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_____________________________ AC: Brotherhood Guide Created by: Axel7174 FAQ and Walkthrough Copyright 2010 Ryne Gardner _____________________________

Version History --------------Version 1.00 - 11/12/10 - 11/29/10 --First template of the guide. It's very rough. I am hoping that after I hand in my 10-page paper on Tuesday, I will be able to immediately start working on smoothing out the edges and adding new content. For now, the walkthrough is done, as well as some other rough additions. Version 1.05 - 12/3/10 --Decent-ish update for the weekend. I added a bit more to the Basics section, fixed quite a few things in the walkthrough, and started cleaning up and adding to the Glyphs, Assassin Recruiting, and Weapons & Etc sections. Still got a lot to do, so expect more to come soon. Version 1.15 - 12/8/10 --Things are still kinda rough I feel, but I'm slowly getting stuff added. I have worked on mostly the Extras sub-sections, like adding to the Glyphs, Weapons & Etc, and other sections, and adding Trophies/Achievements. I made some formatting and style changes to the walkthrough, along with some small revisions.

Version 1.20 - 12/10/10 --I'm cleaning things up a bit. I decided to shift things around, moving the sub-sections on Weapons/Armor/etc and the Materials into the still-in-progress Rome section (4). So please, if you're looking for info on weapons/armor or materials, check that section. Other than that, I started adding onto the Guild Challenges section to finally start listing how to do the challenges. More to come. Version 1.25 - 12/14/10 --Added the Assassination Contracts, finished the Templar Agents, Cristina missions, etc. Added more to the Guild sub-section and also adding more to the Basics section. Other than that, mostly minor additions and tweaks.

__ _________________________________________________________________________ 1 Introduction..................................................... [itro] + About This Guide + Using This Guide 2 Basics........................................................... [bc00] + Welcome To The Animus (SPOILER WARNING)........................ [bc01] + Controls....................................................... [bc02] + Becoming An Assassin........................................... [bc03] + Welcome to Rome................................................ [bc04] + Know Thy Enemy................................................. [bc05] 3 Walkthrough...................................................... [br00] + Sequence 1 - Peace At Last..................................... [br01] + Sequence 2 - A Wilderness of Tigers............................ [br02] + Sequence 3 - The Fighter, The Lover and The Thief.............. [br03] + Sequence 4 - Den of Thieves.................................... [br04] + Sequence 5 - The Banker........................................ [br05] + Sequence 6 - The Baron De Valois............................... [br06] + Sequence 7 - The Key to the Castello........................... [br07] + Sequence 8 - The Borgia........................................ [br08] + Sequence 9 - The Fall.......................................... [br09] 4 Rome: Renovations, Lists, and more............................... [ro00] + Renovating..................................................... [ro01] + Renovation Lists............................................... [ro02] + Weapons, Armor, Art and more................................... [ro03] + Materials and Shop Quests...................................... [ro04] 5 Extras........................................................... [ex00] + Glyph/Rift Locations & Puzzle Solutions........................ [ex01] + Assassin Recruiting............................................ [ex02] + Guild Missions and Challenges.................................. [ex03] + Assassination Contracts, Templar Agents & Cristina Missions.... [ex04] + Virtual Training............................................... [ex05] + Trophies/Achievements.......................................... [ex06] 6 Miscellaneous.................................................... [misl] + Frequently Asked Questions..................................... [fak4u] + Credits/Special Thanks + Contact Info + Legal Gab


01 Introduction ASSASSIN'S CREED: BROTHERHOOD [itro] +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Hello. Hola. Guten tag. Ni Hao. Bonjour. Salve. Konnichiwa. And Zdravstvujte. Welcome one and all to this guide for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. I go by the pseudonym Axel7174 and this is my guide. I hope you enjoy your time here. I also hope that whatever it is you're looking for, you will find. If you're looking for help with Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, then you're in the right place. If you're here about migratory patterns of whales, then I'm sorry, I can't help you. About This Guide ---------------This marks what might be my ultimate or perhaps penultimate guide of 2010. If this is the last one, it's a good game to end on. I'm a huge fan of the Assassin's Creed series, even more now with what Assassin's Creed 2 managed to accomplish. I wrote a guide for Assassin's Creed 2 which you can also read on this site most likely. Being that I wrote that, it felt right that I would work on this as well. I borrowed some formatting and stylistic ideas from that guide as well, since I felt that at least, aesthetically, the guide looked decent enough. So I am retaining that here with some minor changes. If you would like help with Assassin's Creed 2, please go read my guide for the game. Also, if you like this guide, please recommend it to other users by clicking "Recommend" at the top of the screen (GFAQS only). I appreciate it. Using This Guide ---------------Here are some tips to help you out with properly using this guide. As you may have already seen, there is a Table of Contents. That will not only give you an idea of what is in this guide, but it also has these little codes at the end of most of the items. They're quickjumps. Just put those codes into the ctrl+f function of your web browser and you can quickly jump to that section! This also works with certain keywords or phrases you might expect to find in this guide. For readers who have questions, please check the FAQ section first to see if it hasn't already been answered. If not, or if you are someone who has something to submit to me, please also read the Contact Info section before sending me mail. These are the only things I ask of prospective e-mailers. It's really important.

+---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ 02 Basics ASSASSIN'S CREED: BROTHERHOOD [bc00] +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ This is the Basics section. As the name implies, it's just here to serve as a substitute Instruction Manual sort of. You can see what the controls for the game are, as well as some other useful bits of information and tips for those who are new to the game. There is also a sub-section here that I put in only for dramatic purposes and for those who wish to know a summary of the previous game's story. It contains spoilers though so be careful. It's actually... coming soon. It will be added in the future.

------------------------------------------------------------------------Controls [bc02] ------------------------------------------------------------------------The controls in this game can be a little complicated for newcomers. Here's a layout of the controls for the PS3 and 360 versions of the game. Basic Controls _________________________________________________________________ Action PS3 Button 360 Button --------------------- ----------------------- ------------------Pause Start Start --------------------- ----------------------- ------------------Map Select Back --------------------- ----------------------- ------------------Movement Left Analog Stick Left Thumbstick --------------------- ----------------------- ------------------Camera Right Analog Stick Right Thumbstick --------------------- ----------------------- ------------------Lock on L1 Left Button --------------------- ----------------------- ------------------Call Assassins L2 Left Trigger --------------------- ----------------------- ------------------High Profile R1 Right Button --------------------- ----------------------- ------------------Inventory Wheel R2 Right Trigger --------------------- ----------------------- ------------------Look R3 Right Thumbstick In --------------------- ----------------------- ------------------Select Hidden Blade D-Pad Up D-Pad Up --------------------- ----------------------- ------------------Select Primary Weapon D-Pad Right D-Pad Right --------------------- ----------------------- ------------------Use Medicine D-Pad Left D-Pad Left --------------------- ----------------------- ------------------Select Fists D-Pad Down D-Pad Down '-----------------------------------------------------------------' Actions: Low Profile and High Profile ______________________________________________________________ Action PS3 Button 360 Button -------------------------------- ---------------- -----------Steal (Low Profile) X A -------------------------------- ---------------- -----------Sprint/Free Run (High Profile) X A -------------------------------- ---------------- -----------Gentle Push (Low Profile) Circle B -------------------------------- ---------------- -----------Grab/Throw (High Profile) Circle B -------------------------------- ---------------- -----------Tackle (while running) Circle B -------------------------------- ---------------- -----------Attack Square X -------------------------------- ---------------- -----------Speak Triangle Y -------------------------------- ---------------- -----------Eagle Vision Triangle (hold) Y (hold)

'--------------------------------------------------------------' ------------------------------------------------------------------------Becoming An Assassin [bc03] ------------------------------------------------------------------------Benvenuto, recluta! (Welcome, recruit!) There's a plethora of techniques, skills, and cool moves you can do in the world of Assassin's Creed. Getting to know them, learn them, and master them will go a long way to your progression and your appreciation of the game. An Assassin must have: -Acrobatic skills and parkour finesse -Tracking and intelligence gathering skills -Master skills of stealth and infiltration -The ability to blend in, hide, and flee -Advanced combat training -The ability to utilize different tools and weapons - Free Running & Platforming General Movement ---------------You can of course move just by pushing the Left Analog Stick. Holding R1 however is how you can run. Running is a High Profile action and it opens up new commands. Sprinting --------Hold R1 and X together to sprint. Sprinting is faster than just running and it lets you free run, meaning Ezio will automatically interact with objects and structures in his environment. Climbing -------Nearly any structure in the game can be climbed. To climb straight up a wall or other structure, hold R1 and X as you move Ezio toward it. For example, if there is a window on a wall just above you, point Ezio at it as you hold R1 and X and he will run up the wall and grab it. The limit to how high Ezio can get from off the ground is limited, something you have to get a feel for. Ezio can freely climb as long as there is some sort of small ledge to grab. Bricks, beams, windows, banners, nearly anything can be scaled. If there is a relatively straight line of grabbable ledges, Ezio can "quick climb" by holding R1 and pointing the Left Stick up. If he can't reach the next ledge, you can try shimmying around left or right. When you shimmy, Ezio can hop small gaps to continue shimmying. Sometimes to get to the highest point or to get to the next reachable ledge or item, you really have to work the Left Analog Stick. Sometimes Ezio isn't at the right height, or he just isn't reaching for it so you need to play with it sometimes. Free Running

-----------R1 and X are a good pair together. Besides just sprinting, these two buttons allow you to easily climb and traverse all sorts of platforming setpieces. If Ezio is walking or running normally toward a bunch of stacked crates, he'll just bump into them. But hold R1 and X and he'll start climbing up them. That's how you free run. When platforming setpieces are laid out in front of you, you'll need to free to get over them. You need to keep up your speed and momentum as an Assassin quickly track targets. So if a row of beams are in front of you, you need to able to nimbly leap from one to the next. Holding these buttons let's you do Be sure to get well acquainted. run and be it.

Advanced Wall Jump -----------------Learn this technique well, young padawan. The Advanced Wall Jump is more helpful than you may realize. It can expedite your climbing, making the task a little easier and faster. Aside from that though, there are ledges that can only be reached by the Advanced Wall Jump. To perform it, run up a wall as normal, then immediately jump to either the left or right. Using the Left Analog Stick, point Ezio in either direction as he runs up the wall and he can jump and reach any adjacent ledges or beams, etc. - Blending and Hiding Blending -------To blend in with a crowd, all you have to do is stand amongst them. Really! You'll see many citizens just by themselves, walking around with or without purpose. Many of them travel in packs of four and are rather easy to identify. It's these groups that you wish to mingle with. Stand between them and Ezio will look shadowed and grayed, telling you that he is hidden. Moving amongst moving citizens is a good way to get close to potential targets without rousing any suspicion, but beware, you're limited to the movement of the group of people you're with, something you can't control. Hiding Spots -----------There are multiple ways to hide from pursuers. One is the aforementioned method of Blending. There are also haystacks which you can jump into. Benches with two people sitting on them provide another easy way to just become invisible. Simply sit down between them and you'll be hidden. There are also little gazebos found on some rooftops with colored blinds that you can duck into. Detection and Hiding -------------------Normally, guards will not even care about what you do, so long as you don't do anything bad in front of or to them. In some circumstances though, they will be on high alert. When you are in a guard's line of sight, there is an indicator that appears above his head that is shaped like an arrow. It starts off black and fills with yellow. When it is filled with yellow, the guard becomes suspicious. The guard will approach you and the arrow starts to turn red. The closer they get to you, the more it will fill with red. When it is totally red,

you will be "detected". The detected state means that guards will actively attack you. It also means failure in certain missions. Avoiding detection is as simple as killing or avoiding guards that might see you. Your options when spotted is to move out of their line of sight before they get to the suspicious level. Duck behind cover and move out of the way. When you are detected, you can end surrounding guards or breaking the must put some distance between you guards, jumping into a hiding spot can clearly see you. - Combat Initiating and Breaking Combat -----------------------------You'll have a much better time fighting enemies when you lock onto them. Hit L1 when an enemy is nearby to lock onto them. Ezio's movement is now fixed around them. Your attacks will also be directed entirely at that enemy and not leave you flailing helplessly to their left or right. To break combat, hold R1 and hit X and just run! It breaks any lock on you have and it frees you from the limited movement of combat. You enter free running mode again and can run away. Normal Attacks -------------Hit Square to deliver an attack with your equipped weapon. The basic idea about fighting is to make consecutive attacks and break your enemy's defense. You want to hit Square at the moment of contact to follow it up with another attack. This keeps the enemy at bay more often than not and it eventually earns you a kill on most foes. Blocking -------Hold R1 to block. Ezio raises his weapon in defense. While holding R1, you will block all basic attacks from the front. Your rear is undefended though. Usually this is not a problem, as Ezio usually reacts and turns around to block it. When having to deal with multiple enemies though, he can end up taking damage. You can't block heavy attacks from Brutes (see Know Thy Enemy) and the attacks from Seekers will make Ezio stagger. Countering and Disarming -----------------------Here's probably the bread and butter of your future combat experience in Assassin's Creed. A counter is an easy-to-pull-off maneuver and for the most basic enemies, it kills them in one hit. It just requires a little bit of practice to learn the timing and read your opponents. To counter, hold R1 like you were going to block. Wait for an enemy to attack, and then press Square before contact to peform the counter. For most basic enemies, this kills them if done right. For others like Brutes and Seekers, it won't work unless you have a Heavy Weapon. Some are just too strong and can't the "detection" state by killing all the line of sight. To break line of sight, you and your pursuers. If you are too close to (listed above) will not work because they

be countered. The timing depends on your own skill and the enemies. Maybe it's me, but I felt like there was slightly less variation in the speed of enemy attacks than in Assassin's Creed II. Timing them becomes easier with practice. If you're not fast enough, you might either block the attack or take damage. Disarms work the same way as Counters. The exception is that you must not be wielding a weapon. Select your Fists (D-Pad Down by default). Now wait for an attack and counter it like you would with a weapon. Instead, Ezio will steal the enemy's weapon from them. Follow this up by attacking that enemy for an instant kill. You'll keep the weapon until you drop it. Disarms work on most normal "weak" enemies. It works on Seekers and Agiles very easily as well. Brutes however have made it harder than in AC2. Normally, you can't disarm them. However, if you initiate a Taunt (Triangle), you can disarm them after that. I do not know if this works on other enemies (Papal Guards). Special Attacks --------------Each weapon type has a special attack you can use by holding Square when you're in combat. Here's a list of them: Fists - Throw sand (briefly stun enemies) Medium Weapons - Pistol shot Daggers - Triple Throwing Knife toss Heavy Weapons - Special attack (unique)/Throw weapon Throwing sand is a... sometimes useful but often forgotten skill. It loses its luster with the Execution Streak (see below). The Pistol Shot allows Ezio to quickly line up a shot without even selecting his Pistol normally and kill a targeted enemy. Hold Square to line up the shot and then release. When wielding a dagger, hold Square to charge up throwing knive toss. You can hit up to three enemies but they have to be in front of you. Close-medium range is best. Possible targets are highlighted in red. Also, when you have the dagger equipped and you are distant from an enemy you are locked onto, just hitting Square once will toss one Throwing Knife at them. Now, for Heavy Weapons, things get a little more complicated. The mechanics behind it can be sometimes confusing, so forgive me if I make a mistake here. At close range, big swords and axes can be used to charge an extra powerful attack that staggers enemies and deals extra damage. At longer range however, holding Square lets Ezio throw the weapon at an enemy! BE WARNED however! This applies not only to disarmed Heavy Weapons, but also ones you equip. If you throw your equipped weapon, you lose it unless you pick it up, and if you pick up the wrong weapon, you must go back to the Blacksmith to re-equip it. As for spears, these are a little trickier. From what I can see, when you are close and locked onto an enemy, you will always do the sweep attack. Ezio charges up and then sweeps nearby enemies, tripping them with the spear. This allows for easy kills. However, if you are at a distance and you are not locked onto your enemy, you can throw the spear.

Execution Streak ---------------New to Brotherhood, the Execution Streak is the physical form of the new combat philosophy of strike first, strike hard. It takes some practice to learn, but once you master it, it is a fun and extremely satisfying part of combat. To start an Execution Streak, first you must deliver a killing blow to one enemy. The three ways are by repeated normal attacks, counters, and disarms. Then, during the kill animation, use the Left Analog Stick to highligt another surrounding enemy, and hit Square to "select" him. The timing is what you need to learn first. You can't wait too long or you won't get the streak going. You need to select your next target, pretty much literally as Ezio is running his sword through the previous one. Each time you attack one new enemy, select the next one to start streaking the kills together. This allows for continuous one-hit kills! So there must be a catch right? Stringing one-hit kills together sounds like it could make the game too easy, right? Well, of course there are some balancing measures. Besides requiring proper timing, you can also be interrupted during the streak by enemies other than the ones you're attacking. Also, if you try to reach for an enemy that's too far away or just... not there, your streak will end as well. So you understand the Execution Streak and you understand how it can be stopped. How do you get around that and master it? Well, this is very, very, very important for mastering this skill. Obviously, as you'll come to learn, enemies won't just sit around and let you kill them off. When you are streaking kills on some foes, the others will try and interrupt it by attacking you. To prevent them from stopping you, you need to counter them. Now I know what you're saying: "But I just started the kill animation on my next target and another different enemy attacked me! I can't stop to counter him now!" The truth is you can. Yes. Even as you are killing another enemy in your streak, if someone else attacks you, you can peform a counter. Yes, in mid animation. This of course requires lots of practice and good reflexes. Try it out! Execution Streak Special Attacks -------------------------------This is perhaps my favorite new addition to the combat. You learned about special attacks--how you can use the pistol and throwing knives in combat more practically without selecting them. Well, there is a way to use them in an even quicker and more effective manner. When you start to get skilled at Execution Streaks, try this. Normally you would select your next target in mid-kill by pointing the Left Stick and hitting Square. When you have a Medium Weapon or your dagger equipped though, select your target and HOLD Square. If done right, Ezio will kill the next target, but also shoot another nearby enemy at the same time with his pistol or knives. Yes! This is something you have to see in action! Again, I'll repeat it for ease of learning. Select your next target in an Execution Streak and hold Square instead of just hitting it. When Ezio has a Medium Weapon equipped, he'll stab one enemy, and shoot another with his pistol. When he has the dagger in hand, he'll slice one and throw a knife at the other. It's really important to note that the pistol variation does not work with Heavy Weapons (another reason not to use them). Only Medium Weapons work with

it. - Weapons and Gadgets Medium and Heavy Weapons -----------------------For Ezio's main weapon, he can equip swords, maces, and even heavier swords. There comes a distinction between medium and heavy weapons and it's one that is worth noting. Unlike in Assassin's Creed II, you can now carry Heavy Weapons permanently without a glitch. Medium Weapons allow you to use the pistol during combat. Heavy Weapons do not let you use it. Heavy Weapons are more cumbersome and you obviously cannot strike and combo as easily with them. What they lack in attack power and finesse however, they make up for damage dealing potential. If dealing damage really is your thing, then by all means, but it seems rather irrelevant seeing as how instant kills are possible with just about any weapon on the right foes. With Heavy Weapons, you can counter Brutes normally, regardless of the weapon. Seekers can only be countered with other spears though and the Hidden Blades (see below). Hidden Blades ------------The trademark weapon of the Assassin. The Hidden Blades are not tools used to put Templars and other evil beings to rest; they can also be used rather artfully in combat. They behave just like other weapons in that you can attack, chain attacks, kill, and do counters. In fact, the Hidden Blade counter is the most deadly of them all. It requires slightly more precise timing, but the payoff is worth it. Even Brutes, Seekers, and Papal Guards who are normally not capable of being countered except with Heavy Weapons, will fall to a Hidden Blade Counter. It's an easy way to kill these tough enemies instantly. And like other weapons, Hidden Blades can be used in an Execution Streak. The one thing that the Hidden Blades can't do is give you good defense while blocking. Hidden Pistol ------------The gun is back, and it has gotten even less useful than in AC2. The Crossbow (see below), now overshadows the pistol, but fret not. The tradeoff is that the pistol is now a more useful tool in direct combat (see above). Outside of normal combat, you can use the pistol just traditionally by selecting it from your inventory and then holding Square to line up a shot. Your accuracy is determined by the pieces of a white line that will come together. When they are together in a straight line, your shot will be 100% accurate. Release any time to fire. Crossbow -------Remember when you played Assassin's Creed 1 and you saw the opening cutscene where Altair has a crossbow on his back? Remember how you couldn't wait to use it? Remember how you were disappointed to realize that it wasn't in the game?

Well, you may or not have cared (I for one, was ok with the exemption of the crossbow), but the fact remains, the Crossbow is incredibly useful and awesome. Compared to the Hidden Pistol, the Crossbow has more range, carries more ammunition, and it is also silent! You must buy the Crossbow from the Blacksmith and it costs a decent sum. Once you can afford it though, it pays for itself. Taking out distant targets, targets that are on the run, archers, and more is all possible with this useful tool. And as long as nobody sees you using it or sees you after you have shot your target, the Crossbow is a useful stealth tool. Like the pistol, the longer you hold Square, the more accurate it will be. Smoke Bombs ----------Smoke Bombs serve two purposes. They were flaunted in AC2 as tools for escape, and they still are in Brotherhood. Deploy a Smoke Bomb and all caught in its blast will be stunned. This provides you ample time to make an escape. Smoke Bombs can also be helpful to get easy kills, as well as get guards off your case while you focus on other things. You can get Smoke Bombs by buying the pouch at the Tailor's. Throwing Knives --------------A staple since Assassin's Creed 1, the Throwing Knives are another once useful tool slightly overshadowed by the advent of the Crossbow. I find it best to think of Throwing Knives as extra ranged attacks besides the Crossbow. You can throw Throwing Knives by selecting them from your inventory and hitting Square. You can also throw them while wielding the Dagger and holding Square (see Special Attacks above). You may notice however, that Throwing Knives are rarely one-hit kills. To change this, hold Square when you throw them. Holding Square not only lets you kill the targets you throw knives at, but it also lets you throw knives at up to three targets at once. When throwing at multiple targets at once, they will be highlighted in red. Poison Blade and Darts ---------------------The poison blade is available from the start. I never found it incredibly useful in AC2 because you always had to use it as close range, and at best, it was only a distraction maker. Things are still the same in Brotherhood, but with the Poison Darts, you can now poison enemies at long-range. Poison slowly kills an enemy and as it begins to take effect, the enemy swings their weapon uncontrollably and it hits any other surrounding foes. Poison is unreliable as a mass killer, because the victim will never kill anyone else for you, because the surronding people will just back away if possible. It's best used as a distraction to divert the attention of guards. To use poison, get close and use it as you would the Hidden Blade, then quickly back away. Use it when no other guards are looking. Use the Poison Darts like

you would a long-range weapon.

------------------------------------------------------------------------Welcome to Rome [bc03] ------------------------------------------------------------------------COMING SOON

------------------------------------------------------------------------Know Thy Enemy [bc04] ------------------------------------------------------------------------There is a wide variation of enemies in the game. Here I'll be glossing over each of them and when necessary, discussing what their specific weaknesses are and how to exploit them. - Normal Guards Pretty straightforward actually. Typical guards that you will encounter many times over in the game. They wear small berets. They typically wield swords or maces. They are easy to defeat and can be countered and disarmed. - Horseback Guards These guys are identified in one of two ways. The first way is the most obvious: they'll be riding a horse. You'll see them a lot, especially in the Antico District, riding along. They are also found in smaller groups on foot and are identified by their distinctive helmets and red plumage at the top. In combat these guys are (annoyingly) programmed to get on the nearest horse and attack you from it. Under normal circumstances, they can be instantly killed with counters and disarms of any weapons like the weakest guards. They are just slightly more resilient. On a horse though, they will charge Ezio from a distance. Raise your blade with R1 and time a counter and you can knock them off the horse as they pass by. You MUST use a medium or heavy weapon for this though. Alternatively, you can shoot them off with the pistol. - Archers These guys patrol the rooftops in all districts. They wear small berets and carry crossbows. They can see Ezio from a pretty fair distance and will slowly become suspicious of his actions. When alerted, they will shoot at Ezio and follow him on the rooftops or on the ground until shaken off. They are best dealt with at a distance before they see you, with either the Crossbow or with Throwing Knives. - Gunmen A new foe to be found, these soldiers of the Borgia are much less common than the archers, but can also be found on some rooftops. Occasionally, they walk the streets in pairs. They wield arquebus rifles and these do decent damage to

Ezio. In combat, they like to keep their distance and shoot. Any attempt to get close to them will cause them to back further and further away. In this situation, it's best to rush them with a blade drawn and kill them. The best way though is to obviously shoot them with the Crossbow or Throwing Knives before they can even see you. - Agiles Agiles are small, lithe guards that are fleet of foot. Like the Horseback foes, they have particular "cone-ish" like helmets. They always carry a dagger into combat. They are weak and can be countered and disarmed easily. What makes them unique however, is that the Agiles are very fast, faster than Ezio actually. When fleeing combat, Agiles are one of the few enemies that can catch up to him and when they do, they'll slash him. This slows Ezio down a little momentarily, which makes chases and escapes more annoying when Agiles are following you. They will not climb after you though. - Brutes In Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Brutes have gotten a slight overhaul. They are still big and bulky, but their helmets have changed slightly. They are smaller and more flat at the top this time around. Brutes wield axes or big swords into combat. Brutes are capable of hitting with lots of force. It can't be properly blocked. Thought damage can sometimes be avoided, repeated attacks will often hurt Ezio even as he is blocking. Brutes can only be countered with the Hidden Blades or any Heavy Weapon. Unlike in Assassin's Creed II, they can't be disarmed very easily. Normal Disarms will never work and Ezio will just get hurt. You have to TAUNT a Brute first, and then you can disarm them. - Seekers As their name implies, Seekers like to actively check hiding places for any signs of trouble. They are almost always seen leading other patrol groups around areas. When near a haystack, Seekers will leave their men behind and go poke their spears into the hay. If Ezio is in there, he will be found. In this situation, Hidden Assassinations work well. In combat, the Seeker's spear can be a force to reckoned with. Like the Brute, you can only block so many times before being staggers. Seekers often like to throw sand at Ezio, momentarily stunning him, but usually not long enough for anyone to take advantage. With proper timing though, Seekers can be disarmed with no problem. They can also be countered with other spears and the Hidden Blades but nothing else. - Papal Guards New in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, the Papal Guards present a new type of challenge for Ezio. These are tall, menacing soldiers clad in dark armor with capes. They carry swords and small pistols. They typically attack with either small sword combos or they will shoot with their pistols. Therefore, they are a formidable opponent in battle. Papal Guards can't be countered except with the Hidden Blades. They can only be

disarmed on the second hit of their combo attack (you must let the first attack hit you). The best way to defeat them is to counter them with the Hidden Blades or kick them and strike repeatedly. - Followers of Romulus These guys are basically a cult and they wear wolf skins. Their weaponry consists of daggers and throwing knives. They like to hunt in.... packs. *rimshot* They're not very formidable though. All counters and disarms work fine on them and they're usually the subject of your Execution Streak practice. What sets them out just slightly from other enemies is that they appear to be slightly more aggressive in combat than some. - Bandits Bandits are very easy to identify. They look like... bandits. They have handkerchiefs for masks and wield daggers. They attack in a large group. With the exception of the Story Mission "High Stakes Negotiation" and a Thief Guild mission, encountering Bandits is almost always random. They seem to lurk mostly in the Antico District (but maybe also in the Campagna District). What makes Bandits special is that they carry really good materials. When you kill them, loot their bodies to get really good stuff.

+---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ 03 Walkthrough ASSASSIN'S CREED: BROTHERHOOD [br00] +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ This is the walkthrough, quite simply the epicenter of the entire guide. Here you can find detailed information regarding how to progress through the game's story mode. I will try to guide any prospective readers through the game, highlighting useful information and providing concise detail as much as I am able to. I'm not perfect, but I'm hoping this will provide useful for anyone looking for an entire guide, or just some assorted tips. This walkthrough is mostly spoiler free. By that I mean under no circumstances do I talk about or reveal any cutscenes in the game. I do not mention plot details or twists. I will not purposefully spoil anything relevant to the plot for you. There are only minor spoilers which means things like the names of characters being mentioned and things like that. Usually though, I try to use these after you as the player would have already encountered them in the game, thus not really spoiling anything. And last but not least, there are many, many side missions and tasks to accomplish that are just outside the main story missions. They are usually tasks that you have several of in a sequence, such as having many Borgia Towers, Glyphs/Rifts, Leonardo's War Machines, and so on. I am a very particular person with things like this and you'll see in the guide. I do not like to rush through these things, and instead, I like to spread them out through the course of the game, and consequently, the guide. This is my choice though. You are free to just spam these side jobs as soon as they come available and be done with them long before I am. That's totally up to you, but just thought I'd mention that's how this guide is constructed. ______________________________________________________________________________

S E Q U E N C E 1 ______________________________________________________________________________ PEACE AT LAST [br01] Things start off comfortably enough. You get a nice, thoughtful recap of AC1 and AC2, then another scene. But then, before you know it, you're given a prompt to mash Square. Do so and then the scene gets interrupted. When you get control of our hero, Ezio, you'll find that you're picking up exactly where AC2 left off. ------------------------------------Mass Exodus ------------------------------------Leave this room and enter the next one for a scene. After that, activate Eagle Vision by holding Triangle (Y for 360 users). If you have not played an Assassin's Creed game and don't know anything about climbing, you're about to get a quick lesson here. Eagle Vision highlights a path out of here by climbing the blue-lit parts of the wall. Do that to get out and get another scene. Stay close and follow behind now as you go through the corridors, and into the chapel. Hold Circle (B) to push your way through all the people here. Continue to follow Mario through the Vatican grounds until he opens a door. This leads to your first fight. Again, this is simpler for those who have played AC2 before. If you have not, the game throws some tips your way. My advice here is to just take it slow. Keep your guard raised by holding R1. You can focus on just using counters for now, trying to time it so that when an enemy is about to attack, you hit Square for sweet counter kills. Otherwise, you can just let loose with constant attacks. Once they're all dead, continue following Mario who will move a little faster now. Two more guards will be in the way so help him with them. After that, he begins climbing. Do as the game instructs and hold R1 and X when you are moving to climb things and overcome ledges, gaps, and more. The rooftops path leads to another short fight, then to more climbing off the next street. If you lose track of Mario, look for the blue "crosshairs" symbol which you can see through obstacles. Continue following him, climbing the side of one building, then jumping to another and then finally, climbing a viewpoint tower for a scene. --After this, you will be just outside Monteriggioni. ------------------------------------Homecoming ------------------------------------Casually ride up to the city with Mario, then enter. After another scene, you are free to explore the area. Sadly, you can't go into the actual Villa just yet, but there are three mission markers laying about for you to check out. Let's start with the one in town. In "R&R", you have to carry a box of flowers for a young woman while Ezio, being the charmer he is, works his magic. In the "Horsing Around" mission which is located just outside the city and to the left,

you need to catch a horse. Just run after it until it stops long enough for you to get on with Circle (B). Finally, the last mission is on top of the city walls. Go back inside and turn left. Start climbing a nearby building and look for a platform against the inside of the city wall with an interesting wooden mechanism. The "lift" works by climbing on it, then holding R1 and presssing forward on the Left Analog Stick. This gets you on top of the wall. Talk to the mercenaries to start "Target Practice". Stay up here, and follow the path around the top of the wall to the engineer. Talk to him, then bring him back. That was easy enough. You are now free to try the cannon out by aiming for the targets in the field. The aiming may need to be a bit precise at times, but you are only required to hit five targets and there are more than that available, so take your pick. --------------------------------------Reunion ------------------------------------With that done, head for the blue marker that just appeared. To get down from the city walls, look for a ladder just a ways past the mercenaries, going the opposite direction from where the engineer was found. Approach the Villa and interact with the door by hitting Circle. After a scene, you will be inside still. Go upstairs and check out the next blue marker which is located near the southeast corner of the second floor. --After such a long journey, surely now it's time for battle-weary Ezio to cool off. Or... maybe not. Maybe as the following scene suggests, things are just heating up. Oh my. ------------------------------------Vilified ------------------------------------Following the scene, you gain control of Ezio on horseback. Head for the yellow marker, down the narrow city streets. You will need to make several detours but your movement is kind of guided by the game anyway. Once you get to climbing, aim for the ladder above you. The wall collapses a bit, but you can still climb up. Once on the top of the wall, head left and man the cannon. Things get uglier and uglier every second here. It might not matter too much how well you do, but try to aim mostly for the enemy cannons. It's tempting to aim for the enemy soldiers and you can obviously do that if you wish, but try to go mainly for the cannons. When your first cannon breaks, go to the other one and continue. Shoot at the other cannons and keep doing that until you get a scene. Follow the city walls around and use the Lift to get up to the top of a tower. From here, stand near the edge and look for a guard below you to pounce on. Do

an Air Assassination by hitting Square if you are prompted to do so. With that entrance, engage the enemies here. Countering can be your main strategy, by waiting for them to attack. You can also try going on the offensive if you prefer. These guys aren't too difficult although they can get a little aggressive. After a few waves, you are met with a Brute. Use a Kick (X) to break his guard and then a few strikes to kill him. Quickly grab his axe off the ground with Circle as another Brute approaches. Target him with L1, then hold Square to charge up an attack. Let it go and watch Ezio throw the axe right at him. Sweet! --------------------------------------Emergency Exit ------------------------------------Following the next scene, you've got more enemies in your path, but now you are not alone. The mercenaries can do all of the work for you if you prefer and they do it quite well. The enemies will still target you when they can so feel free to fend some off, just be cautious in this weakened state. Charge up the Villa stairs to see Claudia. Immediately target her attacker and she will run off safely when he's dead. Fend off any others and then follow her. More guards drop in and the game will by now be telling you about the "Execution Streak" which is a new feature in Brotherhood to go along with the new philosophy of "Strike first, strike hard." This lets you chain one hit kills after your first kill, provided that your targets are close by, and that they don't interrupt you. Right now it's kind of irrelevant, since there are the mercenaries to divide the attention of your enemies. It's rather difficult to actually do this, but you will get a better opportunity to try it out later, trust me. Just fight your way to the back of the Villa. There, Claudia is being restrained by a Borgia guard. Hold R2 to see your inventory and select the pistol. Lock on to the guard with L1, then hold Square to line up a shot. When the aim is a straight solid line, let go to fire. Now kill the last remaining enemies. Once that's done, look for the doorway that leads inside the Villa back here. Find Claudia for a scene. This ends the first sequence. Nice! --And now for a little break. When you have control after a nice scene, follow the apparition outside. It runs toward the gate and disappears. Follow it there and climb up the wall here. Jump off, taking a Leap of Faith. Inside, go down this corridor to see some more interesting stuff. The phantom shows you how to proceed. Operate the lever, hitting any button. After that, go ahead and climb the wall just left of it. Keep R1 and X held as you jump across a few beams in the next passage to get across. Next, jump to and swing from a bar to grab the bottom of the next ledge. You can't climb up, so drop down and enter the corridor below. Regroup with Lucy and move forward. After using the lift, jump across several more beams and this takes you to another. Go down a short hallway to a ladder. Climb down and then

jump to the far wall. Climb down a bit then drop with Circle. Operate the next lever, then Lucy uses another to open a door above you. Climb the wall to your right and then swing across some bars in the next room to land on another platform. The next lever glows prominently, begging you to notice it. This one is operated by the Hidden Blade. Hold any button while Lucy gets across. Now, jump in the water (sadly, yes) and swim across then follow her to a lever. Climb the wooden planks to Desmond's left, automatically going across small you shimmy over all the way, drop down with Circle. over, then jump the next gap with her. to where she is. next to it. Then gaps to the next Use the lever to Climb out shimmy over part. When let Lucy

After a few more phantoms, you come to an impasse with a broken bridge. When prompted, hit any button and Lucy will get across with Desmond's help. She then lowers a beam that you can use to jump across. Enter the next passage and ignore the stairs, going through the hole in the wall. Swing across a few bars to descend to the ground. Jump across the beams in this next cavern-like room. On your left, drop down into a small gap. Climb the wooden plank that juts out a bit. Shimmy over and you can climb this wall. Walk across the beams up here to find an opening to jump into and reach the lever. Once you use it, go back across the beams and jump to the dilapidated staircase. Help Lucy across another missing bridge, and she'll help you get over as well. Take this path to a dead end. Drop down the nearby ladder and jump across some easy gaps to a wall. The path here is fairly obvious but it might be tough for newcomers. Basically, just keep trying to move up. If you can't, try moving to the side until you can move up again. Once at the top, use the lever and you are reunited again. Only to have to help Lucy again across a large gap. Make your way across after she drops the beam for Desmond. Just up the next slope however is the light at the end of the tunnel at last. After another scene, you'll need to follow Shaun up the stairs and outside. Stand next to him and you can reroute power to the first fuse box. Turn on Eagle Vision first, then you can interact with it properly. You'll find another one in front of the bottom of the main staircase that leads to the Villa. Finding them without Eagle Vision on feels easier actually. Anyway, go down the main street, as if you were leaving the Villa. You should pass a red car. Keep going, then make a left and there's another fuse box. The last one is in the opposite direction. Turn around and follow this street past the main entrance, all the way until you find a staircase. Just up there is the last one. When that is done, you're free to speak with Shaun, Lucy, and Rebecca a few times if you want. Hop back into the Animus when you're ready. ______________________________________________________________________________ S E Q U E N C E 2 ______________________________________________________________________________ A WILDERNESS OF TIGERS [br02]

------------------------------------- Full Synch: Do not drop below 1 Health As Good As New... Square ------------------------------------As you gain control, your first objective is to find a doctor. You're practically immobile, unable to run, climb, jump and so forth. Start by going left, around the property to find a stairway down. From here, proceed toward the marker that signifies where the doctor is. Use the medicine he gave you immediately. After getting healed up and acquiring some medicine, head for the church, the next yellow marker. Climb up from one of the side walls and reach the viewpoint ledge. When you step out onto the ledge, hit Triangle to synchronize, which is nothing new for previous AC players. Take a Leap of Faith into the hay below. The guards on your right will take off. Hop out and follow them. This is a long walk, but it's really simple and not much that I can help with. Just make sure you don't get too close, that's the best advice. Keep some distance. Along the way, hold X while you are walking. You go a little faster, but more importantly, if you bump into any passing citizens, you can steal some small amounts of money from them. Do this as you're following the guards to get a little cash in your pocket. Eventually, the guards take to arms and run off to attack someone. Enter the fray and start killing them. For an Execution Streak, as Ezio is in the process of killing one guard (counter animations are longer), use the Left Stick to point at a new enemy and hit Square as you're finishing up. The timing takes a little while to master, but if you do it right, you can instantly kill the next enemy in one hit. You need to be wise in your choices as the rest of them will try and interrupt you. Pick the right targets, or counter if one foe tries to stop you. To get Full Synch, you need to prevent your health from dropping below one square. If you used the medicine before like I said, you will have more health and more room for error. --With that done, speak to the man in front of you, who was the one being attacked. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Kill your target with the Well Executed Hidden Blade ------------------------------------After speaking to him, you get a yellow marker, indicating the location of Il Carnefice, the executioner and your target. Try to find the Lift that will take you to the hill where he is found. Otherwise, you might have to find a way around. Approach the building where the marker is located. He is on the left side of the building, with some Borgia guards. Climb the right side and get onto the roof. Take it to some beams just overhead. Luckily, the guards shouldn't notice you. Make sure you're targeting the executioner, then with your Hidden Blade selected, hit Square to kill him from above.

Run or kill all the guards to finish this mission. --You can explore a bit, but there's not a whole lot to do other than maybe climb a viewpoint or two. You can pickpocket more people if you want, but we can get more money by continuing. When you're ready, go to the next mission marker. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Throw the Borgia Captain into New Man In Town the scaffold to kill him. ------------------------------------Follow Machiavelli into town and he and Ezio will talk a bit. He eventually hands over some money to spend at the Blacksmith. As instructed, purchase the Roman Spaulders and the Stiletto. You can't buy anything else anyway. After more talking, Machiavelli eventually leads you to a restricted area at the base of a Borgia Tower. Enter this area, marked in red on your mini-map. The guards take notice and attack immediately. Try to get a chain of kills, or just dispose of them any way you wish. Watch for the Borgia Captain, who has the Templar symbol above his head. He is a tough customer, and several consecutive attacks, even after blocking can do damage to you. Wear him down or, if you want Full Synch, grab him with Circle. Do this when you've killed all the rest first. Once you've got him, aim for the scaffolding in the corner and throw him into it with Circle. Done deal. Return to Machiavelli and you get a new task. Start by climbing the side of the building in front of you. From here, you can possibly jump to the tower, or you can get in closer if you wish. Just watch out for a crossbow archer. Select your Throwing Knives and toss one at him to dispatch of any annoyances. Climb the tower and get to the ladders. From there, you can get to the top and ignite it for some fireworks. --Your next mission will be right in front of you. Stand in the marker and get very close to the stable. Examine with Triangle to renovate it, which costs nothing. Woo! ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Don't lose any health Easy Come, Easy Go ------------------------------------Pretty short and simple mission. Just follow Machiavelli for a while on horse. He moves kinda fast but you can alway see the marker above his head, showing you where he is. Eventually, a thief takes Ezio's money. Run after him, sprinting full speed. When you get close, let go of X and hold Circle to tackle when you get to him. If you go fast enough, you can easily catch him before he gets too far. --You can explore a bit more. There are some more viewpoints to climb. Some are just out of reach, in blocked off areas you can't access yet. Others are on top of Borgia Towers, which you can feel free to liberate now if you want. Or you can wait a bit.

------------------------------------- Full Synch: Catch the Borgia courier in Who's Got Mail? under 1 minute ------------------------------------Ride with Machiavelli some more and you'll eventually find his friend under attack. You can fight his enemies on horse, but this is not preferred. Get on the ground and take them out. Once that's done, you see the Borgia courier (yellow marker). Chase him into the Colloseum and sprint to catch up with him. He's not very fast, so getting full synch should be easy. What makes it just a bit tricky is the fact that he will make sudden turns on you. Just keep up with him and then let go of X and prepare to tackle him. --While we're here, why not take in a little scenery? Or rather, search for a Glyph. They're back in this game, as are the puzzles associated with them. The game calls them Rifts, but we'll call them Glyphs like in ACII. [Glyph Location - Colosseo] It's a rather painstaking one to find at that. It requires you to climb the highest wall. To do that, start outside of the Colosseum. Climb one of the outer pillars. When you get above the arch level, look for the stone bricks that are uneven with the rest and stick out a little. These will usually let you climb higher. Each time you get to a new level, climb the nearest pillar. Keep looking for bricks that protrude out a bit and use that to get up. Eventually, when you get to the near top, you can spot the Glyph by turning on Eagle Vision. These glyphs are much different than the ones in the first game. Getting near them isn't enough. You have to "climb into" them as if they were like windows. When you get near the top, look for a path of bricks that will take you all the way to the very top. It'll be along the wall somewhere. Once you're above the Glyph (keep Eagle Vision on), slowly drop over the side. Use Circle to catch the next ledge and just drop and catch, drop and catch until you grab onto the Glyph itself as if it were a ledge. For solutions on the puzzle, check the Glyps and Puzzle solutions section of the guide. When you're done, head to the next mission marker. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Don't lose any health Crepi Il Lupo ------------------------------------After the scene, Ezio is ambushed by the followers of Romulus, guys who love to cosplay I guess. No but anyways, you're vastly outnumbered. Immediately try to counter the first guy that attacks you and kill him. Start an Execution chain by immediately designating the next to go down. Remember to do this by pointing at a nearby enemy and hitting Square to "select" him as you are already killing the first one. It can be tough if you pick one target and another is already attacking you, so the chain is sometimes tough to keep up. For full synch, you can't lose health. This is obviously quite difficult and may call for many retries. If you want to go by chaining enemies, it can be especially difficult. The area has some closed in quarters though where you can lure them in and not be quite as

surrounded. Of course, the easiest way might be to not worry about chaining kills together and just play a bit more defensively, using counter kills mostly. One other tip if you replay this memory over and over. Don't skip the scene. When you do that, you are put in a position where one enemy is already about to hit you, leaving you little time to react. Watching the scene to the end gives you more time to prepare. --The next marker is just nearby so let's just go to it. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Complete the memory within 8 The Halls of Nero minutes ------------------------------------Oh goodie, more Assassin Tomb-like areas. Your first task is to activate four switches in the corners of the room. Start by climbing the decapitated ruins of a roman column in front of Ezio. Climb this, and shimmy to the right so you can see the ledge behind you. Jump away from the column and you'll grab it. Pull yourself up and jump straight to the wall. Shimmy left. Ezio will automatically jump tiny gaps in his shimmying path. When you can, pull yourself up and jump the small gap here to reach the first lever. Go back to the shimmying wall now. Instead of going left as you just did, go right. You'll reach the second lever. Now, just across from the lever there is a beam sticking out of the wall. Run forward with R1 and X held and jump to it. Have Ezio pull himself up, then jump to the platform, then to another beam, and finally, to the far corner. Interact with this switch. That's three. Turn right and jump two gaps while holding R1 and X and you can reach the final switch. It causes the floor of the fountain/bath to cave in. Head down there. Either hang over the edge of the pit (hit Circle near the edge) or just jump in. After getting all soaked, climb out. Turn around and the south side of this room (check your mini-map for where North is). Enter this corridor and turn right. with a small column. Climb this and jump to the wall ledges on it. go through an opening on the compass indicating You'll come to a dead end with the small shimmy

Shimmy to Ezio's right. You'll go into the main room. Keep going until you are told (by the game) to jump away from the wall and grab the ledge behind Ezio. Shimmy to the right and you'll eventually climb onto a beam. You'll see a hanging basket in front of you. Run and jump toward this and Ezio will swing on it into the adjacent passage. In here, turn right and climb the next small column structure. Use it to jump to the long beam on the right. From here, you will jump to another beam, a basket, then two more beams, and another basket. At last, you see a glowing lever. Interact with it to open the door. On the south wall of the room, near the statue, climb the debris making an easy "staircase" for you. Run up the column until Ezio grabs a ledge. If you want to get a hidden chest, hold right on the Left Analog Stick, pointing Ezio at a nearby beam. Then hit X and he should jump to it. Hop across to get the chest.

To continue however, when holding onto that ledge climb up just a bit higher, then have Ezio just jump away from the wall without touching the Left Analog Stick. He'll grab the statue. Climb onto the statue's head ('scuse me...) and jump across to the other wall and a beam. Run up the column until you grab a ledge. From here, just use the Left Analog Stick and guide Ezio along the wall to his right. Eventually the camera shifts and you can see the statue behind him. Jump away from the wall and you'll reach its arm. Go to the far arm and jump to a beam. From here, you can reach a swing pole and land safely on the ground. Just ahead, only a few steps away, you can find more debris to climb up. Use this to reach the severed statue and the far wall. Shimmy to the right, then have Ezio pull himself up onto the platform. You can see these three progressively bigger pieces of wall. Hop across these and jump to the wall ahead of you, where the torch is. Shimmy around this all the way until the camera shifts. Jump to the opposite wall and continue to shimmy inside. Line up with the swing pole and cross these ledges, or just make your way north, through the opening in the wall. In this room, after the scene, look for the debris in the southwest to scale over the wall. Make a right turn in this passage. Ignore the first column, but climb the other one just around the corner. Use it to reach the ledges and such on the wall and shimmy your way out of here. You'll have to jump to the opposite wall to get out. After Ezio's fortunate blunder, keep shimmying to the right, then climb up once. Jump away to reach the platform. Climb straight up the big column, shimmy to the left, jump away and reach the swing pole. In this room, start by going to the very east end. There's a platform that kinda looks like, or maybe is a throne. Use this to reach a shimmy ledge. Move to Ezio's left, reaching a beam. Jump to the next one, then face the column and run up to climb higher. Pull yourself onto the beam, then proceed north. You can jump to the top of the columns from here. Take this around and at the very end, jump to the beam on the north wall. Use this to reach a balcony, then jump straight to the heavily cracked column. Climb to the top of it, then up the wall to shimmy. Go left, shimmying until you reach a beam. From here, you'll hop across a few balconies until the camera shows you another platform below. Point Ezio at it carefully and jump. Jump to the next section ahead of nearby. Jump to the east wall and pull yourself up, then climb even north and jump and swing your way find the treasure. you, and from there to the lone column just climb straight up. Climb up to a beam and higher from there. Eventually, you can face to the balcony. Head inside this doorway to

Take the contents of all the red chests, then check out the main chest in the center for a Scroll of Romulus. Hmmm, interesting! After that, climb the nearby ladder and interact with the hatch to get out of here. --------------------------------------Roman Underground ------------------------------------In this incredibly short "mission", just watch the scenes and follow Machiavelli when prompted to find the fast-travel station. Instead of little market stalls

like in AC2, they look like these little entrances. You can't travel to an area you haven't been to though. --______________________________________________________________________________ S E Q U E N C E 3 ______________________________________________________________________________ THE FIGHTER, THE LOVER AND THE THIEF [br03] You have three missions available now, involving Courtesans, Mercernaries, and Thieves. Take your pick. I'm going to the closest one. ------------------------------------High-Stakes Negotiation ------------------------------------You need to bring 2500 florins to the kidnappers. If you don't have that much with you, you'll need to make it. You can cancel this mission and come back if you want. Otherwise, start pickpocketing like crazy. Just hold X as you walk and bump into people. It might take a while, depending on how much money you have, but you'll get there eventually. Once you have 2500, you're ready. Head for the marker. You might find it's quicker if you take a horse or take to the rooftops. It's your choice. When you get to the dock, you'll see a white marker on the loading ramp. You'll get a scene there. ======NOTE!!!====== Once that's done, you'll have to fend off the bandit enemies. Bandits are enemies you can randomly encounter in the field (mostly in the Antico District) that will attack you. What makes them special is that they carry REALLY good loot on them. Materials that you can use for Shop Quests. Be sure to loot each one of their bodies once you kill them to get their goods. Every time you fight Bandits on the map, loot their bodies! =================== After another scene, you have one more thing to do. To keep the Courtesans going, you must renovate their "base". From the dock, swing around to the front of the building (blue marker) and look for the fellow in the red cap, the Architect. Talk to him (Triangle) and you can renovate. With that, you get one more scene and a little info on what exactly you can do now. With the "guild" up, you get Courtesan missions, just some side-missions to do for fun and profit. There are also challenges available that will unlock rewards when enough are completed. They include things like poision a certain number of enemies, kill a certain number of enemies a certain way, hide a number of bodies, and so on. These can be completed at your leisure throughout the story. --Now that the Rosa in Fiore is rebuilt, we can find a new Glyph on its grounds.

[Glyph Location - Rosa in Fiore] This one is on the northwest part of the building. Climb up to the roof, then drop down and grab the glyph by holding Circle, as I mentioned before. You have to catch onto it as if the glyph was a ledge. For help solving the puzzle, consult the Glyphs and Puzzles section of the guide. With that done, I'm feeling like taking out another Borgia Tower. Now, I'm kinda particular about things like this that can be completed at just about any time. I prefer to spread them out over the course of the game instead of doing them all one after another. Of course, you are by no means required to follow me. Take the towers out whenever you want to. It's totally up to you. I'm setting my sights on the tower just north of the Rosa in Fiore. It's hard to see on your map because it's also a viewpoint. [Borgia Tower: Pietro de Siena - Centro District NW] This guy is annoying because he likes to run. He will always run away when he sees you. And the distance he has to run is very short. If he gets away, you would be forced to wait until dawn or dusk for the captain to return. There's guards seemingly everywhere, making stealth rather difficult. There is one way in though. On the north side (as in, facing north), there is a somewhat high wall below a large tunnel-like opening. It's near a staircase. Climb up this wall and enter. Just make sure no guards are patrolling nearby as they might follow you in. From here, you can turn right and see the capain with a few guards. Your only real option is to just run up and kill him with the Hidden Blade. You can't really get close enough to use the pistol or anything. The door where he leaves through is right in front of you when you climb up this way, so no matter what, make sure he doesn't get by you. If he gets through the door, just let the guards kill you and you can retry, instead of waiting until dusk or dawn. When that is done, fend off all the minions (or run if you prefer), then climb the tower, synch the viewpoint first, then ignite it. --I did a little renovating of my own, rebuilding the northwest bank here, and also the Blacksmith a little east of there. There, I bought some Roman Greaves and was on my way. In the near center of the Centro District itself is the Pantheon. It's rather easily distinguishable building with tall columns and the opening in the roof for sunlight. It's here we can locate a Glyph. [Glyph Location - Pantheon] First, know that you don't have to climb the building. I thought that and I just wasted time. Just walk inside of the building and make a quick right. Climb the wall just next to the doorway. You'll see the archway just above you. Shimmy into the arch and turn on Eagle Vision. There it is. Shimmy below it and then climb up. Bam.

With two more missions, I decided to tackle the one to the far east. Along the way, I ignored the first Borgia Tower, but went after the next one. [Borgia Tower: Francesco de Velletri - Campagna District East] Francesco de Velletri is the Borgia Captain here. There are lots of guards just about everyhwere. As you infiltrate from the east, try to sneak past most of them without drawing too much attention. The way I went about this kill was using an Air Assassination. This captain stands below a tall building and it's from there I jumped off and killed him. Remember, if you are going for an Air Assassination, make sure you're targting him (he will be highlighted). You can also jump into the haystack and then jump out and attack him from there. --Make your way to the east. The next mission marker lies within a compound that is a restricted area. There won't be many guards on the way over though, so no worries. Find the glowing door inside this area and enter. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Kill only the Borgia Captain Between a Rock and a Hard Place ------------------------------------As you start, your goal is to kill the Borgia Captain. Turns out he'll be right in front of you. He'll eventually take off running. Ignore the other enemies and chase after him. Catching him should be easy enough, especially since other bystanders might slow him down. Kill Battista Borgia, then set your sights on the tower. The tower is rather isolated, with a bridge being the only way in. It's guarded though and your side objective is to kill nobody else besides the captain. Luckily, there is a way in. Dive into the water surrounding the tower. On the support that holds up the bridge, there is a path that you can climb. First, jump to it from a nearby wooden pole sticking out. Climb up the bridge from here. Shimmy around to the right as far as you can, then climb up. If the guards spot you, just run and begin climbing the tower. If you can make it, then good. If they knock you down, try to stay up and out of sight and they should eventually give up. Climb the tower in peace and get to the top. This tower is also a viewpoint remember, so synch that first before igniting it. Return now to Bartolomeo (blue marker). Speak with him and after the scene, talk to the Architect. It's no cost at all to renovate the barracks, so do so. This unlocks another "Guild", which gets you more available challenges. This also lets you access fights and Assassination Contracts. --With that done, there's only one more mission left. You can do tons of optional stuff if you would like. Renovating, side missions, challenges, etc. It's all up to you. If you wish to follow my lead, well, I'm heading for the Lair of Romulus, located inside the Coloseum. Head that way; the lair is marked on your map. Its entrance can be found on the very bottom level of the Coloseum. Just walk

inside and it'll be not too far inward. Look for the similar entrance. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Do not lose more than 3 blocks Thrown To The Wolves of health ------------------------------------As you enter, turn left and enter this room to find a chest. Return now. Climb up the door at the end, shimmy to the left, then jump away. You'll get onto a beam. Climb up the wall here to reach another beam. Go left along this and you can jump onto a structure in the next room. Take it around and jump to the platform next. Use the lever on your right to open the next door. From here, it's just a matter of carefully jumping from one narrow footing to the next. When you enter the next corridor, approach the person in the seat for a fight. Wait and counter these enemies, then try to streak some kills. After that, you have to chase the fleeing target. Run into the corridor he retreats to. He'll go left while you have to go straight, up some ledges. Remember to keep R1 and X held down so you can move fast and cover all obstacles. You'll jump across a few beams and grab some hanging pots to swing from. Then you eventually cross the guy's cage that he was standing on. Turn right after jumping across there to reach another platform. Favor the left side and jump to that ramp and turn left. You'll have to cross a series of beams and poles so just keep moving forward and use the Left Analog Stick to influence your direction. Eventually, the guy escapes on an elevator. Go around the elevator and you'll find tons of guys who look just like him. Turn on Eagle Vision to see a trail of gold dust. Follow it to the second floor and you will see him from above. Drop down again and give chase. He'll get on a horse, so grab the nearest horse and ride after him. This part of the chase is relatively simple. Hold R1 and X to go as fast as you can. Steer clear of any debris or objects along the way. When you see him about to enter under a low hanging gate, don't follow him. It will close, shutting you out, so just go around them when you see him entering one. Near the end, he'll go right, while you go up a ramp to a higher level. Ride alongside him by galloping, then get close to the edge and let go of X. The prompt to assassinate will appear. Hit Square to do it. Sweet! Now, climb the wall at the end here, using the wooden scaffolding here. You'll enter a room with more of those Romulus servants. You can sneak past them by staying up here though. Jump to the hanging platform and then into the next room where you can dive into a haystack far below. Find the opening in the wall down here and go through. Carefully jump from beam to beam to pole, angling the Left Stick as you go to point your jumps in the right direction. Enter the next room and go down to the bottom and turn around to find the entrance to the shrine. Inside, lay claim to the four red chests which have some money and a few materials. Next, open the larger, more ornate chest for another scroll. Exit through the secret wall to be done with this place. --When you leave, you'll be free to move on again. But you can also check out

yet another Glyph. From where you leave the lair, you'll be very close to it. [Glyph Location - Palazzo Senatorio] This is on the wall of the building that faces southeast. It's on a slight hill. You can go north and climb that building first which will get you onto the hill where the palazzo is. Just climb that and drop over the far side, dropping carefully from ledge to ledge until you reach the glyph. Moving on, keep going south by southwest and the next item of interest in our way is that icon marked as "Romulus Treasure" on your map. It's a restricted area with a Borgia Tower. [Borgia Tower: Prospera de Siena - Antico District] The top area is crawling with guards, but you can fight them as much as you want, without worrying about alerting anyone below. There is a staircase up here that leads down into the underground passages. Kill the guards here and make your way inside. Down the corridor, turn left and quickly kill the guard with your Hidden Blade. Drop his body down the shaft and wait for the two guards to come inspect it. Do and Air Assassination on one, then quickly take out the other. Down here, run quickly out of the opening and climb the wall ahead of you to avoid letting the guards get a good look at you. The captain is in the top-right corner just past this wall. Walk along the top of the wall just to the right a bit, then spot him. Do an Air Assassination, or jump down and chase him before he gets away. As for the Romulus Treasure, it's the secret vault that can be found in this area. You can find it, but you need the scrolls of Romulus first and we don't have all of them just yet. We'll come back later. Go back above ground, taking the labyrinth-like tunnels to eventually get out. Climb the Borgia Tower and synch the viewpoint, then ignite it. --Now, without further ado, let's finally get to that last mission. Get a horse and ride the rest of the way southwest. Find the building and approach the door. Interact to start a scene and the mission. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Remain undetected Double Agent ------------------------------------Start by going to the yellow marker. Nothing special here. After that, a battle starts. You must protect the thief from the archers. There's no great urgency so you can take your time for the most part. Use Throwing Knives if you wish, since the archers like to keep their distance. Otherwise, close in on them with your sword drawn. A few strikes will eventually kill them even while blocking. Once you've saved him, you must guide Claudio to the yellow marker. To get Full Synch, you can't be detected by guards. They can notice you, but if the yellow arrows above their heads turn full red, you're in danger of being spotted. Use groups of civilians to hide yourself. Walk amongst them to blend. Ezio will sort of "fade" in with the crowd. When you get to the gate area, you'll notice

some guards nearby. Wait amongst a group of people and watch for any group that goes left down the street, past the guards. Join that group and they'll get you past. After that, it's smooth sailing to the marker. Next, you must get rid of your notoriety. There are three ways to do this, known already to players of AC2. You can rip down posters, bribe heralds with some money, or kill witnesses. Each have a unique icon on your map when you have gained some notoriety. Kill an official (he'll also have a crosshair marker) that you can see while moving around, then take down a poster to be done with this. The last task is to find Volpe. Return to the Thieves Guild by crossing the canal/river, using the boat to jump across. Mount the horse on the other side, and ride to the guild. Volpe is sitting down to the left of the entrance. Talk to him, then find the Architect just nearby. The renovation cost for the Thieves Guild is also on the house. You'll unlock Thief side missions as well as another slew of challenges. --This area has a few shops open, but you can renovate the others, such as the Blacksmith. That's up to you though. I encourage renovations in between most missions, so you can keep getting more and more money. I'm not gonna tell you what to do and what to renovate though. And, if you have enough money on you at the moment, you might want to consider picking up the Crossbow. It's a bit expensive, but you can sell off materials to gain a little extra dough. Now, let's head off to the next mission. On the way though, let's liberate another area. Go north, to where the Antico and Centro districts meet. There is a Borgia Tower here. [Borgia Tower: Valentino de Siena - Centro District SW] The restricted area is the boat and dock near the border of the two districts. It's on that same canal/river we crossed before. The target walks up and down both sides of the dock with many guards standing watch. There are a few ways to approach, but I found it best to go around the restricted area and approach from the north (going south). Dive into the water behind the dock platform the captain walks along. Stay to the right and climb up near where he turns to go down that part of the platform. Hang on the ledge here and wait for him to come back. Then do a Ledge Assassination by hitting Square when he walks in front of you. Climb the nearby tower, viewpoint, synch, ignite, done. --Now, continue toward the mission marker which is Ezio's Hideout on your map. Inside, you'll get a scene. After that, talk with the architect fellow and you are done with this sequence. ______________________________________________________________________________ S E Q U E N C E 4 ______________________________________________________________________________ DEN OF THIEVES [br04]

Explore a bit, get some viewpoints, do a Borgia Tower, renovate, do whatever you feel like doing. The world, or at least Rome, is your oyster. Right... Anyways, when you're ready, go to the next mission marker. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Do not be detected Castello Crasher ------------------------------------You must head for the yellow marker. The bridge and the area beyond it are a restricted area however. There is a fairly obvious path below, beside the bride however. Drop down here and cross the platforms and the wooden poles. Jump to the wall when you're at the end and shimmy to the platform with the marker. Jump into the haystack and wait for the Seeker to walk by. Jump out when he's past you, then assassinate him. Pull out your Crossbow and shoot the other two here. Climb the ladder in the corner near one of the guards. Here, you get a scene. After that, face the wall to your right. Get on top of the barrels and use them to climb the wall. Shimmy over a bit until you're below a guard. Do a Ledge Assassination on him, then climb up. Go to the left now. Once you turn the corner, drop down and you'll land on the next marker. Use the camera and look for a guard below. When he passes beneath you to the left, do an Air Assassination on him. Move in that direction now. Wait for another possible unit of guards to pass by you, then do some free running across some beams and poles to reach a rooftop. Climb up the next ledge, waiting for the archer to turn away from you. Shoot him quickly with your crossbow. Climb up the next ledge of this building. There's another archer on the other side. Wait til he moves away from you, then do an Air Assassination on him. Climb back up and cross the cables to the large structure. This climbing part is fun, but a bit long. I won't go into ledge by ledge detail, but here's one helpful tip. You will have to at a few points, drop from a beam or other ledge and quickly catch a ledge below you by holding Circle. So take these parts carefully and slowly. Drop from a ledge, hold Circle to catch the one below it. Otherwise, this part is pretty linear. After a few scenes, you eventually reach the top. Climb up and look for an archer on your left. Hit him with the crossbow, then move that way. Ignore or kill the other archer. Look for a lone guard in the courtyard below. Line up an Air Assassination on him and to also get down easily. Look for the next marker down here as well. Go down the stairs, then make the first right. Be careful going down these stairs, as there is a guard patrolling. If he attacks, you will lose the full synch objective. Stand at the bottom of the stairs and hug the left wall, not going out in the open. Wait for him to walk past, then slowly sneak up behind him for a Hidden Blade kill. Go left now. The last challenge is two guards. In order to get this without messing up and having to restart, select your throwing knives. Target one guard and hold Square. You will see both guards outlined in red. Release to kill both of them. This way, you won't be detected. ---

After the scene, the next mission starts immediately. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Don't lose more than 10 Femme Fatale Health Squares ------------------------------------Confront Lucretia. You must drag her to Caterina's cell by yourself. As she runs around like a headless chicken, run after as if you were tackling her like a pickpocket or Borgia courier. Instead, Ezio just grabs her. Try to take her out of this area, and some guards show up. Drop her momentarily to take them out. You could try holding her, and sure, the guards don't attack, but Lucretia always breaks free when they're around so there's no point really. Take them out and grab her again. You can tackle her to immediately grab her, or just run up to her and hit Circle. Drag her all the way back to Caterina's cell, going down the stairs, making a left, fighting more guards, and then making another left. The path is straightforward from there. --Another mission starts immediately. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Do not be detected The Burdens We Carry ------------------------------------Now you've got to carry another woman along with you. Take Caterina and quickly place her to the right of the door. Stay there and wait for the guard to come up and then turn around. Stand back now, far from the doorway and line up a shot with your Crossbow. Stay far out of sight and wait for the other guard to walk toward the back wall, then run up and kill him. Alternatively, you can shoot him as well but you might want to save your crossbow bolts. Take Caterina down the stairs and then leave her at the corner leading to the next large staircase. One guard waits below, while two others cross paths from the left and right. Start by using the Crossbow on the stationary guard. Now, quickly turn around and climb the weapons rack to get up on the wall. Jump away from the wall to grab the hanging platform. Jump from this down the corridor to swing from the pole to the first of a set of beams. Stay here. The guards will notice the dead body. One SHOULD leave much earlier than the other, leaving you an ample window to do an Air Assassination from the beam. You can prop his body in this area or just leave it be. Wait in the corner by the barrels, and then kill the third guard when he comes back by running up to him with the Hidden Blade. Take Caterina and go down the right corridor. Turn right again and enter this room for a short scene. Wait in the haystack for the Seeker. Kill him when he is close enough by just hitting Square in your hiding spot. Get out by stick to the left, so as to stay out of another guard's line of sight. He patrols the next hall. Wait for him to go back to the left, then run up and kill him. Carry Caterina this way and then leave her in the next corridor as you quietly walk up to another guard and kill him. Leave her near the doors. You must find

the two levers that will open the main gates. One is to the left, the other to the right. The one on the left can be reached with no trouble. The one on the right has a patrolling guard near it. You can kill him, or just wait for him to walk to the far right while you use the lever. Take Caterina through to end this mission. --------------------------------------- Full Synch: Achieve a kill streak of at Guardian of Forli at least 5 guards ------------------------------------Start by following Caterina's horse out of the castello. Once you cross the bridge, you get a scene, and Ezio stays behind. Here you get to fend off a large number of enemy guards. This lets you get the full synch objective. The first group is only four, so you'll have to wait. Soon enough, larger groups swarm you. The problem is getting the Execution Streak high is that some enemies will attack you in the middle of it or more annoying, grab you. If you have good enough reflexes, you can counter the guys who try to hit you, and keep your streak alive. Otherise, just do what you know how to do hopefully by now. Kill one target, then quickly point the Left Stick at your next one and "select" him with Square. Choose your targets wisely. Pick guys who are more isolated to decrease the chances of being interrupted. Eventually, the timer runs out and you get a quick scene. You can now escape or fend off whoever's left. You might want to go with the latter, so you can try and get that kill streak. You won't be told you got it until the end of the mission, so keep count yourself. Flee the area and get out of the orange circle and hide if necessary to finish this mission. --Time for another inter-mission break. Start by going to the north part of the Centro District if you have not been there already. There's a viewpoint here you can scale. More importantly however, there is yet another Glyph here. [Glyph Location - Santa Maria Del Miracoli and Santa Maria Del Montesant] This is the viewpoint tower. As I said before, it's in the northeastern part of the Centro District. Climb the tower and synch it, then drop over the north side of it. Turn on Eagle Vision and drop to where the Glyph is. With that out of the way, you can set your sights for the Borgia tower that is... more or less in the center of the Centro District, but barely to the southwest. [Borgia Tower: Belardino de Verona - Centro District center] This one is simple. Take to the rooftops and enter the restricted area. Shoot down archers or if you wish to save valuable crossbow bolts, use Throwing Knives instead. Up here, look for an opening to drop down into a haystack below. Do so, and you

will have a perfect view of the captain and his patrol. Wait for him to go down the corridor in front of you, then pop out. Stay out in the open long enough for one of them to notice you. Let them notice you long enough so that the yellow arrow turns red and quickly jump back in the haystack. Instead of ignoring you, they come to investigate. The captain should be in front, so wait for him to get close, then assassinate him from the hay. Easy. Set fire to the tower and we're moving on! --Without further delay, head for Ezio's hideout, which is where the mission marker is. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Do not lose more than 5 Man of the People health squares ------------------------------------This is probably what you've been waiting for. After the scene, charge across the bridge to find the citizen and the guards. Attack the guards and the fight begins. Target the ones that go after the civilian to ensure he isn't harmed. Once the danger is over, talk to the civilian to recruit him/her. Now, run over to the next one on your mini-map. Save this one the same way. Go after the ones attacking the civilian. It's easy since Ezio usually backstabs them for quick kills. Speak to this civilian to gain a second recruit. Nice. --You can now recruit citizens to your cause. You can train them by going to the pigeon coops or the Borgia Towers you've taken (marked with the Assassin insignia on your map all over Rome). You can send them on missions but while they are out, they are unavailable to you. When they are not on missions, you can call them to take out nearby targets. Sweet! I'd recommend recruiting at least one are really interested). Look for them recommend going to a coop and sending possible difficulty (one mission each more potential Assassin (or more if you on your map and save them. I'd also your first two on missions of the lowest for both) to start leveling them up.

When you're ready, go to the next mission. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Kill your target using the Serial Offender Assassin Recruits ------------------------------------Go to the blue marker on your map. Another courtesan points you in the right direction. Keep going to the next one. Same thing. Each courtesan you find will point you closer toward the killer. Keep going and you'll eventually find him. He'll take off, so chase after him. Follow the red marker so you don't lose him. Instead of killing him yourself, get close enough so that the "Call Assassins" prompt appears in the top-left. Hit L2 to call in your third recruit (or any of the others if you didn't send them out on missions) and the killer will be silenced. Well done! ---

Do what you wish to do. As I pressed south toward the next mission, I renovated a few more shops, and also sent my third recruit out on his first mission. Feel free to do anything you want, then go to the next mission. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Kill yout target using the Human Cargo Assassin Recruits ------------------------------------Head toward the yellow marker. You'll come to a green search circle. Your target is in here somewhere. Use Eagle Vision to spot him (gold). Now you need to tail him quietly. Every once in a while, he'll stop and turn around. If you're not too close, he won't spot you too quickly. To further reduce the risk of being seen, blend in with any passing crowds. Follow him to a clearing and he will take off running. He will still stop and turn around, but then run off again when he feels it's safe. Follow him up the stairs and then around a corner. Without getting too close, call in your recruits while targeting him. They'll do the job and get you the full synch. Now here comes the tough part: keeping them alive. Quickly pull out your sword and defend your recruits. Target the enemies going after them. Backstabs are easy on foes that aren't even looking at you. Try your best to keep them from taking too much damage. --With that done, I'm proposing a few more side jobs. I'd recommend finding a few more recruits. Do that, do some renovations, challenges, or anything else. I figured while we were down here in the southwest, I'd tackle the next Borgia Tower. [Borgia Tower: Tommaso di Viterbo - Antico District center] I screwed this one up a bit but it actually kinda worked out. Start by clmbing up the hill from the south/southeast side. You'll find ledges to let you go higher and higher. Kill all the immediate guards until you get close to the captain's location. He's on horseback, pacing back and forth. More guards stand on watch close by. You could probably get close enough and hit him with the Crossbow. It might not be a one hit kill though (see why in a moment). You could also possibly get close enough to call in your recruits. I decided to call in my recruits on guards near the captain. This alerted the captain and he took off on his horse. I whipped out the Crossbow, shot him, but didn't kill him. He fell off and started running, at which point I ran after him and killed him with the Hidden Blade. I also had to protect my recruits. So that works too. I'd recommend trying to get close and "sniping" him from afar though. --[Glyph Location - Aventino] This is in the same area as the Borgia Tower. In fact, the glyph is located on the tower itself! Climb it again and get up near the top and with Eagle Vision

activated, drop from above. Catch onto the "ledge" in the glyph and you'll have another puzzle on your hands. Again, check for the solutions in the Glyphs section of this guide. With the tower down, head further south, all located in the Piramida Cestia. Just a note. lair, manage your recruits. Send them out on be needing them for the next several minutes some jobs and get XP. the way to the Lair of Romulus, Before actually going inside this missions, all of them. You won't and in that time, they can finish

------------------------------------- Full Synch: Complete the memory within 8 Wolves Among The Dead minutes ------------------------------------This starts off quite simply. Just charge forward, hopping over two gaps, then across several beams. Jump to the wall and shimmy over to the right, shifting onto the adjacent wall. Climb up and to Ezio's right using the life rings. Go down another corridor, eventually jumping a gap. Turn left and make your way across another small gap. Jump to a beam and turn left to enter the opening here. Swing your way through the next corridor, then take it down to another series of jumps and swings. This will go on until you reach a lift. Get on and launch yourself upwards. Go through this next passage until you reach a large chasm-like area. Jump across the cables, then turn right, crossing the hanging platforms and swinging across poles. Go to the wall, turn right, swing, jump and then shimmy to the platform. Down this next corridor, you come to a fork. Go straight to find a chest, then go back to the left branch to continue. Make your way southwest now through the passages (it can get a little maze-like here). You'll see a Follower run by. Follow him and you'll reach another very brief platforming room. This takes you to a small room where you must jump across two beams and then jump to the wall. Climb the wall up using the rings and the fissures. Here, another fork. Straight for a chest, left to go on. Go down a passage, hang a left, then swing down to a doorway. After a brief scene, climb down this large well. Start by dropping over one edge, then slowly making your way down. Look for obvious grab places or rings or anything. You can guide Ezio down by manipulating the Left Analog Stick, or by just dropping down and hitting Circle to catch the next ledge. Just be careful. Drop too far and you won't catch anything except a painful death. Drop down until you can get to an opening. Turn around, then swing your way across to the opposite side. Another fork. Go straight to get a chest, then left to get another. On the left branch, there is a second fork. This path takes you to an apparent dead end. Go in and turn right. Run up the wall at the end and then jump away to grab the platform. Turn around now and jump into the next passage. At the next fork, go right to get a chest, then right again to find a flag. Go back and take the other path. It eventually leads you to another split, but it all goes to the same place. If you bear left though, you can find another room with a chest. Keep going toward the marker, and eventually you'll hit a scene. Afterwards, go forward, then run up the ramp on the left side. Climb up this structure, then turn left and jump the gap. Make your way into the corner and climb the wall. Shimmy over to Ezio's left, then shimmy onto the pole and swing across. From here, jump and swing your way to the left. You will eventually

create a shortcut. Jump onto the roof of the structure here, then jump to side that is closest to the beams. Hop across these to rooftop. Here you can climb the cross. If you can't go Ezio around to the other side of the cross and he will further. When you get to the very top, you can jump to leave this room. the column on the far access another little any higher, then move be able to climb the next platform and

Take this hall down to a fork. Turn left, then left again to find a chest. Go back to the second fork and go straight across, make a left to find another. Across from that is a passage that leads to a third chest. Grab that and make your way through these labyrinth-like corridors toward the marker. Fight the Followers by just performing one Execution Streak on them. Counter one, then select your next target as you kill each previous enemy. Easy enough. Climb the ladder on the right. You'll find that a few more Followers put up little challenge. Slay them, then go clockwise around this floor until you near a gap that points you back at the ladder you just climbed. Just before that, if you look to the center of the room, you'll see an area you can jump to. Climb up to the left from here, and jump to the next floor. More Followers attack, but they go down without much fight. Again, make your way around this level until you get to the north side of the room. Jump from this raised wooden platform to the center again. Climb up the left side, then jump over as the Followers again chase you. Dispatch them with counters or what have you. Exit through the north. This corridor will lead you straight to the treasure. Take all of the loot and then finally, the scroll. Exit out through the bar door. --Now after what felt like a decent break, let's return to the story. Finish any other optional things you want first of course. ------------------------------------An Unexpected Visitor ------------------------------------Gee, I wonder who this can be? Walk the short distance to the blue marker. When you get down there, you'll see... a cardboard box? ! What could that mean? Something... sneaky? Stealthish? Metal Geary? Well anyway, after a scene, you are reunited with an old friend. After he marks the bench, sit down with Circle to shop. Leonardo can sell you back the second Hidden Blade, the Climb Leap Glove (which seems silly considering this was a skill Ezio knew without a glove...), and the Poison Darts attachment for the Hidden Blade. Combined, they all cost a decent sum, but fortunately (or rather, unfortunately), you can only buy one for now. I'd go with the second Hidden Blade, but the choice is yours. ---

Your next mission is marked on the map. Far, far to the southeast, in an area you actually can't reach directly. If you try to make a beeline for that spot, you'll be locked out. Hmm... Let's head due east then, toward Bartolomeo's place, the Caserma Di Alviano. We're gonna make one pitstop as we go east and then eventually, south. The stop is for a Glyph located at Bartolomeo's. [Glyph Location - Caserma Di Alviano] This can be found on the outer walls that surround the barracks. Climb up to the shingled roof. You will find the Glyph on the outside of the eastern wall. Drop over the side and grab it as you fall (with Eagle Vision on). Now, from this area, go south by southeast. More than likely, you'll see the white wall preventing you from going any further. Hug the wall and go south. Eventually you'll find a way to get to your mission marker. This was the only way I found to get here, as going east from say, the Colosseum, didn't show me any way to get through. This area is all uncharted, so getting that view point to the south would be nice. Unfortunately though, you can't reach it until you can fix the Aqueduct, which of course, is not possible until you take the Borgia Tower. The Tower of course, is blocked off. Great. However, this should also be right near where Leonardo is. Go meet up with him again by sitting on the marked bench. He won't leave this time, so if you want or can afford to, buy the other two things you didn't get before. I did so, buying the Climb Leap Glove and Poison Darts. After some time though, there's a chance that Leonardo's position might change. So be aware of that and be prepared to go in a different direction if his icon suddenly jumps to a different location. When you're equipped and ready to go, head to the mission marker. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Send the mercenaries into a War Plans fight ------------------------------------Proceed toward the yellow marker. As you get closer, it will turn to a green search circle. Along the path toward that area are some mercenaries. Hire them for your full synch objective. Now to just send them into action. Just further down the path you should see two groups of enemies. One is on patrol. Use Eagle Vision and you'll see the overseer highlighted in gold. Sic your mercenaries on either group to fulfill the bonus objective. Get into the fight yourself and chain some kills together or just attack any distracted guards. Take out the overseer and you're done. --Without further delay, head for the next marker, just a ways northeast of your current location. The marker itself is at the front of a city gate. Before starting this mission, you might want to make sure you have medicine. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Do not kill anyone before

Outgunned -------------------------------------

destroying the blueprints

Here you must be extra stealthy. Being detected and having the guards move in to attack you will cause you to be desynched. Start by jumping off the cliff and into the haystack. Go to the right, past the innocent worker. Around the corner are some beams. Stand under the first one and hold R1 and X, then let go to grab it. Make your way along this wall to the scaffolding. Climb up to the roof. Go left and then proceed north. Jump from where the wooden crane is to the wall in front of you. Go further north along this way. Some guards on your left might notice you and come up to check it out, but if you keep moving and duck around the next corner, they won't find you. Go down the stairs around that corner. Stay behind the wall and wait for the guards to disperse or turn their backs. Hurry out and make a right. This area is yellow on your mini-map. It's where the blueprints are. There is a brute guarding the area though. Stay behind cover and watch his route carefully. He'll go in a circle, going into the area on the left. Wait for him to go in, then slowly follow behind him, waiting for him to move out again. Once inside, check the poster near the table for the blueprints. Interact to burn them. Now we can get back to killin'! The machine gun is marked right near you as the blue indicator. You still have to remain undetected though. Start by killing the Brute who stands still now. Now, find a way over the gate. You can climb the small angled roof over the area where the blueprints were. Do an Advanced Wall Jump (run up a wall then quickly jump to the left) and grab onto it, then climb up. From the top of that small roof, you can climb over the wall and onto the roof on the other side. From here, you can use the Crossbow to kill two of the guards unnoticed. If the other two are close by and you have your Double Hidden Blades, you can kill them at once. Otherwise, shoot one more, then do an Air Assassination on the last one. Find the barrels near the machine and shoot them with your pistol. Run quickly to the yellow marker behind you now. The machine is destroyed, but there is another one, and the guards drive it off. Time to give chase. Follow behind holding R1 and X to gallop on your horse. After a few bends, you will reach a fork. The left path will be quickly demolished so veer right as soon as you see this fork. After a while there will be another one, this time forcing you to go left. You'll go down a long path by yourself, before finally catching up with the machine. Ezio gets on and comandeers it. Ride the wagon down the path. All you have to do is steer with the left stick. When guards ride up next to you, steer the wagon into them to knock them off. A light nudge is all it takes. Eventually, you'll get behind the gun itself. Proving that Borgia guards have no better aiming skills than Stormtroopers, you find it's rather easy to hit people with this. Plant the crosshairs on the target and hit R1 to shoot. You have to adjust for their movements and strafing, but it's not terribly difficult. Plus, the horses combined with the guards provide a large target. Luckily, the horses are never killed.

You'll have to gun them down from behind and from the side. Again, you'll need to adjust to their movements and shoot. You can see them lining up shots with the red sights on you. Favor those enemies first. If you lose health, use your medicine if you brought some. You go through a small village with many explosive barrels placed around. Try to aim for them to kill a few more enemies. Watch out for another troop of gunners on horseback though. Take aim at the closest ones first as they will be setting their sights on you. Things get really dicey after you pass through a path between the rocks. A lot of them start ganging up on you so have medicine ready. Eventually though, you will be home free. --With that done, you will now see the locations of more of Leonardo's war machines, and the missions associated with them, marked on your map. They are denoted by the black L symbol. You can do them at your leisure, so like most everything else in this game, I'm going to do them interspersed amongst all the other jobs and tasks. You can do them right away if you'd like (where's the fun in that?) or spread them out like me. For now, let's go take out the last Borgia Tower in the Centro District. It's the one near the border of the Centro and Campagna Districts. [Borgia Tower: Domenico de Padova - Centro E] I'm sure there's at least a half dozen ways to go about this, if not more. I'll just explain how I did it. I approached from the east, near where the actual tower is. I took out the archer here and moved north. In the north direction, there is a church-like building. It's got a cross on it and it's exactly where the captain is standing by. In the area below is a haystack. I jumped into it. A patrolling group of guards let by a Seeker came to investigate. The Seeker got close and I assassinated him from the blind spot. I also killed the trailing guard of the group when they turned around to go back. I got out of my hiding spot and climbed straight up the right-most part of the building without turning the corner. I came upon a gunner enemy, assassinated him, then climb over the building to find another and Air Assassinated him. I then picked up his body, dropped it over the side. When it landed on the ground, the Borgia Captain and his men came to investigate. That is when I struck, doing an Air Assassination and ending him. That's how I did it. You can probably easily snipe him from a distance with the Crossbow (though as I mentioned earlier, that might not be a one-hit kill), or just rush him from out in the open, or shoot him with the Poison Darts even perhaps. When you're done, climb the tower and ignite it. --Now, with this section liberated, why not renovate some of its shops? Also, with another tower down, you can possibly recruit another assassin-to-be. By now, I strongly recommend you have at the very least, 6 assassins. I had 9 at this point.

Now, as a further distraction, if you are playing this on the PS3 version and have the necessary DLC (which is free, by the way...), let's head to that long ignored icon in the southeastern part of the Centro District. Let's meet Copernicus. If you don't have it or are playing on 360, please skip the next section. ======COPERNICUS MISSIONS====================================================== ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Take no damage during the False Censorship ambush ------------------------------------This mission is actually.... not all that easy. It's not difficult by any means, but it's certainly not a walk in the park. After the scene, Copernicus will be under attack from seemingly endless waves of guards. Your focus should mainly be on protecting him as he has no weapons with which to defend himself. Stay near him and protect him, but lure other guards to you and try to counter them to start an Execution Streak. By getting a streak going, you can reduce the danger quickly. More waves show up though, including Brutes and Seekers. Getting the full synch objective is no easy task. You'll want to either disarm these guys or make them part of your Execution Streak for easy kills. You can also kick them first and then attack. Just have your reflexes sharp if other enemies try to get involved. One way to make this fight easier and to get some heat off Copernicus is to bring your assassin recruits in. Have them join the fight and that will not only help keep our philosopher alive, but also help you stay safe. --Talk to Copernicus again in the same area for the next mission. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Reach safety in under 3 Out of Orbit minutes 20 seconds ------------------------------------You must escort Copernicus to the yellow marker safely. Start by leaving the plaza, going in a southeast direction to find the stairs. Go down these stairs and you'll likely encounter one group of guards. I recommend using Arrow Storm from your recruits if you have enough available. If not, try to streak some kills together so you can get moving again. Down the stairs, kill any other guards, then head toward the marker. There will be more stationary guards along the path, but instead of going past them, go in between or around them. Easy enough. From here, the path should be really easy to get to the marker. Run of course to move faster and meet that bonus objective. --The next three missions are on your map, marked with the same symbol. You can tackle them in any order. Let's go to the northwest one first. Use a tunnel or just ride to get all the way there. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Deliver the letter in under

Honorary Degree -------------------------------------

1 minute

This is really simple. I barely need to even help you with this. Just run as fast as you can toward the blue marker. Tackle people by holding R1 and Circle to get by them so they don't slow you down. Take to the rooftops if that is more preferable. You can easily make it in about 40 seconds and get the bonus objective. Once you speak to the man, he is killed. The murderer, a Borgia gunner, drops down and attacks, along with a few other guards. Counter one of them, then use an Execution Streak to target the gunner and get him as well. Finish off the rest. --The next mission is just a bit northeast. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Deliver the letter in under 2 Intelligentsia minutes ------------------------------------You have three minutes to deliver the letter, two to get the bonus objective. Grab a horse if you want, but it isn't totally necessary. What makes this one a little harder is that you don't know exactly where the recipient is. You must search the green area for him. I found him on the other side of a building where blacksmith shop was located. --The last one is much farther north. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Deliver the three letters in Expedited Post under 3 minutes ------------------------------------Again, this is just way too easy. The only tips I can offer are to bowl over any people in your way holding R1 and Circle. When they aren't in your way, do a full sprint (R1 + X). Climb over any direct obstacles if it will save you time. Deliver the three letters and you'll be done. --The next mission is to the far south, just outside the Coloseum. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Kill no one while following Man In Red the Cardinal ------------------------------------Head way way northwest to the top-left corner of the Centro District. It's quite a journey, so quick travel via the tunnels is recommended. When you get to the yellow marker, you must use Eagle Vision to find a Cardinal. He should be spotted fairly quickly. Start following him through the district. Keep some distance and be prepared to hide. There might not be lots of people around to blend in with, so you may have to rely on ducking behind corners and

other cover to remain inconspicuous. Otherwise, this is rather simple. Keep your distance but don't let him out of sight for too long. A timer starts up when your view of him is obstructed by something. This can easily be fixed by manipulating the camera angle sometimes. --------------------------------------- Full Synch: Kill all the executioners in Sitting Ducks under 5 minutes ------------------------------------You have to kill six targets across the area. Each general location is shown by the marker. When you get to each general area though, you have to search. The first one is on top of the archway pretty much right where the circle is. Climb up there and he runs away, so snipe him from a distance or chase him. It is probably best not to send your assassins since they might fall off where other guards will attack them. The second one is east of there. He was a pain to find. He is a random guard roaming the streets. He walks alone so use that to your advantage to find him but it really comes down to dumb luck. The third is to the north, found on a rooftop just northwest of a doctor. Shoot him from a distance with the crossbow. The next two targets are in the same location. They are two Brutes that wander the street, so at least they stand out a bit more. Again, you have the annoying problem of trying to track moving targets. You might find it more advantageous to just stay on the roof and look around, rather than aimlessly running about the streets, hoping to find them. The last target is on a rooftop and easy to find so just snipe him. You might want to avoid having your recruits kill him as I did that and it glitched on me, forcing me to do it all over again. Doing this in under five minutes is a bit tough. Once you know their general locations, the only thing making it hard is the unreliability in finding targets 2, 4, and 5. --Return to Copernicus near the Coloseum for the last mission. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Kill the master with the Close the Book Hidden Blade ------------------------------------The first part of this mission is very simple. Venture into the city and track the Master. He is moving but you can keep track of him with the marker. No other surprises really and he won't even run away. Kill him with the Hidden Blade for your full synch. Now, run for the blue marker to find Copernicus. He's on top of a hill so go around it and climb the rock ledges to reach him. Several attackers will then close in. Most of them should be focused on you, but the heavily armored foe, marked by the red crosshairs, will go after Copernicus. Try to get an Execution

Streak going and kill them all. ======END COPERNICUS MISSIONS================================================== And so ends the Copernicus missions. Now, let's move on. It just so happens that after that mission, we're extremely close to another mission to destroy one of Leonardo's machines. Let's do that, shall we? If you did not play the Copernicus missions, this is to the northeast, in the Campagna District. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Kill the overseer with the War Plans pistol ------------------------------------Again, this is just like the first precursor mission to the Outgunned one. Go to the area marked on your map and look for the overseer, the more ostentatious looking guard of the group. He will patroll around. Kill him with the pistol for your bonus. It might be hard if the nearby beggar women get in your way. Just follow the overseer and wait for your opening. Make sure you target him and then fire. --The location of the machine is now marked on your map, so go to the northeast city gate and step into the marker. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Do not take damage while in Hell On Wheels the tank ------------------------------------Start by going forward. You'll soon see the architect with an escort. When it is clear, run toward the building in front of you and climb up. Up here, look for the guard standing in front of the haystack. Shoot him with a poison dart or crossbow bolt. Drop down and run past him. Veer to the left and duck into the haystack in the wagon. Kill the guard standing right there while you're hiding. Go around the back of the next building, ignoring the guard posted on top. Follow the escort. He'll enter the fortress in front of you. The gate closes and two guards stand watch. A timer will begin once the architect is out of sight so you must move quickly. Ignore the guards, keeping your distance and go to the right. They will try and come over and spot you, but just keep moving. Climb up the platforms and use the hanging basket to go around the corner. Jump across the beams quickly and enter through the hole in the wall. The architect will be there. Drop in on him and beat the snot out of him with your fists. After a nice lovely chat over tea, he explains where you must go. While still remaining undetected, head for the new marker. The best way to go is by the rooftops. So climb to the top of the building that should be right near where you assaulted the architect. Take the cables over to the next roof, but shoot the archer first with your crossbow. Continue east to the next rooftop. There is an archer here on Ezio's left, but focus first on the one straight across to the east. Shoot him first, then deal with the other. Now you have nothing to get in your way, so continue into the corner and drop down to find the blueprints.

Dispose of them and now go north, ignoring or killing a Seeker. Find the mercenaries and free them. Follow them to fight a horde of guards. Target the Brutes or Seekers first, disarming them, then start an Execution Streak with their weapons. There will be one more fight before you get to your destination. Either get the bigger enemies like the Brutes in the Execution Streak, or kick them to lower their guard and attack them until they go down. The rest should be easy. When you get underground, climb the wall on the left. The next passage requires you to do a lot of beam hopping. Easy enough. Just use the Left Stick to help you when you must favor the left side or the right side. On the other side, use the lever to open the gate. Go inside the passage to find a chest, then join up with the mercenaries. Left of the next gate is yet another wall to climb. This leads to another passage that must carefully navigate. If you fall, you'll have to swim back and climb up, but there's a chest in it for you if you do. Be careful after you turn the corner in this platforming sequence. When you jump to the swing pole, have Ezio shimmy over so he's in line with the next beam. After that, there is another pole, so again, shimmy over until he's in line with the next landing. Open the gate and continue. For the last obstacle, climb the left wall. When you can't go any higher, shimmy right around the corner. Jump away from the wall, then hop across the beams. Jump to the platform on the other side and you can activate the lever. Enter the doorway for a scene. Once you're behind the wheel of the tank, shoot the barrels to open the way and get started. Follow the linear path through the valley. Your goal is to take out the enemy cannons. Your side objective is to get through here without getting hurt. Keep in mind that the enemy patrols will not hurt you and they are not your main targets. While it is fun to shoot at them, don't ignore the cannons. They are marked with the red crosshair symbols. As you get in their line of sight, they'll start lining up shots. Sometimes they miss if you move left or right far enough. But it's best to open fire on them as soon as possible. Some cannons will be near explosive barrels, so shoot them to take out multiple cannons at once. Eventually you'll run into another enemy tank in a clearing. These guys aren't great shots but you still have to avoid taking any damage so be careful. The best way to deal with them is to just strafe left or right around them and fire on them. It takes just a few shots and the tank goes down. Blast open the gates ahead and you'll have to fight two more. This is where you might lose the objective. Try to take out one as soon as you can, then strafe around the other and destroy it too. After that, you get a scene and the mission ends. --Ok, it's been a very long break from the story, so head for Ezio's Hideout to continue. This brief "mission" ends after you check the map and then leave. The map just lets you manage your recruits, something you've probably done a lot already. After that, leave through the door for a scene, and the end to this Sequence.

______________________________________________________________________________ S E Q U E N C E 5 ______________________________________________________________________________ THE BANKER [br05] Take some time to renovate more shops. If you are starting to accrue enough money, you can buy some of the big buildings around the city. They cost a lot though. Explore some more, tackle guild challenges or whatever you want. Take a breather. When you're ready to move on, go to the next mission marker, located northwest at the Rosa in Fiore. Inside, speak with Claudia. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Do not be detected while Escape From Debt escorting the senator ------------------------------------Head to the marker on your mini-map. It's at the senatorial palazzo, also where you find Copernicus if you played that part on PS3. You'll find the person you're looking for in the southwest corner. Quickly kill his attackers, trying to prevent him from taking much damage. Now you must escort him out of here. If you wish to meet the bonus objective, you'll have to avoid detection. Guards will attack the senator on sight, ignoring Ezio. If you attack them though to defend him, you'll fail. So the best way to go for the most part is to avoid contact at all costs. Start by going toward the marker, hugging the right wall to avoid the guards in the plaza. Go down that staircase and wait for any other patrols. Most of them you can avoid since you can see their positions on your map. Other guards might not appear until you're rather close so be careful. Taking the long way around will be required to avoid contact and maintain that bonus objective. However, if something happens and the senator is under attack you can still save yourself. Instead of attacking the guards and losing the objective, call in your assassin recruits to kill them. Do that any time you get caught by the guards. Alternatively, if you get caught and don't have assassins or just don't want to use them, you can deploy a smoke bomb and run away. Lead the senator to the yellow marker. You will have to guide him to two more places. Again, make use of your assassins when necessary. Otherwise, do your best to navigate the alleys and streets that best get you around any potential trouble. --The next mission requires you have at least 3000f on you, which should be no problem whatsoever. But let's pretend you don't have it and take a short break, mmkay? Just a short one, I promise. When you get the chance, head for the "L" icon just southwest of the Coloseum in the Antico District. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Use a smoke bomb to stun the

War Plans -------------------------------------


Go to the search area. The overseer patrols with his men amongst some small building ruins. Get close and deploy a smoke bomb to stun them all. Kill him and the rest. Done. --Go now toward the gate, marked by the new "L" icon. It's time to set out. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Do not get shot while using Flying Machine 2.0 the bomber ------------------------------------First dive off into the haystack below. You can assassinate the guard here if you want. You're not in a restricted area though, so feel free to walk around. You need to find the architect using Eagle Vision. In a minute or two, he should pass by the front of the building you started on. Follow him now. He'll turn around every now and then so just back off and wait for him to continue. Tail him behind a house and let your fists do the talking. After that, the blue marker appears on your map. Head south, toward the wall, then follow it left to an opening near a haystack. Climb the ladder near it to get up to a roof. For fun, I decided to hit the Brutes with poison darts, but it was just for fun. Jump from this roof to the top of the wall and take it forward. Shoot the archers as you get near them, then when it's safe, get back on the ground. Go to where the blueprints are, killing one more nearby guard if necessary. Destroy the blueprints and the location of the machine will be marked next. If you try to go in that direction, you notice the next gate is watched over by two Brutes. Now you could probably snipe them with the Crossbow, but let's go with a more stealthy approach, shall we? Lots of people are walking through the area, so hitch a ride with them. Blend into a small group and then just slip on by. Soon you'll see a sloping path to your right. Break from the group when it's safe (when no other nearby patrols might see you) and head up there. There is a Seeker and another guard there and they patrol down the slope and then back. Just stay as far right as possible and go around them. You'll be fine. Go to where path of two jump to the to the wall the stables are. Climb onto the roof of them and you can see a small beams. Hop across these to the wall. Shimmy around until you can hanging crates behind Ezio. Do so, and then from there, jump back and climb up.

Wait for the archer to come to the bottom-left corner of the tower, then Ledge Assassinate him. There are many archers here surrounding you so be careful. Try to ignore them and take a Leap of Faith off the top-right corner off the tower. Two passing guards will be close enough to the haystack. Kill the tailing guard and then jump out and shoot the other with the Crossbow. Go over to his body and pick it up. Pay attention to the other patrol on your mini-map. Wait for them to be away from you, then plant the body near their route. When they see it, quickly go around them and get behind them. Slowly approach them and do a double Hidden Blade assassination. Skillfully done.

Now you need to climb the big central tower, but how exactly you do that is a little ambiguous. Start by going into the top-right corner. If you encounter another two guards, shoot one with Poison Darts, then shoot the other with your Crossbow while he's distracted. In the corner you'll find a ladder that inevitably takes you to the top of the wall. As soon as you get up here, focus not on the two guards standing there, but an archer who will soon see you from behind. Turn around and shoot him quickly, then slowly assassinate the two guards. You will also need to watch out for a guard on the adjacent wall. Climb up the tower toward the eastern-ish direction where another archer sits. Ledge Assassinate him, then shoot the two guards on the wall on the other side, being careful not to alert the other once you killed the first one. From the corner of this tower, you're able to barely reach the platform that is sticking out from the side of the big main tower. Jump to it and pull yourself up. Shoot the archer on the other tower nearby and the killing spree is done for now. Walk down this platform and jump and swing. You'll land on a beam. Do an Air Assassination on the archer below. Enter the tower now. Climb the ladder to the platform, then hop across to the opposite wall and climb this to some beams. Jump from your climbing spot to catch onto the beams, then pull yourself up. Cross these to reach another platform and ladder. From here, you'll just go around the walls, hopping across beams and climbing until you finally reach a window to the outside. Resist the temptation to do an Air Assassination on the archer below. Instead, turn right and jump to the next beam. Jump and swing to the adjacent side of the tower. One more jump and then you can climb up the wall to the top of the tower. Here you find a squadron of guards. Walk to the glowing mechanism and interact with it to send them on their way. Climb up the ladder now to reach the flying machine. This segment can be a little annoying. You must fly around the area and destroy the four workshops. This is not too difficult. Pressing down on the Left Analog Stick causes the machine to dive, and pulling it up will raise its nose back up. R1 lets you drop bombs and there is a target reticle on the ground to help you with that. The machine slowly descends as you go, so to keep it aloft and high in the sky, shoot a place on the ground and fly over it. What makes this a bit annoying is actually hitting what you want. The workshops take two hits to destroy, but you have to aim exactly for the chimney-like structures. Gain height and you have more time to aim. When you're passing a target, dive down (assuming you have enough height) and the targeting reticle will move back toward the structure you're about to pass over. Take out the towers near the workshops to reduce any likelihood of you getting hit, which isn't very good anyway. Just in case though. Once you take out the shops, several carts with supplies start making a mad dash. Aim for them and shoot them down. If you need to move fast to catch up with them, shoot at the ground, then divebomb at it to get a burst of speed. Pay attention to your mini-map to follow the carts.

The last part is the most annoying. Killing the messenger on horseback is more difficult. The best way to get him is follow the old Space Invaders adage: don't shoot at where he is, shoot at where he's going to be. Lead your shots by aiming for the path in front of him and hope to hit him. It's annoying but if you mess up, you retry at this point anyway. Alternatively, if you dive lower and lower toward the ground, you'll have an easier time hitting him, at the risk of possibly crashing. --Now with that done, we return back to Rome. Without further delay, let's return to the story. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Do not be detected and do not Follow the Money touch the ground while ------------------------------------tailing the senator Go to the lift just outside the door. Take it to the roof and head for the yellow marker on your map. After the scene, you must tail this group as they travel throughout the city. Like other stalking jobs, as long as you keep them in sight, you don't have to worry about the timer. When they are obstructed by something like a building or anything else, if you can move the camera to unobstruct the view, the timer will disappear. As you proceed along the rooftops, there will be archers dotted along the way. Use your crossbow from a distance to take them out. Also be sure that you have a clear path with the rooftops. There are cables connecting many paths, but sometimes you'll need to choose a particular path since you can't drop down to the ground in order to get full synch. After a while of following, they enter the pantheon. Now you can get on the ground and find a way to infiltrate the pantheon from the roof. Go to the very back of the building, on the south side. There you'll find a broken pillar. This is where you can start. Climb up here and then climb up two ledges to get even higher. Go left a bit and look for a section of wall in between two brick pillars with a window above you. Climb straight up that window and then up from there to reach the top. Stand where the marker is and drop over the ledge into the building. You'll notice the small yellow objects on the wall. Use the Left Analog Stick and point Ezio down toward these. Slowly, he'll climb down. Point him toward each next one carefully and you'll get lower and lower. Keep climbing down until you get to the gold walkway. From there, do an Air Assassination on the guard. --------------------------------------- Full Synch: Arrive at your destination in When In Rome less than 3 minutes ------------------------------------You have to carry the money to the destination while disguised as the killed guard. With no way of knowing where it is, you have to rely on the other guards to tell you that you're bascially being an idiot for going the wrong way and by process of elimination, figure out the right way.

This gets kind of annoying rather quickly. You try every street and each time you pick the wrong one, they get suspicious. If you don't turn around, you'll blow your cover. Giving step by step instructions is rather difficult. But to start, you'll want to go in a western direction, then eventually turn south. Again, the exact point you have to change is not something I can easily detail, but you can rely on the guards to let you know when you need to change. Your main two directions are south and west. Pay attention to their comments and also the synychronization. When it's strong and medium, you're going in the right way. When it becomes weak, you should change direction immediately. You will almost always be going south or west, but something other directions temporarily. Eventually, you'll find the bridge. Cross it for a scene. --------------------------------------- Full Synch: Kill the Banker from a bench In and Out without being detected ------------------------------------Start by hiring the courtesans nearby. You are automatically notorious here, so you must avoid detection at all costs. Guide the courtesans through the streets, but try to veer away from guards as much as possible. Follow the target to the large staircase. There are four guards here, so target one of them and send your courtesans at them. Now you can walk by. Up the steps there are even more guards, so don't go in directly. Go to the right and climb up that way. Follow the new target, staying to the right. You'll find a haystack to jump into. Do so when the nearby guard isn't looking, then kill him. Keep moving and you can find another haystack to hide in and another guard to kill. They'll move up the hill to the right. Follow behind and wait for a scene. Now, hire the Courtesans and make them distract the guards. Inside, grab some more courtesans. Let them distract more guards. Basically keep doing this as you go. Try to save courtesans by having them walk up to the guards instead of telling them who to distract. This usually splits them up, giving you two uses. Follow the Banker back outside and into a large area where you get a scene. At this point, use some courtesans to distract nearby guards, then get yourself a seat on a bench somewhere. There are two on the south side. Make sure the people are sitting before you try to sit down. Stay there, and wait for the Banker to come by. When he passes you, hit Square to assassinate him from the bench. Flee the scene to finish the mission. --Head to the Rosa in Fiore really quickly to get a scene. This ends the sequence. ______________________________________________________________________________

S E Q U E N C E 6 ______________________________________________________________________________ THE BARON DE VALOIS [br06] Be sure to keep your assassins well honed. Send them on more and more missions, get as many involved in leveling up as you can, but try to keep some handy as well. Keep up the renovations and tackle challenges too. When you're ready, head east for the next mission. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Do not take any damage Gatekeeper ------------------------------------You have to close all three gates to Bartolomeo's compound. This is by no means an easy task. Actually, coupled with trying to get the full synch bonus, this is an annoying task. The controls to the first gate are French Soldiers (who speak Italian aggravatingly difficult to man the you'll need an ample window to use to your immediate right as you start. So many for some reason...) pile in that it becomes lever. If you want to avoid taking damage, the controls.

So start by getting an Execution Streak going. I prefer to use the dagger here since I've started getting the feeling it's slightly faster, but I could very well be wrong. Keep streaks short if necessary if you don't have the necessary reflexes to stop a soldier that might attack you and interrupt your streak. If your reflexes are good enough, perform a counter even as you are in the middle of a kill animation; you can counter and keep your streak going even in mid-animation. This is still hard though. I highly recommend you call in a bunch of your recruits, as much as six of them if you want. This will divert the attention of the guards and give you more time. You can also use smoke Bombs to stun the guards and that works well too. After you manage to do this, go to Bartolomeo's side and defend him. Streak some kills on his attackers. The game teaches you about how to chain really nice kills together using your pistol in the middle of streaks. I mentioned this earlier, but it's worth repeating now since it takes a little practice. Basically, in the middle of a streak, when selecting your next target, hold Square instead of pressing it, you should kill one enemy, and if another is nearby, shoot him with the pistol. This also applies to your dagger and throwing knives. After that, get on your horse and ride with Bartolomeo. Follow him to the French camp for a scene and the end to this mission. --While we're here, let's go take out another Borgia Tower. We can finally gain access to this area of the map, having come this far. Ride just north of the French camp and you'll find it. [Borgia Tower: Antonio da Fiorentino - Campagna NE] This one took a little work. He's a far to the north, marching around a platform near the base of a tower. Move in to the north and stay to the right. Try to

avoid attention as much as possible. Go as far north as you can and look for the small patrol with the Seeker. Let them pass and go across the street, going west. Go behind this building and you'll be across from the tower. There are two pairs of guards on the left and right. You can try to take them out from afar with the Crossbow if you like. This might not work out too well though. What I did was used the Poison Darts on one guard on the right. This distracted the other one. Then I made a mad dash in between the two pairs for the wall beneath the tower. The other guard almost noticed me, but I made it up before he became suspicious. From there, I climbed the platform the captain was on, wait for him to pass, then pulled myself up. Just a quick Hidden Blade to end it. Now again, I'm not proposing this to be the best way. You could probably shoot him with the Crossbow if you got close enough, or do any other number of things. So I don't have the best strategy, but I just decided to do it this way. Climb the tower itself and ignite it. Another one down. --With another tower gone, you can recruit one more assassin. I happened to find one just nearby the tower. Sweet! Be sure to keep their XP coming and levels going up. I had at least three recruits at level 7, and the rest at level 6. Also, with another area liberated, you can do more renovations. If you have the cash on you, be sure to renovate these shops. Now, without further delay, return to Bartolomeo's. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Do not be detected French Kiss ------------------------------------This was by far the most annoying mission I had tried to get Full Synch on up to this point. That is until I figured out what was the really easy way to do it. Your goal is to kill 20 soldiers. You have several camps marked on your map in the surrounding area. Each place should have about 10 soldiers so you only need to really go to two places hopefully. The key to getting Full Synch is basically to do the least work possible. Ride for the southwest camp. There, on the hill overlooking the camp are some Mercenaries. Hire them and send them afte the guards standing watch at the gate. They'll kill them and most of the rest inside. You can sit back and let them do the work or you can shoot a few of them yourself with your Crossbow. Take your pack of mercenaries to another location and again send them after the enemies. Do this until you have 20 kills and you'll never be detected. --You could do some more side tasks. Keep your recruits strong. I'm proposing we take a brief hiatus from the story to tackle some side stuff again. First, let us take out the final war machine. Head for the "L" icon in the southwest part of the map.

------------------------------------- Full Synch: Use the kick attack against War Plans the overseer ------------------------------------You've done this before. It's really nothing I need to get into excruciating detail about. Head northwest to find the overseer. He's just up some stairs and behind some ruins. Start a fight with the guards and call in your recruits to give you a hand if you want. Just make sure you use a kick against the overseer and that's that. Streak some kills together and waste them to be done. --Head immediately for the new L icon on your map, just south of your location. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Open 1 of the first 3 gates Loose Cannon ------------------------------------Start by going to the left and forward. Dive into the water and swim beside the walkway where the guard patrols. Make sure to dive under the water to remain unnoticed. Sneak up to the side and climb out but stay on the side. Do a Ledge Assassination on the guard. Swim forward now, still favoring the left side. Find another guard to kill and pull him into the water with another Ledge Assassination. Swim toward the blue marker now and speak with the man on the walkway. He gets into a boat and rows away. Follow him by swimming after him. He enters a tunnel, where a Brute opens a gate. Dive under the water and quickly assassinate the guard on the right. Before the architect gets too far away, climb the small wall the guard stood near, then climb up the wall above it and make your way onto this overhead route. You can take this path all the way around the corner, jumping across beam after beam. Guards will notice you, but if you move fast enough, it won't matter. Shortly after turning the corner, you can't really go any further, but there are rafters above you. From the beam you're on, do an Advanced Wall Jump by running up the wall next to you, then quickly jumping to the left. Take the rafters forward and then down to the beams, trying not to fall off. Your bonus objective is to beat the architect Eduardo to one of the gates and kill the Brute who operates it, so you can open the gate for him. It must be on one of the first three gates. We already passed the first one and the second one is coming up. By taking the overhead route you can get there much faster than him. I managed to do it on the third gate. Just make your jumps from beam to beam and be careful as you move along. Once you're clear of the third gate, you'll have to swim past two Brutes. Just dive under water to avoid their attention and swim on by. As Eduardo goes left, go right and Ledge Assassinate the next guard. After another separation, kill two more guards. Eduardo leaves shortly after. Climb lever to open the door. Once you're away from the wall and get onto the to do a double Air Assassination on out of the water on the right and use the inside, climb the ladder on your right. Jump beam. Take it forward to get into position the guards below.

Climb the scaffolding on your left and run up the wall and jump away to catch

another beam. Jump to the beam across from it, then go left around this wall. You'll be able to do another double kill from here. For the Brute, go back to the scaffolding and take the path of beams all the way around to him and jump from there to kill him. Use the lever to get inside. Proceed toward the two guards standing near each other and kill them with a double Hidden Blade assassination. The others will approach you and then a fight begins. Streak some kills together, targeting the Brute during it for an easy kill on him. Climb the ladder to find the blueprints. Destroy them, then go around this platform to the blue marker and use the lever. Jump to the hanging platform and then to the next one. Kill the Brute here and then approach the white marker. Use the beams here to get to the other side of the room. Jump across the first two, then from there, go left jumping to the other side of the room and the other beam. Take that forward and you can return to the previous room. Cross the hanging platforms and kill another Brute. Jump then to the next ledge and from there, climb up and Air Assassinate the next one. Finally, use the lever here to flood the room. The naval vessel operates like a gondola, but thankfully it's just a bit faster. Use circle repeatedly (don't tap it like crazy though) to row. Get close to the barge and then hit Square to man the cannon. Pay attention to the curved sight system. Angle it toward the barge's sails and open fire on them. Ignore everything else. After that, row a long ways toward the other three boats. Tackle them one at a time. It's best to row alongside them, parallel, but not too close. Take out the first two sails, then row a bit more and shoot the last one. Repeat this for the last two and you're done. --With that done, if you have taken out all the machines, you get a scene with Leonardo. He hands over the parachute. These let you glide from tall heights without fear of injury. You can also use them to perform Air Assassinations. Each time you use one, you lose it. To get more, go to a Tailor shop. Parachutes seem to have a nasty tendency to seemingly diseappear from your inventory. As far as I can tell, you still have them, as I have been still able to use them despite the fact that the icon was gone. When ready, we're gonna take care of one last thing before moving on to the next mission. Head for the Borgia Tower just southeast of Bartolomeo's place. [Borgia Tower: Ferdinando di Napoli - Campagna District SE] I'll be honest. I just wanted to fight. This captain doesn't run away (at least he did not for me), so I tried to sneak my way in, but let's face it, there are tons and I mean tons of guards around here I actually got by unnoticed and shot the captain on his horse with my Crossbow, but then I just moved in for a fight. So if this is your choice, I recommend calling in some Assassins to help you out and to tally for the Guild Challenge. Have them lend you a hand as you dispatch the guards and the captain as well. If you would prefer to be stealthier, you can try using your assassins to take out important guards one by one, then move in for a Crossbow kill.

Ignite the tower when you're done. --Renovate the shops here and then let's get going finally. Make haste for the next mission. Bring a full quiver of Crossbow bolts along. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Do not lose any health squares Trojan Horse ------------------------------------All the mercenaries are disguised. Walk alongside them as they make for the Baron's camp. Your first challenge will arrive in just a moment as a few Seekers attack you. In order to keep the bonus objective in check, try to make sure they don't hit you. If they target you, lure them as close to the group and they'll start fighting them too. Kick the Seekers and then slash them several times to kill them. From here, you have to take out a few checkpoints in very limited time. It's highly recommended you leave Bartolomeo and his men behind and run ahead of them to take out the necessary targets. When you walk with them to the checkpoints, the enemies are much harder to kill unnoticed and also because all the mercenaries are sort of in your way. So run off ahead of them and use your Crossbow from a distance on each one, including one on a rooftop. Go ahead and run off to the next one. For these three Seekers, run up to each one and kill them with the Hidden Blade. They should be separate from each other, so kill them from left to right. For the third set, run off ahead and either go after the rooftop gunner first or the Seekers first. If you go for the Seekers, make sure the gunner isn't looking. If you take out the gunner first, find a good angle and shoot him with the Crossbow. After that, you are free to enter the camp, and after a scene, you get to access the inner part of it. Follow the group all the way inside until you get another scene. You are faced with three Papal Guards. If you haven't fought these guys before, they are tough customers and it's here that you are most in danger of losing the bonus objective. If you'd rather not take a risk, I recommend using a Smoke Bomb and then killing them that way. Otherwise, the best way to kill them, since counters only weaken them, is to kick them, then slash them repeatedly. Once you kill one, use that to springboard into an Execution Streak and easily kill the other two. Defeat them to end the mission. --------------------------------------- Full Synch: Finish the mission in less Au Revoir than 5 minutes ------------------------------------Get to the rooftops. You might have a guard or two attacking you at the start, so finish them first. Climb a roof to the north, then turn right. Shoot the

guard on the tower, then proceed southeast. Cross the rooftops and make your way to another tower where there are two guards. You can try shooting one from as far as possible, but it could alert the other one. That's not a problem though since being detected won't fail you. Continue into the southeast corner and there are three more archers. All can be taken out from a distance with your crossbow without drawing any attention. Once you've done that, turn on Eagle Vision and look down the street to the north. You should identify four guards you need to kill. Drop down on them with a double Air Assassination. Disarm one other and kill him with his own spear, then chain it into a kill on the last one. Now go to the blue marker and interact with the gate controls to get a scene. You must now kill the Baron without being seen. Start by going to the far left and climbing up the wall below a gunner and Ledge Assassinate him. Move north a bit and spy another guard or two near the building. I decided to send in my assassins so you might want to do that too. When the path is clear, go as far north as you can to the wall, then climb the building. Take out one last archer ahead of you, then you can do an Air Assassination on the Baron. --After a scene, the sequence ends.

______________________________________________________________________________ S E Q U E N C E 7 ______________________________________________________________________________ THE KEY TO THE CASTELLO [br07] Alright, once again, we're gonna take a break to shore up some loose ends. If you'd rather continue with the story, skip the next few parts. First, since we are rather close, let's take out the last war machine of Leonardo's. The L icon is just southwest of our current location as we start this sequence. When you do some renovating, level up your assassins, head to the southeast. There's a trifecta of side stuff here. First, there's the final Borgia Tower. [Borgia Tower: Ippolito di Foligno] As always, you can do this in a number of ways, but I'll explain how I did it, as usual. Approach from the east. Have your assassins take out the guards standing near the aqueduct. Climb the building and move in a western direction, toward the tower. Snipe an archer on your left, then a gunner who might come over to check out what happened. Keep going west, and take out another pair of these guys near the tower. Now climb the tower itself. The captain is right at the top. Climb Leap of

course helps if you have the glove. When you reach the top, just assassinate or fight him, then ignite the tower. --With the final tower down, here's a list of the things you should definitely do: renovate all the shops here, recruit your last assassin, and keep leveling them up. You should have some assassins at least at level 8 or 9, maybe even more if you've been keeping up with them a lot. Now, the second order of business is probably fairly obvious since it is very close to our current location. Yes, another Lair of Romulus! It's on the northwest part of the village, in a courtyard of a building that surrounds it. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Do not lose more than a block The Sixth Day of health ------------------------------------Start by heading west through the rundown building, through a few doors. Turn left and then make your way inevitably south, hopping across a few beams. At the dead end, climb onto the crate or box and face the left wall. Do an Advanced Wall Jump, running up the wall and jumping left. Climb up here and make your way back north, across the beams. Jump from the next platform to the top of the door. Now continue across and you'll land on some beams. You can go left or right. Go left for a flag, then go right toward the marker. Turn left when you reach this next room and climb out using the dresser. You return to the first room via the balcony. Jump across to the chandalier, then to another. Turn right, and jump to the next one. Cross the next few to reach the next room. Traverse a few more beams here to go south. When you reach the railing, hug the left wall so you can grab the poles and swing down to the floor. On the west wall is a statue. Climb up the face of this statue to reach the top. Turn right and you can find a flag. Go left and you can jump to a swinging pot. As soon as you start swinging, be prepared to hold Circle and catch the ledge on the column. Shimmy around to Ezio's left then have him jump to his left to grab the banner. Shimmy left again to get onto a swing pole. Hold R1 and X and point Ezio forward to swing into the room ahead. Enter the next room and go into the top-right corner. Use the weapon rack to run up the wall and grab the beam here. Climb up and take this platform around and jump into the next doorway. Go west and you'll see a part of the floor collapse. Favor the left side and hop across a few beams here. Keep jumping forward, reaching the top of some vertical beams. Jump over the top of theses to reach a precariously hanging dresser. Shimmy over to the right twice, then watch as the camera shifts around. Jump away and catch the beam here. Move to Ezio's left, traversing a small gap. Climb up a bit from there, then jump to the left. Climb the bricks up to a ledge and go inside and drop down. Go right and do an Advanced Wall Jump to reach the beams and go around to collect another flag. Jump back and go left, moving toward the marker. Hop across a beam and jump to a swinging pot. Keep going west, eventually down a long hallway.

In the next room, walk north and look for the beams jutting out of this collapsed floor. Point Ezio at them and step onto them, then onto the broken pillar which you can take down to the ground level. Go north, up the stairs and check out the doors. Throw a projectile at the sandbag and it opens up a door behind you on the west wall. Inside is an altar. Climb straight up it, then climb the left wall, shimmying over once to pull yourself up to the platform above. When you step back into the main room (this time on the second floor), turn right to find a place where you can refill your ammo. Target the sandbag here and hit it with something. To proceed, face north and use that obvious ramp to get onto the railing. Go forward until you hit the column. Climb straight up it and then shimmy around to the other side and drop back onto the railing. Jump to the next piece and then left to the scaffolding. Jump and swing your way to the next platform. You land and make another shortcut (by the way, does Ezio have to keep saying he's made a shortcut every time it happens? I mean... we know already!). Look for the column here with a platform in front of it. Climb up this column and shimmy to the right. Climb up now for a bit, then shimmy around again to the right and climb up. Jump to Ezio's right as prompted and take this beam to the east side of the room now. Follow the cable and hop several beams south. The jumps get a little longer, but you can make it. Take your time if necessary; don't rush. Jump to the window when you get there. The wooden boards create a very obvious climbing path down. Navigate this and then when you're on the left, drop down and catch the next board. Drop again onto the platform. Jump to the area on Ezio's left. Refill your projectile ammo again and then throw something at the sandbag. Now you can proceed to the shrine. Take a Leap of Faith from this platform and go back north. With the way open, you can access the chest with the Scroll of Romulus, as well as two chests nearby. Go downstairs to find four more chests and the exit. --Alright, now the last order of business is to find a Glyph. Yes, the fifth Lair of Romulus is now on your map, but we'll tackle that in just a bit. Or at least, I will. Again, I like to spread things out a bit, but if you want to, by all means. Find my coverage just a little bit ahead of this. For the Glyph, head just north to the aqueduct. [Glyph Location - Acquedotto Claudia] You can now access this area so this Glyph is in reach. Go back to the Borgia Tower (which is now an Assassin's Tower) in the area. The tower stands right next to the aqueduct. Climb the tower again about halfway and you can jump to the top of the aqueduct. The Glyph hangs almost directly on the other side from the tower but a little bit to the east. Hang over the north side and drop onto it when you have Eagle Vision on grab it. Now with that all out of the way, it's time to finally get back to the story. Ride west, looking out for any undone renovations along the way. Head all the way southwest for the next mission.

------------------------------------- Full Synch: Do not drop below 5 health Patching The Leak squares ------------------------------------It starts with a fight. You and a few thieves against a few units of Borgia soldiers. These are the usual enemies so nothing big to worry about. In lieu of giving a strategy (since there really isn't a way for me to detail this too strategically), I'll recommend you work on some more challenges here. Call in your assassins to help, streak some kills together, do what you need to do. Once you've killed them all, get on a horse and ride with Volpe. It'll be a long ride but eventually he stops. A thief drops down and then some more guards appear. Get off your horse and defend the thief by backstabbing his attackers. Kill them all to continue on your way. Again follow La Volpe a ways to find another thief and another fight. This one may be a little more chaotic with Volpe riding in on his horse and hitting you on accident, and the Brutes and Seekers and enemy horsemen. You might want to sit back and play it safe, shooting your targets, but that's up to you. Ride again once the deed is done, following Volpe east, past the Coloseum and eventually to another stop. This time you must search for the thief. He should be with his buddies in a big fight to the south. Start killing off the scattered enemy forces and you will get a scene. --The next mission is just nearby so let's get to it. We'll take another break after that. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Use Assassin Recruits to Calling All Stand-ins assassinate your targets ------------------------------------Go toward the gate and you'll get a scene. After that, follow the target by getting on your horse. You don't need to go fast, so don't hold R1. Do it only when necessary to keep at least relatively close. It won't be a very long ride. The target eventaully gets out and enters the ruins where Ezio had that nice run in with the Followers of Romulus. The area is now restricted and is filled with guards. Take the overhead route. To the left of where the first two guards stand watch, you can climb the columns. Take these inside and then to the top of the doorway. From here, you can find a path west across all the columns and other overhead platforms. This avoids all the guards and gets you where you need to go rather easily. Now here you need to be quick. As soon as Micheletto is done talking, get a little close to the target (red crosshair) and call in an assassin with just a tap of L2 to kill him. Quickly get down from where you are while doing so and get moving fast as Micheletto gets back on his horse. Avoid the guards and call your horse and start following him before he gets too far away. Follow again, but never too close. Maintain some distance and just ride along as he takes you to yet another location. The overhead route might work best again here, but I decided to take the nearby Courtesans and distract the guards at the front, then I just quickly snuck my way past all the rest to reach Micheletto.

After he leaves two more men behind, call in your recruits on them to kill them. Follow Micheletto again, but be careful if he is looking in your direction. Duck behind cover and wait for him to turn around again. Tail him again. This time he likes to speed up for short bursts so hold R1 when he does so you don't fall behind. After some more travel, he gets off again at the last location. Kill the archer on the left, then climb up that way. Kill any other potential enemies that might notice you and you'll soon see Micheletto talking to the soldiers. He'll come right toward you, so drop over the side to avoid being seen. When he walks by, target the soldiers and call in your recruits again. When all three are down (wait until the last one is definitely killed), get back to following Micheletto. He walks just across the street to the Coloseum. --Before starting the next mission, it's recommended you have the Climb Leap Glove, although it's not required. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Do not kill anyone other than Exit Stage Right the gunmen ------------------------------------Climb any of the columns at the base of the outer wall to start your ascension. Move up until you can start to shimmy to the left. There are guards above you at some spots, and while it's tempting to do a Ledge Assassination, resist that urge so you can get the bonus objective. Just shimmy past them, going to Ezio's left until you are under the marker. Climb up using one of the stones that juts out from the wall or more preferably, using Climb Leap. Start making your way up now. When you get to the level with the big windows, shimmy to the left until you see a bunch of bricks that stick out. Climb these to the very top. Move to the left and drop down near where the marker is. Following the next scene, you have five minutes to kill all the gunmen. From where the marker was, face the center of the Coloseum and look below for a haystack to leap into. Wait for the guards to move and then get out. Again, face the center of the Coloseum and drop down to where the red bricks are and turn left. From here, you're gonna want to around this part of the Coloseum, hopping across these brick pillars. Eventually, you'll catch up to the gunners. From a high enough perch like these columns, you can shoot them with your crossbow without drawing any attention to yourself. Repeat for all of them. Once you're done, drop over the side where the last gunman was. Drop and catch ledges until you get to the bottom near where your disguised recruits are. Join up with them, then guide them to the yellow marker. You have limited time and you can't run but don't worry. Just go past the guards and find the marker. Now be careful as you have to move rather quickly here. When you get out to where the performers are, use Eagle Vision to identify a small patch of hay as the position you need to stand to avoid rousing suspicion. Stay there and wait. Soon you'll be directed to the other side where the other actors who are playing soldiers are. You have very limited time so move as soon as you can to

get over there. The final movement is to the stairs. Wait there and then turn on Eagle Vision to find Micheletto. Walk up to him and prepare to assassinate him. Done. --------------------------------------- Full Synch: Do not swim Intervention ------------------------------------Carry Pietro to the right and out of the Coloseum, going toward the yellow marker. Once you get outside, the Doctor is just across the street. Try your best to avoid the guards, but it might be difficult. If you prompt a fight, put Pietro down and quickly string some kills together. If there are Seekers and Brutes, kick them first, then strike repeatedly and use that to start off your Execution Streak. Kill them as fast as you can and call your recruits if you really have to (but it might take a few seconds) so that you prevent Pietro's health from deteriorating. After that, chase the target you see down the street. Several guards will set up road blocks. When you get to them, just climb the small ledges to go around them. Keep running after the target and you can eventually tackle him. Now the last thing to do is to head for the marker within the limited time. Get out of these ruins and get on your horse. To avoid swimming, make a left when you reach the city area. Go toward the bridge and cross it. You can attempt jumping from the bridge to the nearby rooftops, or cross the bridge and look for a boat in the small canal that you can use to get to the other side and avoid getting your feet wet. Get to the marker in time for a scene. --Break time again. We're gonna tackle another Lair of Romulus and another Glyph before we move on with the story. The next Lair of Romulus is to the northeast. You'll probably see the icon near some blue tents. Well, just near there is a giant pit where there is an opening below you. That's where the entrance is. But you can't get into that opening unless the pit is flooded with water. If the pit is not flooded the reason is because you haven't repaired enough aqueducts. Find all the nearby aqueducts in this area and repair them by talking to the architects. You actually don't need all of the, but most of them. That will carry the water over and flood the place. Return and enter the Lair when you're done. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Do not lose more than 10 Leader of the Pack health squares ------------------------------------Climb into the large pipe and move forward. You will get a scene and then have to go left, chasing after the follower. This is relatively straightforward so I won't really go into detail about the path you need to take. Just try to cross each of the wooden poles you see.

When enemies get in your way, let go of X and hold Circle to bowl them over and keep running. Eventually the chase leads you into an ambush. Try to string the kills together by countering the first attacker and then picking your targets from there. If using a medium weapon or dagger, try to do the special combo kills by holding square when you select your next target so you can use the gun or throwing knives. Once you defeat them, another group drops down. You can kill them if you want, but you need to climb the wall and chase the follower. Climb it and jump down to the left side. Make your way past a few more enemies and continue as the tunnel begins to curve left. Favor the left side, jumping for the swinging basket. Try to run past a few more followers who throw knives at you which is really annoying. Go into the next tunnel and you get another scene. Chase the followers and kill them. Near where they gather, on the south side of the room, there is a broken wall. Climb this and take the cable to the other side. Jump to the canopy on the right and then climb the wall to reach a platform with two more followers. Defeat them, then jump to the swinging basket from the other end of this niche. Cross a beam to a platform. Pick up the chest contents, then jump to a bent bar and swing across to the wall. Shimmy across these windows and go right, adjusting your height as necessary to move on. At the end, leap to the beam and then to the platform where you can fight more followers. String a few kills together to dispose of them. If you go left, a few more of them guard a flag. Once you have that, go the other way, jumping a small gap to the north, then going east. You find the follower again. Dive into the water fast and go through the right-hand opening. Cross the poles and platforms and avoid the followers. Switch to the left side eventually and the path is a little easier. At the end, go up the crates on the right and jump to the ledge. Enter the doorway. Whip out your dagger and prepare for another battle. I prefer the dagger for bigger crowds but it's your call. Try to use the combo kills in your Execution Streaks as I mentioned earlier. When you got the streak going, pick your next target and HOLD Square to kill your next target, and throw a knife at another one. This thins them out quicker. You'll need to fight a few packs (heh, get it, packs?) of them before the last guy, on top of the platform, is the only one left standing. He drops down and fights. He's more durable and you can't counter him, so just attack repeatedly parrying any attempts he makes to hurt you. Once you're done, climb the wall by using the barrels on the left. Scale up this wall and jump to the swing pole, then to another part of the wall. Shimmy around this to reach that platform. Use the switch to open the gate. Inside, pilfer all the chests and then take the Scroll of Romulus when you're done. Leave after that. --One last order of business before getting back to the story. There's a Glyph to find. Ride east to the French camp again in Castra Praetoria. [Glyph Location - Castra Praetoria]

If you need a reminder, this is that tiny French city you had to infiltrate with Bartolomeo in the last sequence. It's off to the east. Make your way inside all the way back to the innermost section in the northeast where the Baron was killed. When you enter this section, turn on Eagle Vision and look to your right. It's on the wall here. Climb the small hut and then jump to the beam next to it. From there you can climb into the glyph. Having taken care of that, return to the Tiber Island hideout and you get the mission, "Ascension" which is just basically one long scene that closes out Sequence 7. ______________________________________________________________________________ S E Q U E N C E 8 ______________________________________________________________________________ THE BORGIA [br08] We're getting closer to the homestretch. I strongly recommend you spend an adequate amount of time tying up as many loose ends as possible. Here's a list of things to consider doing: o o o o o o o o o Renovate Buy landmarks Hunt treasure Level up your recruits and promote them to Assassins Take any remaining Borgia Towers if you skipped some Collect any of the nine Glyphs covered so far if you missed them Repair the Broken Aqueducts Complete Guild Challenges and missions Collect Feathers and Flags

For your recruits, if any of them have reached the max level, you need to go back to the hideout in order for them to be promoted to the rank of Assassin. With plently of level 9s and Assassin ranks under your belt, start sending them on the five star missions and the ones that award you with materials. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Do not be detected Requiem ------------------------------------Turn right and then go toward the north wall. Make your way across these platforming setpieces but watch out for the guard below. Pop a bolt in his ass to put the worry to rest. Make your way over to the south wall and hop the beams. You'll be in position to climb to the top of the wall. Kill the guard up here. Go west, shooting another guard when his back is turned. Climb the tower here and you'll get a brief scene. Now you can gain access to the inner part of the castello again. Go right and shoot the lone guard here. We're gonna get another Glyph here so pay close attention. [Glyph Location: Castel Sant'Angelo] This is on the main "tower" inside here that these walls surround. Just to the

east of where we were (past that lone guard) there is a part of the facing of the tower that looks almost like a building. It's on the south part of this giant round tower in the center of the castello (the one you climbed to save Caterina). Well on that facing, you can find this Glyph. Turn on Eagle Vision to see it. Jump to the rooftop and then drop over the edge and catch the "ledge" of the Glyph. Nice! Now, go back to where you were before, when you first climbed up to this wall. Proceed north. Eventually you'll see a group of guards gathered on the walkway. Best thing to do is call in your assassins. Just tap L2 once for one call and you'll save the rest for later. After they kill the guards, keep going. Shoot the archer ahead with your crossbow. One more squad of guards is standing there up ahead. You could kill them with your assassins again, but save it. Instead, drop over the side of the left wall and shimmy all the way toward the tower. The reason is because we need to get around it and on the adjacent wall. So just shimmy to Ezio's left until you get to that wall. You'll pass the guards with no problem at all. When you reach that wall, point Ezio at it with the Left Analog Stick and jump to the ledge. Catch it if necessary with Circle. Climb up and you'll see yet another foursome of guards. Call in your recruits again and have them deal with it. Proceed down this walkway and you'll see an opening in the fence. This is your way in. As you near the edge though, beware. There's an archer directly below it and he might spot you. Be sure to check his location carefully and then shoot him before getting too close to the ledge. Drop down when it's safe. There will be guards patrolling below, so if you have Arrow Storm or a few more assassin signals, you might want them to clear out the area a bit if you prefer. Get down to ground level and find the spiral staircase that lines the tower. Go up here to find the door you need to enter. Inside, go to the top-left corner and use the platform near the door to climb up the wall. Shimmy over to Ezio's right, going around the adjacent wall. When you reach a pole, jump to it, then swing from that to land on a beam. Face the wall as you're standing on it and climb up to reach another ledge you can shimmy on. Go to the right again as before, then drop down onto the beam once you're above it. Swing across this next gap with the swing pole, then make your way across a few more beams. When you reach the beam sticking out of the corner, drop down the far side of it so you can shimmy. Shimmy again to Ezio's right until you reach another pole. Carefully have him jump toward it and swing to the platform. The platform sits under a shaft that you can jump into. Climb in, then shimmy around until you can climb out. You're back in the area where we rescued Caterina. Go down the next stairs but stop before the doorway. Angle the camera so you can see the patrolling guard. Stay out of his line of sight, then wait for him to walk away. Use Fast Walk behind him and assassinate him. Take the staircase on the right, then as soon as you get up there, hang a quick left and enter the newly opened door here. Go up these stairs and into the library sort of room. Climb the bookcase on your left, then hop to the railing and climb up. Find the window up here to exit out of. You climb out into another open area. You need to scale the south wall here. Just be aware of the two archers nearby. Climb carefully and have your crossbow handy if need be. Climb up to the spot below the marker, then climb up to that

itself to end the mission. --The next mission starts right away after a rather interesting scene. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Do not kill anyone An Apple a Day ------------------------------------Start by climbing the wall. From the window you start at, you can see the marker is on the exact opposite side. Climb up to the top. There are three guards up here, but don't worry at all. Just ignore them and run to the opposite side. It is totally fine if they see you, so long as you don't kill them. Hang over the other side and drop down to where the marker is. Go down the stairs after the scene and go all the way back downstairs to the dungeon-like area. The marker is at the bottom of the larger stairs down here. You get another scene. To the right is a platform you can climb onto. Get on top and face the wall. Do an Advanced Wall Jump to the left to reach the beam. From here, climb straight up. There is a guard up here, and normally I'd say watch out, but it doesn't really matter. It really doesn't. Just run past him, up the stairs and out to a balcony. Look for the birds where you can take a Leap of Faith onto the ramparts. Cesare runs toward where the new marker on your map is--west. Head that way too. Run west to the corner of the ramparts where a crane is. Jump to the platform it is holding up and take another Leap of Faith off of that. Things get a little chaotic here. The guards will be after you in full force. You need to make your way north in the time limit. The streets are fine with the exception of the annoying Agiles. The rooftops work slightly bette but there are the archers. Try to hide from them if you get a chance and become anonymous. Especially do so by the time you reach the big building that ends up being where you need to go. Find an open door on the left side and go through. Turn on Eagle Vision here and you're done. --Before continuing, we obviously now have access to another Lair of Romulus, the last one in fact. Head outside the building and it's on the right side of the staircase. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Complete the memory within A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing 8 minutes ------------------------------------Enter the room on the right and quickly turn around to see a staircase leading up. After a scene, you must venture out into the crowd. It's a restricted area and detection will cause you to desynch. You need to locate the cardinal with Eagle Vision, but first focus on getting into the crowd. Wait for a group of people to pass by you and just join them. Smooth. Now find the cardinal and follow him.

Use all the people standing around as your cover. This guy seems to just take his sweet time walking around and you can't be too far away so you'll need to move from group to group to keep an eye on him. Eventually he goes through a gate and you'll see him in a scene. After that, interact with the gate to get to where he is. He turns tail and flees of course. Follow him into the next room. He takes a lift, forcing you to climb up on the right. Do so, then jump away from the wall to reach the hanging platform behind Ezio. Take this into the next room. Jump forward to swing on the basket, then cross a few beams. Run up the wall from the last one and jump away again to reach another platform. From here, jump to where the wall is ruined and climb straight up. Jump away again to reach the top. Hop to the cable leading to the window and take it outside. This next part is pretty linear so just chase the guy across the platforms on the roof. He'll eventually lock Ezio out of a re-entry. At that point, go left and hop across two beams and swing on another basket. Take this path down and you'll find a way in. Cross a bunch of beams and then reach some scaffolding. Turn right and make your way over a few more platforms as the cardinal disappears from sight again. Jump and swing on the lantern to enter a new corridor. The cardinal starts hopping away. Go all the way to the right, then jump and swing your way down to the end here. You'll find the opening he went through. Jump this next series of hanging platforms one by one, then enter the next area through the opening in the wall. After a very brief scene, climb the wall you're standing next to. Jump away from the wall to catch the platform behind Ezio. Traverse this next corridor of beams and platforms, being sure to guide Ezio's movement when he has to favor the left or right side. Turn right and hop across a platform, then climb a ladder, walk along a cable, take another ladder. The next path is mostly straightforward. Follow him to the right into a slightly different area. Here you'll hop several beams in a row, jump and swing from a lantern, then do it again. Near the end, the last set of beams is almost hard to spot at first, narrowly tucked between the scaffolding. Hop across it to reach a ladder. When the maniac takes out the walkway, hop across the top of the wooden poles. The third one might seem far away, but jump for it and you'll make it. Climb up to the ladder and take that up. With nowhere to go, the cardinal decides to fight. He is a beefed up type of enemy that can't be counter-killed by anything, even the Hidden Blades. So as far as a quick insta-kill goes, I prefer to shoot him. Just have your medium weapon selected and hold Square while you're in combat. Easy enough. Take a Leap of Faith out of here to find the area with the treasure. First take a chest on the left when you approach the door. Once you have it, go inside for the rest, including the final scroll! --Now, we're very far away from the location of the treasure (it's way in the south remember, marked by the gold wolf icon). You could continue the story if you wanted, but if you're eager to get the treasure, why not do that first? All you need to do is get out of the Vatican district, then find the nearest

tunnel so you can quickly warp down there. Do that and head to the ruins. This is the same location as a very early Borgia Tower. If you forgot how to get in, there should be one or two staircases leading down inside. The rest is like a labyrinth, but keep making your way down. If you pass a ladder, you're right there. The room you want is past the ladder. It's a small room with a wall in the middle and barrels on your right. Climb the wall beside those barrels to find the opening to the secret area. On the far side you can use the keys from the scrolls to access it and obtain.... The Armor of Brutus! It is quite good in the protection department, having the best stats. It's a little lacking in the aesthetics though. It's not the most subtle or visually appealing armor. I recommend wearing an outfit over the top of it. You'll still have all the bonuses of the armor, but you won't have to look at it if you put an Outfit on. Besides the armor, you also get the Dagger of Brutus, how cute. It's the best dagger you can get though, and I suppose it partially makes up for the fact that there's no damn Sultan's Knife in the game!!!! Phew... anyway, let's continue now, shall we? Return to the area in the Vatican. Go up to the giant egg-shaped object and interact with it on the far side. ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Do not lose any health The Apple of Eden ------------------------------------You must escape from this district. The guards will be coming for you though. Luckily, you now have a trusty new item to use: The Apple of Eden. By holding Square, you can send out a field from the apple. The longer you hold it, the bigger the area of its effect. Any enemies caught in the field are turned against each other. Sweet! The downside is that it greatly drains your health when you use it. That's also bad because you can't lose health to get full synch. I recommend not using it so you can get the bonus objective for full synch. Also, you're going to get plenty of chances to use the apple coming up ahead. For getting full synch, run from the enemies and out of this area. Take to the rooftops immediately. If you want to avoid damage, this is the best way to go, because the Agiles and Papal Guards can both catch up to you. Take the rooftops east until you return to where the Castello is. Once you're there, another blockade of Papal Guards emerges. Avoid them by diving into the water. Swim away until you finally are safe and complete the mission. --------------------------------------Demilitarization ------------------------------------Make your way through the streets and head for the area marked on your map. It's in front fo the senatorial palazzo. Here a bunch of guards attack you. There are specific guards, marked with red crosshairs that you must kill.

Now it's time to really break in that Apple of Eden. Note that you can't use any other weapons right now so the Apple is the only way. Let the guards surround you and hold Square to activate the Apple. The longer you hold it, the more you can turn against each other. Now yes, you could sit back and let them kill each other, but there are two problems. One, the guards take forever to kill each other. Two, they don't always go after the guys you actually need to kill. You could take matters into your own hands and call your assassins, but don't. There is a way to kill them yourself using the Apple. When you hold Square, it sends out a circular field from around Ezio. But hold it long enough, and there is a second field. The first field, in yellow, is what turns enemies against each other. Keep holding Square though, and a second field in white will spread out too. Any enemies covered by this field are killed instantly. Use that to kill your targets. You really need to hold the button for this so it requires you to have a lot of health. Let your health recharge when you're not using the Apple, then fire it up again. Stand as close to your targets as you can so that they are hit by the white field. --------------------------------------Seeing Red ------------------------------------Go past the guards out here and on the left, behind a building. following him to the Colosseum. way if he turns around and just enter the search area. The cardinal should be Use Eagle Vision to identify him. Begin Like other stalking targets, move out of the keep some distance.

Wait for him to to pass the guards and turn around again. Move out of his sight and once he starts walking again, approach the guards and use the Apple on them. Now you can get by. Inside, you have more specific targets to kill amongst a horde of enemies. Use the Apple to brainwash as many as you can, then wait for your health to recharge. Go up to your specific targets and hold Square longer to use the instant kill attack on your targets. Remember, look for the white circle to spread out. Any foes caught in that will die. --------------------------------------All Roads Lead To... ------------------------------------Head north to the search area. Use the Apple on any guards that try to stop you. When you get to where you need to be, approach the large group of Borgia men. You'll get a scene. Now you have to defeat all the enemies. You have your fellow assassin friends with you to help. Make use of the instant kill move of the Apple. Hold Square longer than usual to get enemies caught in the white field to defeat them. I'd also recommend calling in your assassins to speed things up. It feels only natural that they would be here.

Once you mop up all the enemies, you get another scene. The mission then ends and you get yet another scene. The Sequence then comes to an end. --______________________________________________________________________________ S E Q U E N C E 9 ______________________________________________________________________________ THE FALL [br09] ------------------------------------- Full Synch: Do not drop below 5 health Pax Romana squares ------------------------------------You return to where you were at the very, very start of the game. Mash Square as prompted. Then get ready for a fight. Chain a few kills together and try to block any incoming damage. It won't last very long though, as a scene interrupts you in just a moment. Get on the horse and ride down the path. Nothing special here, just look for the large gap. Hold R1 and X to have the horse jump over it. This of course doesn't last long either. After the short scene, go up the hill to the restricted area. Feel free to engage any enemies you encounter. Just don't let the Brutes and Seekers overwhelm you. You need to keep your health up so heal any significant wounds quickly. Chaining kills together can be hard because they like to interrupt you. You can deploy a smoke bomb and kill them or just run away. Make your way through the area and avoid or attack guards. They can attack you a lot at once though so be careful. Have medicine handy to keep your health up and the bonus objective intact. At the end of the area, climb up the wall. There are gunmen here. Try to shoot them all with the Crossbow so they won't shoot on you all at once, which hurts a lot. Climb up the next ledge when you're done. The troops are more dispersed here so just go around them and find the marker close by. After a scene, you must make your way to a new area through a small city. The guards are attacking what appear to be Spanish soldiers, so help them out if you want. Either way, make your way for the next marker. You need to be anonymous so kill any guards targeting you first before you can proceed. Enter the tower ahead. There is a ladder that's turned sideways so it's hard to see. Climb up it and the next several ladders. Once you have control again go up the stairs for a fight. Just chain some quick kills together and move on. Go right and then make your way west. It doesn't matter how you get there, just try to avoid guards when possible, unless you're just aching for more bloodshed, which is fine. Go up the stairs and find the siege tower. Climb it like any normal structure. Look for the obvious wooden planks and objects you can grab onto and guide Ezio that way. Climb to the small platform where you can continue going up from there.

At the top, kill the Borgia guards attacking the Spanish soldier if you want. Otherwise, go right and head for the marker inside the tower. - CESARE BORGIA Now what we've been waiting for. Cesare is like any normal "captain" kind of enemy, the kind that can't be counter killed. He can't be counter killed by the Hidden Blades either, so you have to gradually weaken him. Kick him and then strike repeatedly with your sword and you can deal damage. Keep striking and you can slowly drain his health that way. His men will come in and try to help though. Ignore Cesare for a moment and perform an Execution Streak on them. Time your "selections" well, choosing the next enemy by highlighting them and hitting Square as you are in the animation of a kill on the previous one. Once they're dead, extend the streak toward Cesare. It doesn't kill him of course, but it lowers his guard, letting you follow up quickly with a few successive strikes. Do this every time you finish off his guards. Combine that with kicks when you also need to lower his guard. Try to keep attacking Cesare or else he will shoot you with his pistol. Try to avoid letting your health slip so keep the medicine handy. Each time you weaken Cesare enough, you get a short QTE sequence where you must tap Square repeatedly. Doing so knocks off more of his armor. Keep this up, weakening him by using kicks or by hitting him with the end of an Execution Streak. Keep healing yourself to make sure you get Full Synch. Eventually, Cesare will fall. --After some interesting scenes, you get control of Desmond again. When you can move, go up the stairs and turn on Eagle Vision at the top. Do so at the top of the stairs, not in the next room. You get another scene. Once you have control again, jump two beams, then turn left. Jump through the window and turn right. This path is pretty much straightforward. Take it until you swing on a basket. Go left and jump the next few gaps and use the beams to get across. When you get to the fuse box, drop over the side and down to the ground. Climb up the wall in the corner using the barrels. Instead of dropping down the other side of the wall, turn right and climb higher onto it. Drop to the beams and swing poles and make your way across this area. Grab the swing baskets and they will take you on your way to another corridor. Go forward to where you see the electrical warning sign. Climb up that wall, then jump away when you're at the top. Take the beams forward, then go right. Another beam on your right will let you climb up to the top of the wall. Go left, following the wall toward where you see some swing poles. Use these to reach the far wall with the warning tape on the grabbable ledges. Drop down to the really long one and shimmy to Desmond's left. You can go around here and slip through the gap in the wall. Swing across a few more gaps, then jump some ledges to reach more beams. Jump from the beam at the end to the opening on the right. Drop into this hallway here and look for the generator on the ground to the left. Use this to boost

you up as you climb the wall. Jump away from it and grab onto the ledge of the opposite wall. Shimmy over until you're behind a platform and jump from the wall to reach it. Go forward, swinging forward, then hopping platform. Climb the trash cans and jump to platform. Jump to another, then swing down to launch yourself up. Then jump the beams opening on the right. across a few wooden poles to another a beam, then from there to a hanging to the next section. Use the lift and make your way over to the

Turn left and take a Leap of Faith. Turn on Eagle Vision when you get up and look for the glowing yellow circle on the pillar to the left. Interact with it, then look for another on the other side. Interacting with this gets you a scene. After that, climb the box on the left and use it to get on top of this structure. Jump straight across into the opening. Jump to the wall and shimmy right until you're on a beam. Now jump your way down this corridor. Be sure to adjust Desmond's position and point him at the right place you want to jump to. One beam is too far away, so from the beam you're on, jump to the window on the opposite wall. Shimmy to Desmond's left and you can reach it. Jump to a swing pole and that will let you enter the next corridor. After the dialogue, turn on Eagle Vision. Turn around to find two more panels on the columns you can interact with. Climb up the next well when you have control again and jump away to reach a beam. Jump to the opposite wall and climb up this shaft. When you reach the top, you get a scene. Run forward and you'll see a vision of another phantom. Follow it by climbing straight up this structure. Next, climb onto the cross and jump to the platform ahead. Interact with the lever here. Turn around now and jump across the tops of the banners on the left. Jump from there to the balcony. The gold object ahead can be grabbed so jump to it. Shift Desmond around so your back is to the beams here. Jump across all of these and the objects until you go around to the other side of this area. Continue jumping along this path until you weigh down a bar that opens a shortcut. Continue jumping across the next several beams and poles in this path. You'll go around the perimeter if this area, jumping from one thing to the next. It eventually gets you at the large platform up here where you can interact and make some more things change around. Swing your way down after the scene and rejoin the group. Interact with the object that rose up to get a scene. Go down the stairs and then to the other side of the room, up near the top. Yet another scene. Drop down and interact with the object to make a whole bunch of walls rise from the ground. Jump across these one by one and you'll see two pressure levers. Jump to the one on the left and then continue on your way. This path across these narrow walls is fairly straightfoward so I won't get into step by step detail. You eventually reach another pair of levers. Jump to the one on the right this time. Choosing the wrong one makes the walls fall and you have to start over and pick the correct one. Here you will have to run up some walls to jump away and reach the next ones. You reach another pair of levers. Take the left one. The next few jumps will bring you back to the front again. The path forward is then opened. Go up there to the pedestal. What happens next is quite extraordinary and the ending is perhaps one of the most incredible cliffhangers yet. And then, credits.

Congratulations. You've beaten Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood!

+---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ 04 Rome ASSASSIN'S CREED: BROTHERHOOD [ro00] +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Renovations, Sights and More ---------------------------This section is dedicated to Rome. It will briefly cover what you can find and do in the vast city. This includes an overview on renovating, as well as details on Weapons and Armor you can obtain, materials you can find out in the Roman countryside, and more! If you are looking for help with the materials for Shop Quests, weapons, or renovations, please check out this section. It might prove useful to you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Renovating [ro01] ------------------------------------------------------------------------COMING SOON

------------------------------------------------------------------------Renovation Lists [ro02] ------------------------------------------------------------------------COMING SOON

------------------------------------------------------------------------Weapons, Armor, Art, and More [ro03] ------------------------------------------------------------------------Here we will take a look at all the important equipment you can obtain: weapons and armor. Weapons carry three important stats: Damage, Speed, and Deflect. Damage is self explanatory. Speed indicates how fast you can swing it, and deflect indicates how good it is while blocking. The max value for any of these stats is 5, indicated in stars when you are looking at a weapon's info. So a 5-star rating in damage is top notch. And one last note. As much as I'd like to, I can't really list the prices for all of these things, as like in AC2, the prices will constantly change as you renovate more and more shops. - Weapons ___________________________________________________________________________ S Name Damage Speed Deflect When Available W -------------------- ------ ----- -------- --------------------------O Common Sword 1 2 2 At start/Default

-------------------- ------ ----- -------- --------------------------Roman Longsword 1 3 3 At start -------------------- ------ ----- -------- --------------------------Sicilian Rapier 1 4 3 Sequence 4 -------------------- ------ ----- -------- --------------------------Venetian Falchion 1 5 5 Sequence 5 -------------------- ------ ----- -------- --------------------------Old Syrian Sword 3 4 1 Sequence 6 -------------------- ------ ----- -------- --------------------------Schianova 4 2 2 Sequence 7 -------------------- ------ ----- -------- --------------------------Milanese Sword 4 4 2 Sequence 8 -------------------- ------ ----- -------- --------------------------Captain's Sword 2 4 3 Shop Quest "Faith" -------------------- ------ ----- -------- --------------------------La Volpe's Bite 3 5 5 Thief Guild Challenges -------------------- ------ ----- -------- --------------------------Sword of Altair 5 5 5 Assassin Guild Challenges '---------------------------------------------------------------------------' _____________________________________________________________________________ D Name Damage Speed Deflect When Available A ----------------------- ------ ----- -------- -------------------------G Knife 1 2 3 At start G ----------------------- ------ ----- -------- -------------------------E Stiletto 1 1 2 At start R ----------------------- ------ ----- -------- -------------------------S Bone Dagger of Romulus 2 4 4 Sequence 4 ----------------------- ------ ----- -------- -------------------------Dagger 2 4 1 Sequence 6 ----------------------- ------ ----- -------- -------------------------Notched Cinquedea 4 4 1 Sequence 7 ----------------------- ------ ----- -------- -------------------------Butcher Knife 3 5 3 Renovate 5 Blacksmiths ----------------------- ------ ----- -------- -------------------------Maria's Dagger 5 3 4 Courtesan Guild Challenges ----------------------- ------ ----- -------- -------------------------Dagger of Brutus* 5 5 5 Treasure of Romulus '-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' *The Dagger of Brutus has unique kill animations _____________________________________________________________________________ H Name Damage Speed Deflect When Available A ---------------------- ------ ----- -------- --------------------------M Mercenario War Hammer 1 3 5 Sequence 4 M ---------------------- ------ ----- -------- --------------------------E Lucerne Hammer 2 2 2 Sequence 5 R ---------------------- ------ ----- -------- --------------------------S Condottiero Mace 3 5 5 Sequence 7 ---------------------- ------ ----- -------- --------------------------Condottiero War Hammer 5 3 4 Sequence 8? ---------------------- ------ ----- -------- --------------------------Cavalieri Mace 2 1 1 Renovate 5 Blacksmiths '-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' ___________________________________________________________________________ H Name Damage Speed Deflect When Available


-------------------- ------ ----- -------- --------------------------Bearded Axe 2 3 4 At start -------------------- ------ ----- -------- --------------------------Bastard Sword 3 4 3 Sequence 6 -------------------- ------ ----- -------- --------------------------W Stocco 3 5 5 Sequence 7 E -------------------- ------ ----- -------- --------------------------A Spadone 5 4 4 Renovate 10 Blacksmiths P -------------------- ------ ----- -------- --------------------------O Spada Lunga 4 5 3 Shop Quest "Blood Money" N -------------------- ------ ----- -------- --------------------------S Bartolomeo's Axe 3 2 5 Mercenary Guild Challenges '---------------------------------------------------------------------------' - Armor It's important to note that both Weapons and Armor will very gradually become available to you in bits as you progress through the game. New sequences usually give you access to more pieces of armor and weapons than before. You might not even be able to complete an individual set until you get to the next sequence. The two stats you need to worry about are Resist (how well it protects against damage) and Health Added. Each piece of armor can add more Health Squares, extending your life bar. ___________________________________________________________________________ R Armor Piece Resist Health Added When Available O ----------------------- ------- ------------- -----------------------M Roman Spaulders 3 1 At start A ----------------------- ------- ------------- -----------------------N Roman Chest Guard 4 2 Sequence 5 ----------------------- ------- ------------- -----------------------Roman Vambraces 2 1 Sequence 5 ----------------------- ------- ------------- -----------------------Roman Greaves 2.5 1 At start ----------------------- ------- ------------- ------------------------' TOTAL +11.5 +5 '--------------------------------------------------' ___________________________________________________________________________ R Armor Piece Resist Health Added When Available O ----------------------- ------- ------------- -----------------------N Rondelle Spaulders 4.5 2 Sequence 6 D ----------------------- ------- ------------- -----------------------E Rondelle Chest Guard 5 3 Sequence 6 L ----------------------- ------- ------------- -----------------------L Rondelle Vambraces 3 1 Near end of Sequence 5 E ----------------------- ------- ------------- -----------------------Rondelle Greaves 3.5 2 Near end of Sequence 5 ----------------------- ------- ------------- ------------------------' TOTAL +16 +8 '--------------------------------------------------' ___________________________________________________________________________ P Armor Piece Resist Health Added When Available L ----------------------- ------- ------------- -----------------------A Plate Pauldrons 5.5 3 Sequence 7 T ----------------------- ------- ------------- ------------------------


Plate Chest Guard 6 4 Sequence 7 ----------------------- ------- ------------- -----------------------Plate Vambraces 4 2 Sequence 7 ----------------------- ------- ------------- -----------------------Plate Graves 4.5 2 Sequence 7 ----------------------- ------- ------------- ------------------------' TOTAL +20 +11 '--------------------------------------------------' ___________________________________________________________________________ S Armor Piece Resist Health Added When Available E ----------------------- ------- ------------- -----------------------U Seusenhofer Pauldrons 7 4 Shop Quest "Exotica" S ----------------------- ------- ------------- -----------------------E Seusenhofer Chest Guard 8 5 Shop Quest "Exotica" N ----------------------- ------- ------------- -----------------------H Seusenhofer Vambraces 6 3 Near end of Sequence 7 O ----------------------- ------- ------------- -----------------------F Seusenhofer Greaves 6.5 3 Near end of Sequence 7 E ----------------------- ------- ------------- ------------------------' R TOTAL +27.5 +15 '--------------------------------------------------' ___________________________________________________________________________ B Armor Piece Resist Health Added When Available R ----------------------- ------- ------------- -----------------------U Pauldrons of Brutus 7 4 Treasure of Romulus T ----------------------- ------- ------------- -----------------------U Chest Guard of Brutus 7 6 Treasure of Romulus S ----------------------- ------- ------------- -----------------------Vambraces of Brutus 7 2 Treasure of Romulus ----------------------- ------- ------------- -----------------------Greaves of Brutus 7 3 Treasure of Romulus ----------------------- ------- ------------- ------------------------' TOTAL +28 +15 '--------------------------------------------------' - Art Art seems a lot less significant in this game. It doesn't affect your riches whatsoever, but it will decorate Ezio's Hideout at least. Plus I'm fairly certain they are required for 100% Sync. Like with other things, the price of the paintings goes down as you get more shops, so I can't really list the prices. =================== Centro District Art =================== Name: Angel Available: At start Name: St. Michael Available: At start Name: Resurrection of Christ

Available: At start Name: Mond Crucifixion Available: At start Name: Self Portrait Available: Sequence 7 ==================== Centro District Maps ==================== Name: Centro Treasures 1 Available: At start Name: Centro Treasures 2 Available: Sequence 5 Name: Centro Treasures 3 Available: Renovate seven Art Merchant shops Name: Centro Flags Available: Collect 25 Borgia Flags Name: Vaticano Flags Available: Collect 25 Borgia Flags Name: Feathers Map Available: Collect 25 Borgia Flags ===================== Campagna District Art ===================== Name: Madonna Del Cardellino Available: At start Name: Maririage of the Virgin Available: At start Name: St-Sebastian Available: At start Name: Portrait of Pietro Bembo Available: At start Name: Christ Blessing Available: Sequence 7 ====================== Campagna District Maps ====================== Name: Campagna Treasures 1 Available: At start Name: Campagna Treasures 2

Available: Sequence 5 Name: Campagna Treasures 3 Available: Renovate seven Art Merchant shops Name: Campagna Flags Available: Collect 25 Borgia Flags Name: Feathers Map Available: Collect 25 Borgia Flags =================== Antico District Art =================== Name: Vision of a Knight Available: At start Name: Angel Available: At start Name: Madonna Solly Available: At start Name: St-George Available: At start Name: Young Man With An Apple Available: Sequence 7 ==================== Antico District Maps ==================== Name: Antico Treasures 1 Available: At start Name: Antico Treasures 2 Available: Sequence 5 Name: Antico Treasures 3 Available: Renovate seven Art Merchant shops Name: Antico Flags Available: Collect 25 Borgia Flags Name: Feathers Map Available: Collect 25 Borgia Flags Just a note. There are not three Feather maps. You can just buy it at all three Districts. - Tailor Shops Item: Heavy Sheath Effect: Allows Ezio to equip a Heavy Weapon

Available: At start Item: Smoke Bomb Pouch Effect: Lets Ezio use Smoke Bombs Available: At start Item: Knife Belt Upgrade Effect: Lets Ezio carry more Throwing Knives Available: Sequence 4 Item: Knife Belt Upgrade Effect: Lets Ezio carry more Throwing Knives Available: Sequence 6 Item: Medium Poison Vial Effect: Lets Ezio carry more poison Available: Sequence 6 Item: Large Poison Vial Effect: Lets Ezio carry more poison Available: Sequence 6 Item: Medium Quiver Effect: Lets Ezio carry more Crossbow bolts Available: Purchase the Crossbow Item: Large Quiver Effect: Lets Ezio carry more Crossbow bolts Available: Purchase the Crossbow and complete the Shop Quest "Trendsetting" Item: Large Medicine Pouch Effect: Lets Ezio carry more medicine Available: Renovate four Tailor shops Item: Knife Belt Upgrade Effect: Lets Ezio carry more Medicine Available: Renovate four Tailor shops Item: Medium Bag Effect: Lets Ezio carry more parachutes Available: Destroy all of Leonardo's war machines Item: Large Bag Effect: Lets Ezio carry more parachutes Available: Destroy all of Leonardo's war machines - Outfits Let's make one thing clear. Outfits are NOT armor. They are more like skins. Actually, that's exactly what they are. Outfits have no strategical or any other kind of advantage. All they do is change Ezio's appearance. What makes Outfits nice though--besides letting you look like Raiden from MGS4--is that you can wear them over your current armor. Why is this good? Well, if you love the Armor of Brutus' stats, but hate the way it looks, then you can put an outfit over it and cover it up. You'll get a totally new look, but you'll still have the stats! Yes, you read that right. An outfit is not armor, so wearing it over your

armor will not alter the armor's stats in any way. Here's a list of the available outfits in the game and how to unlock them. Outfit: Plain Cape Unlocked: Default Outfit: Auditore Cape Unlocked: Repair Rome 100% Outfit: Borgia Cape Unlocked: Find all of the Borgia Flags Outfit: Medici Cape Unlocked: Complete the Auditore Trail on Project Legacy (Facebook) Outfit: Venetian Cape Unlocked: Complete the Auditore Trail on Project Legacy (Facebook) Outfit: Florentine Noble Attire Unlocked: Purchase from uPlay menu for 20 points Outfit: Armor of Altair Unlocked: Purchase from uPlay menu for 20 points Outfit: Altair's Robes Unlocked: Purchase from uPlay menu for 20 points Outfit: Desmond Unlocked: Complete Sequence 8 with 100% synch Outfit: Drachen Armor Unlocked: Pre-order bonus code Outfit: Raiden Unlocked: Get at least a bronze medal on every single Virtual Training mission

------------------------------------------------------------------------Materials & Shop Quests [ro04] ------------------------------------------------------------------------Ok, the very first thing I will say to you in this section is simply this: NEVER SELL ANY MATERIALS!!! Ok, well you can, but only the very common ones. There are several materials that are rare and tied to Shop Quests in the game, and some are in very, very limited supply in the game. Now, here's a quick overview on Materials and how you can find them. Chests: There are tons of chests scattered around the map. Renovate enough Art Merchant shops and buy their maps that show you where all the chests are. It will take some time, but you'll come away with lots of valuable materials. Pickpockets: Pickpockets are thieves in green clothing. The first noticeable sign that one is in the area is the red "lock" symbol on your mini-map. Once you see that, locate the pickpocket and chase him. They are sometimes annoying to chase, since they will run across

the rooftops (when available) and can be tough to catch. When you get close enough, Tackle them to receive their money and one material. Borgia Couriers: These guys wear red clothes and red hats. Unlike pickpockets, they will not be shown on the map, but you can see the arrow indicator above their heads when they're nearby. They like to run away too, and must be tackled just the same. Borgia Couriers are the ONLY way to get Aconite. Bandits: Bandits, as I've mentioned already twice in this guide, wear handkerchiefs as masks and will randomly attack Ezio in the Antico (and maybe Campagna) District(s). Looting their dead bodies yields very good materials. - Shop Quests Surrounding Ezio's Hideout are a Blacksmith, Art Merchant, Tailor, Bank, and Doctor's shops. With the exception of the Bank, each of these shops have side quests to offer to you. By gathering the necessary materials, you can exchange them for certain weapons, items, and more. It's the only way to obtain these things. Keep in mind it's only THESE shops around the hideout. You can tell they have a Shop Quest if they're a white box around the icon on your map. ========== Blacksmith ========== 1. Faith + 3 Terracotta Pot + 2 Totem + 2 Buddhist Prayer Beads You get: Captain's Sword 2. Exotica + 2 Shrunken Head + 3 Elephant Ivory + 3 Indian Diamond You get: Seusenhofer Pauldrons and Seusenhofer Chest Guard 3. Blood Money + 7 Vlad The Impaler Coins You get: Spada Lunga ============ Art Merchant ============ 1. Trendsetting

+ 2 Pomander + 3 Ambergris + 1 Papaver Silvaticum You get: Vaticano Treasure Map ====== Tailor ====== 1. Pulling Threads + 8 Silk + 5 Cardinal's Purple Dye You get: Large Quiver ====== Doctor ====== 1. Venomous + 5 Tomatoes + 3 Nutmeg + 1 Aconite - Materials and Locations As my last action in this section, I will quickly discuss some of the rarest materials (as seen above for the Shop Quests) and how you should never EVER sell them, among a few other things. I'll be listing the locations of certain materials in the game. I'm only listing the ones you REALLY need. The rest you can find if you devote enough time to the above listed methods at the start of this section. So first. NEVER SELL SHRUNKEN HEADS! There are only two of these in the game. If you sell one, it's possible you're screwed. It's not 100% certain if Bandits or anything else drops them. If they are dropped, it's really really rare. So it's best you don't sell them. ======NOTE!!!====== Now please note that most of these items I'm about to list can be found from Pickpockets/Couriers/Bandits, so these below mentioned locations are NOT the only ways to get them. I'm just listing the chests that contain them, but you can also get them from the other methods! Please keep this in mind! =================== Vlad The Impaler Coins - Needed for: Blacksmith "Blood Money" Shop Quest ---------------------1. In a chest in the French camp southwest of Bartolomeo's barracks. 2. In a chest in the treasure room of the Romulus Lair mission "Wolves Among The Dead."

3. You can find this chest inside a French camp in the south-almost southwest part of the Campagna District. There are no easy landmarks nearby to use as reference, but it's just northwest of the Templar Agent mission "Firing Line." Buddhist Prayer Beads - Needed for: Blacksmith "Faith" Shop Quest --------------------1. In a chest in the labyrinth in the Romulus Lair mission "Thrown to the Wolves." Find this by going left at the intersection where you see a Follower run by. 2. In a chest in the very northern part of the Antico District where the Antico and Centro Districts meet. In this area where the border is, there is an Art Merchant and Tailor shop very close to each other. The chest is on top of a ruined building just south of the Tailor. 3. Find this in the northern part of the Centro District. It's exactly east of the Mausoleo Di Augosto landmark up there. The chest itself is right next to the Guild Hall for rent, in a small alcove. 4. In the west/thief part of the Centro District. This chest is EXACTLY north of the location of the "War Plans" part of the Leonardo War Machine mission in this area. Shrunken Head - Needed for: Blacksmith "Exotica" Shop Quest ------------1. Alright, pay close attention. This chest is in the West/Northwest part of the Antico District, but more West. It's on a cliff that is just across the water/river/canal that separates the Antico from the Centro. You have to go around this cliff to get on top of it, and then drop down the north side to reach the ledge with this chest. The ledge with the chest overlooks the river/canal and a SHIP that is visible there. 2. In the Romulus Lair mission "The Sixth Day," play through until you get to the basilica, where Ezio must use the cross to break open the doors. When you get to this room, first Ezio must inspect the doors. To find this chest, face the stairs that lead to the door, then look for a hallway to the right. The chest in this hallway has a Shrunken Head. Terracotta Pot - Needed for: Blacksmith "Faith" Shop Quest -------------1. In a chest north of the Aventino area in the Antico District west. If you don't know where Aventino is, go to your Database and find it under Locations and hit X to mark it on your map. The chest is north of there. 2. In the far west part of the Antico District, not too far south of where the river/canal is. The chest is on a short rooftop south of the Doctor's. 3. In the northern part of the Antico District. Find this chest above ground in the area right near where the "Romulus TREASURE" is marked on your map. Pomander - Needed for: Tailor "Trendsetting" Shop Quest -------1. In the southeastern part of the Centro District, on the very, very lip of the border between the Centro and Campagna. This chest is in a little alcove southeast of the nearest Tailor shop in the southeastern part of the Centro. 2. Just west of the previous chest with Pomander in it. Exactly west of it in

another nook. This is just nearby the Guild Hall in the southeast corner of the Centro District. 3. A bit west of the "main" French Camp in the Campagna District. The chest is at the same exact building where you can also find the Templar Agent mission "Counter-Propaganda." Ambergris - Neeeded for: Tailor "Trendsetting" Shop Quest --------1. In the southwestern part of the Centro District. The chest is in a ruined building on that wavy/curvy road near the borderline, just north of the Borgia/Assassin Tower. 2. Find this in the very southern part of the Antico District, in an area where the baths are. Here, there are some red brick tunnels that go around the area. You can find this chest in one of the tunnels on the southeast side. Nutmeg - Needed for: Doctor "Venomous" Shop Quest -----1. On the western side of the Rosa in Fiore building. This chest is on a balcony. 2. In an underground tunnel behind La Volpe's Thieves Guild in the southwest corner of the Antico District. - Material List Finally, here is a list of all the materials in the game along with the rates you can sell them at. Did you know that each type of shop will offer a different price for your goods? It's true. This list will help you determine the best places to sell your stuff at. Huge thanks goes out to Swoop300 for helping with much of this table. Really great work and many thanks! This table will show yout the going rate for each material at the various shops. To make things easier the BEST PRICE is highlighted +like this+. _____________________________________________________________________ Material Blacksmith Doctor Art Merchant Tailor ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Aconite 460 +598+ 460 276 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Alum 522 +1131+ 870 870 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Ambergris 535 321 535 +696+ ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Buddhist Prayer Beads 267 +579+ 445 445 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Cardinal's Purple Dye 530 318 530 +684+ ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Claddagh Ring 135 81 135 +176+ ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Coffee Beans +143+ 110 66 110 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Copper Ore +169+ 130 78 130 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Elephant Ivory 550 550 +715+ 330 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- --------

Gold Ignot +715+ 550 330 550 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Green Jasper 465 279 +605+ 465 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Incense 12 +26+ 20 20 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Indian Diamond 900 540 +1170+ 900 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Jar of Leeches 6 +13+ 10 10 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Jeweled Headdress 470 282 470 +611+ ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Nutmeg +163+ 125 125 75 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Papaver Silvaticum 294 +637+ 490 490 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Piper Nigrum +1092+ 840 840 505 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Pomander 115 69 115 +150+ ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Quicksilver 315 +683+ 525 525 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Rabbit's Foot 15 12 +20+ 9 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Red Jasper 460 276 +598+ 460 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Saffron +702+ 540 540 324 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Sapphire 550 330 +715+ 550 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Shrunken Head 440 440 +1100+ 132 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Silk 480 480 288 +624+ ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Silver Ore +624+ 480 288 480 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Tartar Emetic 455 +592+ 455 273 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Terracotta Pot 120 120 +156+ 72 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Tomatoes +150+ 115 69 115 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Totem 64 +137+ 105 105 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Velvet 830 830 499 +1079+ ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Venetian Poison Ring +579+ 445 276 445 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Vlad the Impaler Coins 530 530 +689+ 318 ----------------------- ------------ -------- -------------- -------Wool 450 450 270 +585+ '---------------------------------------------------------------------' Also, just for the sake of emphasis, I'll repeat for the last time... Don't ever sell the Shop Quest Items!!!


05 Extras ASSASSIN'S CREED: BROTHERHOOD [ex00] +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ This section is for covering a lot of the other content outside of the main storyline. I decided to cover the main story missions and Leonardo's War Machines, the Copernicus missions, and some other things because it was convenient to do them as the story was progressing. The rest however can be found here. This includes some optional missions and strategies for them, collection lists, Glyph/Rift solutions, and much more. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Glyph/Rift Locations & Puzzle Solutions [ex01] ------------------------------------------------------------------------Glyphs are back, meaning more Truth to be uncovered! This time there's only 10 in the game, but they're still not simple. It can take some time and careful thinking to crack these codes. For those who would rather not subject themselves to mental twisters or who just can't figure it out, I've got hints and solutions for all the puzzles below. Regardless of which glyphs you find in which order, the cluster puzzles will always be in the same order. Now, this is very important. In the interest of keeping the challenge alive, I strongly, strongly encourage you to figure out the puzzles yourself. If you can't or won't, I will start by listing HINTS for the puzzles and step by step instructions on how you would figure them out. Again, this is to keep the challenge alive and maybe help you solve them instead of just getting the answers. However, if you just want the answers and nothing else, they will be listed at the very end for each part of each Cluster. - Glyph Locations Centro District Glyphs ----------------------Building: Rosa in Fiore -Description: The base of the Courtesans Guild (marked on your map). In the northwest part of the Centro District. -Location: On the northwest part of the building, on the face of a tower. Climb up to the roof, then drop down from above. -Notes: Can only be found AFTER the "High Stakes Negotiations" mission -Building: Santa Maria Del Miracoli and Santa Maria Del Montesant -Description: It's a large church-like building with a viewpoint tower. It's located in the very northeastern part of the Centro District. -Location: Look for the viewpoint tower. Climb it and drop over the north side to find this Glyph. -Building: Palazzo Senatorio -Description: Very large mansion-like building up a long sloping path in the very southeastern part of the Centro District. For PS3 users, this is where you first find Copernicus if you have the DLC. -Location: Of the three buildings, climb the one with the viewpoint tower, that

faces northwest. On the other side of it (that faces southeast), is where you will find the Glyph. -Building: Pantheon -Description: Very large, hard-to-miss building in the center/eastern part of the Centro District. Distinctive columns at the front. -Location: Walk inside the main entrance and immediately turn right. Climb the wall on your right and make your way into the arch above where you entered. Turn on Eagle Vision and shimmy over to the Glyph to climb up into it. Campagna District Glyphs ------------------------Building: Caserma Di Alviano -Description: Bartolomeo's place. His barracks. That's pretty simple right? -Location: The barracks are surrounded by protective walls. The Glyph is on the outside of the eastern wall. -Building: Castra Praetoria -Description: The "main" French camp that you must infiltrate with Bartolomeo to get to the Baron. -Location: Go through the camp and go all the way to inner part of it, to the northeast. As soon as you pass through the gate, this Glyph is on your right, above a small hut. Antico District Glyphs ----------------------Building: Colosseo -Description: The legendary Roman Colosseum, kinda hard not to know what this is, and it stands out pretty damn well too. In the center of the Antico. -Location: At the very top of the Colosseum. Climb the outer wall. Look for stones that jut out to go higher and higher. Get to the top and drop onto the Glyph from above. -Building: Aventino -Description: A small village on top of a hill right between La Volpe's area and the Colosseum. -Location: This is on the north side of the Borgia Tower here. Climb the tower and drop down on it from the north side. -Building: Acquedotto Claudia -Description: Part of the aqueduct just north of a small town in the southeast part of the Antico District, near a Borgia Tower you can't access until later in the game. -Location: It's on the northern side of the aqueduct. It's on the stretch of the aqueduct that's almost perfectly in line with the nearby Borgia Tower. Use the tower itself to get high enough and climb onto the aqueduct. Then hang over the edge where the Glyph is. Vaticano District Glyphs ------------------------Building: Castel Sant'Angelo

-Description: It's the castello that Ezio has to infiltrate once in Sequence 4 and again in Sequence 8. It's in the Vaticano area. -Location: In the castello grounds, there is that center tower that Ezio must climb in Sequence 4. When you get on top of the ramparts, you can see the tower just nearby, and on the south side is where the Glyph is. - Cluster Puzzle Solutins ***Note: This section is very rough. I didn't have the time to proofread it or re-word it and make it clearer. So please forgive any mistakes or other little problems. I will be prettying up this section very, very soon.*** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cluster 1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------First, you get a picture puzzle. You must choose the right five to continue. Solution: For future reference, number the pictures like this: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Choose 1, 3, 4, 8, 10 --In part 2, you get a chessboard. Move the E column pawn forward two spaces. --In the final part, you must use the cursor to uncover a hidden red light and scan it with X. Solution: Scan the top right -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cluster 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Turn the outermost ring counterclockwise four times. Turn the next ring inward three times counterclockwise. Turn the next ring twice clockwise. Turn the last ring counterclockwise four times. Turn the outermost ring counterclockwise twice. Turn the next one clockwise once. Turn the next one clockwise five times. Turn the last ring clockwise five times too. Go back to the second outer ring and turn it counterclockwise five times. Outermost clockwise once. Next clockwise five times. Next clockwise four times. Last one clockwise three times. --When you get to teh chessboard, move the F column pawn forward two spaces ---

Again, you must scan the screen for a red light. This time there are two. When you select one, a timer starts (around the cursor) and you must find the other one and select it before that runs out. Solution: Slightly to the top-left, then close to the bottom right. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cluster 3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------This one takes a while. You are given some very vague clues that really take a while to figure out. Along with that, some pictures you can zoom in on and scan individually. Each time you scan something, you get coordinates. Pressing X after that brings you to the code wheel. If you have the right coordinates, you can break the code. So therefore, if you scanned the right part of the right picture, you can break the code. So what is the right scan point? Well, if you don't do it by process of elimination, return to the clues. It has something to do with Washington. The dollar seems like a great place to start but that's not it. The mountain in the top right picture is Mt. Washington. Hmm... BELOW it is a building. Scan the left flag of the building to find the right coordinates. Now you'll have the code. Those familiar with AC2 remember the code wheels. This one is a little different. You get the key above. 9 = the crossed out zero. 4 is the backwards looking 5. And so on. Each individual pairing corresponds to one pairing below. So when you align 9 and the crossed out zero, you can find the first part of the code below. BUT it DOES NOT work for the others. To figure out the next one, align 4 and that backwards 5. That will tell you what the second part is. Get it? Align each part individually according to the code wheel, then find the character that corresponds to the number below. Solution: 2 7 9 8 = = = = "backwards p/4" symbol crossed out zero blackslash p/4-like symbol

--On the chessboard, F pawn takes black pawn. --For scanning, scan toward the bottom left then top-right. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cluster 4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Another picture puzzle. Solution: 2, 3, 5, 9, 10 ---

Turn the centermost ring clockwise once. Turn the next ring four times counterclockwise. Turn the next ring clockwise four times. Turn the outermost ring clockwise once. --On the chessboard, move the G pawn forward one space. --An audio puzzle. You have to select the right parts. Choose the first and second sections. Scanning, select the middle one, then the first one. Scan up near the top-left, then directly below and slightly right. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cluster 5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Move D Queen diagonal once to E column --You get a bunch of pictures. You have to scan them by zooming in (X) and then searching them for any interesting items. The correct object will give you the coordinates for the next part. Hit X when you find it and see if you got them. Solution: Scan the top left picture to find the electricity bolt --Now you get a code wheel with the coordinates you found. The pattern is that each symbol on the wheel (what is on the wheel that is) is opposite of a "related" symbol. For example, across from the horseshoe, is a horseshoe with a little uh... "growth". Across from the semicircle, is a full circle that's half filled. Get it? So start by using the key like before to align 3 and the horseshoe. The NORMAL horseshoe. We get 7 as the semicircle. Move on to the next pair. Remember, we have to adjust the wheel for each symbol. So for the boxes that are crossed out, align that with 5 on the code wheel. We have to find what 3 is and of course, the symbol for 3 is missing. But...! The symbol ACROSS from 3 isn't! That is the "///" symbol! So, flip through the symbols you have. What is most closely related to "///"? Yes, it's "////" with four slashes. Now align the weird squiggly with 1. We need to find what 7 is when these are aligned. Yet again, this is absent from the wheel. If you look to the opposite side however, you see that double box crossed out shape. So what is the next closest thing to that? The two empty boxes symbol. That is what 7 is. Now the last one is easy. Just align "///" and 2 and you'll find out that 9 is the crossed out boxes. Solution:

7 3 7 9

= = = =

"Normal" semicircle //// [][] [X][X]

--Not done yet sadly. Scan near the bottom left, very close to the bottom but toward the right, and then middle right. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cluster 6 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------The clues you get are actually decent, but unless you're zoomed in on the pictures and literally cover them from corner to corner, you'll likely miss the solution. Let's start with the second clue, about being left out of the "spotlight". Downgrade this from a literal meaning and you can figure it meaning, someone who's just not a prominent part of their picture. That can easily apply to the bottom left, top right, and right pictures where we see groups of people with some more focused than others. We need to narrow it down a bit. The first clue is what solves it if we look carefully enough. "Blown apart". Nothing in the pictures is "blown apart", so we have to think a little more about this. Look at the pictures and see. If you check the left most picture, you'll see at the bottom left of it, a turret that that looks like it's from a tank. Aha! Scan the guy who is standing right in front of the turret and you'll see he is a Templar. Scan that and take the coordinates to the scroll wheel. Here we go again. This time, Shaun's advice actually helped me out a bit. There's obviously a pattern here. Look at the numbers on the code wheel. We have 0, 9, 13, a blank, 22, 27, another blank, 34, 42, and 42. Don't even bother fumbling with the alignment just yet. Try to decipher this pattern. Well, obviously, the difference between 9 and 0 is 9. And then the difference between 13 and 9 is 4. Hmm, where do we see those numbers anywhere? Yes! In the key! In the key, we see the bottom row of numbers are 9, 4, 7, and 2. Study the code wheel and note that the difference between the consecutive numbers is the very NEXT number on the bottom part of the key! Use this to figure out the blanks. Here's a demonstration: 0 (code wheel) + 9 (key) = 9 (code wheel) 9 (code wheel) + 4 (key) = 13 (code wheel) 13 (code wheel) + 7 (key) = 20 (code wheel blank) 20 (code wheel blank) + 2 (key) = 22 (code wheel) Now go to the bottom row of numbers where you have to put in your answers. This pattern continues for the grey numbers too! 22 (code wheel) + 5 (answers) = 27 (code wheel) 27 (code wheel) + 6 (answers) = 33 (code wheel blank) Now you have the blanks filled in. Align the code wheel. We align 34 and of course 5 is blank. But we now what is in between 13 and 22 on wheel according to the math we just did. That is 20. 20 is the blank also what we must align with 4. So align that blank space between 13 and the and and 9, code it's 22

with 4. 6 is given to us as 27. Now align 13 and 7. 1 is missing, but the space is between 27 and 34. We did the math for that above. The answer is 33. That's the second blank, so align that with 2 and we get 8 is 13. Solution: 5 6 1 8 = = = = 20 27 33 13

--Now you get an audio puzzle. You have several broken segments to pick from. You have to choose the exact ones to solve it. Solution: Select first, second, fourth --The clue is rather obvious. A KNIGHT is a savior. The Knight is to be moved to F3. --Scan up near the top-right under the word Putin, close to the bottom left amongst the sheet music, and to the far right on the guy's arm. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cluster 7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Picture puzzle. Solution: 2, 4, 7, 8, 10 --You get a bunch of pictures for the start of a code wheel puzzle. You must find the right item in these pictures that will give you the coordinates. Solution: Scan Justice Roberts' left hand. The other thing to look for is the presence of letters and numbers in the pictures. They will greatly help you in figuring out the code next. In the first picture next to the justices, there is a tiny "M" on the chalkboard, and to the right, a very hard to see "9" In the picture below it, you can barely see the letter "R" tucked behind the American Flag. In the picture with Bush, you can see the letters "N" and "K" on the tail of the jet, and the number "3" on the earmuffs of the guy in purple. Near the cockpit of the jet, there is what looks like an obstructed "70" but it is NOT. It is the top part of the letter "Z" and the number "0" Keep that in mind! On the ground at their feet, there is the bottom part of the letter "Z". In the last picture to the left, the letter "C" can be found in the framed picture of an aircraft carrier. So what does all of this mean? Well, if you look at the code wheel, you can see

that these numbers and letters go in the exact order that I just listed them from the pictures. Start with the blank between C and 9. That would be M from the first picture. 9 is also from the first picture and that's next. The next picture had R which is also next. K, N, Z and 0 were all in the Bush picture as well as 3. The wheel has the top part of "Z" but not the bottom part, so the blank must be the shape that is the other part of "Z". And finally, C was found in the bottom left picture. So we know the blanks are M and 7. Start aligning each part of the code wheel. When you haver K as 8, you are given that 4 = C. You're also given the last one as 1 = K. For the middle two, align that "R" looking shape with 0. 8 is blank, but we now know that it is M. So find the M shape and put that in. Repeat this for the almost "Z" shape, aligning it with 0. 2 lines up with the other blank, but we know this is the other part of "Z". It sounds confusing but find the shape that looks almost like a full "Z" but missing the very top part. That's your last symbol. Solution: 4 8 2 1 = = = = C M "Z" shape that is almost complete except for the top K

--More your B Knight to C3. --Scan near the top left under "Stevens", near the bottom right, and near the top right. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cluster 8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Select the outer and inner rings together. Turn them counterclockwise three times. Next, select the outer and second inner ring together and turn them clockwise once. Now just select the inner two rings and rotate them four times clockwise. --Audio puzzle. Select 1, 5, 8, 9 --Move King from E to F2 --Scan near the top left, center bottom, bottom right, middle right, and near the top right.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cluster 9 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------The solution is to pick pictures with telephone lines in them. Solution: Select 2, 3, 6, 8, 10 --Audio puzzle. Solution: Select 1, 3, 6, 12 --Move F Bishop to G2 --Scan near each of the four corners but not quite in the corners, then middle left. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cluster 10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------You'll want to hit up three times to select the outer ring and the second ring from the center. Have those two selected and rotate any direction five times. Hit down three times and you select the inner most ring and the third ring together. Rotate them twice clockwise. Now hit up once to select the inner two rings and rotate them twice clockwise. Done. This was the only picture puzzle I didn't understand the "pattern" behind. Something to do with revolutionary symbols? Well, the pictures you want, again going left to right 1-5 and on the bottom 6-10 are 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10. ================================================================================ Thanks to three different people for tipping me about the secret to this above mentioned picture puzzle. The clue is that they are not made by hands or by machines. It's children, and in pictures 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10, you can see there are kids in them. Thanks for the tips all! ================================================================================ This one took a while. The clue is the word ascends. If you can't find it, Shaun gives another hint, about looking for something rising. Now for an actual HELPFUL tip, know this: what you're looking for in the pictures is actually hidden. You won't see it just by looking at the pictures unless you place the scanner over it. So comb each photo carefully and look for something that only shows up when you scan over it. Give up? Check the top right photograph with the people in the plaza. Check the sky above them. You'll see an Eagle. Scan it and hit X. Now for the code wheel. If you just align the numbers at the top one by one,

you only get two freebies. When 8 on the outer wheel and 1 on the inner wheel are lined up, you get 0 to be 5. When 5 and 5 are lined up, you get 8 to give you 21. Now how to figure out the other numbers? This was one that I sadly could not figure out alone. My friend and I sat around writing out possible patterns and answers on paper until we finally figured it out about 25 minutes later. See if you can notice the pattern yourself. Shaun gives advice about paying attention to the ones and tens columns of the numbers. If you want more hints, read on. If you want the solution, read even further, but see if you can figure it out. Well, you can easily discern a pattern with the numbers 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and 21. 2+3=5. 3+5=8. 8+5=13 and so on. The pattern stops after 21 though. Ignore this. Ignore this completely. There is a pattern but it's useful for solving this puzzle. There is another pattern though. Start with 13 and pay attention to the ones and tens of 13, 21, and the number 24. There is a way that 13 and 21 make 24. But how? Pay attention to the numbers individually instead of as a whole. Can they somehow make 24? Think about it. Here's the answer. Take the tens colum of 13 and 24. 1 and 2. Multiply them. 1x2=2. Now take the ones column numbers. 3 and 1. Add them. 3+1=4. Combine those digits into a number. 24. There you go. Let's try it again. Go to 45. Now look at the numbers right before it. 21 and 24. Multiply the tens and add the ones. 2x2=4. 1+4=45. Ok good, you got it, right? Let's try and figure out what the first blank is then. We know that the blank is made of the two numbers before it. So that would be 45 and 24. Multiply the tens and add the ones. 4x2=8. 4+5=9. 89. So the first blank space is 89! Ok, we figured that out. Now for the next one. We have that space as 89, and the next space requires that and 45. So do it again as we've been doing. 4x8=32. 9+5=14. Now we have a problem though. It's not 3214. No. Think of it again in terms of ones and tens. The 3 in 32 is actually going to be a hundreds column number. The 2 then becomes a tens. But the 1 in 14 is also a tens. So they add up. Here's a simple visual: 320 + 14 That comes out to 334. And that turns out to be the other missing space and the final number. Solution: 4 0 4 8 = = = = 89 5 334 21

--For the audio puzzle, just select every single part and you'll solve it. --For the scanning, there's a few dozen points here and they all go in a line. Start from the bottom left and scan each one in a row. It'll take a minute but

you can easily follow the line as it goes around the screen and starts to curve. Just know that you can't scan multiple points at once so tap X to get each one in succession and make sure you don't accidentally pass over any.

------------------------------------------------------------------------Assassin Recruiting [ex02] ------------------------------------------------------------------------You can begin recruiting potential Assassins into your Brotherhood in Sequence 4. You get your first two during the mission "Man of the People". After that, the amount you can recruit is dictated by the amount of Borgia Towers you have taken out. The more towers you have destroyed, the more recruits you can have. Recruits are denoted all over your map by a particular icon. You can find them just about anywhere, but only when you have a slot open to recruit someone. To recruit, go to their locationa and kill their attackers. Speak with them and they will join. - Training Your Recruits: Contracts So you have some potential young wards in your fold. What are you gonna do with them? Well, raising them to be assassins is gonna take some work. You are able to send them on contracts around Europe and Russia. These contracts have some items you need to be aware of. Stars: How difficult the mission is represented by "stars". More stars = harder Time: How long your recruits will be gone, represented by real-time minutes Rewards: What your recruits will gain for you, small money and perhaps materials EXP: How much EXP your recruits will gain on this mission Chance of Success: The chance % of your recruit(s) suceeding in the mission The most difficult missions take longer. The tougher they are, the lower the chances of success, relative to the level of your assassins. So for example, a two-star mission is really hard for a level 1 recruit, but not for a level 5. Some missions have "spiked" stars. This means they're even harder than normal and they always reward you with a material if successfully completed. You can send your recruits on missions from pigeon coops and conquered Borgia Towers. You can also use the map at Ezio's Hideout. Recruits you send out will be unavailable until the contract is over. It's recommended you send some out as much as possible, while keeping others available (with some exceptions). You won't want to tackle four-star contracts until you have some assassins at level 7 and 8. You won't want to do five-star until they are 8 and 9. - Chance of Success As mentioned before, each mission gives a recruit a certain % of success relative to their level. You can send up to five recruits on a contract at one time. The more you add, the higher the chance of success goes up. To tackle harder missions earlier, send more recruits. Generally, if you want to be safe, you want to have at leas 80% or higher. What happens when they fail? Well some assassins might die. You'll have to recruit new ones to replace them. You also won't get the money or rewards.

- Leveling Your assassins EXP can be tracked from coops, towers, and the map in Ezio's hideout. By selecting "Assassins" you can check their status and also award them with skill points. Each time they level up, they get a skill point. These can be allocated to new Weapons or Armor. Here's the leveling and the weapons and armor: ____________________________________________________________ Level Title XP to next Level Unlock ============================================================ 1 Recluta 10 xp to level 2 N/A ------- --------------- ---------------------- ------------2 Servitore 30 xp to level 3 N/A ------- --------------- ---------------------- ------------3 Assistente 80 xp to level 4 N/A ------- --------------- ---------------------- ------------4 Milite 180 xp to level 5 Pistol ------- --------------- ---------------------- ------------5 Discepolo 350 xp to level 6 N/A ------- --------------- ---------------------- ------------6 Mercenario 600 xp to level 7 N/A ------- --------------- ---------------------- ------------7 Guerriero 1200 xp to level 8 N/A ------- --------------- ---------------------- ------------8 Veterano 2000 xp to level 9 Smoke Bombs ------- --------------- ---------------------- ------------9 Maestro 3500 xp to level 10 N/A ------- --------------- ---------------------- ------------10 Assassino N/A N/A '------------------------------------------------------------' Armor ----1. Leather Spaulders 2. Leather Greaves 3. Leather Chest 4. Plate Armor Weapons ------1. Dagger 2. Syrian Sword 3. Schiavona 4. Axe

It's up to you to decide how you want to spend their points. Personally, I put a stress on armor first, but it's totally your call. Each time you spend a point, they'll get a new weapon or armor. Also, as noted above, as they reach specific levels, they gain new assassin gadgets like Smoke Bombs. - Assassin Ceremony You won't gain any skill points after Level 8. And at Level 9, a recruit can't ascend to level 10 and become a full fledged Assassin unless you return to the hideout. When a level 9 recruit has gotten 3500 xp, they will be able to graduate to the level of Assassin. At this time, a notification window will appear on your screen, telling you that one or more recruits are ready. When you return to the hideout by any means, you will get a cutscene showing the graduation of one of them to the rank of Assassin. Even though you only see one, all other applicable recruits

who are waiting will also be promoted. If you do not return right away, the notification window will pop up again later on to remind you and continue until you finally return. - Assassins In The Field When your recruits are available, they can be called into action at just about any time. Once you have them at your side, they will eliminate any nearby enemies for you. When you can call in your recruits is governed by the "call signals" in the top-left of the screen. It's divided in three bars. You only need one bar to call in assassins. Hit L2 to call them in. When the bars are empty, they slowly refill over time. Every time you hit L2 to call in assassins, two are called in at a time. So you can call six max at one time. The first priority of your recruits is to kill targets as quickly as possible. When this is not possible, or when you call them in combat situations, they are more likely to pull out their weapons and fight with you, but when possible, they still like to go for the assassinations. When you have all three signals available, holding L2 instead of just pressing it will call in an Arrow Storm. All immediate guards will be killed instantly by a rain of arrows. It's useful for when you are totally surrounded or to just remove important formations of guards out of your way.

------------------------------------------------------------------------Guild Missions and Challenges [ex03] ------------------------------------------------------------------------This section is under construction but here are the basics. You can complete challenges as you play the game. You can view them under DNA --> Guild Challenges. You can track your progress with each one there. As you complete them, you gain slight bonuses for Mercenaries, Courtesans, and Thieves. Complete all the challenges for one Guild, and you get a weapon and a crest. The crests are merely for decoration at the hideout. ======MERCENARIES GUILD========================================================= Rank 10 - Discount Rank 5 - ???? Rank 1 - Bartolomeo's Axe Challenges o o o o o o o o o o 10 Mercenary groups sent to attack guards 5 Scaffolds destroyed by thrown guards 25 Brutes killed 25 Papal Guards killed 25 Guards killed while on horseback 10 Guards on horseback air assassinated 10 Double Assassinations 5 Guards disarmed and killed with their own weapons Kill 5 guards within 10 seconds 10 streaks of at least 5 kills

- Challenge Tips 1. 10 Mercenary groups sent to attack guards - It's as simple as being aware of the challenge. When you see mercenaries, use them. What makes this challenge a lot easier than the other two is that you can reuse Mercenaries over and over. One group will easily kill guards and will continue following you. So find a new group of enemies and send the mercs after them to keep tallying for this challenge. Find Mercenaries near Bartolomeo's, in some areas in the Antico District, and also from renovated Guild Halls for mercenaries. 2. 5 Scaffolds destroyed by thrown guards - Really simple. To throw a guard into scaffolding, hold R1 and grab them with Circle. Use the Left Analog Stick to point them toward the scaffolding and hit Circle to toss them. The other problem is finding Scaffolding. You can find a lot more of it in the north and northwest part of the Centro Districts. 3. 25 Brutes killed - You can get this gradually over the course of the game, so there's not much reason to worry about it. If you want to actively seek out Brutes, I strongly recommend trying all the ruins out in the Campagna and Antico Districts, and near the French camps. You can often find Brutes standing guard at the ruins. Additionally, you can replay some memories from DNA, like "French Kiss" and kill them to shore up your numbers. 4. 25 Papal Guards killed - You pretty much have to farm these guys, and there's only two ways that I know of. Papal Guards can really only be found in the Vaticano District. After you cross the bridge, make a left, and after you pass the arch, you will encounter four Papal Guards. Leave the area and return and they might respawn, but it's not guaranteed. Aside from that, you can replay the Sequence 8 mission, "The Apple of Eden." You encounter Papal Guards in that mission. 5. 25 Guards killed while on horseback - This one is really confusing. You need to kill guards wihle Ezio is on a horse. It doesn't really seem to work for any traditional methods though. I strongly recommend doing horse-to-horse assassinations on horseback guards. This not only 100% guarantees you credit for this challenge, but it also gives you credit for the next challenge. Kill two birds with one stone! You can find horseback guards most often in the Antico District. Ride near them and hit Square with the Hidden Blades selected to do a horse-to-horse assassination. 6. 10 Guards on horseback air assassinated - Like I said, you can kill horseback kill challenges Ride near other guards on horse and kill them. This 7. 10 Double Assassinations - You can't do this until you have the second Hidden Blade from Leonardo. This is not possible until Sequence 4. Buy it from him and you can start doing two birds with one stone and do both of the together by doing horse-to-horse assassinations. horseback and do the assassination to jump on their gives you credit for both challenges.

Double Assassinations. A lot of guards that stand around are not standing close enough to do them. So in order to farm these, it's best to stand next to guards and get them to push Ezio. This causes them to stand closer together and lets you do a Double Assassination. Repeat on all guards you find. Or you can just do this gradually throughout the course of the game. You'll get it eventually. 8. 5 Guards disarmed and killed with their own weapons - Easy. Just go unarmed (fists) and counter enemy attacks as you normally would. If timed right, Ezio steals their weapon. Follow up by hitting Square to kill them with it. Just find any guards and have fun. Not much strategy is involved here. Just note that stronger guards can't be disarmed and enemies like Brutes and Captains cannot be disarmed without first Taunting them. 9. Kill 5 guards within 10 seconds - I don't know why people find this challenge so difficult. In my opinion, it's an incredibly easy challenge. With enough guards, you can get a good streak going and get the necessary kills without having to wait around. To expedite the process, I highly recommend doing the special "double kills" for the pistol and throwing knives. As a reminder, when you're doing your kill streak, HOLD Square when selecting your next target when you have either a medium weapon or a dagger equipped and Ezio will kill two tagets at once. Do this and string kills together to get this. 10. 10 streaks of at least 5 kills - Same advice as the above challenge. Rely on Execution Streaks, especially utilizing the special double kills. The more guards attacking you, the better. You need to maintain your streak so be on the look out for enemies trying to interrupt you. - Fight Club The first rule about Fight club is you do not talk abo-- oh wait. Nevermind. So anyway, when you want to participate, go to Bartolomeo's place in the Campagna District and go downstairs. Talk to him to enter. _________________________________________ Opponents Award Multiplier Time Limit ========================================= 1 1:1.1 10 seconds ---------- ----------------- -----------2 1:1.2 20 seconds ---------- ----------------- -----------3 1:1.5 25 seconds ---------- ----------------- -----------4 1:1.7 35 seconds ---------- ----------------- -----------5 1:2.0 40 seconds '-----------------------------------------' So you see, the best payoff comes from the last fight of course. You can unlock each consecutive fight by winning the previous one in the time limit. Winning these is rather simple in my opinion. The time limit may seem like a chokehold, but it's not too tough. Just pick a target and kick him immediately, then let the punches fly. Hit Square repeatedly to punch them.

There are two ways to save time. When you're beating your opponent, Ezio may do an "execution", meaning he'll just finish them off, regardless of what their remaining health is. Keep punching your target and you might get this. Pay attention to the other enemies and their health/arrow indicators. When one flashes, they're about to attack. Normally, counters will not defeat the mercenaries instantly. However, if you are beating an enemy and do a finishing move ("execution") on them, and another enemy attacks Ezio, perform a counter RIGHT THERE to defeat them instantly. Place a 500f bet on the final fight to earn the "The Gloves Come Off" Trophy if you should win. ======COURTESANS GUILD========================================================== Rank 10 - Discount Rank 5 - Rider Distract, Courtesan poison Rank 1 - Maria's Dagger Challenges o 10 Courtesan groups sent to distract guards o 10 Enemies evaded using the crowd and other hide spots o 20 Enemies stationed at Guard Posts killed using the Crossbow without being detected o 10 Horses belonging to guards commandeered without killing the rider o 5 dead bodies hidden in wells or haystacks o 15 Guards poisoned o 20 guards killed during a smoke bomb attack o 10 Guards assassinated from behind o 5 Guards assassinated from blend spots - Challenge Tips 1. 10 Courtesan Groups sent to distract guards - Really just a matter of using them whenever you see them. Courtesans can be found around the Rosa In Fiore, along with a few other less memorable locations. Just hire one group, send them on the nearest guards, go back and get another group. Next time you visit, you can do it again. 2. 10 Enemies evaded using the crowd and other hide spots - This is really easy to get, just over the course of the game or boosting it on your own. It's also easy to tally in combination with other challenges. Just start a fight with any guards you see and run away. Look for the nearest hiding spots (blue circles on your mini-map) and when you get out of their line of sight, enter that hiding spot. Benches, haystacks, wells, or even just crowds of people will conceal Ezio. Wait until you're incognito again and you'll tally one for this. 3. 20 Enemies stationed at Guard Posts killed using the Crossbow without being detected - So many people ask what this means. I'll explain it to you. "Guard post" guards are those guards you see standing at ruins, doorways, and other

entrances with their arms crossed. They protect the entrances and they never move, just stand there with their arms crossed. These are the guards you must kill. On your own, you can find then in the Campagna and Antico Districts at ruins and the French camps, but not always. Kill them with the Crossbow from a good distance where you won't be detected immediately afterwards (attacking from above is recommended). To boost the numbers, replay the French Kiss mission. 4. 10 Horses belonging to guards commandeered without killing the rider - Easy to tally the more time you spend in the Antico District, since this is where you will most often find horseback guards. Any time you see them, walk beside them and steal the horse with Circle. Do this 10 times. 5. 5 dead bodies hidden in wells or haystacks - Only 5 so this is really easy and you can do it in one sitting. Kill enemies that are nearby haystacks or wells (haystacks are easier). Carry their bodies over to them and hit Circle to drop them inside. Easy. 6. 15 Guards poisoned - Ok, so this one is a little specific so pay attention. The game doesn't count it as poisoned unless you WITNESS the guard actually dying. Simply injecting poison does NOT count. You will have to stay relatively close and wait until the guard stops flailing about and finally falls dead. Yes. Obviously, if you have Fast Poison, this is easier, but by that time, you should have this many anyway. Just every once in a while, when you see guards around, poison one from behind. It will only take a minute so just stick around. Tally these up slowly over the course of the game. 7. 20 guards killed during a smoke bomb attack - Buy the Smoke Bomb Pouch if you want to start earning these on your own. Whenever you feel like it, deploy a smoke bomb when a group of guards is around or has you surrounded. You can kill about 4-5 of them during the time of one bomb. Another way to accumulate these is when you call in your recruits. At the proper level, they will start using Smoke Bombs. Steal some of the kills from them and it will go toward your total. 8. 10 Guards assassinated from behind - As easy as it sounds. Any time you see guards standing around, go up behind them and assassinate them with the Hidden Blade. See a group of guards patrolling around? Walk up behind the guard in the back of the group and assassinate him. Pretty easy to get 10. 9. 5 Guards aasassinated from blend spots - You should easily get 5 over the course of the game. If you want to boost it immediately, the best thing to do is to look for guard patrols with Seekers that patrol near haystacks. As part of their routine, they will inspect the haystack, letting you kill them. You can also replay certain missions where this happens, but it's highly unnecessary. - Courtesan Missions Talk to Maria inside the Rosa in Fiore. After that, look for Courtesan symbols around the map for missions.

------------------------------------- Full Synch: Compelte the mission in under The Morning After 400 seconds ------------------------------------The Courtesan will lead you to her attackers. One by one, you must beat them up. 400 seconds is just under 7 minutes so you have more than enough time to do this, despite how slow the courtesan walks. Each time you reach your target, beat him up with repeated punches. For the last one, some other nearby enemies might attack you as well, so just counter them for east dispatches. MORE COMING SOON ======THIEVES GUILD============================================================= Rank 10 - Discount Rank 5 - Pickpocket and Pull riders off horses Rank 1 - La Volpe's Bite Challenges o o o o o o o o o 10 Thief Groups sent to lure guards 1 Sprint uninterrupted for 300 meters 20 Jumps from a horse to a beam 40 Leaps of Faith Perform a dive from a height of 25 meters 250 florins pickpocketed Glide a cumulative total of 500 meters with the parachute 25 Guards killed with a ranged weapon 5 Guards air assassinated from a beam

- Challenge Tips 1. 10 Thief Groups sent to lure guards - A little harder to accumulate than the other two since Thieves seem to be more difficult to find. You can mostly find them on the rooftops in the western part of the Centro District, with all the ruined buildings. If you renovate some Guild Halls for Thieves, that might help a lot too. 2. 1 Sprint uninterrupted for 300 meters - The Campagna or Antico Districts are where you want to be. Wide open space is your friend. Go to your map and set a custom marker that's 300 meters away. Now just run to it, holding R1 and X to sprint the whole way. Keep going until you get it. So long as you don't bump into anyone, or climb anything, you should get it. 3. 20 Jumps from a horse to a beam - North-ish of Ezio's Hideout is a bridge. On the other a long beam above the street. This is where I did the and ride back and forth past it. Hold R1 as you ride, near the beam, double tap X to jump to it. The timing side of the bridge is challenge. Get a horse and each time you get is something you will

need to practice. You know yo've done it right when Ezio swings on the beam and then lands on it. If he just grabs it, it won't count. Just ride up and down this street and repeat the jump each time. 4. 40 Leaps of Faith - You'll get a lot just by playing the game, but you might need to boost them and go out of your way a bit. Any time you're on a rooftop, keep this challenge in mind and look for the tell-tale birds at the edge so you can make a Leap of Faith below. 5. Perform a dive from a height of 25 meters - Best place to do this is in the Campagna District. In the mission "Between a Rock and a Hard Place", you will have to climb a tower near Bartolomeo's that is surrounded by a moat. If you climb this tower again, and then dive off of it into the moat, you'll easily get what you need. 6. 250 florins pickpocketed - This will take just a few short minutes. Hold X as you walk and bump into civilians to steal small amounts of money. After a minute or two it will really start to add up. 250f is no problem at all. 7. Glide a cumulative total of 500 meters with the parachute - Well, the most obvious part is that you'll need the parachute first. Do all of Leonardo's War Machine missions to get it. The earlier the better, because you can slowly get the distance over time rather than boost it (which feels like it takes much longer) in one go. Any time you make a big jump, from big cliffs especially, use the parachute. Like I said, it feels less annoying if you do it slowly over time. One way to get a lot of distance is to jump off the top of the Castel Saint Angelo, which is good for the Trophy "Fly Like An Eagle". 8. 25 Guards killed with a ranged weapon - You should easily get this just by playing the game but it will depend a bit on your playstyle. Just make sure to use your Crossbow and Throwing Knives at least somewhat often and you'll get these pretty quickly and easily. I'm not sure if thrown Heavy Weapons count. 9. 5 Guards air assassinated from a beam - I don't think this is too hard, personally. There should be plenty of chances in the story to get these. ======ASSASSINS GUILD=========================================================== Rank 1 - Altair's Sword Challenges o o o o o 25 Assassin Recruits signaled during a fight 15 Arrow Storms 20 Assassin Recruits signaled to kill a target 5 Assassin Recruits signaled within a Core Memory 5 Recruits raised to the rank of Assassin

- Challenge Tips 1. 25 Assassin Recruits signaled during a fight - Just start fights with guards and call in your recruits with L2. So long as you have signals available, you can do this. It's best to boost this a little since you might not get a lot just by the story and by slowly doing it over time. It's best that you call them in when you're already in a fight with guards. 2. 15 Arrow Storms - These can also take a little while because it requires all three signals and also that you have at least six recruits. The best way to tally these faster is to just use the Arrow Storm whenever you see a group of guards. Yeah, it feels like a "waste" but if you're busy doing other things at the time, it won't feel that bad. Hold L2 to use Arrow Storm. 3. 20 Assassin Recruits signaled to kill a target - It counts when the target you're asking you recruits to kill has not detected you. So, basically, outside of a normal combat situation. Call in your recruits to kill guards you see randomly. You'll get quite a few of these automatically in the story as well. 4. 5 Assassin Recruits signaled within a Core Memory - Most of these are tied to Full Synch objectives so you'll get them anyway just by doing that. Call in your recruits to kill your enemies when you are playing a mission. Story and some side missions should count. 5. 5 Recruits raised to the rank of Assassin - It will take a little time, but the quicker you are to send off your recruits on new missions, the quicker they'll level up. Also, newer recruits can be sent on the tougher missions that your higher leveled recruits can handle and therefore level up much faster. When a recruit hits level 9, 3500 xp is required to get to max. At that point, you have to go back to the Hideout for them to officially become Assassins.

------------------------------------------------------------------------Assassination Contracts, Templar Agents & Cristina Missions [ex04] ------------------------------------------------------------------------These are just some really short and extra side-missions you can do to distract you from the story. Templar Agent Missions are available in Sequence 6. You can do them whenever you want. They're short and sweet assassination missions. The Cristina Missions are Ezio's repressed memories. The next one is unlocked by beating the previous one but also by having high enough overall sync. If you have at least 75% sync, you can play all of them. Check your sync on the DNA menu. - Assassination Contracts You can get a contract mission from a pigeon coop that has a "crosshair" symbol

on it. Only these special ones, and each one has a specific mission attached to it. Tactical Correction ------------------Coop: Just east of the Colosseum Full Synch: Finish the memory within 2 minutes For this mission, ride to the red markers. You have five targets to kill and 2 minutes to do it. They are just a very short ride away so get on the nearby horse and ride over there. Start by doing an assassination off your horse to kill one or two of them. Yes, you can make this incredibly easy by calling in an Arrow Storm and job done, but where's the fun in that? After you've killed one or two of them, disarm the Seeker and use his spear to kill the rest of them. Shoot the horseback guard with the pistol while you're in combat (hold Square with a medium weapon equipped). Done. Just be warned that the lower guard of the group might run away if you don't kill him early. If he escapes, you'll need to restart. Two's Company ------------Coop: Slightly northwest of Bartolomeo's barracks Full Synch: Kill both targets with your Hidden Blade One target is off to the north, the other slightly west. No time limit here, so just make your way over to them. Both targets are in restricted areas, but there really aren't many other guards nearby to really make that an issue. So, this is really straightforward. Go there, kill them. If you want to be creative, both targets stand near buildings, so you can get the drop on them with Air Assassinations. Serf's Turf ----------Coop: Toward the northern part of the Campagna District Full Synch: Assassinate 3 guards with the Hidden Blade Go south, taking a Leap of Faith down below. The search area is not too far from there. Activate Eagle Vision to see your targets. These guards are all on horseback. You have to kill at least three of them with the Hidden Blades. Most of them are separate enough from each other that you won't alert the rest by killing them. Just assassinate them with the Hidden Blades selected and get at least three kills. Call in your Recruits to watch them kill the rest if you want or just finish them yourself. ...And Three's A Crowd ---------------------Coop: West Campagna District, right where it borders with the Centro Full Synch: Kill the 3 targets within 2 minutes Three targets. They're all nearby, including one on the rooftop just in front

of you. Climb up there and kill him however you like. You save some time and a tiny bit of travel by using the Crossbow. Nothing special here. You should easily kill the first two in about 40 seconds at least. The last guy is not very far away, so stay on the roofs and make your way to him and then shoot him with the Crossbow too. Go see Pantasilea for more contract missions to show up. Red Letter Day -------------Coop: Centro District east Full Synch: Kill both targets in under 60 seconds Hurry north to find the targets. They are Papal Guards and each have their own entourage of guards. So to make this easier to get full synch, you might want to use an Arrow Storm if you have it. Otherwise, try to target the Papal Guards only, kicking them, and then attacking repeatedly until they are killed. Bearers of Bad News ------------------Coop: Center of the Centro District, east side of the Pantheon Full Synch: Do not let your targets call for reinforcements Head over to wear the targets are and take to the rooftops as you go. There are six Brutes you need to kill. When you start to fight them, one of any other lower guards may run off to call for reinforcements. You have a pretty lenient time limit for when you see the message that the guard is getting reinforcements, to when it actually happens. So therefore, you don't need to worry all that much. In the interest of making things easier, you should call in your recruits to help you. Smoke Bombs will also help you kill the Brutes faster. The Merchant of Rome -------------------Coop: Center of the Centro District, east side of the Pantheon Full Synch: Use the Assassin Recruits to assist in a diversion Follow your map north to the target's location. He is in a small tunnel/canopy area. Both entrances are watched by guards. No problem. Call in your recruits to kill some of them, then run in there and kill the merchant with no problem. You'll pass the mission and get full synch. The Three Amici --------------Coop: On top of Ezio's Hideout Full Synch: Kill the targets with the Hidden Blade Three targets. All in the rundown part of the Centro District. Head over there and track them down, one by one. Since most of these missions have been straightforward and kinda boring, I decided to stuff the easy stealth and just go for fights. Feel free to do whatever you wish though. Just remember to use the Hidden Blade if you want

full synch. If you do opt for combat as I did, make sure you use the Hidden Blades when dealing with your specific targets. Counter kills will suffice, but execution streak kills with the Hidden Blades might not count. If any of the battles get dicey, call in your recruits, but try to do so only after you've eliminated your target in each area. Don't want them taking the kill away from you. One of the targets is an Agile who can be found climbing around. He might run if you are detected, so just be aware of that. Go and see Pantasilea again. Graduation ---------Coop: Northern part of the Vaticano District Full Synch: Do not lose any health squares You'll be dealing with Papal Guards. For the reasons that these guys are tougher than your typical enemies, and also because it's a pain to reach them, you might want to favor the easiest method in order to get full synch, rather than the challenging or "cool" ones. It's up to you though. To find them, go back east, as if you were leaving the District. Four Papal Guards stand watch there of course and they're not the ones we want. Call in your recruits to not risk losing any health against them. Once that's done, go inside the Castello grounds by making a left through the open gate. Inside the courtyard, climbe the ramparts like you did in Sequence 8. Climb the tower to the left when you get up there, and on the other side, in the following courtyard, you will find your targets. As I said before, you might want to make life easier and just call in your recruits normally or for an Arrow Storm. If you'd rather face them, just be wary of their pistols which alone can take out a decent chunk of your health. Cardinal Sin -----------Coop: Southwest part of the Vaticano District Full Synch: Kill only the Cardinal Go to the search area and find the Cardinal standing right at the base of a building. Try to stay on the rooftops and follow him for a little bit. You have to kill him and stay undetected while doing so. The rooftops and your Crossbow will make this an easy task. Hardly a minute after you locate him, he should duck into some alleys. If you stay on the rooftops, you can get a perfect chance to shoot him while no other guards are around to see. Fire at him with the Crossbow, or at another decent opportunity to finish this one off. Turning The Tables -----------------Coop: Sitting under an aqueduct southeast of Bartolomeo's place

Full Synch: Kill at least 1 Brute, 1 Seeker, and 1 Papal Guard with his own weapon You can find your targets in the former camp of the Baron, off to the far east. There are six in total: two Seekers, two Brutes and two Papal Guards. You must kill at least one of each with a Disarm. When you enter, the Seekers are first. Easy. Just wait with your fists selected and look for one of them to lunge at you and disarm him. Follow it up with a kill, then chain into the other to finish him. The Brutes will be just around the corner. You have two chances here for a Disarm as well. To Disarm a Brute, taunt him first with Triangle. Then Disarm as you normally would. Kill them both and move on. Finally, the Papal Guards. These guys are trickier. First, kill at least one of them, either by throwing a Heavy Weapon from the previous enemies, or with a Hidden Blade counter. Once you are down to one Papal Guard, you've got to learn how to disarm him. The best way to Disarm a Papal Guard is by performing it on the second hit of their sword combo attack. So basically, let the first strike hit you, then Disarm him on the second. This works every time. Yeah, you gotta let the first one hit you, but you'll be able to do it after that. Brutes and Brutality -------------------Coop: On top of Ezio's hideout Full Synch: Kill all targets in under 15 seconds First off, the timer for this doesn't actually start until you start killing them. So don't worry about that very strict 15 second time limit. Make your way to the bridge. That's where you'll find these Brutes. Your best bet for a "traditional" and still challenging method is to kick one, then attack repeatedly for a kill, and just get a long Execution Streak going and you can do it in the time limit. That can be really tough though. The best way is really the simplest and most boring way. Call in an Arrow Storm and they'll all be killed instantly and easily.

- Templar Agents Campagna South Firing Line Full Synch: Kill the target using the Hidden ----------Blade within 45 seconds Run through the door and climb the next wall. Sprint forward, going past the soldiers. Bowl them over if necessary or just go around them. Run through the next gate. The gate after that closes. There is a swing pole on the right though. Jump to it and you'll reach the top of the building that the target runs to. He will likely run by you at that moment.

Climb over the side and before time runs out, try to get him with the Hidden Blade. He often gets confused and runs around the area a bit, letting you get an easy kill if you catch him. If he stands his ground, you'll probably have to hit him repeatedly with the Hidden Blades first. --Antico North The Ringer Full Synch: Kill only Donato Mancini ---------You can find the target to the south. Ride around the hill to find him in a small clearing. He and his guards will attack on sight. Mancini will not run away. Instead, he'll stay and fight from his horse. He has a Brute and a Seeker with him. You can't kill them to get the full synch. The best way to go is to get on a horse and ride up to him. Get your horse close to his and do a horse-to-horse assassination by hitting Square. That makes this and the bonus objective very easy. Alternatively however, you can deploy a smoke bomb, pull him off his horse, then fight or kill him normally. Then, flee the area. Do NOT kill the guards. It's annoying because some of them have horses. Pulling them off the horses might work, but that's probably a bit annoying with all the other guards around. The best way might be to head for water and cross it so they can't follow. --Centro Southwest Down to Earth Full Synch: Kill your target with the ------------Hidden Blade Head northwest to the search area. Turn on Eagle Vision to find Lanz. When you find him, he curses and runs off. Turn Eagle Vision off to see him on the mini-map. Chase him across the rooftops until you catch him. There's not much to advise on here, since it's not a very precise or specific mission. Just chase after him but take caution in your jumps as always. It's best to wait for a large and preferably flatter surface to finally perform the kill on. --Antico center (just south of Coloseum) Excommunication Full Synch: Kill Brother Ristoro by Air --------------Assassination Ride to the southeast. In a small town you'll find the green search circle and inside that, a restricted area. As you might expect, your target is inside there. Take to the roofs and climb onto the roof of this church. There are only two archers so take them out with the Crossbow. There is a courtyard that is encircled by the roof. Look down below and you'll see it and if you turn on Eagle Vision, you'll see your target. He likes to walk under the small roof, out of sight, but every so often he pops out into the open. To get the bonus objective, stay on the roof and wait for him to pop out

again to do an Air Assassination. To make sure the prompt for it appears, try to stay directly above him so that when he pops out, you have a straight line to him. The assassination prompt should appear. --Antico center Red-Handed Full Synch: Kill your Target with the Hidden Blade ---------Head to the location marked on your map. You must search for the target. It's best to get to high ground before turning Eagle Vision on. Climb on top of the ruins and then patrol the area. You'll eventually locate the target. She will climb up to where you are but not attack. Instead, she'll just run. It's easy to just stab her with the Hidden Blade right there and end it. If she runs, she won't go very far, so just be casual and follow her. She tends to hesitate a little during her climbing and running around. --Campagna East Counter-Propaganda Full Synch: Kill your Target with the Hidden Blade -----------------You must first go to all of the blue markers and find the posters and tear them down. These work like the posters for notoriety, so stand near them and hit Circle. I won't even get into how easy this is... The one to the north is guarded by two guards, one being a Brute, so kill them real fast, then tear down the poster. Once you've torn down all five, your target shows up with two other guards. Now, to include guards, for the get credit for the Hidden Blade kill, do NOT do an Execution Streak and the target in it. It did not work for me. Instead, kill the two normal then do a Hidden Blade counter on our target. That will give you credit bonus objective.

- Cristina Missions Cristina Missions are denoted by the heart icon on your map. There are five in total. Each one is accessible depending on how much overall Synch you have. Check your synch in the DNA folder. The final mission requires 70-75% sync. Also, you might want to unequip any Outfits you have before doing these missions. Ezio wears some retro duds (you'll see...) and Outfits will overwrite that. A Second Chance --------------Follow the target. Use crowds to move without being seen, or stop and hide when she turns around. Eventually you get into a fight. You can't counter sadly so just fire punches repeatedly and block.

Last Rites ---------Lead Christina to the marker. Avoid any guards since they will attack if they detect you. Go to the gallows and beat up the guard rather easily. Go with Christina to the area where the bodies are. You need to pick them up one by one and carry them down to the docks and where the marker is. The guards attack on sight if they see you. You can wait for them to move, or you can let them chase you away from the area and then hide in a haystack. This is a good idea because it clears the immediate area of the guards and lets you work in peace. Be careful when you get on the docks. Don't fall into the water when carrying the bodies. Best Man -------Go to where the marker is. The time limit is more than fair, but climb over the buildings if you prefer to save time. When you get there, kill the three guards and protect the man. You can't chain kills here so just kill them normally. That's... it. Persona Non Grata ----------------Go to the search area and activate Eagle Vision. You should see her toward the back. Get behind her and follow her. Hold X as if you were to pickpocket and bump into her to slip her the letter. Now go to the new yellow marker and you'll get a scene. Love Labour's Lost -----------------You have 30 fleeting seconds to get to the marker. Find the nearby ladder and climb over the roof and quickly get yourself there. She will run away, but the pursuers will chase her, leaving you to inevitably chase them. Any time they stop is your chance to kill them. Keep doing so until they are all dead. Ranged weapons such as Throwing Knives might work best. You get a scene once they're done. Now that is sad.

------------------------------------------------------------------------Virtual Training [ex05] ------------------------------------------------------------------------COMING SOON


Trohpies/Achievements [ex06] ------------------------------------------------------------------------This section is dedicated to the Trophies and Achievements in the game. I will list the available Trophies and then provide some tips on how to get some of the perhaps trickier ones. The same applies for 360 users, so no worries. I will not elaborate on obvious and story-related Trophies, because getting those is just as easy as playing the game. ***NOTE!*** Just be warned that the list of Trophies may contain spoilers. So please, read at your own risk! --Bronze -----Trophy: Technical Difficulties Unlocked: Attempt to access DNA Sequence 9 for the first time Trophy: Sanctuary! Sanctuary! Unlocked: Find a secure place to hide and re-enter the Animus Trophy: Requiescat In Pace Unlocked: Complete DNA Sequence 9 Trophy: Perfect Recall Unlocked: Achieve 100% Synchronization in any Sequence other than Sequence 1 Trophy: Dj vu Unlocked: Replay a Memory Trophy: Undertaker 2.0 Unlocked: Discover the Shrine in the Catacombe di Roma Trophy: Golden Boy Unlocked: Discover the Shrine in the Terme di Traiano Trophy: Bang! Unlocked: Destroy the Machine Gun Trophy: Splash! Unlocked: Destroy the Naval Cannon Trophy: Boom! Unlocked: Destroy the Bomber Trophy: Kaboom! Unlocked: Destroy the Tank Trophy: Home Improvement Unlocked: Renovate 5 buildings in the Antico district Trophy: Tower Offense Unlocked: Burn All Borgia Towers Trophy: Show Off

Unlocked: Complete 10 Guild Challenges Trophy: Perfectionist Unlocked: Earn 3 gold medals in the Animus Virtual Training Program Trophy: Brotherhood Unlocked: Recruit 3 Assassins Trophy: Welcome to the Brotherhood Unlocked: Train a recruit up to the Rank of Assassin Trophy: Capture the Flag Unlocked: Remove All Borgia Flags in Rome Trophy: In Memoriam Unlocked: Collect All Feathers Trophy: Dust to Dust Unlocked: Find 1 Artifact in 2012 Trophy: Serial Killer Unlocked: Perform an Execution Streak of 10 kills Trophy: Spring Cleaning Unlocked: Kill a guard with a broom Trophy: Your Wish is Granted Unlocked: Throw money in a well Trophy: Fly Like an Eagle Unlocked: Jump with the parachute off the top of the Castel Sant'Angelo Trophy: The Gloves Come Off Unlocked: Win the highest bet at the Fights Trophy: Mailer Daemon Unlocked: Access your Email in 2012 Trophy: Synchronization Established Unlocked: Complete an entire Session with at least one kill (Multiplayer Only) Trophy: Needle in a Haystack Unlocked: Kill your target while being hidden in a hay bale (Multiplayer Only) Trophy: Strong Closer Unlocked: Take the lead 10 seconds before the end of the session and win the game (Multiplayer Only) Trophy: Fast Learner Unlocked: Kill your target and escape your pursuer in less than 10 seconds (Multiplayer Only) Trophy: Role Model Unlocked: Get all the Co-op bonuses in 1 session (Multiplayer Only) Trophy: Overachiever Unlocked: Score 750 points or more on a single kill (Multiplayer Only) Trophy: Abstergo Employee of the Month Unlocked: Get every single bonus at least once (Multiplayer Only)

Trophy: Ahead of the Curve Unlocked: Perform a double or a triple escape (Multiplayer Only) Silver -----Trophy: Battle Wounds Unlocked: Complete DNA Sequence 1 Trophy: Rome in Ruins Unlocked: Complete DNA Sequence 2 Trophy: Fixer-Upper Unlocked: Complete DNA Sequence 3 Trophy: Principessa in Another Castello Unlocked: Complete DNA Sequence 4 Trophy: Fundraiser Unlocked: Complete DNA Sequence 5 Trophy: Forget Paris Unlocked: Complete DNA Sequence 6 Trophy: Bloody Sunday Unlocked: Complete DNA Sequence 7 Trophy: Vittoria Agli Assassini Unlocked: Complete DNA Sequence 8 Trophy: Gladiator Unlocked: Discover the Shrine in Il Colosseo Trophy: Plumber Unlocked: Discover the Shrine in the Cloaca Maxima Trophy: One-Man Wrecking Crew Unlocked: Discover the Shrine in Palazzo Laterano Trophy: Amen Unlocked: Discover the Shrine in the Basillica di San Pietro Trophy: .. .- -- .- .-.. .. ...- . Unlocked: Solve all of Subject 16's Puzzles Trophy: Job Skills Unlocked: During Open Conflict, kill your target and escape (Multiplayer Only) Trophy: Download Complete Unlocked: Reach Level 50 (Multiplayer Only) Gold ---Trophy: A Knife to the Heart Unlocked: Secure the Apple of Eden

Platinum -------Trophy: Julius Caeser Unlocked: Win Every Trophy Tips ---x-Capture The Flag/In Memoriam-x -------------------------------To make this easier on yourself, buy the maps from the Art Merchants that will show you all the locations per District of Flags and Feathers. Feathers are easy because there's very few of them. To make the Flag maps available at the Art Merchants, renovate more of their shops, find more flags on your own, and progress further in the game. Eventually you should be able to buy all the maps. x-Dust to Dust-x ---------------With the exception of Sequence 8 and beyond, you should be able to freely leave the Animus at any time by hitting Start and selecting the option. As Desmond, you are free to check your e-mail and also explore Monteriggioni. Besides that though, you can find five artifacts from the past. You only need ONE to get the Trophy. The locations are: o Maria's Feather Chest: On the roof of the villa. Climb it and use the lift to get up, then find it on the corner. o Mario's Sword: On the street that has a tree. Found right underneath the tree. o Ezio's Belt: Treat the direction of the villa as "North". This is found in the southwest corner, on a balcony. o Medici Cape: Again, considering the villa as "North," go east and enter the church to find this. o Claudia's Record Book: When you return to the villa, it's on your immediate right as you enter the room. x-Serial Killer-x ----------------You need to get a streak of 10 kills using the Execution Streak skill. It may sound daunting, but it's a little easier once you've practiced. I recommend doing this in Virtual Training, the combat sessions. This lets you retry over and over as much as you want. To get a good streak, use the special kill moves by holding Square when you select your next target (as opposed to just pressing it). This lets you kill two enemies at once. Aside from that, good reflexes help a lot to stop any enemies that might try to counter you. It's not easy, but with practice, it can be done.

To make keeping a streak alive much, much easier, pay attention to the arrow icons above the heads of the guards. When one of them starts flashing red/white it means they are about to attack. These guards will typically attack when you are near the end of a kill animation for the previous one. So prepare to have a counter attack ready. With enough practice, you can recognize when these guys are gonna attack and counter in time. __________________________________________________________________ Credit Thanks to Loafy30 for the tip about watching the icons above their heads ______ ___________________________________________________________ Another alternative spot is during the fight in the mission "Guardian of Forli" at the bridge. After the first small wave, you'll eventually have quite a few guards to contend with and possibly get a streak going. __________________________________________________________________ Credit Thanks to KibaRukia for this tip. ______ ___________________________________________________________

+---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ 06 Miscellaneous ASSASSIN'S CREED: BROTHERHOOD [misl] +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ All the other stuff not related directly to the walkthrough. This includes the Frequently Asked Questions, the legal info, and how to contact me and my rules on that. Frequently Asked Questions [fak4u] -------------------------1) Is this Assassin's Creed 3? A) I hate this question. So much. Sooo much. No, it's not! 2) Are there any bonuses you can get in Brotherhood for having an AC2 save? A) Nope. 3) Can you replay main story missions this time? A) Yes, you finally can in Brotherhood. 4) Is there local/splitscreen multiplayer? A) No. 5) At what point can I start recruiting? A) Well, without giving anything important away, it takes place in Sequence 4. 6) Where can I do shop quests? A) Only at the shops that surround Ezio's Hideout. 7) Will you be adding a section on Chests/Feathers/Flags? A) Feathers, maybe, since there are only a few of them. For chests and flags, no. The reason is because it is so very tedious and it takes up a lot of space that I don't want to add. Also, my directions won't be very good without a picture to help you, understand? Also, you can get maps from Art Shops that will tell you all where all of the locations are. 8) How do I access the area called "Romulus Treasure"?

A) You need to get all 6 Scrolls of Romulus. 9) How can I get more assassin recruits? A) You start off with a limited capacity. Eventually, as you take down more Borgia Towers, you can recruit more. 10) How do I get _______ material? A) There are four main ways to collect materials. Get them from chests in the world and in Lairs of Romulus. Tackle Borgia Couriers and pickpockets. You are sometimes attacked by thieves in the Antico (and maybe Campagna) District. It's random but if you kill them, loot their bodies for materials. Send your recruits on "top" contract missions that have spike symbols on them. The material you get is listed. 11) Why can't I gallop with my horse? A) Because they took it out. There are some sequences every now and then where you are able to gallop, but most of the time on the main map, you can't. 12) I sold a material that I need for a quest. Can I find another? A) It depends. Some are much more rare than others. Shrunken Heads are among the rarest in the game. You need two and there are only two in the game so DON'T SELL THEM!!! Some can be regained on Assassin contracts for your recruits or from thieves/bandits. 13) I got the parachute but now it's disappeared? What the heck? A) This will happen. A lot. However, most of the time, like 80% of the time, you should still have them, even though the icon is gone. Try jumping off a building and the option on the Square/X button should still be there to use it. If not, then you were unlucky and will probably suffer a painful demise. If they really are gone, go back to the Tailor shop and buy them again. 14) How do I unlock more Christina missions? A) Get higher overall synch. They will unlock as you get more overall synch in the game. 15) For the Courtesan challenges, what are "Guard Posts" and how do I kill the guards required for this? A) These are enemies that stand at certain locations guarding them. They are identified by the fact that they just stand there at a doorway, never moving, with their arms crossed most of the time. I recommend replaying the mission "French Kiss" from Sequence 6 and just finding guards like this (north) and killing them over and over, replaying as necessary. 16) For the Thieves challenges, how exactly do I do this thing where I have to jump from a horse to a beam? It's not working! A) It only counts if Ezio grabs the beam and swings into a standing position on it. If he just grabs it and hangs, it doesn't count. You can accomplish this with a longer beam. There is one on the end of a bridge just near Ezio's hideout. Just take your horse back and forth and double tap X each time you reach the beam. 17) Can I get the Sword of Altair again? How? A) Complete all the Assassin Guild Challenges and you can find it in Ezio's hideout, on the weapons rack.

Credits/Special Thanks

----------------------Ubisoft for continuing to make this a favorite series of mine. But please, Ubisoft, don't start milking it... -Swoop300 for providing much of the Materials table with the shop prices Contact Info -----------For questions, please read the FAQ section just above. Also, when searching for something, try using ctrl+f to find it. If you still have a question, please, feel free to e-mail me. *****IMPORTANT!***** If you are submitting information to me, be it a strategy or a tip, feel free to let me know. My only rule for this is that you leave me a screen name or other alias that you would like to be credited as. The reason is I do not like to publish the real names or e-mail addresses of people. You can give me a name or you can tell me that you are declining credit. If you forget, I will try to e-mail you back to remind you. If you never get back to me after that, I will not use your tip or strategy, no matter how good it is. I think this is a fair rule. Now, whether it's a question or a tip, the only other thing I kindly ask of any potential e-mailers is that you give me clear and identifiable subject headers. I write a lot of guides and in order to make the process a bit faster, try to make it clear in the title exactly what game you're e-mailing me about. For example, I have an Assassin's Creed II guide, so just writing "Help with Assassin's Creed" will not help me at all. You can make the title whatever you want, but just at least say something like "AC: Brotherhood guide" or even "Brotherhood FAQ". Anything like this or close to this will do fine and I'll really appreciate it. E-mails without subjects will be deleted. E-mail: veritas7ax[AT]gmail[DOT]com

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