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GTA 3 Walkthrough

/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\ 0=====================================0 | III. The Main Story Missions (TMSM) | 0=====================================0 \XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/ (LGTR) 1. Luigi Goterelli L2. "Don't Spank Ma Bitch Up" (Luigi Goterelli) L3. "Drive Misty For Me" (Luigi Goterelli) L4. "Pump-Action Pimp" (Luigi Goterelli) L5. "The Fuzz Ball" (Luigi Goterelli) (MTCK) 2. Marty Chonks (Bitch'N' Dog Food Factory) A. "The Crook" (Marty Chonks) B. "The Thieves" (Marty Chonks) C. "The Wife" (Marty Chonks) D. "Her Lover" (Marty Chonks) (JYLE) 3. Joey Leone J1. "Mike Lips Last Lunch" (Joey Leone) J2. "Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong" (Joey Leone) J3. "Van Heist" (Joey Leone) J4. "Cipriani's Chauffeur" (Joey Leone) J5. "Dead Skunk In The Trunk" (Joey Leone) J6. "The Getaway" (Joey Leone) (TNCP) 4. Toni Cipriani T1. "Taking Out The Laundry" (Toni Cipriani) (ELBR) 5. El Burro E1. "Turismo" (El Burro) E2. "I Scream, You Scream" (El Burro) E3. "Trial By Fire" (El Burro) E4. "Big 'N' Veiny" (El Burro) T2. "The Pick-Up" (Toni Cipriani) T3. "Salvatore's Called A Meeting" (Toni Cipriani) (SVLE) 6. Salvatore Leone S1. "Chaperone" (Salvatore Leone) T4. "Triads And Tribulations" (Toni Cipriani) T5. "Blow Fish" (Toni Cipriani) S2. "Cutting The Grass" (Salvatore Leone) S3 and S4. "Bomb Da Base (Acts I and II)" (Salvatore Leone) S5. "Last Requests" (Salvatore Leone) /XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\ 0============================0 | IV. Staunton Island (STLN) | 0============================0 \XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/ (SILM) (WISI) (SIHP) (RPGD) (USJS) (RIPR) (MLYM) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Staunton Island Landmarks Staunton Island Weapons And Items Hidden Packages (Staunton Island) Rampages (Staunton Island) Unique Stunt Jumps (Staunton Island) "A Ride In The Park" "Multistorey Mayhem"



8. Taxi Mission 9. Vigilante and Firetruck Missions (Staunton Island) 10. "Casino Calamity" (Toyz Van) 11. Asuka Kasen A1. "Sayonara Salvatore" (Asuka Kasen) A2. "Under Surveillance" (Asuka Kasen) 12. Kenji Kasen K1. "Kanbu Bust Out" (Kenji Kasen) K2. "Grand Theft Auto" (Kenji Kasen) K3. "Deal Steal" (Kenji Kasen) K4. "Shima" (Kenji Kasen) K5. "Smack Down" (Kenji Kasen) A3. "Paparazzi Purge" (Asuka Kasen) A4. "Payday For Ray" (Asuka Kasen) 13. Ray Machowski R1. "Silence The Sneak" (Ray Machowski) R2. "Arms Shortage" (Ray Machowski) 14. Acquiring the Rhino (The Safe Method) R3. "Evidence Dash" (Ray Machowski) 15. Donald Love D1. "Liberator" (Donald Love) D2. "Waka-Gashira Wipeout!" (Donald Love) D3. "A Drop In The Ocean" (Donald Love)

/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\ 0===================0 | V. Shoreside Vale | 0===================0 \XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/ (SVLM) (VLWI) (SVHP) (RPGV) (USJV) (SIEG) (AQRN) (GRPD) (FTSV) (RPRM) 1. Shoreside Vale Landmarks 2. Shoreside Vale Weapons And Items 3. Hidden Packages (Shoreside Vale) 4. Rampages (Shoreside Vale) 5. Unique Stunt Jumps (Shoreside Vale) 6. Suburban Import Export Garage 7. Acquiring the Rhino (The Not-So-Safe Method) 8. "Gripped!" 9. Vigilante and Firetruck Missions (Shoreside Vale) 10. "Rumpo Rampage" (Toyz Van) R4. "Gone Fishing" (Ray Machowski) R5. "Plaster Blaster" (Ray Machowski) R6. "Marked Man" (Ray Machowski) A5. "Two-Faced Tanner" (Asuka Kasen) D4. "Grand Theft Aero" (Donald Love) D5. "Escort Service" (Donald Love) D6. "Decoy" (Donald Love) D7. "Love's Disappearance" (Donald Love) A6. "Bait" (Asuka Kasen) A7. "Espresso-2-Go!" (Asuka Kasen) A8. "S.A.M." (Asuka Kasen) (DCEI) 11. D-Ice DI1. "Uz-I Money" (D-Ice) DI2. "Toyminator" (D-Ice) DI3. "Rigged To Blow" (D-Ice) DI4. "Bullion Run" (D-Ice) DI5. "Rumble" (D-Ice)

(KCRT) 12. King Courtney KC1. "Bling-Bling Scramble" (King Courtney) KC2. "Uz-I Rider" (King Courtney) KC3. "Gangcar Round-Up" (King Courtney) KC4. "Kingdom Come" (King Courtney) (CTLN) 13. Catalina C1. "The Exchange" (Catalina) /XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\ 0==================================0 | VI. 100% Completion Score (CPSC) | 0==================================0 \XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/

Stunts Insane Stunt Perfect Insane Stunt Double Insane Stunt Perfect Double Insane Stunt Triple Insane Stunt Perfect Triple Insane Stunt Quadruple Insane Stunt Perfect Quadruple Insane Stunt