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Im getting multiple contacts, closing fast on our positions. Ready assault weapons and prepare for close quarters action.

edge, just like units moving in from reserve. Note that only attacking units placed in reserve may enter the game by Deep Strike.

This mission uses the Reserves and Deep Strike rules. In addition the following special rules must be used: No Outflanking: The attacker may not outflank. Defensive Fire: The defenders have set up deadly ambushes and fire-traps. To represent this the attackers and defenders Shooting phases are swapped around. I.e. the defender shoots after the attacker has moved, and the attacker shoots after the defender has moved! Note that units can still run instead of shooting. The sequence of play for a game turn is thus: Attacker Moves Defender Shoots (and runs) Attacker Assaults Defender Moves Attacker Shoots (and runs) Defender Assaults To keep things simple, units may assault different units to those they fired at in the Shooting phase, and all units are assumed to have been stationary in their Movement phase for the purposes of shooting.

A close quarters action is one that is fought at very short range. Although most battles are fought on open battlefields, the warriors of the 41st Millennium are frequently called upon to fight battles in much denser terrain. Such close quarters actions may take place in the confined corridors of a massive spacecraft, the labyrinthine depths of a hive city, or in the thick jungles of a death world. What these deadly environments have in common, along with thousands of others just like them, is that visibility is restricted to a few yards. Combats on such battlefields are swift and brutal, and casualties, especially amongst the attacking forces, are terrifyingly high.

The mission lasts a random number of turns. At the end of Turn 5, the attacker rolls a dice. On a roll of a 1 the game ends, and on a 2+ the battle continues. If this is the case the attacker must roll again at the end of Turn 6, and this time on a 4+ the game continues. If the battle continues into Turn 7, then the attacker rolls again at the end of the turn, and this time the battle will only continue on a roll of 6. At the end of Turn 8, the game ends automatically. When the battle ends, all units that are falling back are removed and count as destroyed before victory conditions are worked out.

Unit Type HQ Elites Troops Fast Attack Heavy Support

Attacker 1-2 1-3 1-6 0-3 0-3

Defender 0-2 0-2 2-6 0-1 0-3

Close quarters action needs to be played amidst very dense terrain. Lines of sight should be no greater than 12", and often much less. Because of this, youll want to use at least two or three times as much terrain as you normally would. One way to achieve this is to halve the size of the table you normally play on, but then set up all of the terrain in your collection. Alternatively you may want to draw out a tunnel complex on large sheets or paper, or scratch-build suitable terrain for this mission. So long as you end up with a battlefield covered with dense terrain, with plenty of places to hide, you wont go far wrong!

If the defender controls the objective at the end of the game, they win. If the attacker controls the objective, or it is contested, the attacker wins. The objective is controlled if there is at least one scoring unit, and no enemy unit of any kind, within 3" of it.

This special Warhammer 40,000 Battle Mission recreates these deadly close-ranged combats. One player is the attacker, who has been ordered to clear the defender from an area of dense terrain, where visibility is limited to a few dozen feet at best. This is no easy task the defenders start the battle in a very strong position, and will invariably get the drop on the attackers as they move forward. To compensate for this the attackers are stronger than the defenders, and must make their weight of numbers count. Lives cant be squandered needlessly, however, as every last man will be needed to capture the mission objective.

Once the terrain is set up, randomly select one table edge. This is the edge that the attacking forces will enter from on their first turn. The defenders set up first, anywhere on the table that is more than 12" from the attackers table edge. No defending units may be placed in reserve. The defender must then set up an objective marker. This must be placed anywhere on the table that is more than 6" away from a table edge. The attacker does not set up any units on the table. Instead he must split his army into two contingents; one of these will arrive on the first turn, and the other is held in reserve. He may place any number of units in either contingent (so all of the attackers could arrive on Turn 1, all be placed in reserve, or a combination.)


In this scenario one player is the attacker and the other the defender. Decide between yourselves who will take each role, or roll-off to decide. The attacker receives half as many points again as the defender in this scenario. For example, if the defender had 500 points, then the attacker would have 750 points, and if the defender had 1000 points, the attacker would receive 1500, and so on. Units are selected using the following force organisation charts:

The attacker always takes the first turn in this mission. All units that were placed in the contingent to enter on Turn 1 must enter play in the Movement phase of the attackers first turn by moving in from their own table