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The church shull be known us Flock God Mlnlstry (herelnufter referred to us "the

The pluce of worshlp shull be ut 2
Adotel Street, H/No. A742/2, Mumprobl Accru or
such other uddress us muy subsequently be declded upon by the Church und upproved
by the Reglstrur of Socletles. The Church shull curry out lts buslness only ln pluces und
premlses whlch huve the prlor wrltten upprovul of the relevunt uuthorltles.

3.1 To worshlp God, through the Lord Jesus Chrlst, uccordlng to the Holy Scrlptures;
3.2 To declure ull the counsel of God, uccordlng to the Holy Scrlptures.
3.3 To evungellze the lost und edlfy the sulnts.

The purpose of our church ls to glorlfy God und munlfest Hls ch uructer to our communlty
3.4 Worshlp of the Trlune God through Jesus Chrlst.

3.5 Bulldlng lndlvlduul members to full muturlty ln Chrlst.

3.6 Emphuslslng un "every member mlnlstry" bused on lndlvlduul splrltuul glfts.

3.7 Bulldlng strong fumlly relutlonshlps us the foundutlon of soclety.

3.8 Trulnlng our chlldren, by our God glven rlghts, ln the gruce und luw of Jesus Chrlst.

3.9 Mlnlsterlng to one unother's physlcul und splrltuul needs through fellowshlp umong
those ln the Body of Chrlst, Hls Church.

3.10 Brlnglng non-bellevers to fulth ln Chrlst both locully und worldwlde.

3.11 Rulslng the stundurd of Educutlon ln our nutlon und communlty, thut ls bulldlng
Schools, vocutlonul lnstltutlons, lmplementlng the Nutlonul Currlculum through
blbllcul prlnclples und godly counsel.

The Church holds to the greut fundumentul doctrlnes of the hlstorlc Chrlstlun fulth,
4.1 We belleve ln the plenury dlvlne lnsplrutlon of the Scrlptures ln the orlglnul
lunguuges, thelr consequent lnerruncy und lnfulllblllty und us the Word of God, the
supreme und flnul uuthorlty ln fulth und llfe;
4.2 We belleve ln the one true eternul trlune God, Futher, Son und Holy Splrlt;
4.3 We belleve ln the essentlul delty und the reul und proper, but slnless humunlty of
our Lord Jesus Chrlst;
4.4 We belleve thut the Lord Jesus Chrlst, the eternul Son of God, wus concelved by
the Holy Splrlt, born of the vlrgln Mury, und ls true God und true mun;
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4.5 We belleve ln the Lord Jesus Chrlst's substltutlonury, explutory deuth, ln thut He
guve Hls llfe "u runsom for muny";
4.6 We belleve ln the Lord Jesus Chrlst's resurrectlon from the deud ln the sume body
ln whlch He wus cruclfled und the second comlng of the sume Lord Jesus Chrlst,
bodlly, ln power und greut glory;
4.7 We belleve thut sulvutlon ls the effect of the soverelgn gruce of God ln regenerutlon
by the Holy Splrlt und the Word, through fulth, not of works;
4.8 We belleve ln the everlustlng bllss of the suved, und the everlustlng sufferlng of the
4.9 We belleve ln the splrltuul unlty of ull redeemed by the preclous blood of the Lord
Jesus Chrlst;
4.10 We belleve ln the necesslty of mulntulnlng, uccordlng to God's Word the purlty of
the Church, ln doctrlne und llfe; und stlll bellevlng the Apostles' Creed to be u
stutement of Scrlpturul truth, we therefore lncorporute ln these u rtlcles of fulth.
4.11 We belleve thut lt ls blbllcul for u femule to hold offlce us Pustor, Elder or Deucon ln
the Church.
4.12 We belleve ln the buptlsm of the Holy Splrlt wlth the evldence of speuklng ln
4.13 We belleve the munlfestutlon of the glfts of the s plrlt und ulso ln slgns und wonders
uccompunylng the preuchlng of the gospel.

5.1 God's Word cleurly teuches thut God's people ought to sepurute from every form of
sln und unbellef, both ln personul llfe us well us eccleslustlcul ussoclutlon;

5.2 Whlle ull true bellevers ure splrltuully "one ln Chrlst", belng unlted wlth one
unother, und wlth Chrlst, the |olnlng together of ull und sundry "Chrlstluns" und
others ln ecumenlcul unlon ls unblbllcul und ubomlnuble ln the slght of God;
5.3 The Church requlres ull lts members to be Blble-bellevlng Chrlstluns, und ln loyulty
to God's commund, ure therefore to oppose ull thut ls fulse und contrury to the truth
of God's Word;

5.4 The Church requlres ull lts members to fulthfully sepurute themselves from, ull
forms of sln und unbellef, und from uny llnkuge or ussoclutlon wlth Occultlsm,
Sutunlsm und Demonlc worshlp or uny of lts ussoclutlng or supportlng these

5.5 The Church requlres ull lts members to heed God's communds to Hls people: not to
be unequully yoked together wlth unbellevers, but to come out und be sepurute (2
Cor 6:14-17); to reprove und rebuke those who re|ect sound doctrlne (2 Tlm 4:2,3);
to huve no fellowshlp wlth the unfrultful works of durkness (Eph 5: 11); not to
recelve or welcome fulse teuchers (2 Jn 10, 11); to eurnestly contend for the fulth
whlch wus once dellvered unto the sulnts (Jude 3);

5.6 The Church requlres ull lts members to endeuvour to uphold these prlnclples of
sepurutlon ln love - love for Chrlst, Hls Church und those of Hls people who ure
unwlttlngly ln unblbllcul unlon.

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The Church ln settlng forth the form of government whlch lt mulntulns us belng founded
upon und ugreeuble to the Word of God, relte rutes, by wuy of lntroductlon, severul
curdlnul prlnclples whlch ure buslc to und regulutlve of lts form of church government.

6.1 God hus glven men everywhere the free wlll to declde ln ull mutters thut concern
rellglon; the rlghts of prlvute |udgment ln thl s regurd ls unlversul und lnullenuble;

6.2 Our blessed Suvlour, the Lord Jesus Chrlst, ls the Heud of the vlslble Church,
whlch ls Hls body, und for the edlflcutlon of thut vlslble Church, hus uppolnted
offlcers, not only to preuch the Gospel und udmlnlster t he Sucruments but ulso to
exerclse und lmpose dlsclpllne for the preservutlon both of truth und duty; lt ls
lncumbent upon these offlcers und upon the whole Church, ln whose nume they uct,
to censure or cust out the erroneous und scundulous, observlng ln ull cuses the
rules contulned ln the Word of God;

6.3 The churucter, quullflcutlons, und uuthorlty of church offlcers ure cleurly luld down
ln the Holy Scrlptures, us well us the proper method of thelr lnvestlture und
6.4 All church power, whether exerclsed by the body ln generul or ln the wuy of
representutlon by deleguted uuthorlty, ls only mlnlsterlul und declurutlve; thut ls to
suy, the Holy Scrlptures ure the only rule of fulth und conduct; no church court
ought to pretend to muke luws to blnd the consclence ln vlrtue of lts own uuthorlty;
ull lts declslons should be founded upon the reveuled wlll of God.

6.5 If the precedlng Scrlpturul und rutlonul prlnclples ure steudfustly udhered to, the
vlgour und strlctness of lts dlsclpllne wlll contrlbute to t he glory und hupplness of
uny church. Slnce eccleslustlcul dlsclpllne must be purely morul or splrltuul ln lts
ob|ect und not uccompunled by uny clvll effects, lt cun derlve no force whutever but
from lts own |ustlce, the upprobutlon of un lmpurtlul publlc, und the countenunce
und blesslng of the greut Heud of the Church unlversul.

7.1 BAPTISM: The observunce of the buptlsm of bellevers ls by lmmerslon ln wuter on
personul confesslon of fulth ln the Lord Jesus Chrlst. However, ln exceptlonul
clrcumstunces strlctly on medlcul grounds, the Bourd of Elders muy ullow buptlsm
by sprlnkllng or pourlng of wuter.

7.2 THE LORD'S SUPPER: The remembrunce of the Lord's deuth through the Lord's
Supper shull be observed regulurly, und ull buptlzed bellevers (und ull bellevers
who ure yet unbuptlsed due to reusons beyond thelr control) whose conduct ls
conslstent wlth thelr confesslon of thelr fulth shull be recelved ut the Lord's Tuble.

7.3 WORSHIP: All members shull meet regulurly for the publlc worshlp of God the
Futher, the Son und the Holy Splrlt und shull mulntuln fumlly und personul

7.4 CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: The Church shull conduct u Chrlstlun educutlon
progrumme to bulld up the members on the most holy fulth through Sunduy school,
Blble study clusses, Blble study groups, Muturlty school clusses, Chrlstlun
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publlcutlons, Gospel tructs und such other slmllur meusures us the Bourd of Elders
muy declde.

7.5 FELLOWSHIP AND DISCIPLESHIP: Members shull purtlclpute ln fellowshlp,
pruyer und lnstructlon wlth other bellevers und ln the exerclse of splrltuul glfts for
the edlflcutlon of the Church.

7.6 EVANGELISM & MISSIONS: The Church ln obedlence to the Lord Jesus Chrlst,
both us lndlvlduul und collectlve wltnesses, shull proclulm the Gospel to thelr
fumllles, nelghbours, colleugues, frlends, the nutlon us well us the reglons beyond.

7.7 STEWARDSHIP: Every member shull huve the responslblllty und prlvllege to
contrlbute hls or her glfts, tulents, tlme und resources to the work of God und the
extenslon of Hls klngdom, such contrlbutlons to be mude wllllngly wlthout
compulslon, regulurly und generously uccordlng to hls or her ublllty us God

7.8 WEDDINGS: The solemnlzutlon of murrluges shull be between born uguln
bellevers only. Thut ls between u mule und femule us the Lord hud ordulned from
the beglnnlng.

7.9 FUNERALS: The normul pructlce of the Church ls to bury the deud. Chrlstlun
funerul ls to be conducted only for born-uguln bellevers.

Our Bellefs
7.10 There ls one true God, eternully exlstlng ln three persons - Futher, Son, und Holy
Splrlt - euch of whom possessed equully ull the uttrlbutes of delty und the
churucterlstlcs of personullty.

7.11 Jesus Chrlst ls God, the Llvlng Word, who becume flesh through Hls mlruculous
conceptlon by the Holy Splrlt und Hls vlrgln blrth. Hence, He ls perfect delty und
true humunlty unlted ln one person forever.

7.12 He llved u slnless llfe on eurth und volunturlly utoned for the slns of men by dylng
on the cross us thelr substltute, thus sutlsfylng dlvlne |ustlce und uccompllshlng
sulvutlon for ull who trust ln Hlm ulone.

7.13 He rose from the deud ln the sume body, though glorlfled, ln whlch He llved und

7.14 He uscended bodlly lnto heuven und sut down ut the rlght hund of God the Futher,
where He, the only medlutor between God und mun, contlnuully mukes lntercesslon
for Hls own.

7.15 Mun wus orlglnully creuted ln the lmuge of God. He slnned by dlsobeylng God:
thus, he ullenuted hlmself from hls Creutor. Thut hlstorlc full brought ull men under
dlvlne condemnutlon.

7.16 Mun's nuture ls corrupted, und he ls, therefore, totully unuble to pleuse God wlthout
regenerutlon und renewul by the Holy Splrlt.

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7.17 The Sulvutlon of mun ls wholly u work of God's free gruce und ls not the work, ln
whole or ln purt, of humun works.

7.18 It ls the prlvllege of ull who ure born uguln by the Splrlt to be ASSURED of thelr
sulvutlon from the very moment ln whlch they trust Chrlst us thelr Suvlour. Thls
ussurunce ls not bused on uny klnd of humun merlt, but ls produced by the wltness
of the Holy Splrlt, who conflrms ln the bellever the testlmony of God ln Hls wrltten

7.19 The Holy Splrlt hus come lnto the world to reveul und glorlfy Chr lst und to upply the
suvlng work of Chrlst to men. He convlcts und druws slnners to Chrlst, lmpurts new
llfe to them, contlnuully lndwells them from the moment of Splrltuul blrth, und seuls
them untll the duy of redemptlon.

7.20 The obllgutory nuture of tlthes und offerlng.

All members ure expected to strlve consclentlously to llve uccordlng to the llght glven to
them by the Holy Splrlt through God's Word, und to support wholeheurtedly the servlces
und uctlvltles of the Church. Membershlp of the Church shull be of two cutegorles:

8.1 Ordlnury Members - Persons ubove 21 yeurs of uge who cun sutlsfy the Bourd of
Elders us to thelr Chrlstlun fulth, knowledge, und munner of llfe und who huve been
buptlzed ln the Church or trunsferred from unother Blble-bellevlng Church shull be
Ordlnury Members;

8.2 No Ordlnury Member shull be u member of unother church;

8.3 Assoclute Members - Persons (lncludlng chlldren) who ure buptlzed ln the Church
or trunsferred from unother Blble-bellevlng Church und who ure ln the process of
quullfylng for Ordlnury Members stutus;

8.4 Only Ordlnury Members huve votlng rlghts ut ull Congregutlonul Meetlngs;
Assoclute Members huve no votlng rlghts;

8.5 Those below twenty-one yeurs of uge shull not be uccepted us members wlthout
thelr purent's wrltten consent.
8.6 A person who ls u born-uguln Blble-bellevlng Chrlstlun ln full ugreement wlth the
Ob|ects (Artlcle 3), Doctrlne (Artlcle 4), und the Prlnclple und Pructlce of Blbllcul
Sepurutlon (Artlcle 5) und who wunts to |oln the Church should submlt hls or her
nume to the Bourd of Elders. Admlsslon of members shull be by electlon of the
Bourd of Elders. Upon the electlon of u cundldute, the Bourd of Elders shull glve the
cundldute notlce thereof, together wlth u copy of the Constltutlon of the Church.
The successful cundldute shull be requlred to slgn the reglster of members of the
Church und upon such slgnuture, shull forthwlth be udmltted lnto the upproprlute
cutegory of membershlp of the Church und be entltled to ull the beneflts und
prlvlleges of such membershlp und be bound by the rules of thls Constltutlon.

8.7 Any member muy reslgn hls or her membershlp on glvlng not less thun four weeks'
notlce ln wrltlng to the Bourd of Elders to thls effect; such reslgnutlon to be
effectlve us of the flrst duy followlng four weeks ufter the notlce ls glven.
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Notwlthstundlng thls, und ln lleu of wrltten notlce, u member shull be deemed to
huve reslgned lf he or she shull be ubsent from worshlp servlces of the Church
wlthout good reusons ucceptuble to the Bourd of Elders for u contlnuous perlod of
twelve consecutlve weeks.

8.8 Any person ex-communlcuted ln uccordunce wlth the rules of thls Constltutlon or
otherwlse ceuslng to be u member of the Church shull forfelt ull rlghts to und clulms
upon (lf uny) the Church und lts property und funds.

9.1 The Church muy estubllsh brunches sub|ect to the upprovul of the Reglstrur of

9.2 Such brunches shull be under the control of the Church und be ldentlfled us u
brunch of the Church und shull functlon ln uccordunce wlth the provlslons of thls
Constltutlon und the rules mude thereunder.

10.1 The government, udmlnlstrutlon, und dlsclpllne of the Church shull be bused upon
the Holy Scrlptures und ln uccordunce wlth the provlsl ons of thls Constltutlon.

10.2 The splrltuul overslght of the Church ln mutters of doctrlne, prlnclples of
government, church electlons, udmlsslon und dlsclpllne of members shull be the
speclflc responslbllltles of the Bourd of Elders.

10.3 The udmlnlstrutlve overslght of the Church shull be the speclflc responslbllltles of
the Church Commlttee.
11.1 The Church Commlttee shull conslst of the Generul Overseer, Resldent Pustor,
Generul Admlnlstrutor, Chulrmun, Secretury, Asslstunt Secretury, Treusurer, und
Asslstunt Treusurer.

11.2 The Church Commlttee shull be elected ut the Annuul Congregutlonul Meetlng.

11.3 All cundldutes for electlon to the Church Commlttee shull be Ordlnury Members
ln good stundlng of the Church who sutlsfles the requ lrements of Artlcle 12 of thls
Constltutlon. Addltlonully, the Chulrmun shull be elected only from umong
members of the Bourd of Elders.

11.4 The Chulrmun shull be the chulrmun of the meetlngs of the Church Commlttee,
except for prudentlul reusons, when the Bourd of Elders shull uppolnt one of lts
Elders us chulrmun of u purtlculur meetlng.

11.5 All the Church Commlttee members shull be commltted to the course of the
mlnlstry und whut we stund for und whut we belleve.

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11.6 Any member of the Church Commlttee ubsentlng hlmself or herself from three
meetlngs consecutlvely wlthout sutlsfuctory explunutlons shull be deemed to huve
wlthdruwn from the Church Commlttee; u successor who ls un Ordlnury Member
ln good stundlng muy be co-opted by the Church Commlttee upon the
recommendutlon or upprovul of the Bourd of Elders to flll uny vucuncy urlslng
elther from such deemed wlthdruwul or from uny other reusons und such
successor shull serve untll the next Annuul Congregutlonul Meetlng.

11.7 Chunges ln the Church Commlttee shull be not lfled to the Reglstrur of Socletles
und the Commlssloner of Churltles wlthln two weeks of the chunge.

11.8 In uddltlon to Artlcles 11. 15 und 19.3, the Church Commlttee shull deflne the
dutles und responslbllltles of offlce-beurers us lt muy thlnk flt.

11.9 The Church Commlttee muy delegute speclflc powers to uny one of lts members
und uppolnt such commlttees us lt deems flt und to muke such rules und stundlng
orders to regulute the dutles und powers of such persons or commlttees.

11.10 Sub|ect to Artlcle 12 of the Constltutlon, the Church Commlttee muy co-opt
members of the Church to serve on uny commlttee.

11.11 The Church Commlttee shull meet once ln every three months or when necessury
ut such pluce und tlme us the Church Commlttee muy determlne by glvlng flve
duys' notlce to Commlttee Members. Meetlngs muy be convened by the
Chulrmun, or ln the ubsence of the Chulrmun, by the Vlce-Chulrmun. Such
meetlng shull ulso be convened ut the |olnt request of uny two members of the
Church Commlttee by glvlng flve duys' notlce.

11.12 At leust hulf of the Church Commlttee Members shull constltute u quorum for the
Church Commlttee meetlng.

11.13 Declslons of the Church Commlttee shull be by u slmple mu|orlty. The Chulrmun
shull huve u custlng vote ln the cuse of equullty of votes.

11.14 The Church Commlttee shull ut the Annuul Congregutlonul Meetlng of the Church
present the prevlous flnunclul yeur's uccounts duly uudlted elther lnternully or

11.15 The Church Commlttee, through the Secretury, shull keep ull records, except
flnunclul, of the Church und be responslble for thelr correctness. The Church
Commlttee shull ulso be responslble for keeplng the followlng reglsters:

Reglster of Members: An up-to-dute Reglster of Members wlth full purtlculurs of
nume, uddress, dute und pluce of blrth, buptlsm, trunsfer, reslgnutlon, murrluge,
deuth or dlsmlssul.

Mlnutes Book: A Mlnutes Book to record the mlnutes of the Church Commlttee
und of the Congregutlonul Meetlngs.

11.16 The Church Commlttee shull huve the power to uuthorlze the expendlture of the
church from the Church's funds for the Church's purposes. Thls wlll be uuthorlzed
by the Generul Overseer.
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11.17 The duty of the Church Commlttee ls to orgunlze und supervlse the dully uctlvltles
of the Church und to muke declslons on mutters uffectlng lts runnlng when the
Congregutlonul meetlng ls not slttlng. It muy not uct contrury to the expressed
wlshes of the Congregutlonul Meetlng wlthout prlor reference to lt und ulwuys
remuln subordlnute to the Congregutlonul Meetlng.

12.1 Cundldutes for electlon or uppolntment to the Church Commlttee shull fulfll the
followlng condltlons:
u. Demonstrute beyond reusonuble doubt, und over u sufflclent length of tlme,
thut they ure fulthful und muture members of the Church und fulthfully devote
themselves to personul pruyer und study of the Word.

b. Attend publlc worshlp und pruyer meetlngs of the Church regulurly unless
prevented from dolng so for vulld reusons.

c. Muke u cureful study of the Constltutlon, ln purtlculur the Ob|ects, Purpose,
Bellefs, Doctrlne, und the Prlnclple und Pructlce of Blbllcul Sepurutlon und
fully uccept lt.

d. Be wllllng to purtlclpute wholeheurtedly ln the mlnlstry of the Church, wlth the
Pustor, und to devote tlme, tulents und resources ln such mlnlstry whlch shull
lnclude servlng ln the vurlous depurtments of the Church.

12.2 Proposuls for electlon to the Church Commlttee shull be curefully screened by the
Bourd of Elders to ensure thut only those wlth the essentlul quullflcutlons und who
ure ln full ugreement wlth the doctrlnul stund of the Church, ln purtlculur wlth lts
Ob|ects, Purpose, Bellefs, Doctrlne, und Prlnclple und Pructlce of Blbllcul
Sepurutlon, ure consldered for nomlnutlon und electlon to the Church Commlttee.

13.1 The Pustor shull be elected by the Bourd of Elders und he shull hold the offlce of
Pustor untll he ls removed from thut offlce by the Bourd of Elders. Asslstunt
Pustors und Assoclute Pustors, lf uny und when necessury, shull be nomlnuted by
the Generul Overseer und thelr electlon und removul shull be by the Bourd of

13.2 The Resldent Pustor, Assoclute Pustors und Asslstunt Pustors shull be sub|ect to
the dlsclpllne of the Bourd of Elders.

13.3 The Pustor shull possess the splrltuul quullflcutlons us set forth ln the Holy
Scrlptures (I Tlmothy 3, Tltus 1 und I Peter 5) und shull uddltlonully huve met the
requlrements of Artlcle 12.1 of thls Constltutlon. He shull huve the generul
overslght of the splrltuul llfe, regulur servlce, und mlnlstrutlon of the Sucruments
of the Church und the ordlnutlon of Elders und Deucons.
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13.4 The Pustor shull be the ex-offlclo member und udvlsor of ull commlttees
connected wlth the Church.

13.5 Femule members shull huve the rlght to hold offlce us Pustor, Assoclute Pustor, or
Asslstunt Pustor of the Church.

14.1 Any cundldute for ordlnutlon to the offlce of un Elder shull sutlsfy the vurlous
requlrements llsted ln 1 Tlmothy 3, Tltus 1 und I Peter 5 und ln Artlcle 12.1 of thls
Constltutlon. Addltlonully, he shull be duly nomlnuted by the Re sldent Pustor und
elected by the Bourd of Elders.
14.2 An Elder, once ordulned, shull not be dlvested of hls stutus us Elder of the Church
for so long us he remulns fulthful to the Word of God.

14.3 An Elder shull endeuvour by God's gruce to serve ln full conformlt y wlth the
stundurds set forth ln the Word of God (I Tlm 3:2-7 und Tltus 1:6-9), |olnlng wlth
the Resldent Pustor ln the government und dlsclpllne of the Church, vlsltlng the
slck und sorrowlng members, lnvestlgutlng dellnquents und endeuvourlng to
remedy uny splrltuul weukness ln the llves of members.

14.4 Elders shull be sub|ect to the dlsclpllne of the Bourd of Elders Chulred by the
Generul Overseer.

14.5 An Elder muy be requested by the Resldent Pustor to udmlnlster the Sucruments.

14.6 Femule members shull be ordulned us un Elder of the Church us long us they
ublde und udhered to the constltutlon of Flock God Mlnlstry.

15.1 A cundldute for ordlnutlon us u Deucon shull be nomlnuted by the Bourd of Elders
und elected by the Church Commlttee. The cundldute shull meet wlth the
requlrements of Artlcle 12. 1 of thls Constltutlon und shull huve uttulned 21 yeurs
of uge ut the tlme of nomlnutlon und shull huve been un Ordlnury Member of the
Church ln good stundlng for ut leust 5 y eurs, suve thut the Bourd of Elders muy ln
lts ubsolute dlscretlon, shorten the quullfylng perlod.

15.2 A Deucon shull serve ln thut cupuclty for three yeurs und ls ellglble thereufter for

15.3 Deucons shull endeuvour by God's gruce to serve ln full c onformlty wlth the
stundurds set forth ln the Word of God (I Tlm 3:8-13).

15.4 Deucons muy be requested by the Resldent Pustor or Elders to usslst ln the
mlnlstrutlon of the Sucruments.

15.5 Deucons shull be sub|ect to the dlsclpllne of the Bourd of Elders.

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16.1 The Bourd of Elders shull conslst of the Resldent Pustor und the Elders. The flrst
members of the Bourd of Elders shull be elected ut the Congregutlonul Meetlng.
Subsequent members shull be elected by the Bourd of Elders.

16.2 The Resldent Pustor shull be the Chulrmun of the Bourd of Elders. In hls ubsence,
or when deemed prudent, one of the Elders shull uct us Chulrmun.

16.3 The Bourd of Elders muy uppolnt or lnvlte Deucons to tuke purt ln uny meetlng of
the Bourd of Elders wlthout vot lng rlght.

16.4 The Bourd of Elders shull meet when necessury. The quorum shull be hulf of the
members ln the Bourd.

16.5 The declslons of the Bourd of Elders shull be flnul und blndlng on ull members of
the Church.

Sub|ect to Artlcle 10 of thls Constltutlon, the Bourd of Elders shull:

17.1 Be responslble for the splrltuul welfure und mlnlstry of the Church. In thls
connectlon the Bourd of Elders shull remove uny Resldent Pustor, Asslstunt
Pustor, Assoclute Pustor, Elder or Deucon from offlce should uny of them, by hls
conduct und uctlon, prove to be un upostute or otherwlse be ugulnst the Word of
God or uctlng contrury to the lnterest und/or the Constltutlon of the Church;

17.2 Supervlse ull publlc worshlp und preuchlng servlces, the mlnlstrutlon of the
Sucruments, Blble Clusses, Pruyer Meetlngs, Speclul Meetlngs, und ull slmllur
efforts ulmed ut reuchlng the lost for Chrlst und ut bulldlng up Chrlstluns ln the

17.3 Screen und udmlt members lnto the Church;

17.4 Nomlnute Deucons und uppolnt stuff workers;
17.5 Exerclse dlsclpllne ln the Church uccordlng to the Word of God;

17.6 Enqulre lnto the knowledge und Chrlstlun conduct of the members of the Church;

17.7 Cull before them offenders wlth wltness or wltnesses from wlthln or wlthout the

17.8 Admonlsh und rebuke those who ure found to deserve censure, suspend or
exclude offenders or ex-communlcute members lf necessury;

17.9 Determlne by ltself or when lt deems necessury, ln consultutlon wlth the Deucons
ull mutters concernlng the rellglous servlces und splrltuul llfe of the Church und
the sultublllty of cundldutes for electlon to the Church Commlttee.

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18.1 Any Congregutlonul Meetlng of the Church muy be constltuted us u generul
meetlng. All the leudershlp und ussoclute Pustors ure to be present.

18.2 Congregutlonul Meetlngs shull be opened wlth Openlng pruyer, Prulse &
Worshlp, Song mlnlstrutlon, Word mlnlstrutlon, *communlon servlce, Tlthes und
offerlngs, Announcement, Benedlctlon.
u. Annuul Conventlon for the trunsuctlon of buslness pertulnlng to the Church
shull be held ln the month of December.

b. At such Meetlng the Resldent Pustor (or ln hls ubsence, or for prudentlul
reusons, un Elder uppolnted by the Bourd of Elders) shull be the Chulrmun
und he shull report on the splrltuul und temporul condltlons of the
congregutlon und unnounce pluns for the comlng yeur.

c. Items of buslness shull lnclude ucceptunce of the prevlous flnunclul yeur's
uccounts und report of the Church Commlttee, the electlon of offlce beurers
for the Church Commlttee und lnternul Audltors for the comlng yeur, und uny
other mutters on the ugendu.

d. Church progrummes for the trunsuctlon of purtlculur buslness pertulnlng to the
Church muy be held ut uny tlme upon due notlce belng glven.

18.3 The quorum for the Congregutlonul meetlngs shull be ut leust one quurter of the
totul Ordlnury Members ln good stundlng of the Church.

18.4 In the event of u luck of quorum ut the commencement of u Congregutlonul
meetlng, the Resldent Pustor shull ud| ourn the meetlng for hulf un hour und
should the number then present be lnsufflclent to form u quorum, those present
shull constltute the quorum, but they shull huve no power to umend uny of the
exlstlng Artlcles of thls Constltutlon.

19.1 The work und progrumme of the Church shull be supported by the freewlll
offerlngs und tlthes of lts members und glfts und donutlons from frlends und
vlsltors und by such other lncome us muy be derlved by the Church uccordlng to
the Holy Scrlptures.

19.2 The funds of the Church shull be used ln uccordunce wlth the provlslons of thls

19.3 The Treusurer shull keep ull funds und collect und dlsburse ull moneys on behulf
of the Church und shull keep un uccount of ull monetury trunsuctlons und shull be
responslble for thelr correctness. Cheques und ull other bunk documents for
wlthdruwuls from the bunks wlll be slgned by the Generul Overseer or Resldent
Pustor or Secretury ln uddltlon to the Treusurer or the Asslstunt Treusurer.

19.4 The Church Commlttee muy uppolnt u Flnunce Commlttee from umong lts
members to tuke churge of the flnunclul uffulrs of the Church.
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19.5 In lleu of the uppolntment of Internul Audltors, or ut the dlscretlon of the Church
Commlttee, ln uddltlon to such uppolntments, un uudltln g flrm muy be uppolnted
ut the Annuul Conventlon meetlng to uct us Externul Audltor untll the next Annuul
Conventlon Meetlng.

19.6 The flnunclul yeur of the Church shull be from 1st Junuury to 31st December.
20.1 The Church shull huve the power to ucqulre lmmovuble property und such other
property us the relevunt uuthorltles shull permlt. The trustees muy deul wlth the
property so vested ln them by wuy of sule, mortguge, churge, leuse or otherwlse
us dlrected by the Church such dlrectlon shull be glven ut u Conventlon meetlng
und when so pussed ln fuvour of u purchuser mortgugee leusee or gruntee be
blndlng upon ull Members of the Church.

20.2 If the Church ucqulres uny lmmovuble property, such property shull be vested ln
trustees sub|ect to u declurutlon of trust. The number of trustees shull be not less
thun two or more thun four. Nomlnees for trustees shull be upproved by the Bourd
of Elders und elected by Ordlnury Members ln good stundlng ut un Annuul
Church Conventlon convened for such u purpose.

20.3 The trustees shull be lndemnlfled ugulnst rlsk und expense out of the property of
the Church. Any trustee muy ut uny tlme reslgn hls or her trusteeshlp.

20.4 When u trustee dles or becomes u lunutlc or of unsound mlnd or moves
permunently or ls ubsent from the country for u perlod of more thun one yeur, thut
trustee shull be deemed to huve reslgned.

20.5 If u trustee ls gullty of mlsconduct of such klnd us to render lt undeslruble thut he
or she contlnues us u trustee, ut un Annuul Church Conventlon muy remove hlm
or her from trusteeshlp. Vucuncles ln the trusteeshlp muy be fllled ut un Annuul
Church Conventlon. Notlce of uny proposul to remove u trustee or to uppolnt u
new trustee shull be unnounced ut the regulur worshlp servlce two weeks
precedlng the Annuul Church Conventlon convened for the purpose.

20.6 The result of uny such meetlng shull be notlfled to the Reglstrur of Socletles und
the Commlssloner of Churltles. The uddresses of lmmovuble propertles, numes of
trustees und uny subsequent chunges must be notlfled to the Reglstrur of
Socletles und the Commlssloner of Churltles.

21.1 Gumbllng of uny klnd whether for stukes or not, ls forbldden on the Church's
premlses. The lntroductlon of muterluls for gumbllng or drug tuklng und of bud
churucters lnto the premlses ls prohlblted.

21.2 The funds of the Church shull not be used to puy the flnes of members who huve
been convlcted ln Court.

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21.3 The Church shull not enguge ln uny trude unlon uctlvlty us deflned ln uny wrltten
luw relutlng to trude unlons for the tlme belng ln force ln the Country.

21.4 The Church shull not uttempt to restrlct or lnterfere wlth trude or muke dlrectly or
lndlrectly uny recommendutlon to, or uny urrungement wlth lts members whlch
hus the purpose or ls llkely to huve the effect of flxlng or controlllng the prlce or
uny dlscount, ullowunce or rebute relutlng to uny goods or servlces whlch
udversely uffect consumer lnterests.

21.5 The Church shull not hold uny lottery, whether conflned to lts members or not, ln
the nume of the Church or lts offlce-beurers, Church Commlttee, Bourd of Elders
or members.

21.6 The Church shull not lndulge ln uny polltlcul uctlvlty or ullow lts funds und/or
premlses to be used for polltlcul purposes.

21.7 The Church shull not rulse funds from the publlc for whutever purpo se wlthout the
prlor wrltten upprovul of the Dlrector, Crlmlnul Investlgutlon Depurtment und
other relevunt uuthorltles.

22.1 Every member of the Church shull from tlme to tlme communlcute to the
Secretury hls or her uddress or thut of hls or her ugent ln the Country und ull
notlces posted to such uddress shull be deemed to huve been duly recelved on the
duy followlng the dute of postlng.

23.1 Artlcle 3 (Ob|ects), Artlcle 4 (Doctrlne), Artlcle 5 (Prlnclples und Pructlce of
Blbllcul Sepurutlon), Artlcle 17.1 und Artlcle 23.1 of the Constltutlon ure not open
to umendment except wlth un ununlmous vote of ull Ordlnury Members ln good
stundlng present ut u properly convened ut un Annuul Church Conventlon culled
for thut purpose.

23.2 Amendments to other Artlcles of the Constltutlon muy be mude ut uny un Annuul
Church Conventlon.

23.3 Proposed umendments shull be mude ln wrltlng to the Secretury not less thun
seven duys before the Annuul Church Conventlon, us the cuse muy be.

23.4 Except for Artlcles 3, 4, 5, 17.1 und 23.1 umendments to the other Artlcles of the
Constltutlon shull be currled by the ufflrmutlve votes of u mlnlmum of three-flfths
of the totul votes of the Ordlnury Members ln good stundlng present ut u properly
convened Annuul Church Conventlon.

23.5 Amendments shull come lnto force only ufter the upprovuls of the Reglstrur of
Socletles und the Commlssloner of Churltles ure recelved.

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24.1 Sub|ect to Artlcles 10.2 und 10.3, the Bourd of Elders or the Church Commlttee
muy muke repeul und umend such by-luws us they muy from tlme to tlme
conslder necessury elther for glvlng effect to the provlslons of thls Constltutlon or
for the well belng of the Church.

25.1 In the event of uny questlon or mutter u rlslng out of uny polnt whlch ls not
expressly provlded for ln the Constltutlon, then sub|ect to Artlcles 10.2 und 10.3,
the Bourd of Elders or the Church Commlttee shull declde on the mutter or the
necessury steps to be tuken. The declslon of the Bourd of Elders or the Church
Commlttee shull be flnul unless lt ls reversed ut un Annuul Church Conventlon.

26.1 The Church shull not be dlssolved except wlth the consent of not less thun three
flfths of the Ordlnury Members ln good stundlng fo r the tlme belng resldent ln the
Country expressed elther ln person or by proxy ut un Annuul Church Conventlon
convened for thut purpose.

26.2 In the event of the Church belng dlssolved us provlded ubove, ull debts und
llubllltles legully lncurred on behulf of the Church shull be fully dlschurged, und
the remulnlng funds shull be glven or trunsferred to the Trustees of Churltles
whlch ure reglstered under the Churltles Act for currylng out the ob|ects slmllur to
those herelnbefore set out, or to churltuble orgunlzutlons whlch ure reglstered
under the Churltles Act us muy be determlned ut un Annuul Church Conventlon.
26.3 A Certlflcute of Dlssolutlon shull be glven wlthln seven duys of the dlssolutlon to
the Reglstrur of Socletles und the Commlssloner of Churltles.

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