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Duriye Rhythm and Sound Productions

Contact: DURIYE (Dur-ee-aay) N. (214) 207-2554 FOCUS TRACKS: #2 Groovy Talks / #3 Finding Home / #5 Groovy Talks (Remix) / #4 Finding Home (Remix) / #1 Dream ALa Donkey

All Tracks FCC Clean

Duriye says Dreams are full of images and soundsLet your dreams guide your journey. Carl G. Jungs studies on dreams helped her to explore to her unconscious. She was a graduate student at the University of Texas at Dallas working towards an MFA degree and began to explore this mysterious dream language using sounds. Track 6Dreamscape is a sound design of her own sleeping time dream. Dreamscapes represent her inner being inspired by sounds of dreams as well as by familiar sounds that surrounds her such as Istanbul, Dallas, and friends combining funky, groovy and eclectic contemporary jazz beats born in her Turkish roots depicting her transformational journey of dreams and fun. She started her journey in 1999 with Ayhan Sicimoglu in Istanbul Turkey, and studied Afro-Cuban rhythms. From performing with Las Estrellas in Istanbul under Ayhan Sicimoglu's Afro-Cuban Project, she has continued her journey in Dallas performing with different musicians in Latin, Jazz, Rock, Folk and Funk styles since 2004, along with her own band Duriye & Friends." Duriye says As a conga player, its been important for me to apply the fundamentals of Afro-Cuban rhythms with the right technique and discipline." Duriye worked with world known local Dallas musicians. Dreamscapes produced with Linny Nance who began his professional career with Little Joe Blue; Since then, he has shared the stage and/or studio with Universal Music recording artist Lucky Peterson, Yarborough and Peoples, James Ingram (on a Patti LaBelle tour), Grammy nominated Breggett Rideau, blues artist Tutu Jones, Shanachie Entertainment recording artist Pamela Williams, Rendezvous recording artist Tom Braxton, Bernard Wright, Bobby Sparks and a variety of other talented acts. Linny has played all over Europe, Japan, Canada, and the Caribbean: his performance credits include the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Jazzhaus, and the Montreal Jazz festival

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Dream ALa Donkey (5:14) Groovy Talks (5:13) Finding Home (5:16) Finding Home Remix (5:16) Groovy Talks Remix (5:13) 6. Dreamscape Bonus Track (4:58) Duriye Percussion, Sound Design, Writer, Producer, Vocals, Spoken Words Linny Nance Keyboard, Synthesizers, Vocals, Writer, Producer Bill Eden Tenor Saxophone Jason Bell Electric Guitar Brent Nance Additional Percussion Ron Malvern Vocal Track 6 Dreamscape by Duriye - Sound Design, Producer, Writer, Spoken Words Produced by Duriye and Linny Nance Published by Duriye Rhythm and Sound Productions; Funki-Gruv Music (ASCAP) Copyrights: Duriye and Linny Nance