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August 3, 2008


Vol. 13 Issue 31

O U L A R C H D I O C E S E Vol. 13
O U L A R C H D I O C E S E Vol. 13
O U L A R C H D I O C E S E Vol. 13
O U L A R C H D I O C E S E Vol. 13

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Church and principle






of communion

If we are to understand the mission of the Church, we must go back to the Upper Room where the disciples remained together (cf. Lk 24:49), praying with Mary, the “Mother”, awaiting the Spirit that had been promised. This icon of the nascent Church should be a constant source of inspiration for every Christian com- munity. Apostolic and missionary fruitfulness is not principally due to programmes and pastoral methods that are cleverly drawn up and “efficient”, but is the result of the community’s constant prayer (cf. Evangelii Nuntiandi, 75). Moreover, for the mission to be effective, com- munities must be united, that is, they must be “of one heart and soul” (cf. Acts 4:32), and they must be ready to witness to the love and joy that the Holy Spirit instils in the hearts of the faithful (cf. Acts 2:42). The Servant of God John Paul II wrote that, even prior to action, the Church’s mission is to witness and to live in a way that shines out to others (cf. Redemptoris Missio, 26). Tertullian tells us that this is what happened in the early days of Christianity when pagans were converted on seeing the love that reigned among Christians: “See how they love one another” (cf. Apol- ogy, 39 § 7).

To conclude this brief survey of the Word of God in the Bible, I invite you to observe how the Holy Spirit is the highest gift of God to humankind, and therefore the supreme testimony of his love for us, a love that is spe- cifically expressed as the “yes to life”

that God wills for each of his crea- tures. This “yes to life” finds its full- ness in Jesus of Nazareth and in his victory over evil by means of the redemption. In this regard, let us never forget that the Gospel of Jesus, precisely because of the Spirit, cannot be reduced to a mere statement of fact, for it is intended to be “good news for the poor, release for captives, sight

for the blind

vitality this was seen on the day of Pentecost, as it became the grace and the task of the Church towards the world, her primary mission!

We are the fruits of this mission of


With what great

the Church through the working of the Holy Spirit. We carry within us the seal of the Father’s love in Jesus Christ which is the Holy Spirit. Let us never forget this, because the Spirit of the Lord always remembers every individual, and wishes, particularly through you young people, to stir up the wind and fire of a new Pentecost in the world.

5. The Holy Spirit as “Teacher of the interior life”

My dear young friends, the Holy Spirit continues today to act with power in the Church, and the fruits of the Spirit are abundant in the measure in which we are ready to open up to this power that makes all things new. For this reason it is important that each one of us know the Spirit, estab- lish a relationship with Him and al- low ourselves to be guided by Him. However, at this point a question naturally arises: who is the Holy Spirit for me? It is a fact that for many Christians He is still the “great unknown”. This is why, as we pre- pare for the next World Youth Day, I wanted to invite you to come to know the Holy Spirit more deeply at a per- sonal level. In our profession of faith we proclaim: “I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord and giver of life, who proceeds from the Father and the Son” (Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed). Yes, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the love of the Father and of the Son, is the Source of life that makes us holy, “because God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit which has been given to us” (Rom 5:5). Never- theless, it is not enough to know the Spirit; we must welcome Him as the guide of our souls, as the “Teacher of the interior life” who introduces us to the Mystery of the Trinity, because He alone can open us up to faith and allow us to live it each day to the full. The Spirit impels us forward towards others, enkindles in us the fire of love, makes us missionaries of God’s char- ity.

I know very well that you young people hold in your hearts great ap- preciation and love for Jesus, and that you desire to meet Him and speak with Him. Indeed, remember that it is precisely the presence of the Spirit within us that confirms, constitutes and builds our person on the very Person of Jesus crucified and risen.

So let us become familiar with the Holy Spirit in order to be familiar with Jesus.

6. The Sacraments of Confirmation and the Eucharist

You might ask, how can we allow ourselves to be renewed by the Holy Spirit and to grow in our spiritual lives? The answer, as you know, is this: we can do so by means of the Sacraments, because faith is born and is strengthened within us through the Sacraments, particularly those of Christian initiation: Baptism, Confir- mation and the Eucharist, which are complementary and inseparable (cf. The Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1285). This truth concerning the three Sacraments that initiate our lives as Christians is perhaps ne- glected in the faith life of many Christians. They view them as events that took place in the past and have no real significance for today, like roots that lack life-giving nourish- ment. It happens that many young people distance themselves from their life of faith after they have received Confirmation. There are also young people who have not even received this sacrament. Yet it is through the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and then, in an ongoing way, the Eucharist, that the Holy Spirit makes us children of the Father, brothers and sisters of Jesus, members of his Church, capable of a true witness to the Gospel, and able to savour the joy of faith.

I therefore invite you to reflect on what I am writing to you. Nowadays it is particularly necessary to redis- cover the sacrament of Confirmation and its important place in our spiritual growth. Those who have received the sacraments of Baptism and Confirma- tion should remember that they have become “temples of the Spirit”: God lives within them. Always be aware of this and strive to allow the treasure within you to bring forth fruits of holiness. Those who are baptized but have not yet received the sacrament of Confirmation, prepare to receive it knowing that in this way you will become “complete” Christians, since Confirmation perfects baptismal grace (cf. The Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1302-1304).

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03 …

Don’t • Show affection between the sexes in public. • Show your anger. It is


Show affection between the sexes in public.

Show your anger. It is impolite, and can permanently damage interpersonal relationships. Keep your temper at all times.

Criticize. When absolutely necessary, it must be done tactfully, gently and privately.

Dress too informally. The way you dress reflects your position. Also, it is a sign of respect, so when meeting people, or when visiting someone’s home, one should dress nicely and conservatively. Shorts, bacless dresses,a nd so on are not appropriate in public.

Expose money unless you are applying at the market or at a store. When giving a gift of money or when paying an employee, money should be put in an envelope.

Be impatient when services are not performed on time, some one is late, or things are not done efficiently.

Answer personal questions if you do not wish to answer them. Simply change the subject. These questions may include “Why aren’t you married?” and “How old are you?” and are simply a way Koreans use to get to know another person.



Always get a third party formally to introduce you to a potential business associate. Self-introductions are rarely successful in Korea.

Always carry business cards, preferably printed in English and Korean, and make sure that you give one to business acquaintances during the introduction.

Establish a good relationship before you discuss any busi- ness. Develop social networks , both among expatriates and Koreans, to help you in future business transactions.

Remember that in Korean society, smooth social relation- ships often take precedence over business efficiency.

Recognize that entertaining is an essential part of doing business, and that the cost of entertaining may far exceed what it costs in your home country.

Pushing too hard will not be

Be flexible at all times. viewed favorably.

Remember that “yes” does not always mean “yes.”


Assume that everyone in Korea understands your language. Get into the habit of having people paraphrase what you say, and do not be afraid to write down key points.

Cause anyone to lose face. Always allow an “escape.”

Use the telephone for business communication. Use face to face contact.

Criticize anything Korean.

Source: Sonja Vegdahl Hur and Ben Seunghwa Hur, Culture Shock in Korea.

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Amy Hermosa


Elyrey D. Dizon


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One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men.

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PopePopePopePope BenedictBenedictBenedictBenedict XVI’sXVI’sXVI’sXVI’s message…



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Confirmation gives us special strength to witness to and glorify God with our whole lives (cf. Rom 12:1). It makes us intimately aware of our belonging to the Church, the “Body of Christ”, of which we are all living members, in solidarity with one another (cf. 1 Cor 12:12-25). By allowing themselves to be guided by the Spirit, each baptized person can bring his or her own contribution to the building up of the Church be- cause of the charisms given by the Spirit, for “to each is given the mani- festation of the Spirit for the common good” (1 Cor 12:7). When the Spirit acts, he brings his fruits to the soul, namely “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control” (Gal 5:22). To those of you who have not yet received the sacrament of Confir- mation, I extend a cordial invitation to prepare to receive it, and to seek help from your priests. It is a special occasion of grace that the Lord is offering you. Do not miss this oppor- tunity!

I would like to add a word about the Eucharist. In order to grow in our Christian life, we need to be nour- ished by the Body and Blood of Christ. In fact, we are baptized and confirmed with a view to the Eucha-

rist (cf. The Catechism of the Catho- lic Church, 1322; Sacramentum Cari- tatis, 17). “Source and summit” of the Church’s life, the Eucharist is a “perpetual Pentecost” since every time we celebrate Mass we receive the Holy Spirit who unites us more deeply with Christ and transforms us into Him. My dear young friends, if you take part frequently in the eucha- ristic celebration, if you dedicate some of your time to adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, the Source of love which is the Eucharist, you will acquire that joyful determination to dedicate your lives to following the Gospel. At the same time it will be your experience that whenever our strength is not enough, it is the Holy Spirit who transforms us, filling us with his strength and making us wit- nesses suffused by the missionary fervour of the risen Christ.

7. The need and urgency of mission

Many young people view their lives with apprehension and raise many questions about their future. They anxiously ask: How can we fit into a world marked by so many grave injustices and so much suffer- ing? How should we react to the selfishness and violence that some- times seem to prevail? How can we give full meaning to life? How can we help to

bring it about that the fruits of the

Spirit mentioned above, “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self- control” (no. 6), can fill this scarred and fragile world, the world of young people most of all? On what condi- tions can the life-giving Spirit of the first creation and particularly of the second creation or redemption be- come the new soul of humanity? Let us not forget that the greater the gift of God - and the gift of the Spirit of Jesus is the greatest of all – so much the greater is the world’s need to receive it and therefore the greater and the more exciting is the Church’s mission to bear credible witness to it. You young people, through World Youth Day, are in a way manifesting your desire to participate in this mis- sion. In this regard, my dear young friends, I want to remind you here of some key truths on which to meditate. Once again I repeat that only Christ can fulfil the most intimate aspira- tions that are in the heart of each person. Only Christ can humanize humanity and lead it to its “divinization”. Through the power of his Spirit he instils divine charity within us, and this makes us capable of loving our neighbour and ready to be of service. The Holy Spirit enlightens us, revealing Christ cruci- fied and risen, and shows us how to

become more like Him so that we can be “the image and instrument of the love which flows from Christ” (Deus Caritas Est, 33). Those who allow themselves to be led by the Spirit understand that placing oneself at the service of the Gospel is not an op- tional extra, because they are aware of the urgency of transmitting this Good News to others. Nevertheless, we need to be reminded again that we can be witnesses of Christ only if we allow ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit who is “the principal agent of evangelization” (cf. Evangelii Nun- tiandi, 75) and “the principal agent of mission” (cf. Redemptoris Missio, 21). My dear young friends, as my venerable predecessors Paul VI and John Paul II said on several occa- sions, to proclaim the Gospel and bear witness to the faith is more necessary than ever today (cf. Re- demptoris Missio, 1). There are those who think that to present the precious treasure of faith to people who do not share it means being intolerant to- wards them, but this is not the case, because to present Christ is not to impose Him (cf. Evangelii Nuntiandi, 80). Moreover, two thousand years ago twelve Apostles gave their lives to make Christ known and loved.

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The traditional biblical foundation of the missionary duty of the Church was placed in Mt 28,19 ff. Ad Gentes, however, tries to place the foundation of the mission of the Church in the Trinitarian missions. Follow- ing LG (2-4) which sees the origin of the Church in the Trinity, Ad Gentes inserts the mission of the Church in the dynamism of the sending of the Son and the Spirit by the Father. In comparison with Vatican I, which used the term Gospel only once and never used the term evangelize or evangelization, Vatican II mentioned the Gospel 157 times, evangelize 18 times and evangelization 31 times. Vatican II understood evangelization as the proclamation of the basic Christian message to those who did not yet believe. This tradition goes back to Saint Justine martyr, who attributes the truth present in other religions to the Word of God which illumines all people coming to this world (Prologue of Gospel of John)

1. The link between Trinity-mission

Ad Gentes places the foundation of the mis- sion of the Church in the fontal love of the Father, from where the Son and the Spirit proceed (AG 2). There is a clear intention of placing the foundation of the mission of the Church in the salvific plan of God, which takes its origin in the “fontal love of God”, understood as the love of the Father from where proceed the Son and the Spirit; from these processions come the salvific econ- omy: the Father sends the Son and the Son sends the Spirit. From the Trinitarian proces- sions come the divine missions.

2. The link between Church-mission

The missionary nature of the Church derives from the divine missions; the Church is in the world a sign of God’s communication and as an epiphany of this communication (AG 2); the Church, then, appears as the result of the salvific action of God which begins in creation and in the Church calls all to a participation in His life; the objective of the communication of God is to pervade all things. This communication reaches the per- sons not only as individuals but forming a people, the People of God There is a sort of analogy between the missions of the Son and the Spirit and the missionary activity of the Church; both missions and missionary activ- ity have as objective the expansion of God’s love.15 In that way the mission of the Church is in continuity with the mission of

the Son is an intrinsic need of the nature of the Church, not the result of a command; the content of the mission of the Church is the same as that of the Son: the reconciliation and unification of everything (AG 3). The moving energy of the mission is the Spirit given by Christ at Pentecost, which is the moment of the public manifestation of the Church, the beginning of the proclamation of the Gospel (AG 4); as Jesus’ mission started after the consecration by the Spirit at Bap- tism, the same happens with the Church (this is the parallelism insinuated by Lk). Mission is then not something added or optional to the Church, but co-natural to her; without mission the Church has no meaning. This is the authentic foundation of the mission of the Church.

3. The Foundation of Mission in Protes- tant Theology

During the past centuries mission has been understood in a variety of ways; sometimes just in soteriological terms, as saving souls; or in cultural terms, as bringing Christian civilization to other peoples and cultures; or in ecclesial categories, as the expansion or plantation ecclesiae; also mission was de- fined as a process of transforming the world into the reign of God. The Protestants also wanted to give a theological foundation to the mission. The concept of the missio Dei which would become common for Protes- tants and Catholics in the ‘60s, appeared already in 1952 at the international Mission- ary Council of Willingen: “Mission was understood as deriving from the same nature of God, from the Trinity, not from ecclesiol- ogy or soteriology; mission is an attribute of God, a movement of God towards the world; and the Church is just an instrument of this salvific movement of God”16 During the last decades, beginning with Karl Barth, mission has been articulated as an activity of God himself: missio Dei. Mission is under- stood as derived from the very nature of God, not anymore in the context of ecclesiology or soteriology, but of the Trinity. The classi- cal doctrine on the missio Dei, as God the Father sending the Son, and God the Father and the Son sending the Spirit was expanded to this: Father, Son and Holy Spirit sending the Church into the world. Mission is, then, a participation in the

mission of the Trinity. In this understanding of mission as missio Dei, mission is not pri-

marily an activity of the Church, but of God. God is a missionary God. It is not the Church that has a mission of salvation in the world, the Church is just an instrument associated to the mission of the Son and the Spirit; there is Church because there is mission. To partici- pate in mission is to participate in the move- ment of God’s love for the world, since God is the fountain of sending love. Vatican II also appropriates this concept; Ad Gentes, after affirming that the Church is missionary by its very nature, gives the reason of this affirmation “since it has its origin in the mis- sion of the Son and the Holy Spirit”, and continues giving a definition of the mission- ary activity of the Church: “it is nothing else, and nothing less, than the manifestation of God’s plan, its epiphany and realization in the world and in history” (AG 2, 9). Mission is here defined in Trinitarian, Christological, pneumatological and ecclesiological terms. According to this theological understanding of mission, the primary purpose of the mis- sion of the Church cannot be the plantatio Ecclesiae or saving souls; rather it has to be a service to the missio Dei, a constant witness and epiphany of God’s love for the world. In its mission, the Church must constantly wit- ness to the promise of God’s reign and par- ticipate, empowered by the Spirit, in the on- going struggle between the reign and the powers of darkness and evil.

In Gaudium and Spes, this wider theological understanding of mission is expounded pneumatologically rather than Christologi-

cally. The history of the world is not only a history of evil, but also of love, a history in which the reign of God is being advanced through the work of the Spirit. Thus, in its missionary activity, the Church encounters a humanity and a world in which God’s salva- tion has already been operative in a secret and mysterious way by the Spirit. In refer- ence to the social order and its development toward service to the common good, Gaudium and Spes affirms: “The Spirit of God, who, with wondrous providence, directs the course of time and renews the face of the earth, assists at this development” (GS 26); further, GS sounds a warning: “we must be careful to distinguish earthly progress clearly from the increase of the Kingdom of God ” though “such progress is of vital concern to the Kingdom of God, in so far as it can con- tribute to the better ordering of human soci-

ety (GS 39).

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One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men.

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Karunungan: Bro. Allan Rodriguez

Bro. Allan Rodriguez

Continuation of July 20 issue…

A third encounter…….with Peter himself!

Their last day in Rome, Terry and Jennie go into St. Peter’s for a last look around before heading to the airport. Confused and frustrated with so many conflicting emotions and thoughts going through her soul, she finds herself in front of the statue of St. Peter and blurts out, “YOU saw Jesus but you DOUBTED him and you REJECTED him three times! So how can you expect me to believe? Help me then, show me what to do!” Suddenly – it hits her like a ton of bricks! “Oh my God! Fr. Branigan is my helicopter!”

She had let the car and the boat pass by, and now the helicopter was about to take-off…literally! On the way to the airport she tries to call Fr. Branigan a million times, but no answer. In a frustrated last effort, she simply leaves a message at the seminary, “Tell Fr. Branigan I think I am ready! Jennie.” Just before she boards the plane, her cell rings…it’s Fr. Branigan! She quickly answers and just comes out with: “FR. BRANI- GAN! YOU’RE MY HELICOPTER!” There is silence. She repeats:

“YOU’RE MY HELICOPTER!” Then there is laughter; he laughs and she laughs and cries at the same time. She says, “I think I’m ready!” To which he responds, “Jennie, if you are ready, I am ready!” “Yes! At long last. I was ready! And yes Fr. Branigan is going to be in Rome around Easter! And yes, he is going to baptize me! Thank you so much God!”

Easter 2008: The moment finally arrives, Easter Vigil at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Rome. The rite of baptism comes to an end, and so do all her doubts, worries, and insecurities; PEACE! The choir

…….Ffom Catholic Faith, page 04

begins to sing, and she says to Fr. Branigan, “As soon as I was baptized, all my doubts vanished!” Needless to say, Mass is no longer a drag for Jennie; on the contrary, the Eucharist has become the center of her life! Now she knows who GOD is, and where HE is, but that is not enough… she tells everyone she meets about HIM! - taken from a testimony; Good News, April 15, 2008

Because I have accepted Jesus into my heart:

* I am saved and considered righteous because of the shed Blood of Jesus Christ.

* I am free from sin and guilt and shame.

* I am loved and accepted by God – my past is forgiven and erased.

* I am now a child and heir of God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ.

* I am sanctified through the Blood of Jesus.

* I am set apart unto You Lord for service – Lord use me as You desire.

* I thank you that I have the right to experience intimate fellowship with You Lord.

* I thank you Lord for the maturing and molding process that is ongoing within my life.

“Praise Him and receive Him as your righteousness and sanctifier today!

4. - Mission as Missio Dei

The understanding of mission as missio Dei has helped to articulate the conviction that neither the Church nor any other human agent can ever be considered the author or the bearer of mission. Mission is, primarily and ultimately, the work of the Triune God, Creator, redeemer and sanctifier, for the sake of the world; a ministry in which the Church is privileged to participate. Mission has its origin in the heart of God. God is the fountain of sending love. This is the deepest source and root of mission. There is mission because God loves the world.

Mission is not a prerogative of the Church. God comes to save the world before the Church; and the Church in her mission finds God already pre- sent in the world through His Spirit. This vision implies a new understanding of mission and of salvation: mission is not ecclesiocentric anymore; the reign of God is no longer identified with the Church, and the world is not excluded from the salvific action of God and God’s salvation does not reach the world only through the Church. The mission of the Church is now a participation of Christians in the history of the world; the Church in mission takes part in the process of total salvation which is already going on in the world. Mission, then, is a participation in the salvific action of God in history. Mission is understood not from the Church but from God and from the needs of the world17.


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PAGLALAKBAY ni Bro. Joel Tavarro ALLEN JUN Marami ang bumabagtas sa daanang malubak Mag-ingat ng
ni Bro. Joel Tavarro
Marami ang bumabagtas sa daanang malubak
Mag-ingat ng mabuti upang hindi mapahamak
Amie Sison
Maging mahinahon at matatag sa iyong
Michael Balba
Maaaring biglang matalisod, sa kasalanan
Isang kaligayahan na ika’y matagal na
ay masadlak.
Nangyari ang isang natupad
na pangarap
Salamat sa Iyo,oh Poong Maykapal,
Sa mga biyayang,iyong ibinigay,
Ang anumang bagay,na aking
Utang ko sa Iyo,Poon naming mahal,
Ang paglalakbay sa buhay ay hindi gawang biro
Kaligayahang parang nasa alapaap
Maging matalino sa lahat ng dako, huwag itong gawing
Nakikita sa mga mata kong
Upang maiwasang mahulog sa patibong at ikaw ay ma-
Kung hindi ka makakabangon, ang bukas a
Kailanman di ka nawaglit sa isip ko
y maglalaho.
Kasama sa bawat kilos at hakbang ko
Ikaw ang natatanging kayamanan ko
Salamat sa Iyo,ako'y binigyan mo,
Mahal na magulang,butihing totoo,
Mula pagkabata,sila ang gabay ko,
Tunay na uliran,ang ama't ina ko.
Sa bawat paghakbang sikaping dulot ay tagumpay
Magsisilbing gabay para sa buhay ko.
Sapagkat ang kinabukasan mo’y sa iyo din
Huwag lumimot sa kaitaasan, manalangin ng walang
Tunay na kaligayahan ang aking na-
Sa talinong daig mo pa ang ilan
Kay Yahweh na dakila, sa Kanya humingi ng
Kahit na ikaw ay may kakulitan
Salamat sa Iyo, ako'y binigyan din,
Ng mga kapatid,na sadyang butihin,
Malalayong lugar,kanilang narating,
Upang kahirapan,ay huwag danasin,
Ipinagmamalaki pa rin kita
Salita Niya ay siibing mapa upang ating maging gabay
Na pumapawi sa mga suliranin, nag-aalis ng lumbay
Malapait na ang araw na hinihintay
Sa paglalakad dito sa sanlibutang walang katiyakan
Na sa buhay tayo ay laging
Bundok man o kapatagan, patuloy na sa buhay ay maki-
Salamat sa Iyo,ako ay binigyan,
Mga kaibigan,na tapat at tunay,
Sa saya o dusa,sila ang karamay,
Sila ang kasama,tuwing nalulumbay.
Magkasama sa bawat takbo ng buhay
Huwag susuko, hawanin ang mga dawag sa daraanan
Matatawag na panatag at malumanay.
Hindi dapat magpatalo sa problema, nawa lahat ay
Ang lahat ay isang pasasalamat
Limutin na ang nakalipas, ang kahapon ay hayaan ng
Sa pagsubok na kinakaya lahat
Ang malalim na pilat, maghihilom din sa darating na
Salamat sa Iyo,mahal naming Ama,
Pagkat ang pagsubok,aking nakakaya,
Anumang problema,hindi iniinda,
Pagkat sa tuwina,lagi kang kasama
Para sa kinabukasan na para sa iyo ay
Magtutulungan tayo upang maging
Tanawin ang dulo ng iyong nais patunguhan
Magsikap, magpunyagi, sa huli may
gandang matunghayan
Sa pagtakbo ng mga panahon, wagi ang makakamtan
Sapagkat sa iyong kahinaan,
Siyaang sa iyo ay magpapasan.

Page 6

One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men




Paglalayag Sakay sa Kabayo ng Am- ing Pananampalataya

Ni Jun R. Torrano

"At nagsimula ang paglalayag kay Zebedee at Salome"

Isinilang ang anak ng kulog mula sa pamilya ng mangingisda, nagmula ang mandirigma sa ang- kan ng hikahos, nakipaglaban at naglayag gamit ang kayang kabayo, espada at bandilang puti na may Krus na pula upang ihatid ang ma- buting balita sa sangkatauhan.

Tinaguriang matalik na kaibigan ni Hesus at kauna-unahang apostoles si Santiago (Saint James). Pawang binansagan sila ni Hesus ng kanyang kapatid na si Juan na anak ng kulog o Boarnerges (Son of Thunder). Pinagkanulo ni Haring Herod Agrippa at pinatawan ng kamata- yan; subalit ang kangyang misyon ay hindi natapos sa isang pamamaalam. Nakisama sa malaking digmaan upang harangin ang mga kawal ni Haring Herod Agrippa na pumipigil sa pagpapalaganap ng Kristiyanismo noong pana- hon ni Hesus.

Sa bayan ng Espanya muli siyang nakita sakay sa kanyang puting-Kabayo sa kasagsagang ng Digmaan. Ang kanyang paglalayag ay nagpatu- loy hanggang nakarating siya sa inosenteng bayan dala ng mga misyonaryong Espanyol.

Mula sa bayan na ito, napatunayan ang kanyang pagtatanggol ng salakayin ng hukbong-Hapones ang simbahan upang patayin lahat ng kalalaki- han. Subalit ang pananakop at bantang kamata- yan ay hinarangan ng apoy, ang paligid ng ba- yan nagningas at itanaboy ang mga kawal- Hapones, at mula sa langit ay walang tigil na kulog, sa paligid ay patuloy ang yabag ng isang kabayo sakay ang mahal naming patron- Ang Mahal na Poong Santiago.

Sa bawat salin-lahi, sa mga dekadang lumipas, ang paglalayag na nagmula kay Zebedee at Salome sa pamamagitan ng kanilang anak na si Santiago Apostol ay patuloy ang paglipat sa bawat henerasyon kasabay ng kasaysayan ng bayan namin. Malalim ang pagkakapunla ng binhi na sumibol hanggang naging puno ng pananampalataya ng bawat isa sa amin. Mala- gas man ang dahon sa tangkay ng panahon, patuloy ang paglayag at pag-ukit ng isang mi- syong paglalayag at pagtatanggol.

Manlalakbay naming maituturing ang bawat isa, magdirigmang- uri, subalit sa ibang dimensyon ng digmaan ang aming nilalabanan, naglalayag kami at nakikipag-digma upang labanan ang kahirapan para masagip namin ang pamilyang iniwan sa Bayan naming mahal. Katulad ng aming Patron, nagmula din kami sa angkan ng kahirapan na hindi natatakot makipagbuno sa digmaan ng buhay. Sama-sama naming hina-

harap ang mga pagsubok, nakabigkis kami sa iisang pananampalataya, sabay naming hina- harap ang kung anumang intensyon ng tao at mundo para sa amin.

Sa pagkakataong itanataboy kami sa kung saang sulok-upang makidigma at abutin ang aming pangarap para sa sarili, sa pamilya, sa Bayan naming mahal at sa aming Parokya, hindi mawawala ang aming niyakap na misyon. Patuloy ang layag hanggang kung saan maabot ang yabag ng aming sinasakyang kabayo kasa- bay ng pagtupad namin upang palawigin at ipagbunyi ang kinagisnang pananampalataya at tradisyon na nagpapa-igting ng aming pananampalataya.

Ganito kalalim ang istorya ng buhay ng aming tagapagtanggol kasabay ng istorya ng aming pananampalataya, ganito siya naging parte ng aming pamumuhay na itinturing namin ngayon na Kalayaan mula sa mapagsamantala at mga digmaan dulot ng pananakop. Sa bawat nakasu- lat sa kasaysayan ng buhay, sa bawat yabag ng paglalayag ay patuloy kaming nakasakay sa pananampalatayang ito, mga Kristiyanong kaanib ng Parokya ni Poong Santiago, mga manlalayag na Ibaeno na nagmula sa munting bayan ng Batangas, ang bayan na tinawag na Ibaan. Mananatili kami na may iiisang sigaw at panalangin : "Santiago iyo pong ihain sa Diyos ang aming daing"


ni Bro. Joel Tavarro

Natatandaan ko noong bata pa ako, nagbakasyon kami sa lugar ng aking Ama sa Tigbauan, Ilo-ilo. Nangangahoy kami ng Lolo ko nang biglang bumuhos ang malakas na ulan. Mabilis na tumaas ang tubig sa ilog na aming daraanan sa pamamagitan ng tulay na yari sa kawayan. Marupok na ito at butas-butas pa ang sahig. Umuuga pa ito ng malakas na parang idinuduyan ka. Kailangang humawak ng ma- higpit sa lubid na tanging hawakan nito dahil kapag nahulog ka ay siguradong tatangayin ka ng malakas na agos ng tubig. At habang tumatawid kami ng Lolo ko sa tulay na yaon ay pinapasan niya ako sa kanyang balikat. Napakahigpit ng pagkapit niya sa lubid upang hindi kami mahulog at dahan-dahan lamang ang kanyang paghak- bang. Hindi ako nababahala sapagkat alam kung hindi pahintulutan ng Lolo ko na ako ay mapahamak.

Nagbalik-tanaw muli ako at binigyan ng malalim na pagninilay kung anong aral ang mapulot ko sa karanasang iyon. Magtatatlong taon na rin ako sa bansang ito subalit patuloy pa rin ang pagtawid ko sa tulay patungo sa tagumpay. Bawat paghakbang ko ay may kaaki- bat na takot at pag-aalinlangan na baka mahulog at maanod ng malaks na agos at hindi na muli pang makabalik. Layunin ng halos lahat ang pagparito ay upang mahango sa kahirapan ang pamilya at makamit ang mga pangarap. Kasama ang mga pangako at pag-asang magtatagumpay. Subalit marami ang nakalimot sa tunay na misyon sa bansang ito, nahulog sa marupok na sahig at idinuyan ng malakas

na ugoy ng tulay at hindi na nakuhang magtagumpay sa pagtawid. May ilan ding tumigil na lamang sa gitna at hindi na umusad at tu- luyan ng nilamon ng takot na nauwi sa pagkakasala.

Sa araw-araw kong pakikipaglaban sa buhay, hinahayaan kong maghari sa puso ko si Kristo. Nagkaroon ako ng lakas ng loob upang sagupain ang mga bagay-bagay. Siya ang sibling baluti at kalasag ko sa oras ng kahinaan. Alam kong pinapasan Niya ako sa tuwing ako ay bumabagsak at tinutulungan Niyang makabangon muli. Minsan na akong inanod ng isang malakas na daluyong patungo sa gitna ng laot at inakalang hindi na makabalik pa sa pampang. Subalit wagas ang pag-ibig ng Panginoon. Iginawad Niya ang habag at pagpa- patawad sa aking mga kasalanan at tinawag Niya ako upang maging manggagawa sa Kanyang ubasan.

Nararapat lamang na magkaroon ng direksiyon ang ating paglalak- bay upang maiwasan ang pagkaligaw sa dapat na tatahakin. Humingi palagi ng gabay sa Dakilang Pastol na mag-aakay sa iyo at handa kang tulungan at sasamahan. Kailangan lamang ang maging tapat upang kaagad Niyang marinig ang iyong pagtawag. Sa pamamagitan ng pagtitiwala sa Kanya ay makakatawid ka sa kabilang dako at hu- mawak lamang ng mahigpit sa lubid na siyang magdadala sa iyo sa tagumpay. “Tumayo kayo sa panulukang-daan at magmasid. Hanapin ninyo ang dating landas. Alamin kung saan ang pinakama- buting daan. Doon kayo lumakad at magtatamo kayo ng kapaya- paan.” (Jeremias 6:16)

V OLU ME 1 3


One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men.

Page 7


MGA LIBRENG KONSULTA AT GAMOT b.) Kailangan na magparehistro kayo sa loob ng tatlong buwan
b.) Kailangan na magparehistro kayo sa loob ng tatlong buwan
(3 months) mula sa inyong pagdating dito sa Korea.
Doty Hospital—42-5 Eung-am-dong, Unpyeong-gu, Seoul
122- 906, tel. no. (02)385-1477
2. Para sa lahat ng manggagawa na kabilang sa Employment Permit
System (EPS):
Joseph Clinic - 423 Yeungdongpo-dong, Yeung dongpo-gu,
Seoul 150-030, Mon.-Fri. 1pm-9pm,
Tel. No.(02)2634-1760
a.) Kayo ay legal na makakapagtrabaho sa loob ng tatlong
Raphael Clinic - inside Tong Song High School,
every Sun. , 2-6 pm.
National Medical Center– Dongdaemun
b.) Sa lahat ng mga bagong lipat o nagpa-transfer: kung ang
visa ng isang manggagawa ay na-expire na dahil hindi siya nakahanap
ng trabaho o employer na magre-rehistro sa kanya, kailangang pumunta
o mag-report sa Immigration Office para kayo ay ma-rehistro.
Tel. No. 2260-7062 to 7063
Seoul Medical Center– Gangnam
Tel. No. 3430-0200
For Migrant Women
50-17 Dongsoong Dong Chongrogu Seoul 110-809 near Maronnier
Park. Tel #(02) 747-2086 E-mail: kcwc21@jinbo.net (KCWC) Office hours:
Mon-Fri. 11 am-5 pm Sat. day off Sun. 3 pm-6 pm Activities: Emo-
tional/spiritual counseling Woman’s rights and labor issues Korean
language/culture study (men and women are welcome).
SINASAKTAN, o di kaya’y
Guri Pastoral Center
Ansan Galilea Center
Suwon Emmaus Center
Friends Without Borders Counseling Office
Para sa mga EPS na nakatapos ng isang taong kontrata, pumunta lamang
sa Center at mag file ng application. Ito po ay para sa mga umalis
na sa kanilang mga pagawaan.
Gasan, Song-uri International Community
Uijungbu, Nokyangdong Migrant Center
Dalhin ang mga sumusunod: Passport, Alien Registration Card, at Li-
breta/Bank Book.
Masok Chonmasan Migrant Center
Bomun, Seoul Foreign Workers’
Ipapadala ng Center ang inyong application sa Insurance Company.
Maghintay ng 3 linggo hanggang 1 buwan para sa resulta.
Labor Counseling Office
Ang pera ay ipapadala sa inyong Libreta/Bank Book.
Paki-check la-
mang ito pagkatapos ng naturang panahon sa mismong opisina.
Kailangang alam ninyo ang Company Identification Number.
wala ito hindi ninyo makukuha ang inyong severance pay.
Mga kailangang dokumento sa paga-asikaso ng mga reklamo tungkol sa
1. Pay Slip or any other proof of payment of salary 2 .
Daily Time Record (DTR) if available, or self-made record of daily
work attendance specifying Regular Working hours, Overtime, and
Night Differential.
3. Labor Contract
4. Bank Book/ Passbook
5. Alien Card and Passport
Birth Certificate ng mga ikakasal
Status of singleness from Census (notarized)
Parents’ consent as proof of singleness (notarized)
Baptismal Certificate for marriage purposes
Confirmation Certificate for marriage purposes
Para sa lahat ng mga bagong dating na mga manggagawa, lalong lalo na
sa mga kabilang sa Employment Permit System (EPS):
Passport (xerox copy)
a.) Tungkol sa Alien Card Registration - nasa dayuhan o sa
manggagawa ang responsibilidad ng pagkuha o pagpaparehistro ng
Alien Card, at hindi sa employer.
Pre-Cana seminar na gaganapin bago ang takdang araw ng
kasal. Makipag-ugnayan po lamang sa Catholic Center para
sa schedule.

Page 8

One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men.



11th Basketball Conference Ginoo at Binibining Kalinangang Pilipino Schedule of Games August 3 Isasagawang muli
11th Basketball Conference
Ginoo at Binibining Kalinangang Pilipino
Schedule of Games
August 3
Isasagawang muli ang Ginoo at Binibining Pilipinas-Korea sa
September 21, 2008 sa Tongsong Auditorium. Lahat ng mga
interesado ay magpalista sa kahit na sinong miyembro ng Council.
Cavite Saints vs. Ilocano
Qualifications: The candidates must be:
Aguman vs. Rosarians
Cavite Saints vs. Ilonggo
(cont. game)
- a Filipino citizen;
- 18-35 years of age;
August 10
3 points shootout
- Single;
- a Catholic; and
Friendship Game
Uijeongbu Diocese vs HFCC Archdiocese of Seoul
- with good moral standing
Deadline of Submission of names: August 24, 2008
Screening of Candidates: August 31, 2008
Contact Person: Edgar Balista
Panawagan sa mga magpapabinyag
August 2 (9:00pm) Prayer Vigil Catholic Center
August 3 (8-9pm)
Leadership Seminar
Holy Spirit
and Ministry
Mission Center
August 10 (8:00am)
Preaching Skills
Catholic Center
Mula sa buwan ng Agosto, isasagawa na ang pre-baptism inter-
view sa lahat ng mga magulang (tatay at nanay) isang linggo
bago ang schedule ng binyag ng bata. Makipag-ugnayan kay
Liza Anglo o sa kahit na sinong miyembro ng Lay Eucharistic
August 24 (12pm)
Free Medical Check-up
Physical Check-up for Foreigners
Free physical check-up for foreigners on August 24, 2008,
12:00 noon. Categories to be checked:
Those who are interested to join may call Tonette – 01086894162, Orly
– 01086954848 or Junnie – 01031494586. The occasion will coincide
with the Kasan International Community’s 8th Anniversary on Septem-
ber 7, 2008. The audition is going on until August 24, 2008. The prizes
will be the following: Champion – 500,000 won, 1st runner up –
300,000 won and 2nd runner up – 200,000 won.
1. skin disease
2. blood pressure
Ilocano Raffle Draw (July 20)
3. Blood Test: Liver Function, Blood Sugar, High Fat
Blood, Anemia and General Blood Test
1st prize
2nd prize
4. Infectious Diseases: Hepatitis B, Syphilis, AIDS,
Hansen’s Disease
3rd prize
ticket # 004169
ticket# 003671
ticket# 002473
Consolation Prize
5. Urine Examination: Kidney and Urinary Disease
ticket# 001205
6. Chest X-Ray
Eric Aruma
ticket# 002485
AUGUST 23, 2008.
Eddie S.
ticket# 004086
ticket# 003561
ticket# 001939
Maraming salamat po sa mga sumuporta sa Ilocano Seoul Chapter.
Birth certificate ng batang bibinyagan
2X2 ID pictures (2 pcs)
Application form—ipasa ito sa Catholic Center isang linggo bago dumat-
ing ang takdang araw ng binyag.
Katekismo sa binyag na ginaganap tuwing ika-10 ng umaga, araw ng linggo
(mismong araw ng binyag). Tanging ang mga pangalan ng mga nakadalo ng
katekismo ang mailalagay sa Baptismal Certificate. Ang bilang ng mga ninong
at ninang ay hindi dapat lalabis sa dalawampu. Ang lahat ay pinakikiusapang
isaisip ang angkop na pananamit para sa okasyon.
Ipinapabatid po sa lahat na ang proyektong Barya mo, Buhay
Ko ay patuloy na isinasagawa ng Sambayanan. Sa mga nais
makibahagi sa proyektong ito, huwag mag-atubiling dalhin ang
inyong mga barya at ialay sa Banal na Misa sa araw ng linggo.
Maraming Salamat po!!!

V OLU ME 1 3


One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men.

Page 9


AIR&SEACARGO SGEC Lic.No.: 605-20-96293 Destination Jumbo Regular ManilaManilaManilaManila


SGEC Lic.No.: 605-20-96293
















WeWeWeWe acceptacceptacceptaccept LCLLCLLCLLCL fromfromfromfrom otherotherotherother CargoCargoCargoCargo LoadingLoadingLoadingLoadingday:day:day:day: ThursdayThursdayThursdayThursday 4X4X4X4Xaaaa monthmonthmonthmonth







Gen.ManagerGen.Manager:Gen.ManagerGen.Manager:::MarkMarkMarkMark (((( TisoyTisoyTisoyTisoy))))

Cp.NoCp.No.:Cp.NoCp.No.:.:.:011011-011011--9921-99219921-9921--9469-946994699469//// 010010-010010--8773-87738773-8773--9469-946994699469





FreeFreeFreeFree boxboxboxbox deliverydeliverydeliverydelivery &&&& pickpick-pickpick--up-upupup anytimeanytimeanytimeanytime &&&& anywhereanywhereanywhereanywhere SaSaSaSa LahatLahatLahatLahat PoPoPoPo NgNgNgNg NaisNaisNaisNais MagingMagingMagingMaging AhenteAhenteAhenteAhente NgNgNgNg SuperSuperSuperSuper GemGemGemGemCargoCargoCargoCargo TumawagTumawagTumawagTumawag LangLangLangLang PoPoPoPo KayKayKayKay TisoyTisoyTisoyTisoy

Note:PricesNote:PricesNote:PricesNote:Prices ChangedChangedChangedChanged DueDueDueDue totototo IncreaseIncreaseIncreaseIncrease ofofofof FuelFuelFuelFuel &&&& otherotherotherother FreightFreightFreightFreight CosCosCosCoststststs






Contact Information:



TIKMAN Contact Information: MONESSA: 010-7748-1088 PHILTRUST TRAVEL CENTER Now offering PROMO FARES for



Roundtrip Fares from W140,000-460,000

(exclusive of tax)

Roundtrip Tickets to the PHILIPPINES

Handles tickets for Canada, USA, Hongkong, China, and other Asian Countries

Call Us Now:

Tel. No. 02) 790-1826 Fax No. 02) 790-1827 Mobile No. 010-2871-7782 / 011-9699-7782 Email Address: philtrust_korea@yahoo.com Office Address: 36-39, 4th floor, Itaewondong Yongsan-ku, Seoul, South Korea (near the Philippine Embassy)

4th floor, Itaewondong Yongsan-ku, Seoul, South Korea (near the Philippine Embassy) DELDELDELDEL MONTEMONTEMONTEMONTE



4th floor, Itaewondong Yongsan-ku, Seoul, South Korea (near the Philippine Embassy) DELDELDELDEL MONTEMONTEMONTEMONTE
Office Address: Chongro Hyehwa Dong, 7/F 109-4 406 Bldg., Seoul, Korea We are open from
Office Address: Chongro Hyehwa Dong, 7/F 109-4 406 Bldg., Seoul, Korea We are open from
Office Address: Chongro Hyehwa Dong, 7/F 109-4 406 Bldg., Seoul, Korea We are open from

Office Address: Chongro Hyehwa Dong,

7/F 109-4 406 Bldg., Seoul, Korea

We are open from Mon—Fri 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Sunday from 9:00am to 5:00 pm

For more information please call: Tel. No. (02)3672-1384

You can remit thru online remittance to any of the following bank ac- counts of ePadala Mo in Korea:

Post Office (010892-01-001084)

Woori Bank (512-518974-13-001)

Choheung Bank (313-01-148631)

Kookmin Bank (031-01-0423-044)

Hana Bank (274-810000-82104)

Service Charge is only 8,000 won and

FREE SERVICE CHARGE for new remitters with

valid passport and Alien Card!!!



Door to door delivery service

from Korea to the Philippines

Precy Niebres

General Manager

Address: Songbuk-gu, Bomun 3-Ga, 225-192 South Korea


(02) 927-7766; Cel Phone: 016-212-3100

E-mail: mp_pasalubong@yahoo.com Philippine Address: 806 A. Bonifacio St., Balintawak, QC

Contact Person: Lala (02) 666-3631 Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 FREE PICK-UP & DELIVERY: Anytime, Anywhere from Monday to Sunday







Metro Manila



7 days

Luzon A



10-15 days

Luzon B



20 days

Off-shore Islands/



25 days





25 days

Sa mga nagnanais na madagdagan ang kita, ang MYPASALUBONG door to door po ay naghahanap ng mga interesadong maging ahente. Tumawag po lamang sa aming opisina.

ay naghahanap ng mga interesadong maging ahente. Tumawag po lamang sa aming opisina. VOLUME 13 ISSUE
ay naghahanap ng mga interesadong maging ahente. Tumawag po lamang sa aming opisina. VOLUME 13 ISSUE
ay naghahanap ng mga interesadong maging ahente. Tumawag po lamang sa aming opisina. VOLUME 13 ISSUE



Page 11

Philippine/World News


Group: Arroyo's SONA mum on OFWs' welfare



Benedict’s Message


page 3 …

MANILA, Philippines - Militant overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) based in Hong Kong questioned President Gloria Maca- pagal Arroyo on Monday for keeping mum on measures to pro- mote their welfare in her State of the Nation Address (SONA). Bagong Alyansang Makabayan Hong Kong (Bayan-HK) said poverty has become so rampant that the economic and political crises are even felt abroad.

"(Government) keeps on exacting from the earning of OFWs through various government fees. It even takes money from what we send to our families through the documentary stamp fee in every remittance," said Norman Uy Carnay, Bayan-HK country information officer, said in a statement on the Kilusan website.

Throughout the centuries since then, the Gospel has continued to spread by means of men and women inspired by that same missionary fervour. Today too there is a need for disciples of Christ who give unstintingly of their time and energy to serve the Gospel. There is a need for young peo- ple who will allow God’s love to burn within them and who will respond

generously to his urgent call, just as many young blesseds and saints did in the past and also in more recent times. In particular, I assure you that the Spirit of Jesus today is inviting you young people to be bearers of the good news of Jesus to your contemporaries. The difficulty that adults undoubt- edly find in approaching the sphere of youth in a comprehensible and convincing way could be a sign with which the Spirit is urging you young people to take this task upon yourselves. You know the ideals, the lan- guage, and also the wounds, the expectations, and at the same time the desire for goodness felt by your contemporaries. This opens up the vast world of young people’s emotions, work, education, expectations, and

Carnay said that Filipino migrants are enraged with the refusal of the Arroyo government to heed the people's demands to re- move the value-added tax on oil and the scrapping of oil deregu- lation. Also, he said government remains silent on issues affect- ing OFWs in the host country.


Each one of you must have the courage to promise the Holy

Spirit that you will bring one young person to Jesus Christ in the way you

consider best, knowing how to “give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope, but [to] do it with gentleness and rever- ence” (cf. 1 Pet 3:15).

In her 57-minute speech, Arroyo praised the efforts of OFWs who send money back home to ease the economic woes not only of their families in particular but also of the country in general.

In order to achieve this goal, my dear friends, you must be holy and you must be missionaries since we can never separate holiness from mis- sion (cf. Redemptoris Missio, 90). Do not be afraid to become holy mis- sionaries like Saint Francis Xavier who travelled through the Far East proclaiming the Good News until every ounce of his strength was used up, or like Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus who was a missionary even though she never left the Carmelite convent. Both of these are “Patrons of the Missions”. Be prepared to put your life on the line in order to enlighten the world with the truth of Christ; to respond with love to hatred and disregard for life; to proclaim the hope of the risen Christ in every corner of the earth.

8. Invoking a “new Pentecost” upon the world

"I care for our OFWs for their skills, integrity, and untiring labor, who send home their pay as the only way to touch loved ones so far away," said Mrs Arroyo in her eighth SONA on Mon- day.

"Nagpupugay ako ngayon sa kanilang mga pangkaraniwang Filipino (I laud them, ordinary Filipinos)," she added. After praising the OFWs, Mrs Arroyo received the 10th applause dur- ing her speech.

The group's information officer mentioned the lack of reaction of the Philippine government to the HK$100 wage increase for foreign domestic helpers in HK that migrant groups have called "too small" as well as the suspension of the levy that migrants believed would lead to massive termination of current FDHs.

My dear young friends, I hope to see very many of you in Sydney in July 2008. It will be a providential opportunity to experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit’s power. Come in great numbers in order to be a sign of hope and to give appreciative support to the Church community in Austra- lia that is preparing to welcome you. For the young people of the country that will host you, it will be an exceptional opportunity to proclaim the

"Other consulates have already expressed disappointment over the levy decision but the Philippine Consulate General has re- mained silent. It just shows how the GMA government mortally fears rocking the labour migration boat that is the only one sup- porting the country's economy," Carnay said.

beauty and joy of the Gospel to a society that is secularized in so many ways. Australia, like all of Oceania, needs to rediscover its Christian roots. In the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Ecclesia in Oceania, Pope John Paul II wrote: “Through the power of the Holy Spirit, the Church in Oce- ania is preparing for a new evangelization of peoples who today are hun-

gering for Christ

A new evangelization is the first priority for the Church


in Oceania” (no. 18).


Carnay added that the rice problem, the incessant increase in prices of oil and oil-dependent commodities and the Value Added Tax are the major concerns of OFW families that impact Filipi- nos abroad.

"These are the everyday needs of our families that stretch our budget to the limits. These expenses are on top of what we have to shoulder on education and health that should have been basic services that this government has never delivered," he added.

"As breadwinners of our families, we cannot escape from the tragedy after tragedy that GMA's policies and inaction to burning issues bring. Every month, we are full of worries as to how we can still shoulder the increasing needs of our families," he said. -

I invite you to give time to prayer and to your spiritual formation dur- ing this last stage of the journey leading to the XXIII World Youth Day, so that in Sydney you will be able to renew the promises made at your Bap- tism and Confirmation. Together we shall invoke the Holy Spirit, confi- dently asking God for the gift of a new Pentecost for the Church and for humanity in the third millennium.

May Mary, united in prayer with the Apostles in the Upper Room, accompany you throughout these months and obtain for all young Chris- tians a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit to set their hearts on fire. Re- member: the Church has confidence in you! We Pastors, especially, pray that you may love and lead others to love Jesus more and more and that you may follow Him faithfully. With these sentiments I bless you all with deep affection.

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