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Reflections on 22-08-2011 Tsp,Raia,Goa

Davidson, Peterson, Johnson, Jachson... who the fr is? Jews did not know very much about their heavenly father. They kept Him at the distance. No name for God. The word YHWH is only saying about God thats all. (rendering the name either Being or He Is) The most likely meaning of the name may be He Brings Into Existence Whatever Exists. They kept God at a distance to an unreachable height. A kind of worm theology If you vely look at it. Jesus brings the almighty and all powerful God very close to us. He asks us to call God as our father. A very intimate relationship indeed. This actually is a great revolutionary act of Jesus. Regarding Mary now... No one can give that precious gift. Actually in human terms nobody should give that gift. But Jesus gave us his own yes he gave us his own loving mother. Jesuss precious gifts can be listed like this... 1. He introduced God as our father and taught us how to pray. 2. He gave us the word of God (which strengthens, enlightens and give us hope to live) 3. His presence, the everlasting presence in the Eucharist. 4. The gift of Holy Spirit to be with us always. 5. And the gift of his mother as our own mother. A precious gift indeed. Mother Mary if we look at her role in the history... we come across the Trinitarian aspect in her. 1. She is the loving and lovable daughter of God the Father. 2. She is the affectionate mother of Jesus Christ. 3. And thirdly she is the temple of Holy Spirit. The first ever corpus Christy procession took place in the history is the time when Mary went to meet Elizabeth. The first ones to have the adoration and benediction of the Blessed

Sacrament were Elizabeth and her son in the womb John the Baptist. This Mary, was very simple. She humbled herself so much that God exalted her to the sublime heights. It is unthinkable in the Jewish culture to give prominence to women. In fact Jewish men thanked God for three things. 1. I am not born as a pig 2. I am not a leprosy patient 3. And thirdly I am not born as a woman. This is the status of women in the Jewish culture. But God takes this little daughter of God to high pedestal. Since she humbled herself God made her the mother of Christ the redeemer, Mother of all and most importantly the queen of Heaven. This has been possible with Mary a simple handmaid of God because of her modest words be it done unto me according to your words saying YES to God - a total surrender to God. Happy are those who are spiritually poor, the kingdom of heaven belongs to them. Mary is the standing example for this. This is how she could inherit the queenship of heaven. Mary teaches us to listen to God, read His will and to give ourselves fully for the mission. This is made very clear in the very first miracle of Jesus at the wedding feast at Cana. Here, Mother Mary asks us to Do whatever he tells us. Like Mary we shall discern and identify the will of God and carry out the mission effectively as Mary does even today. So If only we get the spark of this deep faith and commitment of Mary the queen of Heaven, our life will stand transformed. For this grace let us pray to the Lord. ----- As we begin to explore on the Autobiography of Our loving Founder St Ignatius who was inspired and guided by Mother Mary we shall also pray that we too shall get inspired and guided by our beloved Mother Mary... for this grace we shall pray to the Lord.