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mark90_2k2mark90_2... Member since: ### Total points: 2,766 (Level 4) Add Contact Block Resolved Question Show me another In which american state was homosexuality made legal first and when? 3 years ago

Report Abuse Additional Details Oh, i didnt know it was never really illegal, i know it still is in some states still with sodomy laws!

But it was only decriminalized in the UK in the 60's. Im writing an essay of gay attitudes in the USA at 3 years ago by Member since: ### Total points: 57,246 (Level 7) Add Contact Block Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

Illinois became the first state in the US to get rid of its sodomy law in 1961, when it adopted an overa Source(s): http://www.aclu.org/lgbt/discrim/11895re 3 years ago Report Abuse 40% 2 Votes Action Bar: 1 stars - mark this as Interesting! Email Comment (0) Save Save to Yahoo! Bookmarks Add to My Yahoo! Add to Del.icio.us RSS There are currently no comments for this question. * You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register.

This question about "In which american st " was originally asked on Yahoo! Answers United Kingdom Other Answers (8) Show: Bethby Beth Member since: ### Total points: 51,463 (Level 7)

Add Contact Block Homosexuality has never really been illegal. Do you mean gay marriage? 3 years ago Report Abuse 0% 0 Votes 2 people rated this as good luvmykidsby luvmykid... Member since: ### Total points: 6,663 (Level 5)

Add Contact Block wow, interesting. i never knew it was illegal. 3 years ago Report Abuse 0% 0 Votes Marq JPAAby Marq JPAA Member since: ### Total points:

29,580 (Level 7)

Add Contact Block The state of Illinois decriminalized same-sex sex in 1957. 3 years ago Report Abuse 20% 1 Vote 2 people rated this as good Rachel Leeby Rachel Lee Member since: 5-Jul-07 Total points: 15,430 (Level 6)

Add Contact Block Marq made a good comment,Illinois is a very progressive state. Illegal,never was in the USA.Now other countries is a different idea. happy trails 3 years ago Report Abuse 20% 1 Vote Le Baronby Le Baron Member since: ### Total points: 1,467 (Level 3)

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It was the San Francisco, California....Gay people as we know them now where given the right to live t J Edgar Hoover ridiculed gays and hounded them, placed them behind bars for the so called vile acts a J Edgar Hoover, himself was a homosexual and his assistant was his partner...he kept these matters u Homosexuality has been rife for thousands of years, it took a few power tyrannts to put an end to it in Source(s): CHECK THE NET 3 years ago Report Abuse 20% 1 Vote bob6575by bob6575 Member since: 1-Aug-07 Total points: 402 (Level 2)

Add Contact Block I though it was still illegal? Oh no, sorry, it's actually intelligent though that's still illegal in the US. My 3 years ago Report Abuse 0% 0 Votes JIMKby JIMK Member since: 10-Jun-07 Total points: 27,867 (Level 7)

Add Contact Block Homosexuality was quite illegal until recently , tho the laws were almost never enforced . The overtur 3 years ago Report Abuse 0% 0 Votes rahtidby rahtid

Member since: 6-Dec-07 Total points: 124 (Level 1)

Add Contact Block dont know if it was ever illegal 2 be homosexual but it was illegal to commit homosexual acts 3 years ago Report Abuse 0% 0 Votes Discover Questions in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Why do gay people eat penis? Good FTM binder for my size, if there is such a thing? What are some good sites to help figure out if I am bisexual? So which celebrities have you met (or seen) in person? Ready to Participate? Get Started! Categories All Categories Society & Culture Cultures & Groups Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Other - Cultures & Groups People with Disabilities Senior Citizens Who found this interesting? 1. ? Sponsor Results Mutual Funds Find Mutual Funds Phone Numbers, Addresses & Maps. www.LocalGuides.com Foreign Exchange Trading Free $50,000 Practice Account With Real-Time Charts, News &... www.Forex.com

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h sodomy laws!

titudes in the USA at the moment and am trying to identify a period in time that attitudes started to change for

it adopted an overall revision of its criminal laws.

wers United Kingdom

ven the right to live their life behind closed doors in the late 80' due to one of the biggest protest marches over e so called vile acts against humanity. kept these matters under wraps till the late 50's early 60's when the CIA found out about his sordid life and blac to put an end to it in the early 20th century.

illegal in the US. My bad.

nforced . The overturn of the sodomy laws ocurred at the Supreme Court level , so federal law makes any state

ent. Click here for the Full Disclaimer.

started to change for the better.

protest marches over 2 million Homosexual men and Lesbian women asked for a bill of rights to make it legal...o

is sordid life and blackmailed him. Reason: Something to do with the Robert Kennedy years who was eventually

aw makes any state which bans gay activity in violation of that persons rights . Still , there are pockets of resist

ts to make it legal...one of the main reasons was that people in power where discovered as well as the military

s who was eventually assisnated.

are pockets of resistance , where sodomy laws , tho unenforcible , remain on the books .

s well as the military forces.