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Respected Principal sir, teachers and my dear friends, In 1946, the Labour government in Britain, had its exchequer exhausted because of the second World War. It was conscious that it had neither the mandate at home nor the international support for continuing to control an increasingly restless India. In early 1947 Britain announced its intention of transferring power and way to Indian independence. Independence Day of India is celebrated on Fifteenth of August to commemorate our freedom from the British rule and birth of a sovereign nation. The day is a national holiday in India. All over the country flag-hoisting ceremonies are conducted. The main event takes place at Red Fort in New Delhi, where the Prime Minister hoists the national flag and delivers a nationally televised speech from its ramparts. In his speech, he highlights the achievements of his government during the past year, raises important issues and gives a call for further development. The Prime Minister also pays tribute to leaders of the freedom struggle and martyrs of nation. India has travelled a lot ahead since the time we gained independence. Today, as we celebrate 64th year of our Independence, from being called a Third world country, we have made a transformed to be among the league of top 20 nations of the World. We are also on threshold of being a superpower and fifth largest economy by next decade. But these figures will certainly be an uphill task for any nation, and in order to achieve this goal we have to change and accept the challenges of today. In field of education population is uneducated population of whole of superpower status, we even after 64 years, 40% of India's this population size is equivalent to Europe. In order to achieve a have to work on our Education

programmes. On domestic front before we point figures on our troubled neighbour, we have to maintain first our Internal peace. Try to resolve issues of North-eastern states, and remove antiregional activists which are dividing our country. We and our neighbours spend a huge amount of money in building weapons, Being the dominant nation we should sit together and discuss about how to maintain peace in the region. A European union kind of model if implemented in Asia , will certainly benefit everybody in the region. Our population is growing at a very high rate and though most of the analyst say that our youth population is really beneficial for the world growth, but it is also true that this population consumes a considerable amount of resources. We have to put a curb on growing population for us to become a leading nation. As our ex President A P J ABDUL KALAM said and I quote A developed India by 2020, or even earlier, is not a dream. It need not be a mere vision in the minds of many Indians. It is a mission we can all take up - and succeed." Unquote In the end even though we are independent, we still do not understand the true value of independence and until we all together strive to build a better nation we shall always remain slave to our destiny. JAI HIND and a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY.