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Favorite Dark Knight Quotes: -----------------------------------------------------------------------The Mob's Kitchen Meeting: [Chapter 6: "Kill the Batman.

"] -----------------------------------------------------------------------Maroni: What the hell is this? [Pointing to the TV] Lau: As you're all aware, one of our deposits was stolen. A relatively small amount, 68 million. Chechen: Who's stupid enough to steal from us? Maroni: Two-bit wackjob, wears a cheap purple suit and makeup. He's not the problem, he's a nobody. The problem is our money being tracked by the cops. Lau: Thanks to Mr. Maroni's well-placed sources...we know that police have indeed identified our banks using marked bills...and are planning to seize your funds today. And since the enthusiastic new DA has put all my competitors out of business...I'm your only option. Maroni: So, what are you proposing? Lau: Moving all deposits to one secure location, not a bank. Gambol: Where, then? Lau: No one can know but me. If the police were to gain leverage over one of you...everyone's money would be at stake. Chechen: What's stoping them getting to you? Lau: I got Hong Kong, far from Dent's jurisdiction...and the Chinese will not extradite one of their own. Maroni: How soon can you move the money? Lau: I already have. For obvious reasons, I couldn't wait for your permission. Rest assured, your money is safe. [The Joker laughing as he enters the kitchen] The Joker: Ah, ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, Oh, hee-hee, aha. Ha, ooh, hee, ha-ha, ha-ha. And I thought my jokes were bad.

Gambol: Give me one reason why I shouldn't have my boy, here, pull your head off. Joker: How about a magic trick? [Stabs the table with a pencil] I'm gonna to make this pencil disappear. [Joker slams Gambol's boy's head onto the pencil and his head falls below the ta ble] Joker: Ta-da! It's-- It's gone. Oh, and by the way, the suit, it wasn't cheap. - You ought to know, you bought i t. [Gambol gets up to threaten the Joker] Chechen [to Gambol]: Sit. I want to hear proposition. [Joker points to Chechen's request.] Joker: Let's wind the clocks back a year. These cops and lawyers wouldn't dare cross any of you. I mean, what happened? Did your balls drop off? Hm? You see, a guy like me... Gambol: A freak -Mobster: Damn right. Joker: A guy like me -- Look, listen. [Shakes and cracks his neck] I know why you choose to have your little, ahem... group-therapy sessions in broad daylight. I know why you're afraid to go out at night. The Batman. See, Batman has shown Gotham your true colors, unfortunately. Dent, he's just the beginning. And as for the television's [Lau] so-called plan...Batman has no jurisdiction. He'll find him and make him squeal. I know the squealers when I see them...and.. . [Joker points to Lau on TV and Lau covers the video camera with his hand]. Chechen: What do you propose? Joker: It's simple. We, uh, kill the Batman. [Mobsters chuckle]

Maroni: If it's so simple, why haven't you done it already? Joker: If you're good at something, never do it for free. Chechen: How much you want? Joker: Uh, half. [Mobsters laughing] Gambol: You're crazy. Joker: - No, I'm not. No, I'm not - t! If we don't deal with this now...soon...little Gambol, here, won't be able to ge t a nickel for his gramdma. Gambol: [Slaps the table with his hands] Enough from the clown! Joker: [Opens his jacket and reveals a bunch of hand grenades tied to a string] Ah, ta-ta-ta. Let's not blow... Mobster 2: Shit! Joker: ...this out of proportion. Gambol: You think you can steal from us and just walk away? Joker: - Yeah. Gambol: I'm putting the word out. Five hundred grand for this clown dead. A million alive, so I can teach him some manners first. Joker: All-right. So, listen, why don't you give me a call...when you wanna star t taking things a little more seriously? Here's my card. [Places a Joker card on the table] Mm - mm. [Shows everyone the pull string to the hand grenades] [Joker exits through another kitchen door] [End of Scene] -----------------------------------------------------------------------Gambol's Headquarters: [Chapter 8: "Why so serious?"] -----------------------------------------------------------------------Gambol's bodyguard: Yo, Gambol, somebody here for you. They say they've just killed the Joker.

Another bodyguard: They brought the body. [Bodyguards bring in a body in a black plastic bag and lay it on the pool table] [Gambol removes the bag from the Joker's face] Gambol: So, dead, that's 500. [Joker grabs Gambol and shoves a knife in his mouth] Joker [to Gambol]: How about alive? Hm? [Joker's men grab hold of Gambol's bodyguards] Joker [to Gambol]: You wanna know how I got these scars? [Joker nods yes for Gambol] My father was...a drinker...and a fiend. And one night, he goes off crazier than usual. Mommy gets the kitchen knife to defend herself. He doesn't like that... ...not one bit - t. So, me watching... ...he takes the knife to her, laughing while he does it. He turns to me and he says... "Why so serious - s?" He comes at me with the knife. "Why so serious - s?" He sticks the blade in my mouth. "Let's put a smile on that face." And.... [Joker looks at one of the bodyguards] Why so serious? [Slashes Gambol's mouth off-camera] [Gambol falls to the floor, dead] [Joker rips off the remaining parts of the body bag] Now...our operation is small... ...but, there is a lot of potential... ...for aggressive expansion.

So which of you fine gentlemen would like to join our team? Oh. There's only one spot open right now, so we're gonna have... [Joker breaks a pool cue stick in half] ...tryouts. [Drops the stick pieces in front of the bodyguards and walks away] Make it fast. [The bodyguards are released to begin fighting for the job] [End of scene] -----------------------------------------------------------------------The Joker's Video [Chapter 10: "Men of their word."] -----------------------------------------------------------------------Joker: Tell them your name. Brian: Brian Douglas [Joker laughs] Joker: And are you the real Batman? Brian: No. Joker: No? Brian: No. Joker: No? Then why do you dress up like him? [Joker laughs] Joker: Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Brian: Because he's a symbol that we don't have to be afraid of scum like you. Joker: Yeah. You do, Brian. You really do. Huh? Yeah. Oh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. So you think Batman's made Gotham a better place? Hm? Look at me. [Now shouting] Look at me! You see, this is how crazy Batman's made Gotham.

You want order in Gotham... ...Batman must take off his mask and turn himself in. Oh, and every day he doesn't, people will die. Starting tonight. I'm a man of my word. [Joker laughing -- Brian screaming] [End of video] [End of scene] -----------------------------------------------------------------------The Harvey Dent Fundraiser: [Chapter 13: "Tonight's Entertainment"] -----------------------------------------------------------------------Scene: Bruce Wayne's Penthouse [Part II] -----------------------------------------------------------------------Bruce [to Rachel]: They've come for him. [Harvey Dent] [Bruce drags Harvey away to a safe room] [The elevator opens and the Joker releases a policeman who was guarding it] Joker [to the guests at the fundraiser]: We made it. [Bruce places a bar in the door handles] Bruce [to Rachel: Stay hidden. [Shotgun blast from the Joker] Joker: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We are tonight's entertainment. [He nibbles on an appetizer] I only have one question: Where is Harvey Dent? [Points his shotgun at several guests and drinks a quick swig from a champagne glass, spilling most of it on the floor] You know where Harvey is? [Slaps a guest's face] You know who he is? [To another guest] Thug in the hallway [to Bruce]: Hands up, pretty boy! [Bruce knocks out the thug, knocks out another thug, grabs his

shotgun and dismantles it into two pieces] Joker [to another guest]: Do you know where I can find Harvey? I need to talk to him. Just something little, huh? No. [Turns the guest head back and forth] [Cut to Bruce walking in his bedroom past a couple who were fooling around] Man [to Bruce]: What's going on out there? Wayne! [Bruce enters a panic room hidden in the wall] Woman: Oh, thank God, you've got a panic room. Man: Hey, wait -- [Bruce closes the panic room door behind him] Woman: Oh, you gotta be kidding me. Joker [to an elderly man]: You know, I'll settle for his loved ones. Elderly man replies: We're not intimidated by thugs. Joker: You know... [bangs a table several times] ...you remind me of my father. [he grabs the man's head and sticks a knife at the man's face] I hated my father. Rachel: Okay, stop. [Joker releases the elderly man and stares at Rachel] Joker: Well, hello, beautiful. [He combs back his hair with a knife in his hand] Joker: You must be Harvey's squeeze. Hm? And you are beautiful. [Joker circles around Rachel to check her out] You look nervous. Is it the scars? You wanna know how I got them? [He nods yes for her and grabs her neck] Come here. Hey. [Rachel tries to turn away] Look at me. [Joker forces her to look at him] So I had a wife. She was beautiful, like you... ...who tells me I worry too much... ...who tells me I ought to smile more... ...who gambles and gets in deep with the sharks. Hey! One day they carve her face.

And we have no money for surgeries. She can't take it. I just wanna see her smile again. Hm? I just want her to know that I don't care about the scars. So... ...I stick a razor in my mouth and do this... [licks his lips back and forth] ...to myself. And you know what? She can't stand the sight of me. She leaves. Now I see the funny side. Now I'm always smiling. [Rachel knees him in his groin and he bends over and laughs] You got a little fight in you. I like that. Batman: Then you're gonna love me. [Batman and the Joker's thugs start to brawl] [Joker joins in fighting Batman until the Joker grabs Rachel with a gun pointed at her] Batman: Drop the gun. Joker: Oh sure. You just take off you little mask and show us all who you really are. Hm? [Joker shoots out the window and holds Rachel at the edge of the window] Batman: Let her go. Joker: Very poor choice of words. [Laughs] [Joker lets Rachel go and she slides down the roof and over the edge, screaming] [Batman chases after her and also falls over the edge] [They land on a parked car and Batman's cape softens their fall] Batman [to Rachel]: Are you alright? Rachel: Let's not do that again. Is Harvey okay? Batman: He's safe.

Rachel: Thank you. [End of scene] ------------------------------------------------------------------------