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Clean Room Pack

For the aurora M90 ICP-MS

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Clean Room Pack

As semiconductor devices shrink and contamination tolerances are reduced, quality control of chemicals by ICP-MS becomes even more crucial. The Clean Room Pack for the Bruker aurora M90 ICP-MS helps maintain the contamination-free environment required. Combined with the industry-leading sensitivity of the Bruker ICP-MS, this fully contained system enables you to achieve the lowest possible detection limits in highly sensitive environments.

Benefits include
Maintain integrity of highly sensitive clean room environment. All vacuum pumps are housed inside the instrument, and air from the pumps and instrument is extracted out of the clean room. Save valuable laboratory space. All pumps are contained within the body of the ICP-MS, resulting in the smallest footprint of any commercially available ICP-MS system. Backed by the most sensitive ICP-MS units available, featuring: Unique collisional interface/extraction optics [1] that minimize interferences, providing reliable, routine, trace level quantification. Optimized sample introduction system, including computer-controlled Peltiercooled spraychamber, that reduces interferences and improves stability.

Robust, high-efficiency plasma system and patented Turner Interlaced Coils [2] that break down the toughest sample matrices, reduce matrix effects, and minimize ion energy spread for maximum sensitivity and stability. Patented 90 degree ion mirror [3] and low noise double off-axis quadrupole that provide industry leading sensitivity and background. Unique collision/reaction interface (CRI) [4] system provides simple, routine removal of troublesom spectroscopic interferences.

Clean Room Pack

The clean room pack contains an o-ring free inert sample introduction system consisting of: Inert Perfluoro Acetate (PFA), double pass spraychamber that is Peltier cooled to achieve the lowest interferences, such as those from oxide ions. Allows the analysis of aggressive samples and acids, including hydrofluoric acid (HF). Low flow, inert PFA nebulizer that is safe for use with HF. To allow the nebulizer to be set at optimal nebulization conditions, an inert sheath gas transfer line is also included. Semi-demountable torch with a highpurity inert platinum injector tube that reduces contamination from the injector. Pair of platinum-tipped interface cones that increase cone lifetime for aggressive samples and acids. [1] (US patent 7,119,330 B2); [2] (US patent 5,194,731); [3] (US patent 6,614,021 B2); [4] (US patent 7,329,863 B2)

Description Clean Room Kit for the Bruker aurora M90

Part number 9920000600

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