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(English Translation by G.U. Pope) Thiruchitrambalam Thollai irum piravich sool(zh)um thalai neekki Allal arutthu aanantham aakiyatheh ellai Maruvaa neriyallikum vaathavoor enggohn Thiruvaasagam ennum thehn.
SALUTATIONS Namachivaaya vaal(zh)ga naathan thaal vaal(zh)ga Hail, the five letters! Hail, foot of the Lord ! Imaip pol(zh)uthum en nenjil, neenggaathaan thaal vaal(zh)ga Hail, foot of Him Who not for an instant quits my heart ! Kohkali aanda, kurumanithan thaal vaal(zh)ga Hail, foot of the Guru-pearl that rules in GOgari ! Aagamam aagi nindru, annippaan thaal vaal(zh)ga Hail, foot of Him Who becomes, abides, draws near as the Agamam ! Ehgan anehgan, iraivan adi vaal(zh)ga Hail, foot of Him, the One, the Not-One, and the King ! (5) Vehgang keduth thaanda, vehnthan adi velga Victory to the foot of the King, who soothed my soul's unrest and made me His ! Pirapparukum pinjaganthan, pei kal(zh)alkal velga Victory to the jewelled foot of Pinnagan, who severs continuity of birth ! Puratthaarkkuch sehyohnthan, poongkal(zh)alkal velga Victory to the flower-foot of Him Who is far from those without ! Karangguvivaar ul magilung, kohn kal(zh)alkal velga Victory to the anklets of the King, rejoicing 'mid those that fold adoring hands ! Sirangguvivar ohngkuvikkum, seerohn kal(zh)al velga Victory to the anklets of the glorious One, who uplifts those that bow the head ! (10) Eesan adi pohtri! Enthai adi pohtri! Praise to the foot of ICan ! Praise to my Father's foot ! Thehsan adi pohtri! Sivan sehvadi pohtri! Praise to the foot of the Teacher ! Praise to Civan's roseate foot ! Nehyattheh nindra Nimalan adi pohtri Praise to the foot of the Stainless, who in love stood near ! Maaya pirapparukkum, Mannan adi pohtri Praise to the foot of the King, who cuts off delusive birth ! Seeraar Perunthurai nam Thehvan adi pohtri Praise to the foot of glorious Perun-turrai's God ! (15) Aaraatha inbam, arulum malai pohtri Praise to the Mount, in grace affording pleasures that cloy not !

INTRODUCTION Sivan, Avan, en sinthaiyul, nindra athanaal Because He, Civan, within my thought abides, Avan arulaleh, avan thaal vananggi By His grace alone, bowing before His feet, Sinthai mahil(zh)ach, sivapuraanan thannai With joyous thought, Civan's 'Ways of Old' I'll tell, Munthai vinai mul(zh)uthum ohya uraippan yaan That thus my former 'deeds' may wholly pass. (20) Kannuthalaan than karunaik kan kaatta vantheithi I came, attained the grace the 'Brow-eyed' showed, Ennuthartku ettaa el(zh)ilaar kal(zh)al irainchi Adored the beauteous foot by thought unreached. Vinnirainthu mannirainthu mikkaai vilang olliyai O Thou, Who fill'st the heaven, Who fill'st the earth, art manifested light, Ennirainthu ellai illaathaaneh nin perunchi Transcending thought, Thou boundless One ! Thy glory great Polllaa vinaiyehn puhal(zh)u maaru onraariyen I, man of evil 'deeds' know not the way to praise ! (25) HIS (the author's) VARIOUS EMBODIMENTS Pull aakip, poodaaip, pul(zh)uvai, maram aakip Grass was I, shrub was I, worm, tree, Pallviruham aakip, paravaiyaaip, paambakik, Full many a kind of beast, bird, snake, Kallaai, manitharaaip, pehyaaik, kananggalaai. Stone, man, and demon. 'Midst Thy hosts I served. Val asurar aaki, munivaraai, thevaraaich. The form of mighty Asuras, ascetics, gods I bore. Sellaa a nindra ith thaavara sanggamatthul Within these immobile and mobile forms of life, (30) Ellaa pirappum, piranth illaithen emperumaan In every species born, weary I've grown, great Lord !

HE FOUND THE MASTER Meiyeh un ponn adigal kandu indru veedutrehn Truly, seeing Thy golden feet this day, I've gained release. Uiya! En ullatthull ohngkaaramaai nindra O Truth! as the OngAram dwelling in my soul, Meiyaa! vimalaa! vidai paagaa vehthangal That I may 'scape. O spotless one ! O Master of the bull ! Aiyaa ena ohngki aal(zh)nth agandra nunniyaneh Lord of the VEdas! Rising, sinking, spreading, subtile One ! (35) Veiyaai! Thaniyaai! iyamaana naam vimalaa Thou art the heat ! and Thou the cold ! the Master Thou, O spotless One ! Poiyaayina ellaam pohyagala vantharuli Thou cam'st in grace, that all things false might flee, Meinyaanam aagi milirkindra meichudareh True Wisdom, gleaming bright in splendour true, Enyaanam illaathehn, inbap Perumaaneh To me, void of all wisdom, blissful Lord ! Anyaanam thannai agalvikkum nall ariveh O Wisdom fair, causing unwisdom' self to flee far off ! (40) CIVAN'S FIVE OPERATIONS Aakkam alaviruthi illaai anaitthulagum Thou know'st no increase, measure, end ! All worlds Aakuvaai, Kaapaai, Al(zh)ippai, Arul tharuvaai Thou dost create, protect, destroy, enrich with grace, Pohkkuvai ennaip puguvippaai nin thol(zh)umpin Release. Thou causest me to enter 'mid Thy servant band. Naatratthin nehriyaai sehyaai naniyaaneh More subtile Thou than fragrance. Thou'art afar, art near. Maatram mananggal(zh)iya nindra maraiyohneh Thou art the Mystic word, transcending word and thought. (45) Karantha paal kannalodu nei kalanthaart pohlach As when are mingled milk, sweet juice of cane and butter, Siranthadiyaar sinthanaiyul thehn oori nindru Thou dost distil, like honey, in the thought of glorious devotees, Pirantha pirapparukum engkal perumaan And cuttest off the continuity of births - our mighty One ! Nirangkalohr ainthudaiyaai vinnohrgal ehttha Thou hast the colours five ! While heavenly ones extolled Marainthirunthaai emperumaan valvinaiyehn thannai Thou didst lie hid, our mighty Lord ! In the strong grasp of deeds, (50)

HUMAN EMBODIMENT AND ENLIGHTENMENT BY GRACE Marainthida moodiya maaya irulai I lay, hidden amid illusion's shrouding gloom. Aram paavam ennum arungkayitraal katti Thou binding with rare cords of virtue and of sin, Puranthohl pohrtthenggum pul(zh)u al(zh)uku moodi Didst clothe with outer skin, enveloping with worms and filth, Malanjohrum onpathu vaayil kudilai Within my nine-gated dwelling foul bewildered, Malanggap pulan ainthum vanjanaiyaich seiya By the five senses sore deceived, - (55) Vilanggu manatthaal vimalaa unnakkuk That I, with mind erewhile embruted, - pure one ! - should Kalantha anbaagik kasinthu ul uruhum Become commingling love, in soul-subduing rapture melt ! Nalanthaan illatha siriyehrtku nalgi To me, mean as I was, with no good thing, Thou didst grant grace, Nilanthan mehl vantharuli neel kal(zh)algal kaatti Thou cam'st in grace on this same earth, didst show Thy mighty feet Nayirt kadaiyaaik kidantha adiyehrtku To me who lay mere slave, - meaner than any dog, - (60) Thaayit sirantha thayaavaana thatthuvaneh Essential grace more precious than a mother's love ! EPITHETS OF PRAISE Masatra sohthi malarntha malar chudarey Spotless splendour ! Brightness of full-blown flower ! Thesaneh thehnaar amutheh Sivapuraneh O Teacher ! Honied ambrosia ! Lord of Civa-town ! Paasamaam patrarutthup paarikkum aariyaneh O venerated One, Guardian, Looser of PAcam's tie, Nehsa arul purinthu nenchil vanjang kedap Working in grace of love, that in my mind delultion may die out ! (65) Pehraathu nindra perungkarunaip pehraareh Great river of exceeding tenderness, with ceaseless flow ! Aaraa amutheh alavilaap pemmaaneh Ambrosia that satiates not ! Infinite, almighty Lord ! Ohraathaar ullathu olikkum oliyaaneh Light unseen that lurks within the souls that sought Thee not ! Neerai urukkiyen aaruyirai nindraaneh Thou Who abidest in my soul, till melting waters flow ! Inbamum thunbamum illaaneh ullaaneh Thou Who art without pleasure or pain, Who yet hast both ! (70)

Anbarakku anbaneh aavaiyumaai allaiyumam Loving to loving ones ! Effulgent One, Who all things art, Sothiyaneh thun iruleh thohndraap perumaiyaneh And their negation too ! Great Master, whom no darkness gathers round ! Aathiyaneh antham naduvaagi allaaneh First One, Thou'rt End and Midst, and art devoid of these ! Eerthennai aatkonda enthai perumaaneh Father, Lord, Who drew'st, and mad'st me Thine ! Koorttha meinynaanathaart kondunarvaar thangkarutthin Eye of the minds that see by keenest glance of wisdom true, (75) Nohkkariya nohkkeh nunukkariya nunn unarveh Hard to be eyed ! Subtle understanding, none can scrutinize ! Pohkkum varavum punarvum ilaa punniyaneh Holy ! Who comest not, nor goest, nor mingling liv'st ! Kaakkum em kaavalaneh kaanpariya pehroliyeh Guardian who guardest us ! Great Light whom none can see ! Aatrinpa vellameh Atthaa mikkaai nindra Flood of delight ! Father ! Light of all passing splendours Thohtrach sudar oliyaaich sollaatha nun unarvaai That appear ! Unutterably subtle Intellect ! (80) Matramaam vaiyagatthin vevvehreh vantharivaam Of all that in this world diverse pronounced as truth Thehtraneh thehtrath theliveh en sinthanaiyul Is known, Thou art the knowledge sure ! Full certitude ! Ootraana unnaar amutheh udaiyaaneh Precious ambrosia, fountain welling up within ! My Owner Thou ! PASSIONATE INVOCATION Vehtru vigaara vidakkudambin utkidappa I can't endure, our Guru, in this changing straitened frame to 'bide. Aatrehn em aiyaa araneh oh endrendu Aran! All Thy saints made true invoke Thee, (85) Pohtrip pugal(zh)nthirunthu poi kettu meiyaanaar Worshipping abide, and praising Thee, from falsehood freed, Meetinggu vanthu vinai piravi saraameh Hither return no more ! That deeds and birth cling not, Kallap pulakkurampai kattal(zh)ika vallaaneh To sever bonds of this deceitful sensuous frame the might is Thine ! Nallirullil nattam payindraadum naathaneh Lord who dost dance, trampling dense darkness down ! Thillaiyul kootthaneh thenpaandi naattaaneh Dancer in Thillai ! Dweller in the Southern PAndi land ! (90)

Allart piravi arupaaneh ohvendru Thou Who dost cut off evil birth ! - Adoring ever, Thee they name, Sollartku ariyaanaich sollith thiruvadik keel(zh) Whom words declare not; then 'NEATH THY SACRED FEET Solliya paattin porul unarnthu solluvaar THEY LEARN THE MEANING OF THEIR SONG. The blessed ones Selvar sivapuratthin ullaar sivan adikeel In Civan's town who dwell, - full many a one, - beneath Pallohrum ehtthap paninthu. The feet of Civan, lowly bending utter praise. (95) Siva Thiru Chitrambalam Siva ThiruChitrambalam Siva Thiru Chitrambalam