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Organizational Behavior Case study of Wipro Technology Europe

Team members Ashish Batra Nishikant Harjai Udit Vikaram Singh Lokesh Purbia Manish Kandpal Ganesh Bhosle

1. What has Wipro done to enhance its global effectiveness?

Increased global footprints by opening their operating units in major markets such as U.S and Europe. Wipro has adapted/tailored its strategy according to different markets eg as Mr. Sudip Nandi didnt use the success strategy of US for European Market Focused more on local markets by hiring more local people who had better understanding of various business sectors in specific countries. For example they planned to have European team ratio of 60% Indian expatriates and 40% local. To improve the communication and understanding between local people and Indian expatriates they asked Indian wipro employees to hire in Europe. Various training programs to improve effectiveness and team work in global teams. For ex, Corporate trainings, Induction program for European employees about Indian culture and language training for Indian employee to understand their clients requirement better. Developed a project management model with 30% onsite and 70% offshore to understand clients needs and improve effective communication from client and within teams at the same time with a cost advantage. Implemented six sigma for software product development. Less attrition in Europe by hiring competent people who have sufficient grasp of the abstract, tolerance for ambiguity and patience to be able to grow with wipro at the same time who are resilient, remain calm and able to deal with uncertainty. Early review and feedback also resulted to further reduce attrition. Wipro was aware of their capability and was focused to target work related to their skill set only. Manual Sales process was automated, Close monitoring and review system was introduced to reduce follow-ups. Push the team to get early leads so that team becomes productive quickly and ready to face challenges.

2. Discuss and justify the culture awareness program for European hires, Client and Indian Staff There is need for behavioral skill training since there's a big difference around the world in communication skills, interpersonal skills and relationship management

Sales people to learn Indian culture to have good work relationships with indian teams as the end product was delivered by Indians only Languages training for Indian employee were required to understand their clients requirement better and have more effective communication.

3. What alternative steps do you think Paul could take to further develop the business? Alignment of people process and technology should be done Benchmark competitors products/services to grow the market share Increase customer base by acquisition Improve organizational capacity for new initiative adoption Create business cases for the success stories achieved in Europe and US. Funding of project design and proof of concepts at corporate level and implementation at business unit level List Wipro in various stock exchanges as it will provides access to world markets and, thereby, to international investors. So it becomes easier to raise capital and, second, it will improve companys visibility in those markets. Diversify portfolio into other businesses sectors in IT such as R&D, BPO, consulting etc. Maintain cost advantage of Wipro by recruiting retaining highly skilled professionals Should focus more on providing great learning opportunities for its employee and more value for its clients. For example by having more skills enhancement programs and strong customer relations. New innovation ideas should be followed in lined with same success story with six sigma which helped in reducing project life cycle and defect ratio. Same success story which wipro have been GE and cisco should be repeated with other counter parts by having joint ventures with local companies in all markets. Wipro should diversify into different It business such as hardware and software IT support , by doing forward and backward integration Software sales and Product development also should be seen as key revenue generator. Increase Global presence by exploring new markets such as western Europe, Russia etc as wipro succeed in success stories in US and Europe Six sigma principles can be applied across all processes and projects.