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DIAGNOSTIC EXAMINATION IN CRIMINAL SOCIOLOGY, ETHICS AND HUMAN RELATIONS CRIMINOLOGISTS Licensure Examination Third Day 8:30 P.m. 11:30 p.m. ==================================================================== INSTRUCTION: Select the correct answer for each of the following questions. Mark only one answer for each item by marking the box corresponding to the letter of your choice on the answer sheet provided. STRICTLY NO ERASURES ALLOWED. Use pencil no. 1 only. MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Criminologist states that crime is directly proportional to subject's criminal tendencies plus his total environmental situation and inversely to subject's A. responses C. resistance B. health D. mentality C. A and C 2. The "Multi-Casual Theory on Crime" which is the most acceptable reason on why people commit crime simply meant that A. There are multiple factors causing the commission of crime B. There are multiple ideas in the minds of the criminal C. There are many unknown causes why may men commit crime as that moment D. There are extra-ordinary factors to include ESP why a person commits crime. E. All of these 3. Increasing today are "white collar crimes", those committed by top-placed personnel in business. This statement is A. true C. false B. unfounded D. speculation only 4. What is the combination of personal and social factors which creates an utterly unique physical structure human being? A. crime situation C. Social Pathology B. juvenile delinquency D. A causation of mal-judgment 5. What are the three existing factors to develop criminal and antisocial behavior? A. Biological, psychological and environment B. Biological, cultural and environment C. Sociological, psychological and education D. Socio-economic, political and cultural 6. Which of these refers to the study of mental processes of criminals in action; the study of the genesis, development, and motivation of human behaviour that conflicts with accepted norms and standards of society; this study concentrated on the study of with respect to their general criminal behaviour? A. Criminal psychodynamics C. Cultural conflict B. Criminogenic process D. Cretinism 7. A reported instance of a crime recorded in a systematic classification is known as A. Crime statistics C. Crime index B. Cultural conflict D. Contumacy 8. Who studied the case history of 2,000 convicts and found that heredity is more influential as a determiner of criminal behaviour than environment? A. Charles Darwin C. Charles Goring B. Dr. Cesare Lombroso D. Alphonse Bertillon
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9. Who advocated the theory that feeblemindedness inherited as Mendalian unit, cause crime for the reason that feeble-minded person is unable to appreciate the consequences of his behavior, or appreciate the meaning of the law? A. Walter Bromberg C. R.H. Goddard B. Richard Dugdale D. W. F. Ogburn 10. What is the code after a persons name which adopted the principle an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth in the imposition of punishment, in about 1875 B.C? A. Code of Kalantiao C. Code of Maragtas B. Hammurabis Code D. Dewey code 11. What is the branch of criminology that deals with prison management and treatment of offenders especially with regards to their rehabilitation? A. reformation D. Ethics B. rehabilitation E. all of these, except b C. Penology 12. Who cited in his book that hereditary is one of the causes of crime? A. Donald Taft C. Cesare Lombroso B. West D. W. A. Bonger 13. Abu Sayaf means A. sword bearer D. rebels in Mindanao B. Jalandoni Janjalani E. Abu Sabaya C. Commander Robot 14. Which of the following term is the same as instigator? A. induce C. precipitation B. vulnerability D. investigation 15. What is the disease associated with prenatal thyroid deficiency and subsequently thyroid inactivity, marked by physical deformities arrested development, goiter, and various forms of mental retardation, including imbecility? A. Cretinism C. Criminogenic process B. Cultural conflict D. Crime statistics 16. Which of these may refer to the transmission of physical characteristics, mental traits, and tendency manifest by an organism to develop in the likeness of a progenitor due to the transmission of genes in the reproductive process? A. Heredity C. Heredity and environment B. Environment D. Hallucination 17. What is the statement which says we have no crime if we had no criminal laws and that we could eliminate all crime merely by abolishing all criminal law? A. Discrimination C. Abolish legislative body B. Logomacy D. All of the above 18. Which of the following includes the assessments of those forces resulting from mans collective survival effort with emphasis upon his institution, economic, financial, educational, political, religion as well as recreational? A. Economic approach B. Ecological C. Sociological and Cultural approach D. All of these 19. What school of Criminology maintained that while the classical school was correct in general, it should be modified in certain details; since children and lunatics cannot calculate pleasures and pains, they should not be regarded as criminals or to be punished? A. Classical school C. Neo-classical school B. Positive school D. Punitive reaction to crime
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20. What nation pioneered banishment as a form of punishment? A. Ancient Rome B. England C. China D. Spain 21. What study includes the science of behavior and mental processes of the criminal and is focused on the individual behavior- how it is acquired, evoked, maintained, and modified is called? A. Criminal Psychology C. Criminal Sociology B. Criminal Psychiatry D. Criminal Etiology 22. Which of these refers to the scientific analysis of the causes of crime? A. Criminal Psychology C. Criminal Sociology B. Criminal Psychiatry D. Criminal Etiology 23. Criminology changes as social condition changes. This means the progress of criminology is concordant with the advancement of other sciences that has been applied to it. It connotes that criminology is A. Dynamic C. Excellent B. Progressive D. None of these 24. Which of the following maintains that children and lunatics should not be regarded as criminals and free from punishment? A. Classical C. Pre-classical B. Neo-classical D. Positive 25. The tendency to seek pleasure and avoid pain is the concept of A. Hedonism C. Heredity B. Born Criminal D. Environmental 26. What is the term describing all the instrument and methods used by the society to control crime? A. social justice D. social wall B. social tools E. social defense C. A and B 27. Who is the head of the "Katarungang Pambarangay?" A. Barangay Captain D. Barangay Pook leader B. Barangay Co-Chairman E. Barangay Secretary C. Representative of DILG 28. The administration of all the courts in the country is under A. Chief Justice of SC D. Solicitor General B. Secretary of Justice E. Ombudsman C. Tanodbayan 29. Which of he following institutions is the least crowded? A. Bilibid Prison municipality B. City Jails C. Correctional Institute for Women Club D. Penal colonies 30. An accusation in writing charging a person with an offense subscribed by public prosecutor and filed with the court is known as A. Complaint C. Information E. All of these B. Warrant D. Subpoena
31. How many justices composed the Supreme Court including the Chief

Justice? A. 10 b. 12 c. 14 d. 15 32. Arbitrary Detention is a crime against A. Person c. Fundamentals laws of the state B. Law of nation D. National security 33. Who serves as the lawyer of the state in criminal cases? A. Prosecutor B. Lawyer C. Counsel D. Judge 34. The following are the officers authorized to conduct preliminary investigation, except A. Provincial Fiscal B. Judges or Municipal Trial Courts
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C. D.

Judges or Municipal Circuit Trial Courts Judges or Metropolitan Trial Courts

35. What pillar of the Criminal Justice System is responsible in evaluation of evidence? A. Police B. Prosecution C. Court D. Correction 36. Among the following, which one is not a component of American concept of Criminal Justice System? A. Prosecution B. Police C. Court D. Correction 37. Whose exclusive original jurisdiction the violation of city and municipal ordinances? A. Barangay B. MTC C. RTC D. Supreme Court 38. How many members compose the Pangkat? A. 1 member C. 2 members B. 3 members D. 4 members
39. Which of the following has the same meaning as respondent? A. Complainant C. Offended B. Plaintiff D. Accused 40. The authority vested in a court to the exclusion of other courts

or other kind of courts is A. exclusive C. concurrent E. none of the above B. appellate D. general 41. A complaint was filed against Gabriel, a swindler. After preliminary examination, the judge issued a warrant to arrest him. PO1 Kim went to the house of Gabriel and arrested him. When Gabriel demanded to see the arrest warrant, PO1 Kim replied that it will be shown later. What did PO1 Kim conduct? A. a warrantless arrest C. an illegal arrest B. an illegal detention D. a legal arrest 42. Which of the following means a lien or property given as security for the amount of the bail? A. recognizance C. cash deposit B. property D. corporate surety 43. Who is the forgotten man in the criminal justice system? A. police C. judge E. criminal B. prosecutor D. victim 44. All are the basic causes of crime, except A. passion C. personal gain E. poverty B. pride D. none of these 45. The fact that the roles constructed by the State as a corporate body is a feature of criminal law which is A. Penal Sanction C. Uniform E. Neither B. Specificity D. Politically 46. Which of the following does Prosecution belong? A. Executive C. Judiciary B. Legislative D. either 47. When a person charged with a criminal offense is said to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation? A. Trial C. Judgment E. B and D B. Arraignment D. Pre-trial 48. What is the form of government where only one man rules? A. Unitary D. Dictatorship B. Aristocracy E. Monarchy C. Monocracy 49. Which of the following best defines Right of Suffrage? A. Right to be elected C. Right to vote B. Right to hold public office D. Right to go abroad
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50. What is the law that re-imposes the death penalty for heinous


A. RA 6075 B. RA 6195 C. RA 8177 D. RA 7659 51. Which of the following literally means to produce the body? A. Habeas Corpus C. Corpus Delicti B. Corpus Christi D. Habeas Causa 52. What

is the compulsory process to insure the attendance of witnesses and presentation of evidence before the court? A. Summons C. Affidavit B. Subpoena D. Writ of Execution 53. Juvenile delinquency is not directly caused by poverty as claimed by the conditions created by poverty like slums, bad environment, broaden homes, drugs, etc. to prevent delinquency, the best solution would be A. Eliminate the causes C. Beef up the police force B. Arrest the offenders D. Abolish poverty 54. Lack of Education is a factor in juvenile delinquency and is also caused by poverty which creates other conditions that breed delinquency like poor housing, bad neighborhood, etc. Education is a part of what kind of environment? A. psycho social C. economic B. political D. military 55. Policeman can not jail a drug dependent, addict or user. The rationale behind this is that these users are victims of the drug scourge and are not criminal person except the peddles or sellers. These violations have to be turned over to A. Reformatory C. half-way homes B. barangay center D. rehabilitation centers 56. How many absences of the parents or guardians before a child can be considered an abandoned child? A. 3 absences C. 10 absences E. Neither B. 15 absences D. 20 absences 57. When the state become the father, this is termed as A. parents protector C. parens curue B. prebona parentis D. parents patriae 58. A legally emancipated minor aged seventeen, accused and convicted of homicide is referred to as A. Criminal C. Juvenile offender B. Juvenile delinquent D. youthful offender 59. Which of these pertains to a family with in Laws and relatives in the first degree? A. nuclear family C. broken family B. normal family D. extended family 60. Which of the following does not belong to status offenses? A. Prostitution C. Begging B. drug addiction D. drug pushing 61. What is the difference between the crime of murder and homicide? A. revenge C. premeditation B. victim is dead D. insanity 62. Eric Pecson committed a theft as he said his family needs food and he can not find a job. What factor is he citing? A. socio-political D. socio-economic B. political military E. cultural and traditional C. All of these 63. Piolo Askal killed Mario Bangkay as the latter murdered his father. What was the motive of the former? A. nationalism C. jealousy E. patriotism B. remuneration D. revenge 64. Which of the following pertains to the planned used of communication techniques designed to effect the fine/s emotion of a given target group on certain issues?
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C. Rumors

E. all of

B. Propaganda D. Information 65. What is the Uncontrollable impulse of a person to burn anything without motivation? A. Kleptomaniac C. Arsonist E. B and D B. Pyromania D. Fire Addicts

66. What is the collective term for mental disorders that begin at or shortly after puberty and usually lead to general failure of the mental faculties, with the corresponding physiological impairment? A. Delirium C. Demetia Praecox E. None of these B. Demaphobia D. Delusion 67. Peter, a German national obtains sexual gratification from various forms of sexual intimacies with the young. He is considered as A. Sex maniac C. Pedophilia E. Child-like B. Masochism D. Homosexual 68. What is the type of multiple murder which kills at two or more locations with almost no time to break between murders? A. Mass murders C. Attempted murder B. Serial murder D. Spree murder
69. What is the symptom if a person shows his intention to commit

suicide and threat others? A. crime commission D. homicidal threat B. violent discharge E. fantasy of violence C. B and A 70. Mrs. Enriquez buys only the nearly spoiled foods for her children despite that she could afford to buy nutritious foods. What abuse does Mrs. Enriquez show? A. physical abuse C. A or B E. sexual neglect B. physical neglect D. emotional abuse
71. When an individual member of the family becomes disorganized

thus affecting others, there is A. individual crisis C. A or B E. adolescent crisis B. physical crisis D. family crisis 72. Which of the following is not a common sign of moral disturbances? A. thrill seeking behavior C. failure to alter behavior B. pathological lying D. dramatic attention seeking 73. When an individual experience tension and anxiety increases making him/her helpless, there is A. crisis C. frustration E. All of these B. conflict D. hallucination 74. Among the following, who is the most vulnerable group to abuse and threats? A. police C. parents E. B and D B. children D. animals 75. Which of the following best defines the term Costa Nostra? A. one thing D. two things B. crime confederation E. none of these C. organized syndicate 76. What is the strict code of conduct that governs the organized crime group behavior? A. Omerta C. Camorra E. Secret code B. Mob D. Tamero
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77. Which of these is not one of the characteristics of an organized crime group? A. Economic gain is the primary goal. B. Economic gain is achieved through illegal means C. Employs predatory tactics such as intimidation, violence and corruption. D. Organized crimes include terrorist dedicated to political change. E. None of these
78. Who defined White-collar crime as a criminal act committed by a

person of respectability and high social status in the course of his or her occupation? A. E. Sutherland C. R. Quinney E. None of these B. E. Durkheim D. C. Darwin 79. Which of the following best explains the phrase, carnal knowledge of a woman against her will? A. sexual abuse C. Sexual assault E. None of these B. Homosexuality D. A and C 80. What is the type of violent offender who live in culture in which violence is an acceptable problem mechanism? A. Culturally Violent Offender B. Criminally Violent Offender C. Pathological Violent Offender D. Situational Violent Offender E. None of these 81. Paul likes to buy stolen cellular phones. His act is A. Fencing C. Forgery E. Accessory to theft B. Larceny D. None of these 82. What is the act of bartering of sex favor for monetary consideration, either gift or cash, with out emotional attachment between partners? A. Pornography C. Prostitution E. Sex for hire B. Homosexuality D. all of these 83. In the Organized crime world, who bribes, buys, intimidates and negotiates into a relationship with the police or public official? A. Enforcer C. Reporter E. Instigator
B. Corrupter D. Corruptee 84. For an effective or successful PCR program A. each community must be studied carefully in its many social, economic and cultural aspects. B. no study is needed as the PCR package applies to all C. the community is secondary to police objectives D. as long as there is cash, OK is the word E. All of these 85. A police unit performing its job efficiency and effectively will A. require minimal PCR program B. require more intense program C. require off and on program D. need no program at all E. none of these 86. The best PCR a police officer can do to the community is A. harass the people D. perform his job well B. dress well E. none of these C. run after crooks 87. Which of the following is not one of the duties of a public relation officer?
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A. He shall issue press releases, which are of public concern. B. He shall plan and carry out programs. C. He shall evaluate public opinion with respect to the policies of police station. D. He shall inform the rights of a person under investigation. 88. What is the planned used of public or mass communication for the public purpose? A. television C. courtesy E. All of these B. propaganda D. information 89. IDEAL is synonymous to: A. perfection D. intelligent B. courteous E. A and B C. All of these
90. What is the program designed to harmony and mutual support

between the police and the community? A. Public Information D. Civic Action B. Public Relation E. Psychological C. A and B 91. Which of the following is not a principle of police community relation? A. public support must be maintained B. public resentment must be encouraged C. public goodwill must be developed D. none of these 92. Which of the following is the basic political unit of the Filipino nation that implements the policies of the national and local government? A. family C. society E. A and A B. community D. barangay 93. What is the formal act or a set of formal acts established by custom or authority as proper to special occasion in the PNP? A. custom D. tradition B. courtesy E. ceremony C. D and E 94. Which of these has the same meaning as Pariah complex? A. social gathering D. social understanding B. social behavior E. social outcast C. None of these 95. An old woman approached PO3 Gomez asking the police officer to run after an unidentified young man who allegedly snatched her mobile phone. PO3 Gomez declined claiming that the man was already a block away from them and besides the police officer alleged that he is rushing home for an urgent matter at home. The officers refusal to help the old woman is an example of A. nonfeasance C. malfeasance E. None of these B. misfeasance D. misconduct 96. One of the Canons of Police Ethics is the observance of the Primordial Police Responsibility which is the prevention of crime. Canon means A. conduct C. guideline E. rules B. standard D. none of these 97. Among the following Core Values of the Philippine National Police, which is the most supreme? A. Love of God. B. Respect for authority. C. Respect for women D. Respect for sanctity of marriage. E. Stewardship over material things.
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98. P/Supt. Calderon went to Criminal Justice College and punched

Prof. Ramos in the stomach after berating the professor for scolding the police officials son who is a Criminology student. P/Supt. Calderons act should be condemned because it is an act A. of irregularity in the performance of duty B. of incompetence C. of misconduct D. of malfeasance E. B and C are correct 99. Which of the following aims to address the flaws on the human resources development system of the PNP? A. Career Management the Key in Professionalism B. Police Management Leadership C. Observance of Delicadeza D. Equality in the Service E. Political Patronage 100.Police Officers are duty bound to observe the constitutional rights of every citizen. Among those rights, which is the topmost priority? A. right of life D. right to liberty B. right in property E. right of freedom of speech C. suspects rights 101. Every PNP officer shall observe Commitment to Democracy which includes A. emphasis on Public office is a public trust B. upholding public interest over and above personal interest. C. proper use and disposal of government properties D. providing service to everyone without discrimination E. All of these 102.All PNP officers and members shall conduct themselves at all times in keeping with the rules and regulations of the organization as mandated by the PNP Tenets of Discipline. Tenets means A. doctrine C. standard E. core B. rules D. policies 103.Police officers should have a feeling of devotion, duty, or attachment to the PNP organization. Such attitude is an example of A. integrity D. honesty B. loyalty E. A and D C. obedience to superior 104.Following a logical procedure in accomplishing task assigned to minimize waste in the use of time, money and efforts is an example of A. morality D. reasoning B. judicious use of authority E. perseverance C. orderliness 105. The formal act or set of formal acts established by custom or authority as proper to special occasion as observed in the PNP is known as A. tradition D. customs B. courtesy call E. All of these C. ceremony 106. When a policeman steers away any occasion to humiliate, embarrass, annoy or cause inconvenience to any individual, he is applying the principle of PCR which is A. Public support must be maintained. B. Public resentment must be avoided. C. Public goodwill must be developed.
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D. The public must be kept informed on regulations and policies. 107.The peace officers relations with the officers and men of his own department, his supervisor, the station commander, as well as the city/municipal mayor where he is assigned is an example of A. intra-departmental relations D. professional relations B. colleagues relations E. none of these C. inter-departmental relations 108.When a leader manifest faith to his self, he is showing A. Self Sacrifice D. Self Confidence B. Paternalism E. Fairness and Honesty C. Dependability and Punctuality 109. Which of these is a concrete manifestation of an ideal home? A. hate C. respect E. All of these B. problems D. desires 110. What is present when there is neglect when the child is malnourished, ill, clad and without proper shelter? A. neglected child D. emotional neglect E. A and B B. physical neglect E. none of the above 111.Youth problems to include juvenile delinquency, welfare and rehabilitation are part of the functions of A. DSWD B. DECS C. D OJ D. DOH 112. Which of these is an offender who is less than nine years of age? A. irresponsible offender D. responsible offender B. exempted offender E. privilege offender C. All of these 113.The benefits of P.D. 603 shall not apply to youthful offender who A. once enjoyed suspension of sentence B. escapes from the institution C. commits another crime D. all of the above 114.The decision of the court denying an application for the suspension of sentence shall A. not be appealable D. motion for reconsideration B. be appealable E. none of the above C. A or B 115. Upon reaching the age of 18, the court shall pronounce judgment of conviction, if he violates the conditions, Which of the following could he avail? A. P.D. 968 D. P.D. 1568 E. A or B B. P.D. 603 E. P.D. 12 116.Records of the proceedings shall be considered as privilege and A. not be disclosed directly or indirectly B. be disclosed only to close friends C. be considered top secret D. all of the above 117. Which of the following is called a minor probation law? A. P.D. 1068 C. P.D. 968 B. P.D. 603 D. P.D. 1612 118.A child whose parents are not legally married or the child is born out of wedlock. A. legitimate child C. abandoned child B. illegitimate child D. neglected child C. B or A 119.To whom does the provision of P.D. 968 apply? A. to all people D. to non-offenders
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to first time offenders E. all of the above C. To matured offenders 120.Why are youthful offenders scooped out of the probation law? A. they require different treatment than adult offenders B. they are too aggressive C. they are still minors D. none of the above
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