion boutiques. The Sunshades design team spends over 100 days overseas every year travelling Europe, the USA and Asia seeking inspiration, researching trends and visiting factories. Sunshades employs a team of 32 merchandise managers and 30 sales representatives and agents, who represent 4000 fashion and eyewear specialist stores in Australia and New Zealand. Sunshades also achieves worldwide sales via international distributors in key regions.

le specs is maNufactured aNd distriButed gloBally By suNshades eyewear – the largest australiaN privately owNed eyewear compaNy, with a turNover iN excess of 3 millioN frames per year iN australia aNd New ZealaNd.


Always conscious of the latest brands and trends, the Le Specs customer seeks unique styling to express their personality. They mix high-end pieces with affordable brands like Le Specs - with such an accessible price they can afford to have a few pairs of sunnies each season. Young in age or young at heart, the Le Specs customer is both male and female, and the range offers them unisex styles that can be worn anywhere from music festivals to lazy days at the beach.

the le specs customer experieNces the BraNd through a heavily driveN media campaigN, frequeNt editorials iN iNterNatioNal press, music festivals, eveNts aNd social NetworkiNg.


warmiNg up wiNter chills with the sexiNess of summer, the le specs alpiNe collectioN is desigNed with the europeaN climate iN miNd. the alpiNe collectioN is a series of uNisex frames that iNcorporate heavy mirrored aNd polariZed leNses which iNcrease colour coNtrast aNd elimiNate glare.


All Le Specs sunglasses are comprehensively tested and comply with strict Australian and International standards for sunglasses. Every Le Specs sunglass is supplied with a one year warranty against all manufacturing defaults.

REVO MIRROR COATING Reduces glare and UV 0.75 TAC POLARIZED LENS Eliminates reflective glare POLYCARBONATE FRAME Lightweight and impact resistant MOLDED NOSEPADS Designed for comfortable fit

POLYCARBONATE LENS Lightweight and shatterproof NICKEL SILVER FRAME Allergy free coating ADJUSTABLE NOSEPADS For tailored and comfortable fit SPRING HINGES For increased comfort

NYLON FRAME Lightweight flexible material, impact resistant POLYCARBONATE LENS Lightweight and shatterproof MOLDED NOSEPADS Designed for comfortable fit SIGNATURE FLAG STRIPE Original iconic design from 1979

SIGNATURE PRINTS Designed exclusively in house POLYCARBONATE LENS Lightweight and shatterproof MOULDED NOSEPADS Designed for comfortable fit CELLULOSE PROPONATE FRAME Smooth double polished finish


Le Specs communicates its unique and distinctive personality in every marketing endeavour. All point of sale material adheres to Le Specs core values, beliefs and image, and is produced to maximise customer interaction and perception of the brand. Le Specs has created original and eye-catching fixtures that allow customers to interact with the product, and retailers to easily manage inventory and promote sell-through. Active and attentive merchandisers and sales teams ensure that retail partners are supported in selling the brand to its potential, both on a global and local scale. The broad appeal and diversity of Le Specs is evident through its extensive retail partners.

selliNg through departmeNt stores such as david JoNes | youth fashioN retailers such as urBaN outfitters aNd geNeral paNts | specialty suNglass stores | surf retailers such as sds aNd Beach culture | Boutique fashioN stores throughout australia aNd arouNd the world such as graNdpa & iNcu | oNliNe fashioN retailers such as asos


Polished, professional, sexy and aspirational lifestyle imagery is the signature of Le Specs. Campaigns are used to transcend the marketplace and communicate the look and feel of the Le Specs lifestyle to the customer. Although affordability and attainability are key features of Le Specs, campaigns focus on the desirability and aspiration of the product. They are promoted through traditional and new media channels and set the scene for the evolution of the brand every year.

the le specs advertisiNg campaigNs have Become as syNoNymous with the BraNd as the product itself.


Le Specs is a brand designed to be experienced and enjoyed as well as admired, and these principals have been applied to the way the brand is marketed. Involvement in relevant social & cultural events through sponsorship and ambient marketing activities have been a hallmark of the brand’s re-birth and growth.

a seNse of play is fuNdameNtal to the BraNd’s marketiNg techNiques. le specs playfully iNteracts with its loyal customer iN a variety of settiNgs - from workiNg with retail partNers to fiNd the Next “Bum of le specs” to spoNsoriNg australia’s largest music festival, Big day out.


During its history, Le Specs has collaborated with leading fashion brands, publications, music events and retailers to create limited edition pieces. 2011 marks the release of the highly anticipated Henry Holland for Le Specs collaboration. Produced in conjunction with leading British fashion designer Henry Holland, the collection features 19 trend-setting pieces. The Henry Holland collection is designed for premium department stores, high-end youth fashion retailers and fashion boutiques.

“i chose to work with le specs after meetiNg with the team aNd fiNdiNg myself amoNg like miNded creative professioNals who love their work aNd are passioNate aBout what they do. i really liked the idea of le specs’ heritage aNd campaigNs, aloNg with its irrevereNt aNd cheeky philosophy.” heNry hollaNd


Le Specs is represented by leading PR specialists globally and featured alongside leading fashion and luxury brands in magazines and online around the world. Promoting the brand through PR and celebrity placement is instrumental in keeping the brand relevant and the product progressive.

workiNg with key stylists has BeeN iNtegral to le specs’ success highlightiNg fashioN elemeNts of the BraNd, aNd receiviNg frequeNt placemeNts iN high fashioN puBlicatioNs.


the uNique propositioN of aN aspiratioNal fashioN BraNd at a value price fashioN-forward desigN with wearaBle appeal stroNg BraNd recogNitioN through a heavy preseNce iN fashioN editorial BeiNg high fashioN with regular releases, le specs is a high stock-turN BraNd supported By the eNtire suNshades exteNded family, Both locally aNd iNterNatioNally a suNglass specialty BraNd with icoNic appeal a low risk, high returN BusiNess


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