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International Group of P&I Clubs Ship Technical Committee Condition Survey Report – Version 3.00


1. Survey Report Forms

Report forms have been developed for seven (7) different ship types:

1. Bulk/General Cargo/Container

2. Reefer

3. RoRo

4. Oil tanker

5. Chemical tanker

6. Gas tanker

7. Passenger/Ro-Pax

The full condition survey report consists of four (4) individual parts;

PART A Section 1. Vessel particulars Section 2. Circumstances of Survey Section 3. Executive Summary.

PART B Section 4. Survey Questionnaire – all ship types

PART C Section 5. Survey Questionnaire – specific ship types.

PART D List of Recommendations

The List of Recommendations must be completed and handed over to the ship’s master / superintendent upon completion of the survey. Item numbers in the List of Recommendations must correspond to item numbers in the Survey Questionnaire.

2. Filling out the Forms

For sections 4-5 the surveyor is required to tick one of four boxes:

Y Yes Available, implemented and entirely satisfactory in both condition and compliance

with regulations etc.

N No Not implemented or not satisfactory due to poor condition or noncompliance with

regulations etc.

NA Not applicable Does not apply to this ship.

NI Not Inspected Item not assessed/not available.

For any items ticked “No” it is normally required that the surveyor provides additional information and clarification in the remarks column provided. Further, a “No” relevant for the safety of the crew, the cargo or the environment shall normally generate a recommendation in PART D - List of Recommendations.

3. Remarks

Space is provided after each item and below each part in section 4-5 as these help assists with the

overall assessment of the ship and her management.


Survey Summary - rating

Following completion of the survey and based on the surveyor’s overall impression of the

vessel, the surveyor is requested to rate the ten (10) areas listed in section 3.1.

1 - Very good - Satisfactory in all respects

2 - Good - Some minor issues to address

3 - Fair - Acceptable subject to remedial measures

4 - Poor - Serious issues to address

5 - Very poor - Unacceptable in present condition

In the event that the surveyor has not fully assessed an area due to limited time being available for the survey or other circumstances rendering the rating impossible he should leave the relevant box blank. In PART A, section 2, Circumstances of the Survey, the reason for not having surveyed / assessed an area(s) should be written.

5. Reporting

a) The Preliminary Report consists of the completed Condition Survey Report Form (PART A) and

the List of Recommendations (PART D) The preliminary report should be emailed to the Club

within 24hours of completion of the survey.

b) The Final Condition Survey Report consist of Part A, the Survey Questionnaire (PART B &C),

The List of Recommendations (PART D), the Photo album plus additional enclosures.The Final Condition Survey Report should be e-mailed to the Club within two weeks.

c) Enclosures, scanned images, only to be included if the document is related to a



Photos must be gathered as an album with descriptive text and in a PDF format


NB! No hard copy of the survey report to be issued


Software Requirements – important!

The enclosed Survey Form is designed as a dynamic PDF document. To complete the report

Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or higher is required. This is commercial software available at www.adobe.com.

NB! The free Acrobat Reader will not work.

For compiling photo albums with descriptive text we recommend PrintStation, which is software available at www.picmeta.com

7. Updates and developments

The Condition Survey Report Form may be updated at any instance hence the Surveyor must always ensure that the latest version is used. The instructing club will normally provide information

with regard to the location of the latest version of the form.

International Group of P&I Clubs – Ship Technical Committee Condition Survey Report Version 3.00

NORTH OF ENGLAND The North of England Protecting and Indemnity Association Limited The Quayside, Newcastle


The North of England Protecting and Indemnity Association Limited The Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 3DU England Telephone: + 44 191 232 5221 Facsimile: + 44 191 261 0540 Email: survey@nepia.com

Additional North of England Instructions to Surveyors

Please read the following carefully in order to help ensure that the condition survey and the reporting are completed as smoothly as possible

Survey Arrangements Please liase with Member’s local agent / representative, in order to arrange a mutually convenient date and time to carry out the survey. The survey should be conducted as far as possible without causing any delays or disruptions to the operational and commercial activities of the vessel, or inconvenience to the crew.

If the survey is to be carried out during a repair period or drydocking, our preference is for the survey to be completed 1-2 days before the end of such period so that, should any defects be noted which need to be rectified before the vessel sails, time remains to complete any necessary work without delaying the departure.

Survey Fee Please advise the expected time needed to complete the survey and the expected cost of the survey, including details of survey fees and anticipated expenses. If it becomes clear that you are unable to complete your instructions within the estimated budget, please advise us immediately.

Please submit an electronic copy of the fee note to us with the Final Report of the survey. The feenote should be made out to “The Owners of “VESSEL NAME”, c/o North of England P&I Association Ltd”.

Ship’s Security Please provide our Members and ourselves with full contact details of the attending surveyor(s) so that Members can ensure that all necessary ISPS Code requirements are complied with.

Please ensure that your surveyor is in possession of photographic identification and is prepared to comply with any applicable ISPS Code procedures.

Survey Letter for Vessel’s Master Please insert the appropriate details and print two hard copies of the North of England survey letter included as a Word document in this zip file. Please give one copy to the Master when first attending on board the vessel (to be retained on board). The other copy is to be signed by both the Master and attending surveyor(s) and is to be included as a scanned attachment in your formal report.

Hatch cover weather tightness testing The survey should, where possible, include a thorough visual inspection of all hatch covers, access hatches, other deck openings, ventilators and their sealing / securing arrangements. Weather tightness testing of hatch covers, access hatches and other deck openings should, as far as possible, be carried out as a routine part of the condition survey.

Our preferred method of weather tightness testing is by using ultrasonic testing equipment.

Please advise the type of equipment you have available.

Defects Please ensure all items marked either N or NI in Parts B and C of the Questionnaire appear as

individual defects in Part D and their numbers correspond exactly with those in the relevant section


the Questionnaire.


a test or inspection is only partially completed, the outstanding aspects of that test / inspection

should appear as a defect in Part D, the Questionnaire should then be marked NI and the appropriate remark made against the relevant item, unless of course, the surveyor is fully satisfied that no further inspection or testing is required, based on his findings / supplementary shipboard documentation.

If the vessel's ballast tanks (or any item for that matter) are not available for inspection / testing, Class, Flag, thickness gauging reports and shipboard documentation should be sought, reviewed and if acceptable marked Y and an appropriate remark made against the relevant item in the Questionnaire. However, if supplementary documentation is not readily available, then the item should be marked NI and added to the defect list.

A signed/stamped copy of the defect list (Part D) is to be handed to the Master at the time of

survey. Please also advise us of all defects at the time of the survey.

We should be notified by any available means as soon as possible if there are serious defects that could affect P&I risks.

We should also be notified if the vessel scores a 5 (Unacceptable) in any of the ten areas listed in Section 3.1 or if the overall score for the ten areas totals 35 or more points.


A number of 12 general photographs of the ship should suffice. These photographs should be

supplemented with photographs of each deficiency found during the survey.

Photographs should be incorporated into a photographic album and then converted into a pdf document. Care should be taken during the pdf conversion to ensure that the resolution used during the process is no more than a maximum of 150dpi (preferred resolution is 72 or 96 dpi) in order to control the maximum size of the final document.

Reporting to North of England Correspondence relating to the survey should be sent to the individual email address of the Survey Executive handling the file as detailed in the initial instructions.

Emails (including attachments) should be no larger than a maximum of 10Mb. Any emails larger than this may be rejected. If you need to send emails larger than this, they should be split up into messages of more manageable sizes. However please bear in mind the total size of all the documents sent in order to avoid overloading the mailbox.

Hard copies of the survey report are not required.

Disclosure The results of this survey should not be disclosed to any third party.