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Motion CHEsS On The Board 2009 [below is a copy of the letter that is going to be sent by CHEsS on the Board

20 09 OrgCom to all of the participants regarding the prepared motions for the upco ming tournament] Hello debaters, Unlike the previous one, this year CHEsS on the Board English Debating Champions hip will adopt a motion-preference system. Under this system, there ll be NO random prepared motion which will also be randomly taken to be launched before the deba te round starts. Instead, three motions that share same spirit of debate will be grouped under one word or a short phrase (this word or short phrase is called H EADING). Heading, thereof, reflects the intended spirit of those motions in grou p. By applying this system, it is hoped that all of the debaters will be enhance d to stay focus on developing their case within the real intended spirit of the motion, and therefore will raise the competitive nuance of the tournament. Another different thing for this year championship is that we re going to launch o nly 4 headings as prepared motions. The rest 3 headings will be launched 20 minu tes before the debate round starts (impromptu motion). So, there will be a total 7 debate rounds which comprises of: 1. 4 preliminary rounds, 2. Elimination rounds, comprises of Quarter Final, Semi Final, and Grand Final. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Birth-control THBT population control should be part of any global approach to tackle climate change. THBT the Catholic Church should allow the use of condoms. THW disallow couples with severe genetic disability to give birth to children. Rights and Freedom of Choice THW legalize inter-faith marriage. THW ban cosmetic surgery. THBT people sentenced to life imprisonment should be allowed to choose the death penalty instead. Global Economic Crisis THBT governments should never rescue failing private industry. THBT governments should obtain a majority stake in companies that they bail out. THBT developing countries should not engage in more debts in response to the cri sis. Intractable International Issues THBT bipolarity works better than unipolarity. THW give food instead of developmental assistance to the people of Zimbabwe. THW impose democracy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shall you have any question or query regarding these prepared motions and the sy stem being applied, do not hesitate to contact us via email: unhas_debaters@yaho o.com, cc to beyonf_the_ok@yahoo.com. We do hope to see nice and challenging deb ates in the tournament! Happy researching everyone,

Adjudication Core from HEDS (Hasanuddin English Debating Society): Biondi Sanda Sima Prayuda Said Abdul Mutholib A. Rachmat Muh. Akbar Walenna