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QS-PDS-037 Revision: 00

CAS No. 598-30-1

Product Names Formula Appearance Application

sec-Butyllithium, sec-BuLi, SBL CH3CH2CH2CH2Li Clear to yellow solution sec-Butyllithium is a very strong base, exceedingly useful in organic synthesis. SBL has found particular utility in the ortho metallation of aromatic substrates. SBL is also a very effective initiator of anionic polymerization of styrene and conjugated dienes. The synthesis of solution SBR and of styrenic thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), in particular, is facilitated by SBL. References: The Chemistry of Organolithium Compounds, ed. Zvi Rappoport and Ilan Marek, Wiley, 2004, West Sussex, England.

Product Specification sec-Butyllithium, wt% Free Alkalinity, wt% Carbon Bound Lithium, %

Typical* 12.00 12.25 0.6 max 95 min

* This product can be made to agreed upon customer specifications.


Cyclohexane (contains <10% hexanes or heptane to inhibit freezing)

Physical Properties

Molecular weight Density @20C Contained butyllithium Pyrophoricity

64.06 0.78g/ml ( 6.51 lb/gal) 93.6g/L (0.78 lb/gal) Pyrophoric


sec-Butyllithium is miscible in all proportions with aliphatic, aromatic, and ethereal solvents; however, there is some reactivity with the latter two solvent types.
o o

Thermal Stability

At 20 C and 35 C, the average decomposition rates were 0.05 and 0.32 wt. % o per day, respectively. Recommended storage: 15 C or lower and preferably at o 0 C.

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CAS No. 598-30-1

Toxicity/Safety Data

Pyrophoric liquid. Can catch fire if exposed to air. Reacts violently with water to give off flammable gases and corrosive dusts. Corrosive to eyes (may cause blindness), skin, nose, throat and stomach. Can catch fire on contact with body moisture or if exposed to air. Inhalation of vapors may cause dizziness, nausea, anesthesia, numbness, motor weakness in fingers and toes, incoordination, and headache. If ingested, may produce a lung aspiration hazard. COMPLETE INFORMATION ON TOXICITY AND SAFETY IS CONTAINED IN THE FMC MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET (MSDS) AVAILABLE FOR THIS PRODUCT.


Keep away from water, air, and oxidizing materials. Wear full face protection and gloves. Use in a closed system under argon or nitrogen. Keep away from heat, sparks and flame. Protect storage container from leaks and physical damage. 2000 20000 L #5 420 L 125 mL, 500 mL, and 1 L

Shipping Containers

Bulk containers Cylinders Glass bottles

Shipping Limitations

Shipments of SBL are described as " Organometallic substance, liquid, pyrophoric, water-reactive (SEC-BUTYLLITHIUM, HYDROCARBON SOLUTION), 4.2 (4.3), UN 3394, PG I. Shipments require "Spontaneously Combustible" and "Dangerous When Wet" labels. Post, Parcel, Air Sea Road, Rail (USA) Road, Rail (EU) Not acceptable Class 4.2 (4.3) (IMDG) Class 4.2 (4.3) (DOT) Class 4.2 (4.3) (RID/ADR)

For shipments within Europe, labeling for supply requirements are: F C N R&S phrases

Highly Flammable Corrosive Hazardous for the Environment See Material Safety Data Sheet

Responsible Care initiative dictates that all shipments of lithium chemicals must be transported in a DOTapproved vehicle in a responsible manner (i.e., no flat bed trucks).

Additional Resources

Refer to the Butyllithium Safe Handling Guide available on-line at www.fmclithium.com.

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