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.com/mjp Keyboards: Sheri Krmy (30%)-Professionals, Gaowale Kisan (65%)-Rural Farmers, Corporate Kisan (5%)-Rich Peasants; Feudalists; Farmers invested in stocks. Scenario: Gaowale Kisan stuffed with wealth-wanted platform where they could invest and start some sort of establishment for they expected high returns. Not believe in Sheri Krmy Companies thus become Corporate Kisan. These involve in agriculture, sell their mammoth produce, invest exorbitantly in stocks, and take over Companies convert them into stock exchange oriented establishments remove Sheri Krmy from management for they are financially strong not technical. Nevertheless, Corporate Kisan have to appoint poor Sheri Krmy as they are active talent oriented, who have to work to earn their bread. To survive food needed, for food money required but for money, some job done and whatever thrown accepted. Hello! Does Government hear! However, they cannot allow Sheri Krmy to continue for adjustment seems impossible thus; they have to be utilized and discarded. In meantime Income Tax Department (ITD) loots their money in the form of 10% Provident Fund, 30% Profession Tax and 10% Value Added Tax (VAT) totals 50% of hard earned money on the pretext and the context of permanent employee. Never to return ends up in the coffers of Politicians and Bureaucrats. Government that is full of Corporate Kisans who are desperate and anxious to declare Sheri Krmy downtrodden and see to it that they migrate to other countries. Even Abraham Lincoln could not have discerned that Democracy will become a form of feudalism for the Corporate Kisan, by the Corporate Kisan and of the Corporate Kisan. Lincoln! Did you hear! Problem: Gaowale Kisan mitigated (brightened) by the urban flamboyancy (light). Thus they do some sort of technical and administrative course try their best to become Corporate Kisan. These will invested in Companies converted them into establishment take away urban jobs, become and appoints Corporate Kisan. In rural these fellows continue to involve in agriculture for wealth. Thus Corporate Kisan have been made cannibals under the patronage and super flowage of Government who deny Sheri Krmy and Gaowale Kisan their profession in short deny Right to Survive, Right to Aspire and Right to Prosper. Poor fellows cannot do anything for Government endorses National Feudalism. Utter Human Rights Violation. Solution: From centuries, Military families who are valiant warriors resided and subsided in urban areas who have taken up technical and administrative jobs thus termed as Sheri Krmy. Thus, who do not and cannot settle in rural to become Gaowale Kisan. Sheri Krmy and Gaowale Kisan should not have anything to do with Corporate Kisan whatsoever, whomsoever and wheresoevers. For they will gulam (enslave) then start exhibit harami (feudalism). Corporate Kisans produce anything and nothing should ever be bought by stores, super markets and Companies in urban area and rural. Corporate Kisan should not be allowed to be involved in agriculture particularly grow cereals and pulses, pump illegitimate and illegal money into stock market adulterate Technical Companies into brothel establishments. Sheri Krmy should do only contract jobs should to say become contract laborers. Thus can pay (personally not by Company or stock exchange oriented establishment for they do not remit but swallow) 10% Professional Tax and 10% VAT on products bought to suppress loathsome ITD. Sheri Krmy have PAN (Permanent Account Number), Gaowale Kisan keep KVP (Kisan Vikas Patr) but Corporate Kisan maintain both under the endorsement of ITD. Gaowale Kisan should never try to mitigate and migrate to urban areas for they are born so, there are no urban jobs, and competition is unbearable because of market saturation. Sheri Krmy and Gaowale Kisan should become Astik (Theist) resist Idolatry (Adultery) to counteract negative Telepathy, to recognize their individual unique, distinct and innovative talent. To survive, aspire, and prosper and not to amass wealth which makes economy sulk and stagnate because of Democratic, Secular, Sovereign and Socialist State Ideology. OH! SHERI KRMY! OH! GAOWALE KISAN! HELP THYSELF! BE ENDOWED WITH AND IN TRUTH, WISDOM AND COMPASSION!