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Information Functions (9) News Awareness Commentary Watchdog Social cohesion Education Entertainment Industry Advertising

Social Media Commercial

Science and Technology

Functions (9) SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY Gain understanding of life and The extension of Life our environment IMR/higher life expectancy/GM foods/biomedical/medical Industry and sector development To make Life convenient or more productive To make Life comfortable and pleasurable To gain security and increase enforcement Functions (5) Gain understanding of the unknown Provision of morals and values To gain comfort and solace Social identity / heritage To gain security and increase control

Religion (and supernatural)


Functions (7) Knowledge and awareness Economic value (Career advancement) Social identity National identity and political culture Individual actualization Social engineering Functions (6)


Safeguard from internal and external threats (sovereignty & security) Supervision and resolution of conflicts Enforcement of social and civic rights Provision of essential goods and services Public administration Regulation of the economy


Functions (6) For understanding of people and societies For understanding of changes and developments in societies Foundation for citizenship Identity Contribution to moral understanding For preserving social order Functions (8) Test of skills and abilities Well being and health Economic value


Transmission of cultures and values Creation and maintaining social bonds Diplomacy and Reconciliation Fulfillment (Passion) Group identity Functions (10) Self expression Cultural capital Artistic Reference Commentary Beauty Imagination Entertainment Economic value For psychological and healing purposes Identity


Functions (7) For personal expression (including religion) Economic value For transmission of culture and traditions Creating and maintaining of Group identity Music Comfort and solace Symbolism (historical events, generation, era) Agent of social change Functions (6) Basic economic unit (based on needs) Emotional support and solace (based on needs) Transfer of heritage (based on identity) Family Moral grounding (based on identity) Socialisation (based on identity) Maintain political status quo (based on identity) Functions (6) Protection of public order Justice and Restitution Law and Constitution Resolution of conflicts / disputes Maintenance of social control / Promotion of social good Protection of certainty & durability of systems Checks and balances for government

Functions (6) A commitment to love Companionship and emotional support Provision for economic and security cooperation Provision of material, educational and emotional needs of children Establishment of rights, obligations and responsibilities within family members Social acceptance / Legitimization of relationships