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2005 In the frame of cooperation between the EPFL and the Indian Institutes of Technology, our Laboratories and

Institutes are offering few openings for students from IIT-Delhi IIT- Bombay (Mumbai) IIT-Chennai (Madras) IIT-Kanpur, and newly IIT-Kharagpur IIT-Gowhati, and IIT-Roorkee A. The openings comprise two to three months long internships for B.Tech/M. Tech students enrolled in the above IITs. Students from 3rd B.Tech or 4th year dual degree are eligible to apply. The application conditions and procedure for 2005 are as the follows : 1. Applicants with a minimum CGPA of 9.0 in the following branches: Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, Materials Science & Eng., and Engineering Physics, will be considered 2. Applicants CGPA below 9.0 will not be considered and no communication will be entertained with them 3. Important among selection criteria are CGPA (as mentioned above), project experience, and research interests 4. Applications will be considered on a highly competitive basis 5. Applications containing Curriculum Vitae, letter of motivation and a copy of previous semester grade card1! are to be sent to the undersigned by e-mail or by post 6. Application deadline : Friday October 29, 2004, at the latest 7. Short listed candidates will be communicated by the end of year 2004 8. Selected candidates will be informed of the outcome by the end of February 2005 Internship conditions: - two months' grant (CHF 1550.per month for 2005), and - a contribution to your return air fare to Geneva amounting to CHF 600. - all living expenses and accommodations are to be paid with this grant - compulsory medical and accident insurance for your stay in Switzerland (for inst. : European Assistance contract) to be arranged by yourself before leaving India. We are looking forward to receiving your applications : EPFL/ Vice-Presidence for International Relations Ms. Michle Bonnard, admin. adj. Postal address : PPH Building CH-1015 Lausanne Fax: +4121 693 5865 - E-mail Web address : http://www.epfl.ch/rint/Asia.htm N. B. Applications sent directly to the EPFL Labs are strongly discouraged !
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Please give your own name to this copy and not just "gradesheet"...this will streamline the process of sorting out the applications.

2005 B. The EPFL also offers a few openings for final year M. Tech students willing to undertake part of their major projects under the guidance of an EPFL Faculty member or Senior Researcher C. The EPFLs Labs have a few long term internships (max. 6 months) openings for B. Tech/M. Tech graduates from the same institutions willing to possibly pursue their studies (Ph.D.) at the EPFL Applications concerning B) and C) should be sent directly to Dr Pramod Rastogi, EPFL coordinator.

EPFL / VP International Relations Webpublisher / September 2004

Dr Pramod Rastogi & Ms. Michle Bonnard