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By Lyn C.


March 14, 2010

The Speakers: Prof. Joy Siapno, speaks about WOMEN and MIGRATION, Atty. Delmer Cruz speaks about THE LAWS ON WOMEN TRAFFICKING, and Ms. Marlene Lim talks about THE PHILIPPINE CENTERs VISION ON ITS APOSTOLATE FOR WOMEN .


The Hyewhadong Filipino Catholic Community through its Committee on Womens Issues organized the Forum on Women last March 7, 2010 at the 3rd Floor of the Philippine Catholic Center. It was in line with the celebration of the International Womens Day which is being held every 8th day of March worldwide. It was well attended by the volunteers of the community as well as the non-volunteers. Prof. Emely Dicolen-Abagat facilitated the said forum. It started with the Opening Prayer led by the HFCC Vice President Bro. Jimmy Villaflor followed by the Opening Remarks of Fr. Alvin B. Parantar, MSP, HFCC Chaplain. He gave a birds eye view of what was going to happen on that day.

not give emphasis on the imprisonment (not in its literal meaning) of women, e.g. cultural imprisonment, etc. Her rights as an individual is being incarcerated. Even in these modern days, the inequality between men and women is still rampant.

ment area, but with all the reports and complaints filed in their office, they conduct a thorough background check of the promoters, performance venues and recruiters. He also explained the Trafficking Protocol which is to prevent, suppress and punish trafficking of persons especially women and children. In Philippine Law, the RA 9208: Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2003 was based on international Law on Trafficking and the Korean Law has domestic laws similar to Trafficking Protocol.

Prof. Emely made a brief introduction of the three resource speakers in the person of Prof. Jacqueline Joy Aquino-Siapno Associate Professor in the Graduate School of International Studies at Seoul National University, Atty. Delmer Cruz, Labor Attach of Philippine Embassy and Ms. Marlene Lim HFCC Lay Missionary and Chairperson of Committee on Women Issues The topic tackled by Labatt Cruz (CWI). was about the LAWS ON WOMEN The first talk given by Prof. TRAFFICKING. Trafficking deSiapno dealt with WOMEN AND fined as the recruitment or transMIGRATION. She asked, How do port of persons and all kinds of womens migration experiences movement of persons from origin differ from men? Some of us by means of threat, use of force, may not be aware of these differ- other forms of coercion, fraud ences, it may sound the same. But and deception. as we go deeper we will realize that theres so much into these He said that the vulnerable secexperiences. She said that we do tors are mostly in the entertain-

Prof. Siapno cited an example of a migrant woman working in a factory in Indonesia. Though her consciousness as a laborer is so high and though she has accepted the terms of being a laborer yet her right as a woman was totally neglected. But with the challenges she had faced she was able to see hope and even shared her Lastly he said that they are doing experiences through writing. actions or preventive measures to Women used to be second fiddle help lessen the victims of traffickto men. But why cant we educate ing if not totally eradicate the the men to do the same things we violators of the law. do like taking care of the elderly, do childcare and many others. As The last topic presented by Ms. a woman we can start these things Lim was PHILIPPINE CENTERS right in our own home with our VISION ON ITS APOSTOLATE FOR own children. We can even write WOMEN. In the beginning the our own journey and reflections Archdiocesan Pastoral Center for and transform our pains into in- Filipino Migrants was home for sights. She added, when we have many Overseas Filipino Workers. nothing we will discover our In the past, the center faced diffistrength. The meek and humble cult times, but surpassed and surwill inherit the earth an inspiring vived the demands of living in Korea. message which ended her talk. The Philippine Center as it is known became at that time and up to the present, a shelter for the deprived, displaced and disadvantaged women including children of Filipino-Korean Marriages. Most of these women who came to the center were victims of domestic violence, etc.
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Volume 15 Issue 11

SAMBAYANAN is prepared and published weekly by the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center for Filipino Migrants which is being administered by the Mission Society of the Philippines under the auspices of Seoul Archdiocese. ARCHDIOCESAN MIGRANTS PASTORAL CENTER FOR FILIPINO

HFCC Organizes...from page 01..

Surviving all the odds the Philippine Center with its vision continues to provide professional help for cases of traumas and mental depression, assists and monitors medical treatments of women patients, provides support for undocumented women caught in the factory during raids and detained in the Immigration Detention Centers. It helps facilitate the filing of labor cases of women working in the factory and many others. Its vision also hopes to address many womens issues by educating them through organizing forums and the like. After the given talks, the open forum followed wherein some of the participants raised questions and were addressed properly by their chosen resource speakers. The forum ended with Fr. Alvins final words. He said that women in bondage and in captured mind need some of this kind (forum, etc) to awaken their consciousness and deepen their knowledge. The humble service of the center includes the effort of trying to organize and coordinate with other associations, organizations that can help and to use the resources in addressing the issues. The forum adjourned at around 6:30 in the evening with a final prayer led by Prof. Emely.
In line with the newly created committee of the Hyehwadong Filipino Catholic Community (HFCC) called the Committee on Women Issues (CWI), we would like to invite volunteers to join and be active advocates of women issues in Korea. This committee aims to address and respond to problems encountered by migrant women in Korea particularly issues on multicultural marriages, health and hospitalization concerns, work-related problems, women trafficking, and the like. For inquiries, please call Ms. Marlene Lim, the Chairman of CWI (010-6871-0870), or Fr. Alvin B. Parantar, MSP (010-4922-0870) or you may approach any of the Council members. See you!!!

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One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

Volume 15 Issue 11

- Sambuhay Taon 23 Blg. 50 ati akong nagsusulat sa telebisyon at pelikula. Madalas na ipinapayo ng mga beteranong manunulat at direktor na iwasan ang mga isteryotipikal na mga karakter. Ang ibig sabihin nito ay iwasang magsulat ng mga karakter na hulang-hula mo na ang magiging reaksyon o ang susunod na gagawin, kumbaga ay plakado na. Kaya naman nang mabasa ko ang Ebanghelyo ngayon, naisip ko na masasabing magaling na manunulat si Lucas dahil hindi tipikal na Ama ang bida sa dramang natunghayan natin ngayon. Sa mga soap opera na napanood na natin, madalas nakikita ang sitwasyon ng isang anak na nagloko at pinalayas ng tatay. Kapag nagbalik ang anak, ang tatay ang unang tumatanggi at nagagalit samantalang ang nanay naman ang nagmamakaawa na tanggapin ang kanyang bunso. Ngunit sa Ebanghelyo ngayon, ibang-iba ang naging reaksyon ng tatay. Sa halip na magalit, ang amay nahabag... patakbo siyang [ang alibughang anak] sinalubong, niyakap, at hinagkan. Ibang-iba talaga sa istrikto at machong tatay na nakikita natin sa karamihan ng mga kwento sa pelikula. Ang tatay sa Ebanghelyo ang Ama natin sa langit. Siya ang Amang nangungulila sa atin at nasasabik sa ating pagbabalik. Siya ay naghihintay sa atin na makatawid mula sa kasalanan tungo sa kabanalan. Hindi lamang siya basta naghihintay kundi patakbo pang sumasalubong at tuwang-tuwang inaakay tayo patungo sa hapag ng piging na inihanda para sa atin. At ang tagpong ito ngay punung-puno ng pangako at pag-asa! Ang ikaapat na Linggo ng Kuwaresma ay tina-

tawag na Linggo ng Laetare. Sa liturhiya ng Simbahan, ito ang natatanging araw sa buong panahon ng Kuwaresma na kung saan ang estolang ginagamit sa Banal na Misa ay kulay rosas sa halip na lila. Pinuputol ng Linggong ito ang buong panahon ng pagdadalamhati. Sa halip na kalungkutan, galak at aliw ang ipinag-

Higit sa lahat, hindi lamang basta naghintay ang Ama sa ating pagbabalik. Kaisa ng Anak, sinalubong niya tayo, niyakap at hinagkan sa kabila ng ating nakadidiring kalagayan. Dahil rito, walang dahilan upang malungkot. Kailangan lamang nating kumapit sa kanyang kamay habang dinadala niya tayo patungo sa hapag ng isang piging na para sa atin talaga. Naway kumapit tayo nang mahigpit upang hindi panghinaan ng loob sa gitna ng mga pamumuna ng mga taong nagmamatuwid at nagmamalinis tulad ng mga Pariseo at eskriba sa Ebanghelyo ngayon. Kahanga-hanga nga talaga ang pangungulila sa atin ng Ama sa kabila ng ating mga pagkukulang. Kahanga-hanga nga talaga ang kaya niyang gawin alang-alang sa pangungulila at pagmamahal niya sa atin.

Tama nga si John Newtow sa awit na kanyang isinulat, ang Amazing GraceKahangahanga ang Kagandahang-loob na yun, napakatamis nitong pakinggan; Ito ang nagligtas sa masamang katulad ko. Akong nawawala ngunit ngayoy natagpuan na, akong bulag, ngunit ngayoy nakakikita na... kahangaKaya nga, akmang-akma ang Ebanghelyo hangang Kagandahang-Loob. ngayon sapagkat ipinakikita nito na may dahilan upang magsaya! Makangingiti ang mga Kristiyano sa gitna ng malungkot na panahon ng Kuwaresma dahil hindi nagtatapos sa libin- For SAMBAYANAN contributions such as gang walang laman ang lahat-lahat. Nabuhay si Tula, Sanaysay, Kuwento, Pagninilay at Kristo at sa pamamagitan niya naging mga iba pa, ipadala lamang po sa email adkaibigan tayo ng Ama sa langit. Nilimot na ng dress na ito: sambayananAma ang ating mga pagkukulang at sa halip edboard@yahoogroups.com o sa emelyaisinaalang-alang niya ang sakripisyo at pagtubos ng Kanyang bugtong na Anak sa atin bagat@yahoo.com. (Ikalawang Pagbasa). diriwang ng Inang Simbahan upang ang kanyang mga anak ay magkaroon ng lakas ng loob na magpatuloy sa kabila ng kalungkutang bumabalot sa panahon ng Kuwaresma. Isa itong pagsilip sa kung ano ang naghihintay sa atin sa Muling Pagkabuhay ng Panginoon.


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Volume 15 Issue 11

One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

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- John Carberry

The necessity of confession is also a topic that sometimes divides Catholics.

In most defenses of the faith, discussions of Christs parables are conspicuous by their absence. Yet many of these parables provide a wealth of support for Catholic apologetics. Not only do the parables support truth, they often appear to be directly on-topic for the concept The sacrament of confession can be likened to that is being argued. Consider several examples. its Old Testament predecessor, the Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur (Lev. 16:134, The Wedding Feast (Faith and works) 23:2632). This annual, one-day ritual was the The Sower (Is the law absolute or relative?) most solemn of the Israelite holy days. The Israelite people were required to fast and do no work and to provide an offering of two goats. The Barren Fig Tree (sex and money?) The high priest offered up one goat in sacrifice The Prodigal Son (Is there really mortal sin? and then laid both hands on the second goats Is confession necessary?) head (the scapegoat) and confessed the sins of Want to start up a stormy discussion among the people of Israel. The goat was then led out Catholics? Bring up the distinction between mortal and venial sins. Then suggest some examples. It is rare that a consensus will be found. The necessity of confession is also a topic that sometimes divides Catholics. Some background information regarding these topics is first in order. The Old Testament uses the physical death sentence to emphasize the seriousness of certain sins. Adam and Eve brought on death by their pride and disobedience. The people at the time of Noah and during Abrahams time in Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of their evil actions (Gen. 19:122). God took the life of Onan for wasting his seed (Gen. 38:810). God killed the sons of Aaron (Lev. 10:12) and the sons of Eli (1 Sam. 2:1217, 2236, 4:11) because they disrespected the rules of the priesthood. Similarly, Mosaic Law imposed the death penalty for sins such as blasphemy, murder as well as many various sexual sins. The New Testament deemphasized these physical judgments, but it stressed the spiritual death that one would face for certain evil actions or non-actions. The serious crimes of the Old Testament were not trivialized but rather the consequences became even more terrifying. Christ alludes to this fatal outcome in many of his parables such as the wheat and the weeds, the sower, the wedding feast, the rich man and Lazarus, the rich fool, the talents, and others. In Christs discussion about the final judgment (Matt. 25:3146) he emphasizes how the inaction of many will lead to their ultimate destruction.

avarice, envy, wrath, lust, gluttony, and sloth all seem to hinge on the concept of moderation. No one knows exactly where the line will be drawn between pride and courage, avarice and selfpreservation, envy and rightful desire, anger and justice, lust and love, gluttony and nourishment, or sloth and rest. While the line may be obscure, the cause and effect can often be more obvious. Pride blinds, anger devours, avarice overwhelms, gluttony consumes, sloth reduces, and lust and envy betray.

Often linked, the physical and spiritual works were similar, and they were brought about through the intervention of a holy person. The physical feeding and healing were symbolic of Gods authority over both the physical and the spiritual. Since authority was delegated through the prophets of the Old Testament and the priests of the New Testament, signs appear in both. The poor widow is fed when she encounters Elijah, and Naaman is cured after he obeys Elishas command (1 Kgs. 17:716, 2 Kgs. 5:1 15, Luke 4:2527). However, both of these Gentiles first had to show that they placed their trust in not only God but also in the person acting in Gods behalf. In the beginning of Marks Gospel, Christ continues this human and divine interplay. After curing the leper, he orders the man to show himself to a priest with the prescribed offering for cleansing (Mark 1:4044). Next, the paralytic is healed both spiritually and physically by Christ to demonstrate this authority over both the spiritual and the physical (Mark 2:112, Matt. 9;18, Luke 5:1726). Then Christ discusses how only the sick require a physician, implying that the spiritually sick are in most need of ministry (Mark 2:17). Likewise, the sacraments that nourish and heal (Communion and confession) must be administered through a consecrated priest. Like the sower parable, the prodigal son (Luke 15:1132) covers those three essential requirements: knowledge, love, and courage. He recognizes the seriousness of his mistake, he has a change in heart, and he returns to his father and confesses his wrongdoing. Like the prodigal son and the Israelites in the desert, sin affects both God and man (Luke 15:21, Num. 21:7). The priest acts in place of God, and like the father in the Prodigal Son parable, he looks only to whether the penitent understands the nature of the sin, desires to mend his ways and acknowledges the wrong actions. (The above is an excerpt from the featured article of
This Rock magazine Volume 14 Number 9 - November 2003. For the whole article visit http:// www.catholic.com/thisrock/2003/0311fea4.asp)

The sacrament of confession can be likened to its Old Testament predecessor, the Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur (Lev. 16:134, 23:26 32).
into the desert carrying the sins of the Israelites (Lev. 16:2022). Only a successor to Aaron, a high priest, could make the atonement (Lev. 16:3233). It was the only day of the year that the high priest could enter the holy of holies, inside the veil of the sanctuary (Lev. 16:25). The life of Jesus Christ reflects the Israelite Day of Atonement in reverse order. At the beginning of his ministry, Christ is physically driven out into the desert (like the scapegoat) where he confronts Satan. At the end of his ministry, Christ is offered up in the divine sacrifice on the cross.

Through Christs death and by his resurrection, the victory of salvation springs forth from the Spirit of his own baptism. Christ commissioned his disciples to baptize all nations (Matt. 28:19) and to forgive sins through the sacrament of penance (John 20:23). Although similar to the Old Testament in requiring confession (Lev. 16:21) and a priests intervention (Lev. 16:32), this new sacrament was unique in that the priests were delegated the power to forgive or As the final judge of our actions, will Christ retain sins. show mercy or justice? The deadly sins of pride,

the sacraments that nourish and heal (Communion and Confession) must be administered through a consecrated priest ...
Volume 15 Issue 11

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One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

- Bro. Allan Rodriguez Maraming buwan na rin ang lumipas mula nang siyay magbalik-bayan. Sa loob ng maraming taong ginugol niya sa paghahanap-buhay sa ibang bansa ay masasabing limpak-limpak na ang kanyang naiipon. Nakapagpundar ng maraming lupain, nakapagpatayo ng dalawang bahay at nakapagpaaral ng mga kapatid sa magagarang Unibersidad. Iyon ang buong akala niya. Nagulat siya nang bumungad sa kanyang harapan ang bahay na taliwas sa disenyong gusto niya. Mukhang katatayo lamang at hindi pa tapos gayong sa mahabang panahon ay malaki na ang kanyang naipapadala upang igugol rito. Buong semestre siya kung magbayad at sagana sa mga imported na school supplies ang kanyang mga kapatid. Dagdag pa dito ang regular na allowance buwan-buwan na diretso sa kani-kanilang mga ATM. Pakiramdam niyay nasa harapan siya ng isang maitim at malaking screen at nanonood ng tila bangungot na panoorin. Sumama sa boyfriend ang isa niyang kapatid at nagtanan. Nakabuntis naman ang isa at ang masaklap, nabuntis ang isa pa niyang kapatid na menor de edad at ngayon ay nagsasama na. Totoo pala! Ano ito? Bakit ganito? Nasaan sila? Paano? Halos magoverheat ang kanyang sentido sa sunod-sunod na katanungang ayaw umalpas sa kanyang bibig! Mga tanong na hindi kayang tukuyin ang kasagutan sa buong maghapon. Wala siyang nagawa kundi ang bumuntong-hininga. Kasabay ng pagbagsak ng kanyang mga balikat ay ang malalim na pag-iral ng kanyang pangunawa. Daan-daang libo? Sayang! Sayang! Sabi ng kanyang pinsan at tiyahin na kaharap niya ng oras na iyon habang pinapahinga ang kalooban. Sila rin ang nag-uulat sa kanya noon sa mga nangyayari sa kanilang pamilya subalit ayaw niyang paniwalaan. Ang kahanga-hanga, wala man lang ni katiting na galit ang namuo sa kanyang dibdib. Madalas siyang walang kibo at hindi na iyon bago para sa kanyang ama at ina dahil sa likas siyang ganoon. Ito ba talaga ang aking pamilya? ang tanging tanong niya sa sarili. Manhid na ba siya dahil sa mahigit na isang dekadang hiwalay sa kanila? Walang pag-alinlangan at patakbong sinalubong ng ama ang isang alibughang anak na naglayas at muling nagbalik. Bagamat nilustay nito ang halos buo nilang kabuhayan ay hinagkan at niyakap pa niya ito. Anupat nakuha pa niyang ipagdiwang at ipaghanda ang kasiyahan dahil sa itoy muli niyang nasumpungan. Mapapansin ang kahanga-hangang reaksiyon ng isang ama na inilalarawan sa ating ebanghelyo. Itoy isang kabaligtaran sa tunay na reaksiyon ng isang taong agrabyado, nalamangan o di kayay niloko. Lalo pat kung ang sangkot dito ay mismong kadugo pa. Unfair! wika nga. Walang utang na loob! ang mga kataga ng panunumbat na madalas maririnig sa ganitong kaso. Subalit kakaiba at lubhang nakakalito ang positibong reaksiyon na ipinakikita ng ama sa ganitong uri ng anak. Baka dala lamang ng pananabik niya? O baka naman para mapaamo ang anak at saka niya ito susumbatan? Maingat at puno ng kahinahunan ang bawat yugto sa paglalarawan ng ating ebanghelyo sa araw na ito. Pagtanggap! Pagpapatawad! Buong kuwento ay nababalot ng pagsisisi, pagpaparaya, pag-unawa, at higit sa lahat, pagbabalik-loob. Itoy naaangkop sa panahon ng kuwaresma kung saan hinihikayat tayong mga Kristiyano na tularan ang ama na handang magparaya at magpatawad bagamat hindi makatarungan ang dinanas niya. Higit sa lahat, mas mainam na ipalagay natin na tayo bilang mga anak na lumayo sa piling ng AMA ay muling magbalikloob at hingin ang biyaya ng Kanyang pagpapatawad. Amen.

Sunday Bible Reflections with Dr. Scott Hahn - March 14, 2010 - 4th Sunday of Lent - Found Alive Again
In todays First Reading, God forgives the reproach of the generations who grumbled against Him after the Exodus. On the threshold of the promised land, Israel can with a clean heart celebrate the Passover, the feast of Gods first-born son (see Joshua 5:6-7; Exodus 4:22; 12:12-13). Reconciliation is also at the heart of the story Jesus tells in todays Gospel. The story of the prodigal son is the story of Israel and of the human race. But it is also the story of every believer. In Baptism, were given a divine birthright, made a new creation, as Paul puts it in todays Epistle. But when we sin, were like the prodigal, quitting our Fathers house, squander- father in todays Gospel, He longs to call each ing our inheritance in trying to live without of us My son, to share His life with us, to tell Him. us: Everything I have is yours. The Fathers words of longing and compassion still come to His prodigal children in the Sacrament of Penance. This is part of what Paul today calls the ministry of reconciliation enBut only He can remove the reproach, restore trusted by Jesus to the Apostles and the Church. the divine sonship we have spurned. Only He Reconciled like Israel, we take our place at the can free us from the slavery to sin that causes table of the Eucharist, the homecoming banquet us - like the prodigal - to see God not as our the Father calls for His lost sons, the new PassFather but as our master, One we serve as over we celebrate this side of heaven. We taste the goodness of the Lord, as we sing in todays slaves. God wants not slaves but children. Like the Psalm, rejoicing that we who were dead are found alive again. Lost in sin, we cut ourselves off from the grace of sonship lavished upon us in Baptism. It is still possible for us to come to our senses, make our way back to the Father, as the prodigal does.

Paanyaya: Ang lahat ay inaanyayahang ibahagi ang kanilang mga talent sa pagsusulat ng mga kuwento, sanaysay, karanasan at pagninilay upang ilathala sa babasahing ito. Ipadala Yours in Christ, lamang ito sa email address na ito: sambayanan-edboard@yahoogroups.com o sa emelyaScott Hahn, Ph.D. bagat@yahoo.com.
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Volume 15 Issue 11

One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

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by Heartthrob of Kasan (dedicated to Lea Wenceslao of HFCC) Maligayang pagbati, itong sambit ko Ang iyong kaarawan, ay naalala ko Nagbabakasakal na akoy i-blow out mo Kahit man lang puto ay pwede na ako. Sa iyong kaarawan, tatanda ka na naman Kaya ikaw ay mag-isip ng wish mo na mainam Kung ako ay tatanungin, ang nais ko lang Sanay magkaboyfreind at buhay ay madagdagan. Happy Birthday! Happy birthday to you! Aawitan kita na siyang aking regalo Kahit na boses ko ay wala pa sa tono Mapangiti lang kita ay masaya na rin ako. Hindi pa man tayo lubos na magkakilala Maging sino ka man, kaibigan na kita Ipinagmamalaki ko dito sa sambayanan Ms.Lea Wenceslao, the birthday celebrant. March 22, sa araw na ito ikaw ay magsaya Imbitahan mo, lahat ng Pilipino sa Korea Ako na lang ang sa iyo ay magpapakilala Bastat ikaw ang sasagotsa kakainin nila.

Ikaw ang Pangarap

Lea Wenceslao Hanggat nasisilayan pa kita Bihag ng pag-asay hindi mawawala Hindi ka nalalayo sa aking isip Maging sa pagtulog at sa panaginip. Kasalanan at masisisi mo ba ako sinta Hanggang ngayon di ko masabing mahal kita Wala akong ibang hangad, kundi ikaw giliw Mapanuyong pag-ibig, sabihin mang akoy baliw. Maghihintay na lamang ba ang puso kong ito Sa iyong masarap at matamis na pangako Araw at gabi, ikaw ang laman at tinitibok nito Hindi makakain, hindi makatulog, utak ay gulo. Anong dapat kong gawin, upang maging akin Pagkatiwalaan mo, malinis kong hangarin Iyong ngalan ang makakatas, puso ko man ay pigain Larawan mo sa gunita, kahit na iyong basagin. Handa kong pigilan ang pagbuhos ng ulan Ang mga bituin, iaalay sa yong harapan Bundok ay papatagin upang iyong malakaran Ganyan kita kamahal, pangarap kong asam.

Amelia Rae Sison Genova Unang iyak, tungkol sa kaperahan Kahit pa 5-6 ay akin nang uutangan Upang magkasya sa mga pangangailangan Tawag mula sa kaibigan, naging sandigan. Pangalawang iyak, tungkol sa paglisan Sa pagbalik ng aking anak at magulang Nakakalungkot, ako'y kanilang iiwan Hahanapin ko lagi ang aming tawanan. Pangatlong iyak, dahil sa isang biyaya Kadiliman ng buhay ko'y naging payapa Para sa isang dasal na natatamasa Lungkot ay napalitan ng ibayong pag-asa. Lagi na lang yata tayong nagrereklamo Bakit ganoon? Bakit ganito? Laging malungkot o kaya'y nalilito Dinaramdam ang bawat delubyo. Imbis na reklamo, solusyon ang gawin Samahan ng mataimtim na panalangin Malay mo balang araw o sa kinabukasan Pangatlong iyak ay din a masundan. .

Bro. Joel Tavarro N ang makilala ka, pangalan moy hindi na malimuta N Napakaamong mukha, tila Birhen sa altar- dasalan Nabighani sa katangian, tinitingala sa kalangitan Naging kasintahan, ginamot ang pusong sugatan. I nit ng pag-ibig moy umalab sa damdaming saw I Inakay mo ako, katauhan noon ay nagdadalamhati Isipan ko sinta, bawat araw, nakatuon sayo palagi Ikaw ang pinakamamahal, di mapaparam kahit kaunti. N ag aalala sa tuwina, kung ano ang inyong kalagaya N Nangangamba kapag nilalapitan ng mga kalalakihan Napagkakamalan na kabilang pa sa mga kadalagahan Nagtitiwala sayo, kaylanman na akoy hindi iiwan. G abay ng Panginoon, hiling sa Kanya liya G Gawing isang panalangin, pinagbigkis na pag-ibig Ginagawa ko ang lahat, upang tuksoy aking malupig Ganyan kita kamahal, panunuyo koy hindi matitigatig. .

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One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

Volume 15 Issue 11

S a
Sa subway iba-iba ang ginagawa ng tao. May nagbabasa, may kausap sa phone, nanonood ng tv program sa dmb phone at kung anu-ano pa. Isa sa mga napansin ay ang isang Koreana na nagdarasal ng rosaryo. Naisip ko, paano ba siya magdasal ng rosaryo? Totoo ba na isinasabuhay nila ito o katulad ko ba siya na tinatanim ang pagdarasal sa ilang sandali at pagkatapos ay nagbabago na ugali at pananaw sa buhay. Ganun ba ako kasama para sabihin ko sa aking sarili?

S u b w a y
Amie Sison kanya? Ibinibigay ko ang sarili ko sa Kanya sa panahon na nagkakaroon ako ng katahimikan. Napakagandang mamuhay na marunong magpasalamat sa lahat ng biyaya.

Ngunit sa ibang banda kahit lagi ako nagdarasal ng rosaryo at patuloy sa pag gawa na labag sa utos ng Diyos napansin ko na ito ang nagbibigay sa akin ng pag-asa mabuhay, ito ang nagbibigay ng mga sagot sa lahat ng problema na pinagdaraanan ko, at lumiliwanag at kumikiSa panahon ng pagninilay para sa mahal na nang ang buhay ko para sa mga dumi ng naTuwing umaga bago ko simulan ang araw ko ay araw hanggang kailan ko maibabago ang aking karaan. nagdarasal ako ng rosaryo. Ito ay araw-araw pagkakamali. Hanggang sa hindi lang ba pagkong ginagawa. Sa daan habang naglalakad, kain ng baboy ang kaya kong gawin para sa

nasa bus, sa subway at kung saan man. Pero paglipas ng ilang oras nadadala ako ng tukso upang gumawa ng nakakalabag sa utos ng Diyos. Kahit na araw-araw ako mag rosaryo hindi ko pa rin maiwasan gumawa ng masama minsan ito ay dahil sa kakulangan sa pera, kakulangan umintindi sa ibang tao at hindi marunong magpasalamat at makontento sa mga biyaya Niya. Nakakahiya man ngunit ito ang nais kong mabago at patuloy kong ipinagdarasal sa Kanya.


http://www.zdiaz.com/2008/01/financial-literacy-for-ofws/ This is a continuation of the article written last week about Financial Management for OFWs. The following article is the Primer Pagpapahalaga sa Perang Kinita: A Pinoy Guide to Managing Finances made by the Economic Policy Reform and Advocacy (EPRA) of the Ateneo de Manila University.

plan your own education and training if you want to advance in your career or business. Education can be through formal schooling or through non-formal trainings and seminars. Plan for both as one form may not be enough.

take care of the latters needs? There are worse and sadder examples of such conflicts.




How do you set family goals together? There are NGOs who facilitate short family workshops for different purposes. One NGO that facilitates 1- to 2-hour family visioning and goal-setting exercises for OFWs and their families is ATIKHA (www.atikha.org). These workshops need not be complicated. They can be fun while maintaining the importance of the subject matter. What is important is that the family members voice out their goals and hopes for the future and at the same time discover that each one has an important role in attaining these goals. The desired outcome is that each member commits himself/herself to contribute to the achievement of these goals. Their contribution need not be financial. For children, it may be a commitment to study hard and live a simple, healthy lifestyle. For parents, siblings, and spouses, it may be to continue or look for employment, save money, keep themselves healthy, regularly pay their insurance or pre-need bills, etc. Following are examples of family goals: 1. Education - of your children or siblings. And dont forget your own education and training! Filipinos value education very much. You and your family should plan for it. You should also

5. Protection/Preparation for Negative Events The following are events that you dont want to happen but which you still have to prepare for 2. Housing Having a home of your own is not anyway. The only way you can protect yourself just a goal or necessity, it is an important invest- against the negative effects of these events is by ment decision. Depending on the location, de- preparing for them. sign, and developer/builder of your home, it can either increase or decrease in value through the Unemployment Your contributions to the SSS years. or GSIS enable you to receive benefits when you become unemployed. However, these are 3. Health Fortunately, there is a rising con- not enough to compensate for the loss of your sciousness about health nowadays. People want salary. And they last only for a maximum of 6 to eat the right food, exercise, and live a healthy months. You need some savings to tide you over lifestyle. Even with these positive develop- your period of unemployment. ments, however, there is no substitute for HEALTH INSURANCE. Without health insur- Sickness, Accident, and Disability The best ance, we dig into our savings, or worse, go into way to prepare for these negative events is to debt when we buy medicines or get hospitalized keep yourself healthy and accident-free. You for our sickness. Our SSS/GSIS and PhilHealth should also keep your house, car, and other benefits only cover a very small portion of our properties safe from fire, disasters, etc. But as health insurance needs. we said under the Health family goal, there is no substitute for INSURANCE. Without accident/ 4. Retirement Very few Filipinos plan for their disability insurance, we lose our income and retirement. Many probably assume that their depend on others for our survival when untochildren will take care of their retirement. While ward things happen to us. it is reasonable for you to expect your children to care for you when you get old, this is differ- Death As the saying goes, In life, only two ent from expecting them to take care of your things are certain death and taxes. So we every need even before you retire! The first case might as well prepare for both. This primer is is good old Filipino Family Values. The second about preparing for the former by obtaining life is plain and simple dependency that can cause insurance. Without life insurance, our family is conflicts within the family, between siblings and left with nothing (They may even be in debt.) with in-laws. How often do we hear the case when we leave this world. Taxes need another about the retired or unemployed mother or fa- primer, and possibly an accountant and a tax ther jealous of their sons new dependents lawyer. his wife and children because he now has to -to be continued-

Volume 15 Issue 11

One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

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Doty Hospital42-5 Eung-am-dong, Unpyeong-gu, Seoul 122- 906, tel. no. (02)385-1477 Joseph Clinic - 423 Yeungdongpo-dong, Yeung dongpo-gu, Seoul 150-030, Mon.-Fri. 1pm-9pm, Tel. No.(02)2634-1760 Raphael Clinic - inside Tong Song High School, every Sun. , 2-6 pm. National Medical Center Dongdaemun Tel. No. 2260-7062 to 7063 Seoul Medical Center Gangnam Tel. No. 3430-0200

1) Birth certificate ng batang bibinyagan 2) 2X2 ID pictures (2 pcs) 3) Application formipasa ito sa Catholic Center isang linggo bago dumating ang takdang araw ng binyag. Katekismo sa binyag na ginaganap tuwing ika-10 ng umaga, araw ng linggo (mismong araw ng binyag). Tanging ang mga pangalan ng mga nakadalo ng katekismo ang mailalagay sa Baptismal Certificate. Ang bilang ng mga ninong at ninang ay hindi dapat lalabis sa dalawampu. Ang lahat ay pinakikiusapang isaisip ang angkop na pananamit para sa okasyon.


Tinatawagan ang pansin ng lahat ng mga di pa nakakakuha ng Baptismal Certificates ng kanilang mga anak. Maaari na ninyong kunin ang mga ito sa Catholic Center tuwing linggo sa ganap na alas 9:00 ng umaga hanggang ika 12:00 ng tanghali, at sa ganap na ika 4:00 hanggang ika 5:00 ng hapon. Maliban po lamang sa tuwing ikadalawang linggo. Ng bawat buwan. Makipag-ugnayan po kay Rebeck Beltran (010-8671-2761) o kay Edison Pinlac: (010-2906-3109) o sa kahit na sinong miyembro ng Lay Ministers.


50-17 Dongsoong Dong Chongrogu Seoul 110-809 near Maronnier Park. Tel # (02) 747-2086 E-mail: kcwc21@jinbo.net (KCWC) Office hours: Mon-Fri. 11 am-5 pm Sat. day off Sun. 3 pm-6 pm Activities: Emotional/spiritual counseling Womans rights and labor issues Korean language/culture study (men and women are welcome). INFORMATION ON THE MINIMUM WAGES FOR THE YEAR 2010 1. Period of application: Jan. 1 2010 ~ Dec. 31 2010 2. Minimum wage Hourly wage rate : 4,110 won, daily wage rate (on a 8-hour basis): 32,880 won In the case of 40 hours per week (209 hours per month) the monthly wage will amount 858,990 won. In the case of 44 hours per week (226 hours per month) the monthly wage will amount 928,990 won. 3. Target of application : every business or workplace employing workers Workers whose minimum wage can be reduced

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Birth Certificate ng mga ikakasal Status of singleness from Census (notarized) Parents consent as proof of singleness (notarized) Baptismal Certificate for marriage purposes Confirmation Certificate for marriage purposes Passport (xerox copy) Pre-Cana seminar na gaganapin bago ang takdang araw ng kasal. Makipagugnayan po lamang sa Catholic Center para sa schedule.

Guri Pastoral Center Ansan Galilea Center Suwon Emmaus Center Friends Without Borders Counseling Office Gasan, Song-uri International Community Uijungbu, Nokyangdong Migrant Center Masok Chonmasan Migrant Center Bomun, Seoul Foreign Workers Labor Counseling Office 031-566-1141 031-494-8411 031-257-8501 032-345-6734/5 031-543-5296 031-878-6926 031-593-6542 02-928-2049/924-2706

Apprentices: his/her minimum wage may be reduced as much as 10% up

to 3 months (hourly wage rate : 3,699 won)

Surveillance or intermittent workers (when approved by Minister of

Labor): Minimum wage can be reduced as much as 20% (hourly pay: 3,288 won). Workers who are not applied the minimum wage

A person who has remarkably low abilities to work due to a mental or

physical handicap (when approved by the Minister of Labor). An employee who works for the workplace which employ only relatives living together or domestic workers. A sailor who is subject to the seamen law or an owner of ship employing sailor. 4. Liability of the employer Liable to pay above the minimum wage to the employee.


Mga kailangang dokumento sa paga-asikaso ng mga reklamo tungkol sa sahod: 1. Pay Slip or any other proof of payment of salary 2. Daily Time Record (DTR) if available, or self-made record of daily work attendance specifying Regular Working hours, Overtime, and Night Differential. 3. Labor Contract 4. Bank Book/ Passbook 5. Alien Card and Passport

An employer shall pay the workers at least the minimum wage rate or
more. And no employer may lower the previous wage level on the ground of the minimum wage. If a labor contract provides for a wage that is less than the minimum wage rate, it shall be considered to stipulate that the same wage as the minimum wage rate shall be paid. Obligation of notice of the minimum wage to the worker



An employer shall inform the workers of minimum wage rate, wages

not included in the minimum wage, effective date, and workers being excluded from the minimum wage Act. 5. In the cases of the following, a contractor shall take responsibility for violating Minimum Wage Act jointly with the subcontractor.

As for determining the unit labor cost lower than the minimum wage at the time of the signing of the contract; As for lowering the unit labor cost to below the minimum wage in the middle of the contract period.

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One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

Volume 15 Issue 11

HFCC Volunteer Invitation

Inaanyayahan po ang lahat ng interesadong maging volunteer sa mga sumusunod na grupo.

HFCC March-April 2010 Activities

March 14 - Lenten Recollection Holy Spirit Convent, 9:00 am 5pm March 28 - Palm Sunday Hyehwadong Church, 1:30 pm Senakulo Mass presider: His Eminence Arch. Osvaldo Padilla Pabasa Filipino Center, 7pm April 1 Holy Thursday - Mass & Washing of the Feet Tongsong Guard house building (basement), 8:30 pm April 2 Good Friday - Veneration of the Cross Tongsong Guard house building (basement), 8:30 pm April 3 Black Saturday - Blessing of Fire, Mass & Salubong Tongsong Guard house building (basement), 8:30 pm Pilgrimage - Our Lady of the Rosary Namyang, Suwon, 8:30 am (departure) April 4 Easter Sunday - International Migrants Celebration Mass & Food Festival Tongsong Auditorium, 11 am Mass presider: Korean Bishop In-charge for Migrants

CHOIR - nangangailangan po ng miyembro sa Alto, Soprano, at Tenor. Makipagugnayan lamang po kay Ate Ely Torres 010-8061-9143. ALTAR BOYS - Makipagugnayan lamang po kay Bro. Rebeck
Beltran 010-8671-2761.

IT Committee - Makipagugnayan lamang po kay Rogelio Domingo o

kaninuman sa IT CommitteeCP No. 010-8696-4984/010-4997-4974 or at sambayanan-itboard@yahoogroups.com

SAMBAYANAN Newsletter - nangangailangan po ng manunulat sa

News, Feature, at Reflections. Pati na rin po sa photojournalist at layout. Makipagugnayan lamang po kay Doc Ems 010-5160-2928.

To All Heads/Focal Persons of FilCom Organizations/Institutions in Korea:

In commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War this year, the Philippine Embassy in South Korea will conduct an essay writing contest beginning February 26, 2010. The contest will have two categories: Category A for South Korean students who will be asked to write about the theme The Philippines in the Korean War and Category B for Filipinos currently residing in South Korea who will discuss Finding WAY OF THE CROSS Jose Rizal in South Korea: A Migrants Perspective. The length of the Ang pagdadasal ng Estasyon ng Krus ay isinasagawa tuwing lingo mula essays should be 1,000 to 1,500 words. sa Philippine Center hanggang sa simbahan. Lahat ay inaanyayahang The contest will run for four weeks. The deadline for the submission of makiisa sa pagdarasal at pagbubuhat ng Krus. Ito ay nagsisimula sa gaentries is 5pm on March 26. Winners will be announced on March 29. nap na ika 12 ng tanghali. The contest announcement and mechanics are posted at the embassys Panawagan website : www.philembassy- seoul.com Thank you and best regards Mylo Fausto Cultural Officer and Attache Embassy of the Philippines, Seoul Tinatawagan ng pansin ang mga pangalang nakatala sa ibaba na mangyari po lamang na makipag-ugnayan sa opisina ng Embahada ng Pilipinas para sa ilang paglilinaw na may kinalaman sa Election: 1. 2. Mr. Jun C. Pangilinan - Gasanggu Hakjangpong, Busan Amadeo Mamijay Delos Reyes - c/o Phil. Embassy, 34-44 Jin Seong Bldg., Itaewong 1-dong, Yongsan-gu, Korea Mr. Randy M. Quirol - Incheon Namdong, Korea Mr. Reynaldo P. Borja - Gyeunsamnamdo, Unsangeup, Junauri 559 -Bokum, Korea Ms. Maritess A. Ortilla - c/o The Administering Officer, Phil. Embassy Mr. Arquipo D. Cagmat, Jr - Amseongmyeon, Eumspong Gun Cheung, Korea


3. Please be informed that the winners of the Taerim Raffle Draw held last February 28, 2010 at Salesian Don Bosco Youth Center were the follow- 4. ing: 5. First Prize Ticket No. 02946 Joy Onias Second Prize Ticket No. 00346 Ely Torres 6. Third Prize Ticket No. 01503 Mimi Juan Consolation Prizes: 1st Consolation 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

03939 00301 03240 04166 00637

Girlie Lorna Emerson Jimmy D Rosarian

Pwede mo ninyong tawagan ang mga sumusunod na numero: Telephone Hotline ATN Direct Line Fax Number : : : : (82+2) 796-7387 010-9365-2312 (82+2) 796-2403 (82+2) 796-0827

We wish to thank each and everyone who supported and took part for the O mag-email sa seoulpe@philembassy-seoul.com success of the said event. Thank you!!!

Volume 15 Issue 11

One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

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TAWAG na KAIBIGAN Manager: Kim Sang Ook Email:kaibigan.net88@yahoo.com Joy:01040528246 / fax:031-494-3544 01068709924/office:070-766-435-546 INTERNET SUBSCRIBE CENTER FREE CONNECTION WITH GIFT I N T E R N E T ALL L I N E S (Megapass, Hanvit, Hanaro,.etc) Mega Tv Live, Internet Telephone Subscribe Now & Avail of Gifts Like Subwoofer & Internet Phone Machine Services Available Anywhere in Korea


DESKTOP AND LAPTOP AND FREE INTERNET CELLPHONE LINE & CARD Phone (No visa ok KTF) NOKIA(touchscreen) GSM SAMSUNG Skin protection Essence Dry skin (sale po!) 15,000won) CallvanServices: 01026673546 Special Airport Aimglobalinc (ALIVE) Registration with products, ID&ATM CARD 264,000won JOIN NA KAIBIGAN 100%discount schools,ect... medical,accident insurance bawas gastos,good health

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Volume 15 Issue 11



LIC.NO.: 605-20-96293 K.I.T.A . REG.NO.: 37005272


SEOUL OFFICE PTC : MARK (TISOY) 010-2268-9469 011-9921-9469 010-8773-9469

REGULAR 70.000 80.000 100.000

JUMBO 90.000 100.000 120.000

MANILA OFFICE FOURJEM INTL FREIGHT FORWARDER TEL.NO:063-2-3771633 / FAX NO.:02-4435779 CP.NOS:0922-8803833 / 0922-8803844 PTC: ROWELL / REY / JOJO / ANGIE


Volume 15 Issue 11

One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

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Poll bets vow spending more for OFWs

seas employment, and training the workers to be deployed to the other country.

MAKATI CITY Three candidates gunning for the presidency prom- We should (use) the Canadian model where there are three principles: ised if elected, they will throw cash and strike deals with labor receiv- parity of labor benefits, no employment costs and an exchange leverage ing countries in relation to overseas employment of Filipinos. impact program, Teodoro added. However, former Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro Jr. and Senator Villar, Nacionalista Party presidential contender, claimed if elected Manuel Villar failed to identify where they would get the money since president his OFW program will focus on providing safety nets for any of them will have to contend with a yawning budget deficit. Filipino workers. It was only Senator Richard Gordon who was specific in identifying Villar recommended repatriating all OFWs who are stranded in other sources of cash for his proposed $30-billion provident fund for over- countries due to labor and judicial problems. seas Filipino workers. He said the government will pay for their trip home by using money Gordon said he promises to link up the private pension fund manager from a repatriation fund. Social Security System with the Government Service Insurance SysSo that the government and the OFWs can have an idea which country tem. The money, he said, will be managed by professional finance does not treat well our OFWs, Villar recommended the foreign affairs managers. He didnt identify these managers. department, OWWA and POEA identify problem areas and problem The candidates bared their platforms for overseas Filipino workers professions and then come out with specific solutions. (OFWs) at a forum in January, weeks before the formal campaign peIf the OFWs know about these kinds of information, they can know riod, now on its height, began. who they can talk to if they face a problem there, Villar added, speakTeodoro, the standard-bearer of the ruling coalition of 3 political parties ing in Filipino. said that overseas migration is a reality that we should not ignore, Records from Migrante International advocacy group show that as of given the touted economic benefits the country gets from overseas December 2009, 300 OFWs require immediate repatriation from their workers. host countries. The workers- said to be abused and exploited by their In return for importantly contributing to the countrys foreign ex- employers- are mostly based in the Middle East. Almost half of them change, stimulating domestic consumption and contributing a consider- were caregivers or domestic helpers. able percentage of our GNP, the government should provide the OFWs A cursory look at Villars record as senator showed he authored or with portable social security benefits and strengthening institutions sponsored 13 bills on OFWs for the 14th Senate. In April 2008, he had aimed at assisting distressed OFWs, he said. filed a bill recommending the government set aside a P1-billion repaCumulative remittances of overseas Filipinos (OF) coursed through triation fund for OFWs in distress. The bill has since been substituted at banks were stronger-than-expected in 2009, growing year-on-year by the committee level along with 10 other bills. 5.6 percent to US$17.3 billion, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) exEarly in the forum, Villar had suggested that if elected president, he ecutive Diwa C. Guinigundo said in a statement. would first visit Saudi Arabia, where 1.04 million OFWs are estimated In 2008 figures showed that OFWs sent home P141.9 billion (76% of to work there as of 2007. This action, he said, will show a good meswhich were through formal channels). sage that the government is concerned about alleviating the OFWs Teodoro said he would buffer up the coffer of the foreign affairs de- problems on protection from abuse and assistance during times of distress. partment. We should enhance the DFAs capability to take care of them (by) Gordon, Bagumbayan (or New Nation) Party standard bearer, also wants that OFWs be deployed only if their minimum montlhy wage in augmenting its resources. Teodoro pointed out. other countries is set at $400 (P18,000) and that migrant workers capaUnder the 1995 Migration Workers and Overseas Filipino Act, the bilities be uplifted. DFA is tasked with providing legal assistance and repatriating OFWs Migration has become an important issue and it is important that the facing legal cases and other problems abroad. Philippine government should adopt a very aggressive policy ensuring For 2009, the department received P230.9 million (roughly US$5 mil- (that our overseas workers are well compensated financially), Gordon lion at US$1=P46) ) for the Implementation of RA 8042 heading - said. which covers legal assistance- out of the departments total budget They should not be seen as domestics, but as governess, tutors if you worth P12.6 billion. will, the former Subic Freeport administrator added. The DFA had received P236.7 million for that heading in 2008, up from P87.7 million in 2007. The departments total budget for 2008 Absent during the two-hour forum were Sen. Benigno Simeon was P10.2 billion. This year, the government allocated P12.5 billion for Noynoy Aquino III of the Liberal Party, independent candidate Senator Ana Maria Consuelo Madrigal, former president Joseph Estrada of the DFA. the Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino, evangelist Eddie Villanueva (Bangon Teodoro also suggests that the government enter into bilateral agree- Pilipinas) and Olongapo city councilor JC Delos Reyes (Ang Kapatiran ments with Middle Eastern countries-such as Syria, Lebanon and Saudi party). Arabia-where many Filipino workers are deployed. All are also running for the highest position in the Republic. OFW He said the government should emulate the Canadian model of bilateral Journalism Consortium agreements that emphasizes giving equal benefits for workers from http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/pinoy-migration/03/12/10/poll-bets-vow-spending-more-ofws both signatory nations, avoiding workers having to pay for their over-

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One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men

Volume 15 Issue 11