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ajeeb dehlavi, on June 30, 2010 at 8:16 pm said: As per February 14th 2009 reports that MQM has

expelled Saleem Shahzad and Moham med Anwar due to their secrete activities, indicate that something is being hidd en behind the scene. Anwar was charged that he had failed to defend MQM in one of recent Dr Shahdid M asood, Maray Mutabiq program. Though officially denied but inside sources confir med that there s another power game going on in MQM. Mutahidda Qoumi Movement (MQM) is always in power games soon after winning its f irst election in 1988. After 1992 army operation then it has seen much turbulenc e, when a major faction of its leaders decided to disregard Altaf Hussain s dictat orial policies those lead the whole Muhajir Community in chaos. During that the city of Karachi had witness moments when Muhajir community garlanded the photogr aphs of Altaf Hussain with shoes, everyone was spitting on it and so on. Takbeer , an Urdu weekly magazine, was publishing the stories of innocent Muhajir girls, victimised emotionally & physically by Muhajir Qoumi movement hard core activis ts. Altaf Hussain, with the help of the then Chief Minister of Sind, Jam Sadiq Ali, who had arranged him to fly to Saudi Arabia and then to United Kingdom, had left Karachi, probably for ever. While going abroad, when Altaf Hussain was asked by a journalist as when he will return back, the close by standing US consular gener al had said categorically that, he will return as the Viceroy of Karachi, indicate d hidden foreign agenda and their vested motives. Power game is always there in MQM, when its late chairman, Azeem Tariq protested against Altaf Husain s policies and decided to lead MQM without him. He was myste riously killed in his own house on May 1, 1993 Azeem Ahmed Tariq was assassinated , just a few days after he addressed a press conference where he made statements against Altaf. But it is still a mystery who was actually behind his killing. T he three suspects, who were arrested for the murder, were also killed after they were released on bail writes Mazher Abbas. Though the killer was produced on to Pakistan Television (PTV) by Interior Minister of Benazir Govt, Naseerullah Babe r, later he had made free on bail with the help of Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqi s, th e member of National Assembly & APMSO chairman, govt record confirms. Then, Altaf Hussain brought forward, an elderly Senator Ishtiq Azher to help reg ain strength which was partially taken over by MQM (Haqiqi) lead by Afaq Ahmed a nd Aamir Khan under the patronage of intelligence agencies. Ishtiq Azher had don e a great job and sidelined Haqiqi group, regaining Altaf Hussein s lost power in Karachi/Hyderabad. He was removed from the convener ship of MQM Coordination Com mittee probably due to a fear that he might take up Altaf Hussain s position, late r he was implicated in a fake case of US visas selling. Later, Ajmal Dehlvi, clad in while Kurta-Payjama with red mouth due to Pan, an e ditor of daily Aman, who used to write slain Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi as Shaheed, took the charge of Rabita Committee and tried to defuse killing betwee n MQM rival groups and govt agencies. He was successful in opening a dialog with then Govt and militarily authorities. Suddenly he was side lined for unknown re asons. Sheikh Liaquat Hussain, father of famous MQM (A) activist, Aamir Liquat Hussain, took the charge and brought back MQM to its level, where Altaf Hussain became i ndispensable and mandatory for its existence. He was moved back again though his son had made his way in MQM by achieving National Assembly seat and minister sh ip. After that Dr Farooq Sattar, a soft spoken spokesperson of MQM took the char ge and tried to gain Altaf Hussain s confidence. Current turmoil in MQM is last few days, erupted in the form of expulsion of har dcore activist from Karachi & NED universities including UK based Dr Imran Faroo q, once welcomed by Altaf Hussain with open hands, and Saleem Shahzad, a man who was behind most brutal killings in Karachi and Hyderabad, reconfirm that MQM(A) is about to be split. Imran Farooq since his arrival in UK wanted to run the pa rty as per his wishes, likely in conjunction with intelligence agencies who had orchestrated his departure from Lahore airport years before. Ultimately, he want ed to gain the highest position in party as Altaf Hussain had never sacrificed t he way his workers had. Who can tolerate this? says the political secretary of Alt

af Hussain in his private meetings. It s strange that anyone who disagrees with MQM founder, mysteriously killed or im plicated in irregularities. Either it is Khalid Bin Walids , former special envoy of Water Board Karachi, killing over skin-money dispute or it is Syed Safwan Ull ah, former housing minister, who had made gross financial fraud in housing secto r especially in Karachi , not willing to speak about these cases or against MQM s top command.