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English Irregular Verb List - Printable Version

English Irregular Verb List

Base Form Abide Aby/Abey Alight Arise Awake Past Simple Abode/Abided Abought Alit/Alighted Arose Awoke Past Participle Abode/Abided/ Abidden Abought Alit/Alighted Arisen Awoken 3rd Person Singular Abides Abys/Abeys Alights Arises Awakes Present Participle / Gerund Abiding Abying/Abeying Alighting Arising Awaking

Base Form Backbite Backfit Backlight Backslide Be Bear Beat Become Bedight Befall Beget Begin Begird Behight Behold Belay Bend Bereave Beseech Beset Past Simple Backbit Backfit Backlit Backslid Was/Were Bore Beat Became Bedight/Bedighted Befell Begot/Begat Began Begirt/Begirded Behight Beheld Belaid/Belayed Bent Bereft Besought/ Beseeched Beset Past Participle Backbitten Backfit Backlit Backslid/ Backslidden Been Born/Borne Beaten Become Bedight/Bedighted Befallen Begotten Begun Begirt Behight/Behoten Beheld Belaid/Belayed Bent Bereft/Bereaved Besought/ Beseeched Beset 3rd Person Singular Backbites Backfits Backlights Backslides Is Bears Beats Becomes Bedights Befalls Begets Begins Begirds Behights Beholds Belays Bends Bereaves Beseeches Besets Present Participle / Gerund Backbiting Backfitting Backlighting Backsliding Being Bearing Beating Becoming Bedighting Befalling Begetting Beginning Begirding Behighting Beholding Belaying Bending Bereaving Beseeching Besetting

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English Irregular Verb List - Printable Version

Bespeak Bestrew Bestride Bet Betake Bethink Beweep Bid Bid Bide Bind Bite Blaw Bleed Blend Bless Blow Bottle-feed Bowstring Break Breast-feed Breed Bring Broadcast Browbeat Build Burn Burst Bust Buy

Bespoke Bestrewed Bestrode Bet Betook Bethought Bewept Bid Bade Bided/Bode Bound Bit Blawed Bled Blended/Blent Blessed/Blest Blew Bottle-fed Bowstrung/ Bowstringed Broke Breast-fed Bred Brought Broadcast/ Broadcasted Browbeat Built Burnt/Burned Burst Bust Bought

Bespoken Bespeaks Bestrewed/Bestrewn Bestrews Bestridden Bestrides Bet Bets Betaken Betakes Bethought Bethinks Bewept Beweeps Bid Bids Bidden Bids Bided Bides Bound Binds Bitten Bites Blawn Blaws Bled Bleeds Blended/Blent Blends Blessed/Blest Blesses Blown Blows Bottle-fed Bottle-feeds Bowstrung Broken Breast-fed Bred Brought Broadcast/ Broadcasted Browbeat/ Browbeaten Built Burnt/Burned Burst Bust Bought Bowstrings Breaks Breast-feeds Breeds Brings Broadcasts Browbeats Builds Burns Bursts Busts Buys

Bespeaking Bestrewing Bestriding Betting Betaking Bethinking Beweeping Bidding Bidding Biding Binding Biting Blawing Bleeding Blending Blessing Blowing Bottle-feeding Bowstringing Breaking Breast-feeding Breeding Bringing Broadcasting Browbeating Building Burning Bursting Busting Buying

Base Form Cast Catch Cheerlead Chide Choose Clap Past Simple Cast Caught Cheerled Chid Chose Clapped/Clapt Past Participle Cast Caught Cheerled Chid/Chidden Chosen Clapped/Clapt 3rd Person Singular Casts Catches Cheerleads Chides Chooses Claps Present Participle / Gerund Casting Catching Cheerleading Chiding Choosing Clapping

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English Irregular Verb List - Printable Version

Clear-cut Cleave Cleek Clepe Cling Clothe Colorbreed Colorcast Come Cost Cost-cut Counterdraw Counterlight Cowrite Crash-dive Creep Creep-feed Crib-bite Cross-bite Cross-string Crossbreed Crosscut Crosslight Crow Cut


Clear-cut Cleft/Cleaved/ Cleft/Cleaved/Clove Cloven Claught/Claucht/ Cleeked Cleeked Cleped/Ycleped/ Cleped Yclept Clung Clung Clad/Clothed Clad/Clothed Colorbred Colorbred Colorcast Colorcast Came Come Cost Cost Cost-cut Cost-cut Counterdrew Counterdrawn Counterlit Counterlit Cowrote Cowritten Crash-dived/CrashCrash-dived dove Crept Crept Creep-fed Creep-fed Crib-bit Crib-bitten Cross-bit Cross-bitten Cross-strung Cross-strung Crossbred Crossbred Crosscut Crosscut Crosslit Crosslit Crowed/Crew Crowed Cut Cut

Clear-cuts Cleaves Cleeks Clepes Clings Clothes Colorbreeds Colorcasts Comes Costs Cost-cuts Counterdraws Counterlights Cowrites Crash-dives Creeps Creep-feeds Crib-bites Cross-bites Cross-strings Crossbreeds Crosscuts Crosslights Crows Cuts

Clear-cutting Cleaving Cleeking Cleping Clinging Clothing Colorbreeding Colorcasting Coming Costing Cost-cutting Counterdrawing Counterlighting Cowriting Crash-diving Creeping Creep-feeding Crib-biting Cross-biting Cross-stringing Crossbreeding Crosscutting Crosslighting Crowing Cutting

Base Form Dare Daydream Deal Deep-freeze Dig Dight Dispread Disprove Dive Do Past Simple Dared/Durst Daydreamt/ Daydreamt Dealt Deep-froze Dug Dight/Dighted Dispread Disproved Dived/Dove Did Past Participle 3rd Person Singular Dares Present Participle / Gerund Daring Daydreaming Dealing Deep-freezing Digging Dighting Dispreading Disproving Diving Doing

Dared Daydreamt/ Daydreams Daydreamt Dealt Deals Deep-frozen Deep-freezes Dug Digs Dight/Dighted Dights Dispread Dispreads Disproven/Disproved Disproves Dived Dives Done Does

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English Irregular Verb List - Printable Version

Dogfight Dow Draw Dream Drink Drip-feed Drive Dwell

Dogfought Dought/Dowed Drew Dreamt/Dreamed Drank Drip-fed Drove Dwelt

Dogfought Dought/Dowed Drawn Dreamt/Dreamed Drunk Drip-fed Driven Dwelt

Dogfights Dows Draws Dreams Drinks Drip-feeds Drives Dwells

Dogfighting Dowing Drawing Dreaming Drinking Drip-feeding Driving Dwelling

Base Form Eat End-run Engird Engrave Enwind Past Simple Ate End-ran Engirt Engraved Enwound 3rd Person Singular Eaten Eats End-run End-runs Engirt Engirds Engraved/Engraven Engraves Enwound Enwinds Past Participle Present Participle / Gerund Eating End-running Engirding Engraving Enwinding

Base Form Fall Farebeat Fast-cut Feed Feel Fight Find Fit Flash-freeze Flee Fling Floodlight Fly Flyblow Forbear Forbid Force-feed Fordo/Foredo Forecast Forefeel Forego 3rd Person Singular Fell Fallen Falls Farebeat Farebeaten Farebeats Fast-cut Fast-cut Fast-cuts Fed Fed Feeds Felt Felt Feels Fought Fought Fights Found Found Finds Fit/Fitted Fit/Fitted Fits Flash-froze Flash-frozen Flash-freezes Fled Fled Flees Flung Flung Flings Floodlit Floodlit Floodlights Flew Flown Flies Flyblew Flyblown Flyblows Forbore Forborne/Forborn Forbears Forbade/Forbad Forbidden Forbids Force-fed Force-fed Force-feeds Fordid Fordone Fordoes Forecast/Forecasted Forecast/Forecasted Forecasts Forefelt Forefelt Forefeels Forewent Foregone Foregoes Past Simple Past Participle Present Participle / Gerund Falling Farebeating Fast-cutting Feeding Feeling Fighting Finding Fitting Flash-freezing Fleeing Flinging Floodlighting Flying Flyblowing Forbearing Forbidding Force-feeding Fordoing Forecasting Forefeeling Foregoing

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Foreknow Forerun Foresee Foreshow Forespeak Foretell Forget Forgive Forlese Forsake Forswear Fraught Free-fall Freeze Frostbite

Foreknew Foreran Foresaw Foreshowed Forespoke Foretold Forgot Forgave Forlore Forsook Forswore Fraught/Fraughted Free-fell Froze Frostbit

Foreknown Forerun Foreseen Forshowed/ Foreshown Forespoken Foretold Forgotten Forgiven Forlorn Forsaken Forsworn Fraught/Fraughted Free-fallen Frozen Frostbitten

Foreknows Foreruns Foresees Foreshows Forespeaks Foretells Forgets Forgives Forleses Forsakes Forswears Fraughts Free-falls Freezes Frostbites

Foreknowing Forerunning Foreseeing Foreshowing Forespeaking Foretelling Foregetting Forgiving Forlesing Forsaking Forswearing Fraughting Free-falling Freezing Frostbiting

Base Form Gainsay Geld Get Ghostwrite Gild Gin Gird Give Gnaw Go Grave Grind Grow Past Simple Gainsaid Gelded/Gelt Got Ghostwrote Gilt/Gilded Gan Girded/Girt Gave Gnawed Went Graved Ground Grew Past Participle Gainsaid Gelded/Gelt Got/Gotten Ghostwritten Gilt/Gilded Gan Girded/Girt Given Gnawed/Gnawn Gone/Been Graven/Graved Ground Grown 3rd Person Singular Gainsays Gelds Gets Ghostwrites Gilds Gins Girds Gives Gnaws Goes Graves Grinds Grows Present Participle / Gerund Gainsaying Gelding Getting Ghostwriting Gilding Ginning Girding Giving Gnawing Going Graving Grinding Growing

Base Form Hagride Halterbreak Hamstring Hand-feed Past Simple Hagrode Halterbroke Hamstrung/ Hamstringed Hand-fed Past Participle Hagridden Halterbroken Hamstrung/ Hamstringed Hand-fed 3rd Person Singular Hagrides Halterbreaks Hamstrings Hand-feeds Present Participle / Gerund Hagriding Halterbreaking Hamstringing Hand-feeding

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English Irregular Verb List - Printable Version

Hand-ride Handsew Handwrite Hang Have Hear Heave Hew Hide Hight Hit Hoise Hoist Hold House-sit Housebreak Hurt

Hand-rode Handsewed Handwrote Hung/Hanged Had Heard Heaved/Hove Hewed Hid Hote/Hight Hit Hoised/Hoist Hoist/Hoisted Held House-sat Housebroke Hurt

Hand-ridden Handsewn/ Handsewed Handwritten Hung/Hanged Had Heard Heaved/Hove Hewn Hidden Hoten Hit Hoised/Hoist Hoist/Hoisted Held House-sat Housebroken Hurt

Hand-rides Handsews Handwrites Hangs Has Hears Heaves Hews Hides Hights Hits Hoises Hoists Holds House-sits Housebreaks Hurts

Hand-riding Handsewing Handwriting Hanging Having Hearing Heaving Hewing Hiding Highting Hitting Hoising Hoisting Holding House-sitting Housebreaking Hurting

Base Form Inbreed Indwell Inhold Inlay Input Inset Interblend Interbreed Intercut Intergrave Interlay Interset Interweave Interwind Inweave Inwind Past Simple Inbred Indwelt Inheld Inlaid Input/Inputted Inset Interblended/ Interblent Interbred Intercut Intergraved Interlaid Interset Interwove Interwound Inwove/Inweaved Inwound Past Participle Inbred Indwelt Inheld Inlaid Input/Inputted Inset Interblended/ Interblent Interbred Intercut Intergraved/ Intergraven Interlaid Interset Interwoven Interwound Inwoven/Inweaved Inwound 3rd Person Singular Inbreeds Indwells Inholds Inlays Inputs Insets Interblends Interbreeds Intercuts Intergraves Interlays Intersets Interweaves Interwinds Inweaves Inwinds Present Participle / Gerund Inbreeding Indwelling Inholding Inlaying Inputting Insetting Interblending Interbreeding Intercutting Intergraving Interlaying Intersetting Interweaving Interwinding Inweaving Inwinding

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Base Form Jerry-build

Past Simple Jerry-built

Past Participle Jerry-built

3rd Person Singular Jerry-builds

Present Participle / Gerund Jerry-building

Base Form Keep Ken Kneel Knit Know Past Simple Kept Kent/Kenned Knelt/Kneeled Knit/Knitted Knew Past Participle Kept Kent/Kenned Knelt/Kneeled Knit/Knitted Known 3rd Person Singular Keeps Kens Kneels Knits Knows Present Participle / Gerund Keeping Kenning Kneeling Knitting Knowing

Base Form Lade Landslide Lay Lead Lean Leap Learn Leave Lend Lep Let Lie Light Linebreed Lip-Read Lose 3rd Person Singular Laded Laden/Laded Lades Landslid/Landslided Landslid/Landslided Landslides Laid Laid Lays Led Led Leads Leant/Leaned Leant/Leaned Leans Leapt/Leaped Leapt/Leaped Leaps Learnt/Learned Learnt/Learned Learns Left Left Leaves Lent Lent Lends Lept Lept Leps Let Let Lets Lay Lain Lies Lit Lit Lights Linebred Linebred Linebreeds Lip-Read Lip-Read Lip-Reads Lost Lost Loses Past Simple Past Participle Present Participle / Gerund Lading Landsliding laying Leading Leaning Leaping Learning Leaving Lending Lepping Letting Lying Lighting Linebreeding Lip-Reading Losing

Base Form Make Mean Meet Melt Past Simple Made Meant Met Melted Past Participle Made Meant Met Molten/Melted 3rd Person Singular Makes Means Meets Melts Present Participle / Gerund Making Meaning Meeting Melting

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English Irregular Verb List - Printable Version

Misbecome Miscast Mischoose Miscut Misdeal Misdo Misfall Misfeed Misgive Mishear Mishit Misknow Mislay Mislead Mislearn Misread Missay Missend Misset Misspeak Misspell Misspend Misswear Mistake Misteach Mistell Misthink Misunderstand Miswear Miswed Miswrite Mow

Misbecame Misbecome Misbecomes Miscast Miscast Miscasts Mischose Mischosen Mischooses Miscut Miscut Miscuts Misdealt Misdealt Misdeals Misdid Misdone Misdoes Misfell Misfallen Misfalls Misfed Misfed Misfeeds Misgave Misgiven Misgive Misheard Misheard Mishears Mishit Mishit Mishits Misknew Misknown Misknows Mislaid Mislaid Mislays Misled Misled Misleads Mislearnt/Mislearned Mislearnt/Mislearned Mislearns Misread Misread Misreads Missaid Missaid Missays Missent Missent Missends Misset Misset Missets Misspoke Misspoken Misspeaks Misspelt/Misspelled Misspelt/Misspelled Misspells Misspent Misspent Misspends Misswore Missworn Misswears Mistook Mistaken Mistake Mistaught Mistaught Misteaches Mistold Mistold Mistells Misthought Misthought Misthinks Misunderstood Misunderstood Misunderstands Misswore Misworn Misswears Miswed/Miswedded Miswed/Miswedded Misweds Miswrote Miswritten Miswrites Mowed Mown Mows

Misbecoming Miscasting Mischoosins Miscutting Misdealing Misdoing Misfalling Misfeeding Misgiving Mishearing Mishitting Misknowing Mislaying Misleading Mislearning Misreading Missaying Missending Missetting Misspeaking Misspelling Misspending Misswearing Mistaking Misteaching Mistelling Misthinking Misunderstanding Miswearing Miswedding Miswriting Mowing

Base Form Naysay Nose-dive Past Simple Naysaid Nose-dived/Nosedove Past Participle Naysaid Nose-dived/Nosedove 3rd Person Singular Naysays Nose-dives Present Participle / Gerund Naysaying Nose-diving

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English Irregular Verb List - Printable Version

Base Form Offset Outbid Outbreed Outdo Outdraw Outdrink Outdrive Outfight Outfly Outgrow Outlay Outleap Output Outride Outrun Outsee Outsell Outshine Outshoot Outsing Outsit Outsleep Outsmell Outspeak Outspeed Outspend Outspin Outspring Outstand Outswear Outswim Outtell Outthink Outthrow Outwear Outwind Outwork Outwrite Overbear Overbid Overblow

3rd Person Singular Offset Offset Offsets Outbid Outbid Outbids Outbred Outbred Outbreeds Outdid Outdone Outdoes Outdrew Outdrawn Outdraws Outdrank Outdrunk Outdrinks Outdrove Outdriven Outdrives Outfought Outfought Outfights Outflew Outflown Outflies Outgrew Outgrown Outgrows Outlaid Outlaid Outlays Outleapt/Outleaped Outleapt/Outleaped Outleaps Output/Outputted Output/Outputted Outputs Outrode Outridden Outrides Outran Outrun Outruns Outsaw Outseen Outsees Outsold Outsold Outsells Outshone Outshone Outshines Outshot Outshot Outshoots Outsang Outsung Outsings Outsat Outsat Outsits Outslept Outslept Outsleeps Outsmelt/ Outsmelt/ Outsmells Outsmelled Outsmelled Outspoke Outspoken Outspeaks Outsped Outsped Outspeeds Outspent Outspent Outspends Outspun Outspun Outspins Outsprang Outsprung Outsprings Outstood Outstood Outstands Outswore Outsworn Outswears Outswam Outswum Outswims Outtold Outtold Outtells Outthought Outthought Outthinks Outthrew Outthrown Outthrows Outwore Outworn Outwears Outwound Outwound Outwinds Outworked/ Outworked/ Outworks Outwrought Outwrought Outwrote Outwritten Outwrites Overbore Overborne Overbears Overbid Overbid Overbids Overblew Overblown Overblows Past Simple Past Participle

Present Participle / Gerund Offsetting Outbidding Outbreeding Outdoing Outdrawing Outdrinking Outdriving Outfighting Outflying Outgrowing Outlaying Outleaping Outputting Outriding Outrunning Outseeing Outselling Outshining Outshooting Outsinging Outsitting Outsleeping Outsmelling Outspeaking Outspeeding Outspending Outspinning Outspringing Outstanding Outswearing Outswimming Outtelling Outthinking Outthrowing Outwearing Outwinding Outworking Outwriting Overbearing Overbidding Overblowing

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English Irregular Verb List - Printable Version

Overbreed Overbuild Overbuy Overcast Overcome Overcut Overdo Overdraw Overdrink Overdrive Overeat Overfeed Overfly Overgrow Overhang Overhear Overlay Overleap Overlearn Overlie Overpass Overpay Override Overrun Oversee Oversell Overset Oversew Overshoot Oversleep Oversow Overspeak Overspend Overspill Overspin Overspread Overspring Overstand Overstrew

Overbred Overbuilt Overbought Overcast Overcame Overcut Overdid Overdrew Overdrank Overdrove Overate Overfed Overflew Overgrew Overhung Overheard Overlaid Overleapt/ Overleaped Overlearnt/ Overlearned Overlay Overpast/ Overpassed Overpaid Overrode Overran Oversaw Oversold Overset

Overbred Overbreeds Overbuilt Overbuilds Overbought Overbuys Overcast Overcasts Overcome Overcomes Overcut Overcuts Overdone Overdoes Overdrawn Overdraws Overdrunk Overdrinks Overdriven Overdrives Overeaten Overeats Overfed Overfeeds Overflown Overflies Overgrown Overgrows Overhung Overhangs Overheard Overhears Overlaid Overlays Overleapt/ Overleaps Overleaped Overlearnt/ Overlearns Overlearned Overlain Overlies Overpast/ Overpasses Overpassed Overpaid Overpays Overridden Overrides Overrun Overruns Overseen Oversees Oversold Oversells Overset Oversets Oversewn/ Oversewed Oversews Oversewed Overshot Overshot Overshoots Overslept Overslept Oversleeps Oversown/ Oversowed Oversows Oversowed Overspoke Overspoken Overspeaks Overspent Overspent Overspends Overspilt/Overspilled Overspilt/Overspilled Overspills Overspun Overspun Overspins Overspread Overspread Overspreads Oversprang Oversprung Oversprings Overstood Overstood Overstands Overstrewed/ Overstrewed Overstrews Overstrewn

Overbreeding Overbuilding Overbuying Overcasting Overcoming Overcutting Overdoing Overdrawing Overdrinking Overdriving Overeating Overfeeding Overflying Overgrowing Overhanging Overhearing Overlaying Overleaping Overlearning Overlying Overpassing Overpaying Overriding Overrunning Overseeing Overselling Oversetting Oversewing Overshooting Oversleeping Oversowing Overspeaking Overspending Overspilling Overspinning Overspreading Overspringing Overstanding Overstrewing

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English Irregular Verb List - Printable Version

Overstride Overstrike Overstring Overtake Overthink Overthrow Overwear Overwind Overwithhold Overwrite

Overstrode Overstruck Overstrung Overtook Overthought Overthrew Overwore Overwound Overwithheld Overwrote

Overstridden Overstruck Overstrung Overtaken Overthought Overthrown Overworn Overwound Overwithheld Overwritten

Overstrides Overstrikes Overstrings Overtakes Overthinks Overthrows Overwears Overwinds Overwithholds Overwrites

Overstriding Overstriking Overstringing Overtaking Overthinking Overthrowing Overwearing Overwinding Overwithholding Overwriting

Base Form Partake Pay Pen Pinch-hit Plead Potshot Practice-teach Prebind Prebuild Precut Predo Premake Prepay Presell Preset Preshrink Presplit Price-cut Proofread Prove Put Past Simple Partook Paid Pent/Penned Pinch-hit Pled/Pleaded Potshot/Potshotted Practice-taught Prebound Prebuilt Precut Predid Premade Prepaid Presold Preset Preshrank Presplit Price-cut Proofread Proved Put Past Participle Partaken Paid Pent/Penned Pinch-hit Pled/Pleaded Potshot Practice-taught Prebound Prebuilt Precut Predone Premade Prepaid Presold Preset Preshrunk Presplit Price-cut Proofread Proven/Proved Put 3rd Person Singular Partakes Pays Pens Pinch-hits Pleads Potshots Practice-teaches Prebinds Prebuilds Precuts Predoes Premakes Prepays Presells Prests Preshrinks Presplits Price-cuts Proofreads Proves Puts Present Participle / Gerund Partaking Paying Penning Pinch-hitting Pleading Potshotting Practice-teaching Prebinding Prebuilding Precutting Predoing Premaking Prepaying Preselling Presetting Preshrinking Presplitting Price-cutting Proofreading Proving Putting

Base Form Quick-freeze Quit Past Simple Quick-froze Quit Past Participle Quick-frozen Quit 3rd Person Singular Quick-freezes Quits Present Participle / Gerund Quick-freezing Quitting

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English Irregular Verb List - Printable Version

Base Form Rap Re-prove Read Reave Reawake Rebid Rebind Rebroadcast Rebuild Recast Recut Redd Redeal Redo Redraw Reeve Refit Regrind Regrow Rehang Rehear Reknit Relay Relearn Relight Remake Rend Repay Reread Rerun Resell Resend Reset Resew Reshoot Resit Resow Respell Restring Past Simple Rapped/Rapt Past Participle 3rd Person Singular Raps Re-proves Reads Reaves Reawakes Rebids Rebinds Rebroadcasts Rebuilds Recasts Recuts Redds Redeals Redoes Redraws Reeves Refits Regrinds Regrows Rehangs Rehears Reknits Relays Relearn Relights Remakes Rends Repays Rereads Reruns Resells Resends Resets Resews Reshoots Resits Resows Respells Restrings Present Participle / Gerund Rapping Re-proving Reading Reaving Reawaking Rebidding Rebinding Rebroadcasting Rebuilding Recasting Recutting Redding Redealing Redoing Redrawing Reeving Refitting Regrinding Regrowing Rehanging Rehearing Reknitting Relaying Relearn Relighting Remaking Rending Repaying Rereading Rerunning Reselling Resending Resetting Resewing Reshooting Resitting Resowing Respelling Restringing

Rapped/Rapt Re-proven/ReRe-proved proved Read Read Reft/Reaved Reft/Reaved Reawoken/ Reawoke Reawaken Rebid Rebid Rebound Rebound Rebroadcast Rebroadcast Rebuilt Rebuilt Recast Recast Recut Recut Redd/Redded Redd/Redded Redealt Redealt Redid Redone Redrew Redrawn Rove/Reeved Rove/Reeved Refit Refit Reground Reground Regrew Regrown Rehung Rehung Reheard Reheard Reknit/Reknitted Reknit/Reknitted Relaid Relaid Relearnt/Relearned Relearnt/Relearned Relit/Relighted Relit/Relighted Remade Remade Rent Rent Repaid Repaid Reread Reread Reran Rerun Resold Resold Resent Resent Reset Reset Resewed Resewn/Reswed Reshot Reshot Resat Resat Resowed Resown/Resowed Respelled/Respelt Respelled/Respelt Restrung Restrung

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English Irregular Verb List - Printable Version

Retake Reteach Retear Retell Rethink Retread Retrofit Rewake Rewear Reweave Rewed Rewet Rewin Rewind Rewrite Rid Ride Ring Rise Rive Rough-hew Roughcast Run

Retook Retaught Retore Retold Rethought Retrod Retrofit/Retrofitted Rewoke/Rewaked Rewore Rewove/Reweaved Rewed/Rewedded Rewet/Rewetted Rewon Rewound Rewrote Rid/Ridded Rode Rang Rose Rived Rough-hewed Roughcast Ran

Retaken Retakes Retaught Reteaches Retorn Retears Retold Retells Rethought Rethinks Retrodden Retreads Retrofit/Retrofitted Retrofits Rewoken/Rewaked Rewakes Reworn Rewears Rewoven/Reweaved Reweaves Rewed/Rewedded Reweds Rewet/Rewetted Rewets Rewon Rewins Rewound Rewinds Rewritten Rewrites Rid/Ridded Rids Ridden Rides Rung Rings Risen Rises Riven/Rived Rives Rough-hewn Rough-hews Roughcast Roughcasts Run Runs

Retaking Reteaching Retearing Retelling Rethinking Retreading Retrofitting Rewaking Rewearing Reweaving Rewedding Rewetting Rewinning Rewinding Rewriting Ridding Riding Ringing Rising Riving Rough-hewing Roughcasting Running

Base Form Sand-cast Saw Say See Seek Self-feed Self-sow Sell Send Set Sew Shake Shave Shear Shed Past Simple Sand-cast Sawed Said Saw Sought Self-fed Self-sowed Sold Sent Set Sewed Shook Shaved Shore/Sheared Shed Past Participle Sand-cast Sawn/Sawed Said Seen Sought Self-fed Self-sown/Selfsowed Sold Sent Set Sewn/Sewed Shaken Shaven/Shaved Shorn/Sheared Shed 3rd Person Singular Sand-casts Saws Says Sees Seeks Self-feeds Self-sows Sells Sends Sets Sews Shakes Shaves Shears Sheds Present Participle / Gerund Sand-casting Sawing Saying Seeing Seeking Self-feeding Self-sowing Selling Sending Setting Sewing Shaking Shaving Shearing Shedding

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English Irregular Verb List - Printable Version

Shend Shew Shine Shit Shoe Shoot Shortcut Show Shrink Shrive Shut Sidewind Sight-read Sightsee Sing Sink Sit Skywrite Slay Sleep Slide Sling Slink Slit Smell Smite Snapshoot Sneak Soothsay Sow Speak Speed Spell Spellbind Spend Spill Spin Spit Split Spoil Spoonfeed Spread Spring Stall-feed Stand

Shent Shewed Shone Shat/Shit Shod Shot Shortcut Showed Shrank Shrove Shut Sidewound Sight-read Sightsaw Sang Sank Sat Skywrote Slew Slept Slid Slung Slunk Slit Smelt/Smelled Smote Snapshot Sneaked/Snuck Soothsaid Sowed Spoke Sped/Speeded Spelt/Spelled Spellbound Spent Spilt/Spilled Span/Spun Spat/Spit Split Spoilt/Spoiled Spoonfed Spread Sprang Stall-fed Stood

Shent Shewn/Shewed Shone Shat/Shit Shod Shot Shortcut Shown Shrunk Shriven Shut Sidewound Sight-read Sightseen Sung Sunk Sat Skywritten Slain Slept Slid/Slidden Slung Slunk Slit Smelt/Smelled Smitten Snapshot Sneaked/Snuck Soothsaid Sown Spoken Sped/Speeded Spelt/Spelled Spellbound Spent Spilt/Spilled Spun Spat/Spit Split Spoilt/Spoiled Spoonfed Spread Sprung Stall-fed Stood

Shends Shews Shines Shits Shoes Shoots Shortcuts Shows Shrinks Shrives Shuts Sidewinds Sight-reads Sightsees Sings Sinks Sits Skywrites Slays Sleeps Slides Slings Slinks Slits Smells Smites Snapshoots Sneaks Soothsays Sows Speaks Speeds Spells Spellbinds Spends Spills Spins Spits Splits Spoils Spoonfeeds Spreads Springs Stall-feeds Stands

Shending Shewing Shining Shitting Shoeing Shooting Shortcutting Showing Shrinking Shriving Shutting Sidewinding Sight-reading Sightseeing Singing Sinking Sitting Skywriting Slaying Sleeping Sliding Slinging Slinking Slitting Smelling Smiting Snapshooting Sneaking Soothsaying Sowing Speaking Speeding Spelling Spellbinding Spending Spilling Spinning Spitting Splitting Spoiling Spoonfeeding Spreading Springing Stall-feeding Standing

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English Irregular Verb List - Printable Version

Stave Steal Stick Sting Stink Straphang Strew Stride Strike String Strip Strive Sublet Sunburn Swear Sweat Sweep Swell Swim Swing Swink Switch-hit

Stove/Staved/ Stove/Staved/ Staves Stoved Stoved Stole Stolen Steals Stuck Stuck Sticks Stung Stung Stings Stank Stunk Stinks Straphung Straphung Straphangs Strewed Strewn/Strewed Strews Strode/Strided Stridden Strides Struck Struck/Stricken Strikes Strung Strung Strings Stript/Stripped Stript/Stripped Strips Strove Striven Strives Sublet Sublet Sublets Sunburned/Sunburnt Sunburned/Sunburnt Sunburns Swore Sworn Swears Sweat/Sweated Sweat/Sweated Sweats Swept/Sweeped Swept/Sweeped Sweeps Swelled Swollen Swells Swam Swum Swims Swung Swung Swings Swank/Swonk Swonken Swinks Switch-hit Switch-hit Switch-hits

Staving Stealing Sticking Stinging Stinking Straphanging Strewing Striding Striking Stringing Stripping Striving Subletting Sunburning Swearing Sweating Sweeping Swelling Swimming Swinging Swinking Switch-hitting

Base Form Take Teach Team-teach Tear Telecast Tell Test-drive Test-fly Think Thrive Throw Thrust Thunderstrike Tine Tread 3rd Person Singular Took Taken Takes Taught Taught Teaches Team-taught Team-taught Team-teaches Tore Torn Tears Telecast/Telecasted Telecast/Telecasted Telecasts Told Told Tells Test-drove Test-driven Test-drives Test-flew Test-flown Test-flies Thought Thought Thinks Throve/Thrived Thriven/Thrived Thrives Threw Thrown Throws Thrust Thrust Thrusts Thunderstruck/ Thunderstruck Thunderstrikes Thunderstricken Tint/Tined Tint/Tined Tines Trod Trodden Treads Past Simple Past Participle Present Participle / Gerund Taking Teaching Team-teaching Tearing Telecasting Telling Test-driving Test-flying Thinking Thriving Throwing Thrusting Thunderstriking Tining Treading

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Troubleshoot Typecast Typeset Typewrite

Troubleshot Typecast Typeset Typewrote

Troubleshot Typecast Typeset Typewritten

Troubleshoots Typecasts Typesets Typewrites

Troubleshooting Typecasting Typesetting Typewriting

Base Form Unbear Unbend Unbind Unbuild Unclothe Underbid Underbuy Undercut Underdo Underfeed Undergird Undergo Underlay Underlet Underlie Underpay Underrun Undersell Undershoot Underspend Understand Undertake Underthrust Underwrite Undo Undraw Undraw Unfreeze Unhang Unhide Unhold Unknit Unlade Past Simple Unbore Unbent Unbound Unbuilt Unclad/Unclothed Underbid Underbought Undercut Underdid Underfed Undergirt/ Undergirded Underwent Underlaid Underlet Underlay Underpaid Underran Undersold Undershot Underspent Understood Undertook Underthrust Underwrote Undid Undrew Undrew Unfroze Unhung Unhid Unheld Unknit/Unknitted Unladed Past Participle Unborn/Unborne Unbent Unbound Unbuilt Unclad/Unclothed Underbid/ Underbidden Underbought Undercut Underdone Underfed Undergirt/ Undergirded Undergone Underlaid Underlet Underlain Underpaid Underrun Undersold Undershot Underspent Understood Undertaken Underthrust Underwritten Undone Undrawn Undrawn Unfrozen Unhung Unhidden Unheld Unknit/Unknitted Unladen/Unladed 3rd Person Singular Unbears Unbends Unbinds Unbuilds Unclothes Underbids Underbuys Undercuts Underdoes Underfeeds Undergirds Undergoes Underlays Underlets Underlies Underpays Underruns Undersells Undershoots Underspends Understands Undertakes Underthrusts Underwrites Undoes Undraws Undraws Unfreezes Unhangs Unhides Unholds Unknits Unlades Present Participle / Gerund Unbearing Unbending Unbinding Unbuilding Unclothing Underbidding Underbuying Undercutting Underdoing Underfeeding Undergirding Undergoing Underlaying Underletting Underlying Underpaying Underrunning Underselling Undershooting Underspending Understanding Undertaking Underthrusting Underwriting Undoing Undrawing Undrawing Unfreezing Unhanging Unhiding Unholding Unknitting Unlading

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Unlay Unlearn Unmake Unreeve Unsay Unsell Unsew Unsling Unspeak Unspin Unstick Unstring Unswear Unteach Unthink Untread Unweave Unwind Unwrite Upbuild Uphold Uppercut Uprise Upset Upspring Upsweep Uptear

Unlaid Unlearnt/Unlearned Unmade Unrove/Unreeved Unsaid Unsold Unsewed Unslung Unspoke Unspun Unstuck Unstrung Unswore Untaught Unthought Untrod Unwove Unwound Unwrote Upbuilt Upheld Uppercut Uprose Upset Upsprang Upswept Uptore

Unlaid Unlearnt/Unlearned Unmade Unrove/Unreeved Unsaid Unsold Unsewn/Unsewed Unslung Unspoken Unspun Unstuck Unstrung Unsworn Untaught Unthought Untrodden Unwoven Unwound Unwritten Upbuilt Upheld Uppercut Uprisen Upset Upsprung Upswept Uptorn

Unlays Unlearns Unmakes Unreeves Unsays Unsells Unsews Unslings Unspeaks Unspins Unsticks Unstrings Unswears Unteaches Unthinks Untreads Unweaves Unwinds Unwrites Upbuilds Upholds Uppercuts Uprises Upsets Upsprings Upsweeps Uptears

Unlaying Unlearning Unmaking Unreeving Unsaying Unselling Unsewing Unslinging Unspeaking Unspinning Unsticking Unstringing Unswearing Unteaching Unthinking Untreading Unweaving Unwinding Unwriting Upbuilding Upholding Uppercutting Uprising Upsetting Upspringing Upsweeping Uptearing

Base Form Vex Past Simple Vext/Vexed Past Participle Vext/Vexed 3rd Person Singular Vexes Present Participle / Gerund Vexing

Base Form Wake Waylay Wear Weave Wed Weep Past Simple Woke Waylaid Wore Wove Wed/Wedded Wept Past Participle Woken Waylaid Worn Woven Wed/Wedded Wept 3rd Person Singular Wakes Waylays Wears Weaves Weds Weeps Present Participle / Gerund Waking Waylaying Wearing Weaving Wedding Weeping

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Wend Wet Whipsaw Win Wind Winterfeed Wiredraw Wit Withdraw Withhold Withstand Wont Work Wrap Wreak Wring Write

Wended/Went Wet/Wetted Whipsawed Won Wound Winterfed Wiredrew Wist Withdrew Withheld Withstood Wont Worked/Wrought Wrapped/Wrapt Wreaked Wrung Wrote

Wended/Went Wet/Wetted Whipsawn/ Whipsawed Won Wound Winterfed Wiredrawn Wist Withdrawn Withheld Withstood Wont/Wonted Worked/Wrought Wrapped/Wrapt Wreaked/Wroken Wrung Written

Wends Wets Whipsaws Wins Winds Winterfeeds Wiredraws Wot Withdraws Withholds Withstands Wonts Works Wraps Wreaks Wrings Writes

Wending Wetting Whipsawing Winning Winding Winterfeeding Wiredrawing Witting Withdrawing Withholding Withstanding Wonting Working Wrapping Wreaking Wringing Writing

Base Form Zinc Past Simple Zinced/Zincked Past Participle Zinced/Zincked 3rd Person Singular Zincs Present Participle / Gerund Zincking

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