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Bharat Electronics Ltd. [ BEL ] has emerged as a leader in the highly advanced and competitive sphere of professional electronics with its commitment to quality, continuous upgradation of technology and innovation as a way of life. Established in 1954, to meet the specialized electronics needs of the Indian Defence services BEL has grown into a Multi-product, Multi-technology, Multiunit company services the needs of customers in diverse fields. In this process BEL has set up impressive infrastructure and manufacturing facilities, spread over nine ISO 9001/9002 certified modern production units around the country. BEL offers products and services from a wide spectrum of fields like Radars, Military Communications, Naval systems, EW systems, Telecommunications, Sound and Vision Broadcasting, Opto Electronics, Tank Electronics, Solar Photovoltaic systems, Information Technology, Software and Electronic Components. Expertise and skills in the company are used for engineering Radar, Telecom and Satcom networks, providing network solutions on turnkey basis. Collaborative association with world leaders in the field of Radars and Communications has ensured that the products offered are state-of-art. Multinational company in the field of Electronics are partnering with BEL for outsourcing too, for manufacturing services like assembly / testing of electronic equipment, fabrication of precision mechanical components, packaging of electronic components, manufacture of Opto electronic sub assemblies etc. Emphasis placed on R&D at BEL is amply demonstrated in the number of highly qualified engineers who form a substantial part of its skilled manpower and a large number of products developed in-house. The Central Research Labs of BEL address futuristic technology development. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers is the quality policy of BEL. In its march towards TQM, BEL has been helped by the spread of quality consciousness into every sphere and every activity. BEL has been Joint Venture companies with General Electric Medical Systems, USA for X-ray tubes and Multitone, UK, for Paging Systems. BEL also has a wholly owned subsidiary BEL Optronic Devices Limited. $=~~ Companys Profile~~=$ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

The passionate pursuit of excellence at BEL can be described in three words : Quality, Technology, Innovation.


Bharat Electronics manufactures a comprehensive range of Radars for Defence and Civilian applications, like Surveillance, Fire Control, Tracking, Navigation and Air Traffic Control. Customer profile includes Army, Airforce, Navy, Civil aviation and Coast guard. Technologies from Multinational companies like Thomson CSF France, HAS Holland, ELTA Israel and the Indian Defence Research Organisation (DRDO) have been assimilated and customized by the skilled engineering resources at BEL to meet the requirements of various customers. BEL also offers Networking of Radars providing complete solutions to meet the security / Defence requirements of the users. SONAR products offered include Hull mounted variable depth Sonars and Submarine Sonars and Heliborne Dippimg Sonars.

Low flying detection Radars. 3D long-range surveillance Radars. Secondary surveillance Radars. Fire control Radars. Field artillery Radars. Naval surveillance and fire control Radars. Navigational Radars. Air Traffic Control Radars. Networking of Radars. Sonars. Battle Field Surveillance Radar (BFSR). Meteorological Radars.



BEL offers Communication equipment for Defence services in HF/VHF/UHF and Microwave bands for tactical and static applications. BEL has built comprehensive communication networks for the Indian Army and Composite Communication Systems for Navy. Static and Mobile Communication equipment and networks are supplied for use by the Indian Airforce too. Secrecy is of paramount importance in Defence communications. BEL has expertise in developing products for voice / data/ bulk encryption.

HF Transmitters and Transreceivers. VHF / UHF Radios. V / UHF Ground to AIR Communication Systems. LOS / Troposcatter Digital Microwave Communication Systems. Military Switching Systems. Data / Voice Encryptors and Bulk Encryptors. Secure Fax and Telephone. Satcom Earth Stations and VSAT based systems.







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BEL has been in the field of Telecommunications for over 3 decades. Keeping pace with the growth of Telecommunications in India, a major thrust in this field has been given in late eighties. Collaborating with the Indian Technology house C-DoT and Multinational companies like NEC, Alcatel and using the inhouse product development skills, BEL has progressively introduced a number of product in the field of Telecom. BEL has core competencies to engineer and offer network solutions on turnkey basis. Optimal solutions are engineered using the right choice of technologies and product from in-house range as well as those sourced from reputed Telecom manufacturers.

Features :
Digital Switching Systems up to 40,000 ports. Multiplexers and Digital Cross Connect. Multichannel Digital Microwave Radio Equipment. Access products (PMP Radio, DECT, HDSL, ADSL, etc.) Antennae. Telecom Networks on turnkey basis.


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Military Communications has been a forte of BEL even since its inception in 1954. BEL has been involved in providing state-of-the-art communication equipment to the Indian Army, be it hand held mobile radios and terminals, ground based systems, airborne and even ship borne equipments and systems. The products and systems offered by BEL cover HF, VHF, UHF and V/UHF frequency bands and are based on the latest DSP/Digital communication technologies. Encryption and Frequency Hopping implemented in various transreceivers has been possible because of the dedicated research and development team working on these radios. BEL also engineers and supplies turnkey defence communication solutions tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

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PCB Assembly (SMT, Through Hole, BGA) and Testing

Bharat Electronics has set up a Mass Manufacturing Facility (MMF) to offer contract manufacturing of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies and associated electronic products (Box Build, Modules, sub-assemblies etc.). BEL counts among leading professional electronics manufacturing services companies and it is proficient in assembly of a wide variety of circuit board designs including Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Mixed Technology and Plated / Pin Through Hole Technology (PTH). BEL also offers the latest test facilities for all the products manufactured. The facilities are approved by Department of Telecom, Government of India for manufacture of Telecom Products and by Lucent Technologies, USA for manufacture of Line Cards.

Capabilities :
General Capabilities :
Prototype Development. Surface mount assembly. Thru-hole assembly. Functional test. Heat rooms for boards and systems. Programmable environmental chamber for boards and systems. Test equipment development and procedures. Flexibility to provide all or any portion of services ranging from development through complete manufacturing . Board sized: maximum 18" x 18". Components: Unlimited. Double sided capabilities. $=~~ Companys Profile~~=$ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

SMT Assembly :
Board sizes: maximum 17.7" x 19" Components: Unlimited Double sided capabilities BGA placement and inspection

PCB Assembly :
Surface Mount Technology. BGA. Fine Pitch. Through Hole Assembly.

Electronic Assembly & Testing :

Modules. Box Build. Sub-assemblies.

Key Strengths :
Comprehensive service manufacturing. Total quality oriented organisation. Complete documentation control. Proven surface mount technology including fine pitch and BGA's. Aqueous cleaning wave solder operation. Experienced inventory management team. ESD compliant facility.

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Facilities :
SMT Assembly Line :
a) DEK 265. b) HS 180 Glue dispensor. c) SP 120 speed placers. d) HS 180 HR Fine pitch placer. e) SMT N2 Reflow oven. f) Conv. Assly lines. g) Soldering Stations: Koki, Japan.

Advanced SMT Assembly Line :

a) DEK 248 CE. b) Siplace 80 F4 of SIEMENS. c) Vitronic - 610 N2 Reflow oven.

PTH Assembly Line: DYNAPERT :

a) Sequencer: UCSM-G. b) IC Insertion Machine: DD 4500. c) Axial Lead Comp. Insertion Machine: V12000.

In Circuit Inspection / Testing :

a) SCHLUMBERGER - S790 Combinational tester (ICT + functional). b) GENRAD - IN CIRCUIT TESTER.

Environmental Test Facilities :

Burn-in. Thermal Shock. Bump & Vibration. Climatic Chambers.

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Bharat Electronics Limited today has an integrated approach and systems capability, which is a direct result of its commitment to providing tailor-made solutions to the customers through its philosophy of quality management. The company has set up impressive infrastructure and manufacturing facilities spread over nine ISO 9001 / 9002 certified modern production units around the country. The infrastructure is regularly upgraded with the latest and state-of-the-art facilities. Manufacturing infrastructure is amply supported by the applicable Quality Assurance infrastructure and skilled technicians. Standards Division of BEL optimises the processes on a continuos basis. Process and QA standards generated by BEL are used as reference by a number of companies in India. With the strengths in infrastructure and skilled/experienced manpower, BEL offers Contract Manufacturing Services for both domestic and international customers in the following areas:

PCB Assembly SMT, Through Hole, BGA) and Testing

BEL has set up an exclusive Mass Manufacturing Facility and achieved proficiency in assembly of a wide variety of circuit board designs including Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Mixed Technology and Plated / Pin Through Hole Technology (PTH),. BEL also offers most modern facilities for testing of the products manufactured.

Precision Machining & Fabrication

BEL has the experience and expertise in the manufacture of high Precision Machined and Fabricated Parts in its state-of-the-art facilities equipped with latest CNC and special purpose machines. Products manufactured include chassis, enclosures, panels, brackets, rack mounts, card cage flanges and covers, large and medium modular frames and precision machined parts for the electronic, computer, and electrical products being used in commercial, defence, aerospace and telecommunication industries. $=~~ Companys Profile~~=$ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

OPTO Electronics Components & Assemblies

Bharat Electronics offers cost effective services for design and manufacture of optical and opto-electronic products and components operating in the UV, Visible and IR spectrum. Optical components include lenses, prisms, mirrors, windows, wedges etc. and Optical assemblies include Objective assembly, Eye piece assembly, Collimator assembly & Imaging assembly.

Microwave Integrated Circuit Assemblies

BEL manufactures a variety of Microwave Components and sub-systems using microchip technology which are required for wide range of applications in communication, radar systems including airborne and space related sub-systems. The facility is also qualified for the manufacture of C-Band Receiver for satellite systems.

Multilayer PCB Design & Manufacturing

BEL has established an excellent infrastructure to manufacture variety of Printed Circuit Boards ranging from single sided to 18 layers. The facilities are equipped to manufacture high technology quick turn prototypes, "Quick-to-Market products" and undertake volume production of buried and blind vias, build-up multi layers (microvias) and ultra fine lines/spaces.

Cable Assemblies & Wiring Hardnesses

BEL specialises in the manufacture of cable assemblies and builds custom wiring harness required for its electronic equipment for commercial and military applications.

Design & Manufacturing of Professional Grade Transformers, Coils & Sub-assemblies

BEL manufactures a wide range of transformers (power, audio frequency, modulation, pulse, filament etc.,) coils (audio frequency, radio frequency, air arc, IF, pot case, moulded, etc.,) Chokes (smoothing, modulation, radio frequency, etc.,) and Sub-assemblies (HV Units, EHV units, etc.). Most of these products meet the stringent defence specifications for use in defence equipment.

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Antenna Manufacturing
Bharat Electronics Limited is engaged in development and production of various types of antennas for use in Radars, Communications, TV-Broadcasting, Satellite Communication etc. The antenna production division also includes a FRP shop capable of producing antennas with hand-lay-up technology. The R&D and production efforts are supported by well-equipped microwave testing laboratory and a microwave outdoor antenna test range. There is also a facility to produce thin film MIC components which are extensively used in phased array antennas. Many foreign companies like AT&T-USA, GE-Medical-USA, VishayAustria, ECHOSTAR-USA, ENCON International-USA, CREO Products IncCanada., Multitone-UK, Elisra, Elta, Ortek, Scitex, ELOP-Israel, Technology Rendezvous Inc., USA, ERICSSON,SWEDEN and many more are using our facility for meeting their outsourcing requirements. BEL has also established Joint Venture Companies with Delft, Holland for Image Intensifier Tube and General Electric Medical Systems, USA for X-Ray Tubes.

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Bharat Electronics Limited has been in the field of manufacturing Broadcasting equipment for the last four decades. BEL has played a significant role in establishing Indian Sound an Vision Broadcasting Network with contemporary technology. All India Radio, the Indian Radio Broadcasting Organisation is equipped with more than 200 transmitters with different power outputs, supplied by BEL. Similarly, BEL has equipped Doordarshan, the National TV Broadcaster, with large number of high / low power TV transmitters, Colour TV OB Vans, Satellite Uplinks, TVROs etc. Asias first large component analog video OB Van, fitted with nine CCD cameras is also from BEL.

Medium Wave Sound Broadcast Transmitters. FM Broadcast Transmitters. VHF / UHF TV Broadcast Transmitters. OB Vans for Small and Large Studios. Flyaway OB Studio. Satellite Uplinks. Earth Station Antennae. TVROs and Low Power TV Transmitters. Transportable Satellite TV Uplinks.


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Along with the in-depth expertise in the design and manufacture of advanced electronics equipment and systems, BEL has core competencies to provide single window solutions covering concept to commissioning. Optimal solutions are engineered using the right choice of technologies and products made at BEL as well as outsourced from reputed manufacturers. Implementation on turnkey basis also is undertaken by BEL.

Features :
VSAT based Networks for Voice, Data and Video. Terrestrial Digital Communication Networks. Army Communication Networks. Networking of Radars. Coastal Surveillance Systems. Composite communication Systems for ships. Satellite communication Networks for police and other government organisations.

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Bharat Electronics manufactures Night Vision products for operations in dark poor visibility condition for the Defence Services and Security Organisations. Laser range for Army and Surgical Microscopes for Medical applications are also made at BEL. BELs strength lies in its in-house capability to design and manufacture components and sub systems operating in the UV, Visible and IR Spectrum. Components sourced from BEL by overseas customers include Lenses, Prisms, Mirrors and Sub-assembles.

Night Vision Goggles and Binoculars. Night scope. Night Weapon Sights. Laser Range Finder. Ophthalmic Zoom Microscope. Surgical Microscope ENT. Custom built lenses and optical sub assemblies. Thermal Imaging Systems.




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With in-house R&D and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, BEL manufactures a wide variety of electronic components for Civilian as well as Defence applications. Component ranges made at BEL include Silicon Small Signal Devices. Power Devices. ICs and ASICs. Hybrid Microcircuits. Liquid Crystal Displays. Solar Cells. Microwave and Transmitting Tubes. Vacuum Interrupters. X-ray Tubes. Crystals and Crystal Oscillators. Microwave Integrated Circuit (MIC) Assemblies. Magnesium and Lithium Batteries.

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Strong in-house R&D and pioneering technical collaborations have led to BEL acquiring expertise in various professional electronic technologies. This, along with the core competencies in manufacturing has encouraged BEL to develop a number of specialized markets like Electronic Voting Solar Powered Systems, Energy Saving etc. Some of these products are: -

Electronic Voting Machine. Alarm for Unmanned Rail-Road Crossing. Information Display Systems. Solar Powered Traffic Signals. Solar Powered Home and Street Lighting Systems. Simulators. Computer Mother Boards. Fish Finder. Simputers. Set Top Box.










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Being at the cutting edge of technology involves a strong commitment to R&D. In its efforts to challenge the barriers of technological innovation, BEL invest 5% to 6% of its annual turnover in R&D. Over 57% of BELs products are developed in-house. The rest are developed either by collaborators or jointly. BEL has entered into several strategic alliances to help maximizes the countrys indigenous resources, reduce cycle time and utilize available know-how. Some of the alliance partners include the National Defence Research Organization, for the development of Defence and professional electronics products and the Center for Development of Telematics (C-DoT) for Telecom products. BEL has also established Central Research Labs (CRL) at Bangalore and Ghaziabad, to develop futuristic technologies. Besides optimizing the R&D strength in the country, BEL has taken strides towards enhancing its technological capabilities and know-how through tie-ups with transnational companies.

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BEL has established dynamic quality system to meet its quality objectives. Company has invested substantially in a wide range of QA infrastructure, test and evaluation equipment including Environmental Test Laboratories, EMI / EMC test facilities Automated in-process and final inspection and test equipment. In-house skills are available for developing test software for various applications. Infrastructure at BEL is adequate to qualify the products for international specifications such as IEC, DEF, MIL and national standards like JSS. Quality is built into the product at the design stage and is monitored throughout the manufacturing process for conformance. Management commitment to Quality is demonstrated through the program called TORQUE, Total Organizational Quality Enhancement. It aims at spreading the quality culture and philosophy of Continuous Improvements. Programs like Quality Control Circles and Suggestion Schemes have generated enthusiasm and involvement among employees, there-by harnessing their creativity and innovation for improvements in operations. BEL has also established a Quality Institute for providing training in various areas including reliability and maintainability, Statistical Process Improvement methodologies, 6 Sigma and Quality Management. The level of quality at BEL has won many prestigious awards including the National Quality Awards and awards for standardization. All units are certified to ISO 9001 / 9002 standards of international quality.





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Tactical and Strategic Communication equipment, Digital Switches, GPS Receivers, Battlefield Surveillance Radars, Opto-Electronic Products, Tank Fire Control Systems, Stabilizer Systems, Simulators and Trainers, Transmitting Tubes, Microwave Tubes, Laser Range Finder, Batteries.


Navigational, Surveillance, Fire Control Radars, IFF, SONAR Systems, Torpedo Decoys, Display Systems, EW Systems, Simulators, Communication Equipment and Systems, Transmitting Tubes, Microwave Tubes, Laser Range Finder, Batteries


Surveillance and Tracking Radars, Communication Equipment and Systems, IFF, EW Systems, Transmitting Tubes, Microwave Tubes.

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NON-DEFENCE: Para Military Space Department All India Radio Doordarshan (TV Network) : Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited : : Communication Equipment and Systems. : Ground Electronics, On-board Sub-Systems. : MW, SW & FM Transmitting Tubes, Micro-Wave Tubes. TV Transmitters, OB Vans, Antenna, Mobile and Transportable Satellite Uplinks, Transmitter Tubes, TVROs, LPTs. Microwave Radios, Point-to-Multi Point Radios, PCM Multiplexers, Rural and Main Automatic Exchanges, Flyaway Satellite Terminals, Solar Power Modules/Systems.

Videsh Sanchar Nigam and Satcom Earth Stations and VSAT based other Corporate Bodies: Systems. Airport Surveillance Radars and Secondary Surveillance Radars, Information Display Systems.

Civil Aviation:

Corporate Bodies and State Communication Equipment and Systems, Governments: Solar Power Modules/Systems/Traffic Signal Lights. Medical & Health Care Railways Entertainment Industry : Surgical Microscopes (ENT, Ophthalmic) and X-Ray Tubes. : Communication Equipment, Alarm for Unlimited Level Crossing. : Silicon Transistors, Integrated Circuits, Bipolar and CMOS Components, Piezo Electric Crystals, Hybrid Micro Circuits and SAW Filters.

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Power Generation and Distribution: Instrumentation Industry: Election Commission: Fisheries Department:

Vacuum Interrupters. Liquid Crystal Displays. Electronic Voting Machine. Fish Finders.

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At BEL, exports have been a prime area of focus playing a key role in BELs strategic perspective. As a result, BELs exports have been increasing every year, with an expansion in the range of products exported and the markets. Products exported include Radars, Radar Sub-systems, Defence Communication equipment, Secure Communication products, Microwave Communication equipment, Switching equipment, Telecom equipment and networks, broadcasting equipment, Electronic Components and Energy Saving products. In addition, many multinational companies are using BELs expertise and facilities for design and manufacturing services. BELs products are exported to Sweden , Switzerland, UK, France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, HongKong, Singapore, Philippines, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Israel, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Vietnam, Mauritius, Botswana, Egypt, Algeria, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana.

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State-of-the-art electronic products, using a wide spectrum of the most advanced technologies, require equally sophisticated manufacturing facilities. Initially, BELs collaborative agreements with internationally reputed companies helped it to absorb and assimilate production technologies. BEL has been continuously upgrading its manufacturing infrastructure to be ahead of the competition. Manufacturing infrastructure set up in the 9 modern production units at BEL include Automated mass manufacture PCB assembly line for SMDs. Design and manufacturing facility for multi-layer PCBs. CNC Centers for precision machining. Special purpose facilities such as Jig Boring Machine, CNC-Turret Presses, Profile Grinding, Transfer Presses, Dip Brazing etc. Facility for various types of electroplating and surface finishes. Manufacturing facility for small signal devices (SSDs), ICs and hybrid microcircuits. State-of-art facility for the manufacture of Microwave Integrated Circuit (MIC) assemblies.


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Secure VHF Tactical Radio (STARS V)
STARS-V (Secure Tactical Army Radio System - VHF) is a family of fixed frequency and frequency hopping radio sets available in 5W and 25W power output configurations. The radios provide communication in voice clear, voice secure and data modes. They can be controlled from a remote location upto 2-km. All front panel controls (except ON/OFF) are extended using 2-wire cable to a Remote Control Unit (RCU) at the remote location. Intercom operation between radio set and RCU is also provided. The radio set can be configured for fully automatic rebroadcast operation. It is also possible to setup rebroadcast over two wires for voice clear mode only. External data interface is provided on the front panel to facilitate data communication with suitable modem. The radios are fully modular in construction. They are designed to perform in conformance to MIL 461 class of EMI/EMC specifications. STARS-V radios find use in manpack as well as vehicular applications for providing voice and data communications in VHF frequency range of 30-88 MHz.

Features :
VHF frequency range of 30 - 88 MHz. 2320 channels with 25 KHz spacing. 1W/2W/5W/25W power outputs in different models. 250 hops per sec for FH radios. In built GPS. 32 preset crypto keys + 1 manual key. BITE upto module level. Built-in data modem. Complaint to MIL 461 EMI specificationS. Manpack / Vehicular roles.

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V/UHF Transreceiver (LUP 322)

The Radio Set LUP 322 is a fully solid-state, light weight, high performance V/UHF transreceiver designed for ground to-ground and ground-to-air communications. It thoroughly complies with existing VHF, UHF and V/UHF transreceiver standards. The transreceiver covers the VHF band of 100 to 156 MHz and UHF band of 225 to 400 MHz in 25 KHz channel spacing. It provides 2 way AM simplex communication. The transmitter output power is 5 Watts (CW) with provision for reduced output levels. 16 channels can be field programmed into memory bank A and 16 other channels into memory bank B. The radio set operates from 24 volts NiCd battery. The radio may also be connected to an external 24V-dc source such as a vehicle battery. An AC power supply is available as an option for fixed site operation using either 110V or 220V ac supplies.

Features :
100-156 MHz & 225-400 MHz. 25 kHz channel spacing. 9240 synthesized channels. 32 channel instant recall continuous memory. LED display of frequency. Built in test facilities. High reliability. Low lifetime cost. Remote control. Automatic rebroadcast. ATE compatible. Mounts easily in most vehicles.

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Manpack V/UHF Transreceiver (LUP 327)

V/UHF AM/FM Trans-receiver is developed to meet the long range Ground to Ground, and Ground to Air communication needs with protection against Electronic Counter Measure (ECM). The radio provides Voice/Data Communication with Fix Frequency Clear, Secure in V/UHF band and with Frequency Hopping in UHF band. It supports Selective Calling in Secure mode and has powerful BITE for field maintenance. A host of standard accessories are provided with the radio.

Simplex communication in VHF and UHF band Ground to Ground, Ground to Air communication. 25 kHz channel spacing Field programmable preset channels AM with voice FM with voice/data; Data up to 19.2Kb/s in FF/FH mode. Built-in COMSEC in full band. Built-in TRANSEC in UHF band, 200 hop/s. TOD Based synchronization. Partial Band hopping is selectable. Late Entry, Hailing and Break-in facility. Remote control facility. Scan facility. CTCSS/ Selective Calling. BITE facility. 24V Primary and Secondary Battery.

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Secure VHF Hand Held Radio (LUP 291)

The Secure UHF Hand Held Radio is a high performance radio. The radio is useful for ground communication at the platoon level. This simplex radio operates in the UHF frequency band of 403-470 MHz and provides for clear and secure voice communication.

Frequency ranges 403 - 470 MHz with 12.5/25 kHz channel spacing. RF power output of 5 W / 1 W (selectable). Built -in high grade crypto. 32 preset crypto keys + 1 manual key. Secure selective call facility. Inbuilt Powerful diagnostic feature ( BITE). 7.2 V Primary and Secondary batteries. Compliant to MIL 461 EMI specs.

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V/UHF Transreceiver (MUN 223)

MUN 223 AM/FM transreceiver provides ship to ship, ship to shore and ship to air communication. It operates in two frequency ranges 100 to 155.975 MHz in VHF band and 225-399.975 MHz in UHF band. It provides high-grade communication security.

Features :
Simplex communication in VHF and UHF band. 25 kHz channel spacing. Field programmable pre-set channels. AM/FM with voice /data. Remote control facility. Flexible antenna interface options. BITE facility. Communication security (optional). ECCM facility-FH @ 200 hops /sec (optional). Tx/Rx filters and interface (optional). AC/DC operation.

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