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2011 International Conference on Ecology and Transportation Sustainability in Motion

August 21-25, 2011 The Westin Seattle Seattle, Washington, USA

TECHNICAL SESSION MODERATOR GUIDELINES THANK YOU for volunteering to serve as a technical session moderator and for accepting this important role in the success of the ICOET conference. The Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) is lead organizer for ICOET. Please let CTE know if you have any questions about these guidelines and your role as moderator. Contact Eugene Murray at CTE, 919-515-8037, eugene_murray@ncsu.edu. As Moderator, You Have Three Main Responsibilities: 1. Contact your session presenters before the conference to confirm their presentation information and answer questions they may have. 2. Notify CTE prior to the conference of any corrections to the presenter information, and to get answers to presenter questions. 3. MOST IMPORTANTLY Keep your presenters on schedule during the 90-minute session at conference. These guidelines will help you manage the session that you will moderate. As soon as the information is available, CTE will provide you with a summary of your session including its general topic area, date and time, names and contact information of the four presenters, and a brief bio for each presenter. Before the Conference by July 22, 2011 if possible: Please contact each presenter in your session to introduce yourself. Check with the presenters to ensure that the following information is accurate and correctly spelled as provided to you presenter name, organization, and presentation title. This information is printed in the ICOET program booklet, so please promptly notify CTE if any of the information is inaccurate. Confirm with each presenter the date and time of the session and their order of presentation as provided to you. This information is also posted in the Preliminary Conference Program on the ICOET website. The order of presenters has been set by the Program Committee and should not be changed unless there is a compelling reason to do so as determined by your discussions with the presenters. For example, a presenter may have a time constraint which requires that s/he should present first, or last, in the session. If any corrections are needed to your presenters information, promptly contact Eugene Murray at CTE, 919-515-8037, eugene_murray@ncsu.edu. FYI, corrections received after August 5, 2011 may not be included in the printed program but will be incorporated in the final conference proceedings. Remind presenters to bring their PowerPoint (PPT) presentations to conference on a USB flash drive or CD-ROM, formatted for Windows PC (Microsoft Office 2010 or earlier version). Prior to their session at conference, they will have access to a speaker-ready room to conduct final checks of their PPT files. Remind presenters that, as they prepare their presentations, to define any acronyms (e.g., NEPA, EIS, SAFETEA-LU, etc.) or technical terminology (e.g., streamlining, conformity, banking, etc.) they may use for the benefit of conference participants who may be unfamiliar with these terms. For example, international participants may not recognize acronyms common to US presenters. Ask presenters if they have any questions, and forward them to CTE for reply as needed.

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ICOET 2011 Conference

Technical Session Moderator Guidelines

At the Conference: Your primary role is a timekeeper for the session, ensuring that each presenter stays within his/her allotted time so that (1) all presenters have equal time to speak, (2) sufficient time is available for questions and discussion from the audience, and (3) the session ends within 90 minutes. Gather your presenters together in your meeting room, along with the A/V technician assigned to your room, approx. 15 minutes before the start of the session. Remind presenters of their time allotments 15 minutes for presentation plus 5 minutes for audience questions. Tell presenters that you will give them a three-minute sign (hold up three fingers) to help them begin their wrap up. When their time is up, you will stand up and move toward the podium. Ask presenters to be seated on the podium at the head table during the session. If a presenter asks, s/he may sit in the audience until their time to speak. As moderator, you may sit on the podium or in the audience; just be certain that the presenter can clearly see you for time cues. The A/V technician will assist each presenter to copy his/her PPT file from their USB drive or CDROM to the desktop of the laptop computer in the session room. Remind presenters to use only the files on the laptop for their presentations, and do not delete their files from the laptop at the close of the session.

Take up to 5 minutes at the start of session for a brief welcome and conference announcements. Announcements will be held for you at the conference registration desk; please stop by prior to your session to check if there are any announcements to be made. If any last-minute announcements need to be made once you are already in session, a CTE staff person will bring them to you.

Provide a brief introduction for each presenter. Name, position, organization, city, state, country, and presentation title information are sufficient. You may introduce all presenters at the beginning of the session, and each presenter again before s/he speaks. Remind the audience that presenter bios will be included with their full papers in the final proceedings to be published after conference and posted on the ICOET website.

Call for questions and encourage discussion from the audience. Audience Q&A works best after each presentation. If there is time remaining after the last presenters questions are answered, please call for additional questions for all presenters. Also, encourage the audience to meet with the presenters during breaks for further discussion.

The A/V technician will support you. The A/V technician will help with any computer, lighting and audio concerns in the room during the presentations. If any problem occurs that the technician cannot resolve, he/she will contact the conference center staff. Notify CTE of any last-minute program changes to your session such as speaker names, order of presentations, etc. so that we can make certain the changes are incorporated them into the final proceedings.

Should there be any late changes to your session, please inform CTE.

Again, thank you for your service as a moderator and for your contribution to ICOET!

Updated June 2011

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